Raw (Tempered) Chocolate | Vegan, Paleo

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • PRINT THE RAW CHOCOLATE RECIPE: nutritionrefined.com/recipe/raw-chocolate-bark/
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    Raw chocolate. Glossy, snappy, creamy, and aromatic. I have been making my own raw chocolate bark ever since I can remember. There’s nothing easier than mixing together some raw cacao powder, coconut oil, and maple syrup, letting it set in the fridge for a few minutes and voila - you’ve got raw chocolate in no time. I never quite understood why my chocolate always melted as soon as I took it out of the fridge, but I didn’t care. It was delicious nevertheless.
    It wasn’t until I enrolled in a course called “Introduction to Chocolate Making” that I heard about tempering chocolate. Knowing how to properly temper chocolate is so rewarding. It’s a skill that’s invaluable if you want to do any sort of candy making.
    If you want to keep your chocolate bark truly raw, just don't heat it passed 43°C.
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  • Amanpreet Kaur
    Amanpreet Kaur 4 days ago

    Can I use coconut oil instead of cacao butter

  • Pip Pop Kitchen
    Pip Pop Kitchen 28 days ago

    This was such a useful video, thank you :)

  • Adven4U1
    Adven4U1 2 months ago

    Can you use the tempered chocolate for other things?
    Gluten free on a shoestring has a recipe for white chocolate and I’d want to temper that. 😉

  • D M
    D M 4 months ago +1

    Thank you - finally I managed to make nice chocolate thanks to your recipe :) My family demands milk chocolate now, so I wondered - have you perhaps experimented with making milk chocolate? Would you use coconut milk powder or coconut butter, or is there any secret ingredient? Thank you!! XX

  • chuckchai
    chuckchai 4 months ago +1

    Clear, straight to the point, concise, all the videos I've seen on tempering make it seem so daunting. Thank you.

  • Yanik Love
    Yanik Love 5 months ago


  • Emily Wong
    Emily Wong 5 months ago

    How is melted chocolate raw?

    • Maz Mahjoobi
      Maz Mahjoobi Month ago

      Anything heated below 115° Farenheit stays raw.

  • Abdallh Atriney
    Abdallh Atriney 6 months ago

    looks delicious, and i think its keto friendly

    • Ali Hennings
      Ali Hennings 4 months ago

      Any kind of sugar isn't keto friendly I'm afraid. So that's - white, brown and coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup, date syrup, rice syrup, corn syrup, molasses and coconut blossom nectar. If you're keto then you could try using stevia or another type of sweetener, just don't use as much. Hope this is helpful :)

  • sharonimakaroni
    sharonimakaroni 6 months ago

    hey! love ur video :) I wanna temper chocolate using rosted cacao (which is simalar to raw, but rosted :), can I use the same technique....? tnx

  • BOB PEPPER how to cook
    BOB PEPPER how to cook 6 months ago

    looks good

  • bob liu
    bob liu 7 months ago

    I am not vegan ,how much clarified butter in this recipe instead of cacao butter.secondly, clarified butter has to be at the same temperature like that of cacao butter ?

  • Tayyiba Shahid
    Tayyiba Shahid 7 months ago

    Please make a chocolate recipe using liquid sweetener?
    And idk about this but can you tell that is cacao butter healthy?

    • muselylove
      muselylove 2 months ago

      She already said that it won't work with liquid sweetener T.T

  • Laurel Opray
    Laurel Opray 7 months ago

    You explained how to make tempered chocolate so well. Thank you.
    My question is, can you add powdered soy milk (or any kind of powdered milk) to make milk chocolate without spoiling it?

  • Katja .Geiger
    Katja .Geiger 7 months ago

    Can i do it with agave sirup? Instead of coconut sugar

    • Madeleine's Vego
      Madeleine's Vego 7 months ago

      Katja .Geiger No. She explains that in the video. You can not use any liquid sweetener because of the water content. Water is the enemy of chocolate because fat and water cannot be mixed together. Hope this helps. 😊

  • Chiara Squinzi
    Chiara Squinzi 7 months ago

    Amazing, your channel is really great!

  • Alessandra Abreu
    Alessandra Abreu 7 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for the recipe and also saying the temperature both in Celsius as in Fahrenheit. Hope the other recipes use metrical system

  • Rafa Nadal
    Rafa Nadal 7 months ago

    you're awesome

  • Maameri Tablet
    Maameri Tablet 8 months ago

    Hello you two,find your recipe videos just awesome.The chocolate is just finished,but the sugar has not dissolved despite grinding to powder sugar.What did i do wrong?

  • Amy Li
    Amy Li 8 months ago

    I've just made it, however, how many % of this chocolate I can define it when I show to my friend? 60% dark ? And if we made Dark Chocolate bark, what would you suggest the portion of cacao butter and powder? Thank you very much!

  • Thomas Blair
    Thomas Blair 8 months ago

    Can you please put the quantities of the ingredients?

  • Evgenia Vorobets
    Evgenia Vorobets 9 months ago

    Dear Petra, I made the temperd dark chocolate and it was OF COURSE wonderful!
    Actually it wasn't my first time to make this kind of chocolate but your recipe is accurate and fully-featured !
    I made it with nuts like you and the taste was mmmmmm - difficult to discribe! Amazing!!
    I also made the white chocolate from your book with recipes but instead of xylitol I added honey so the result was good but think I'm more admirer of dark chocolate :))
    Thank you! :-*

  • Jaya Chacko-Thind
    Jaya Chacko-Thind 9 months ago +1

    Hello from Malaysia. I'm truly impressed with your concise presentation and inspiring videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Tiann N. Chong
    Tiann N. Chong 10 months ago

    would a regular non high speed blender (something between 350w- 550w) or a 750w food processor be adequate for grinding coarser sugar into a fine powder?

  • Three Islands Galiano
    Three Islands Galiano 11 months ago

    it looks amazing! Is it actually smooth with the coconut sugar?I mean smooth like a Lindt smooth!!!.... I make raw chocolates,but with agave and I find I can't get the smoothness people love with the dry sugar and I have a dry only vitamix additional pitcher that is for grains etc.Even grinding it into a fine powder did not produce the same results as the recipe I use.I love your videos!Also, if if it is heated to temper temperature,can it still be classified as raw? This is such a good video I may give it another go with dry sweeteners.thank you

    • Three Islands Galiano
      Three Islands Galiano 11 months ago

      @NutritionRefined Thanks so much for answering as this is my first question and my first answer on a youtube channel!I can't remember how long I let the Vitamix run for but I did use my dry carafe which the blades are opposite than the regular vitamix container.it is designed to grind into a flour.My recipe is so good but with agave.....I was considering trying to temper with the original recipe,but if you have not had success with liquid sweeteners I may just give it a go with some dry substitutes. I will get a digital thermometer and some more coconut sugar. I hope to tweak things enough to temper.Would love for you,if you have time, to take a peek at my work @three_islands Instagram :) I have one video there of chocolate packaging. Have a great day!

  • sanaa ahmad
    sanaa ahmad Year ago

    is it wrong to buy dark chocolate from the super market for a vegan? it has no milk but rather cocoa butter

  • 박종욱
    박종욱 Year ago +1

    Can u make a repice withour coconut suger because it's unhealty but it's better than plain suger

  • Bobby Light
    Bobby Light Year ago

    Would maple syrup work as the sweetener ?

    • Bobby Light
      Bobby Light Year ago

      Thanks for the reply I went ahead and used coconut sugar like in your video I saw that you mentioned I had to be a solid sweetener so I just forgot about the maple syrup all together. Awesome video really informative by the way help me make chocolate perfectly for the first time thank you much keep up the good work on this channel

  • Amor & Chocolate
    Amor & Chocolate Year ago

    Could I use the same tempering temperatures for milk chocolate and white chocolate or is it different?

  • Dannalyn Prado
    Dannalyn Prado Year ago

    Hello - thanks for the tasty recipe. I finely powdered the coconut sugar however there is a little bit of crystallization - any suggestions. Also, if I were to accidentally heat over the suggested amounts is there any remedy to ensure it still tempers? Thanks,

  • Christoph Rempel
    Christoph Rempel Year ago

    very clear and good description how to make raw chocolate. Thank you so much!

  • Evgenia Vorobets
    Evgenia Vorobets Year ago

    Dear Petra, I made the temperd dark chocolate and it was OF COURSE wonderful!
    Actually it wasn't my first time to make this kind of chocolate but your recipe is accurate and fully-featured !
    I made it with nuts like you and the taste was mmmmmm - difficult to discribe! Amazing!!
    I also made the white chocolate from your book with recipes but instead of xylitol I added honey so the result was good but think I'm more admirer of dark chocolate :))
    Thank you! :-*

  • YumeOw
    YumeOw Year ago

    I love your videos so much and I wanna make this chocolate, but cacao butter and stuff is sooooo expensive :(

    • YumeOw
      YumeOw Year ago

      NutritionRefined I should really try this😅😏😋

  • Pop Tart
    Pop Tart Year ago

    Wow your videos are very high quality, cool channel. Also makes me want desserts lol.

  • Darya A
    Darya A Year ago

    Is it raw? it was 46 degree!

    • Darya A
      Darya A Year ago

      NutritionRefined thanks for answer!😊

  • Marguerite du Toit


  • T. B.
    T. B. Year ago

    This is the best video on tempering chocolate I have ever seen. So concise and simple. Thank you so much.

  • 이헬로우
    이헬로우 Year ago

    재료마다 영어자막 나왔으면 만들수있을텐데요..ㅜㅜ 전 듣지못해서요...

    • Terraberra
      Terraberra Year ago

      이헬로우 디스크립션 박스가면 레시피 프린트할 수 있으세요.

  • Katerina Alitskaya

    Thanks for the recipe! I made it yesterday, it's so delicious! And it's not melting in room temperature

  • Alison Hasselquist

    I am just curious. Why are you calling this bark?

  • sri ranjani anandan

    Can u give the measurement of the ingredients

  • Yasemin K
    Yasemin K Year ago

    Hey petra! How do you think i can achieve a white chocolate bark??

  • Tammy Glaim
    Tammy Glaim Year ago

    I'm going to try make this today! I'm so excited! 🌞🍃

  • Nora Krasteva
    Nora Krasteva Year ago

    Very useful recepie! Can i ask if you have ever tried to make chocolate with agave or honey instead of coconut sugar? Does it works? I was also wondering what is the secret to make white chocolate?

  • Dartchy
    Dartchy Year ago

    What does cacao butter taste like by itself?

  • Shyma Menon
    Shyma Menon Year ago +2

    Can I use stevia in place of coconut sugar?

  • riyan kusumo
    riyan kusumo Year ago

    Hi petra, i live in indonesia, so pretty much room temperature here is about 33 already, so its impossible to cool down the chocolate to 27 C, i tried to use cool water and put in on the bottom of melting chocloate( after i melt it to 46C) then when it reach 27C i heat it to 33C, then i put it in my room and i use air conditioning temperature of 25C, next day when i woke up it shows fat blooming. i did bit of research on it, not sure whether the quality of the cacao? or maybe i need to put it on the refrigerator right away and seal it amke sure air condense doesnt touch the chocolate, or maybe because the quality of the palm sugar i use because i blender it. also my chocolate does not firm. can you tell me whats wrong with it? thank you

    • riyan kusumo
      riyan kusumo Year ago

      i use 100 percents cacao powder brand jave, palm sugar, and cacao butter

  • LovingAtlanta
    LovingAtlanta Year ago +1

    👍I wish I had the nerve to even try this. 😩😔 More than that I wish we were neighbors because that way....well we’d be besties for sure....😁🤗💞🤗

  • NeuproLvL
    NeuproLvL Year ago +3

    Hello from Spain! I'll grab my backpack to start an awesome quest to find where to buy cocoa butter, but it will be worth it! Hahaha. Awesome recipe

  • Ivo Petrovski
    Ivo Petrovski Year ago +1

    Can you make tempered chocolate with coconut oil instead of cacao butter?

  • Sabira Sharif
    Sabira Sharif Year ago +2

    Will the chcolate still temper if i use a liquid sweetner like honey or maple? Or do u have to use a dry sugar? Because i heard that chcolate will seize if water gets into the mixture...will a liquid sweetner have the same affect?

    • Sabira Sharif
      Sabira Sharif Year ago

      NutritionRefined Hi, one more question; as any liquid will cause the chocolate to seize does this mean you can't add flavorings such as vanilla as that is a liquid? Or can you only use oil flavorings like essential Orange oil or peppermint oil? X

    • Sabira Sharif
      Sabira Sharif Year ago

      NutritionRefined Thank you very much for your reply, it was very helpful :) x

  • Veggie Soup
    Veggie Soup Year ago +20

    You are very talented & a good teacher. I made raw brownies for Xmas, which are great. Now I'll be making your Raw Truffles and/or bark for my family for New Years. Btw, I like how you have a taste tester. He's very entertaining and descriptive of what he's sampling. Details help us want some :)

  • Pavla Vychodilová
    Pavla Vychodilová Year ago +1

    I never had any success making tempered chocolate. Gotta try your recipe.

  • Abi Nor-Mac
    Abi Nor-Mac Year ago +5

    This is brilliant. Just what I have been looking for thank you

    • Abi Nor-Mac
      Abi Nor-Mac Year ago

      Will be doing the chocolate in the next couple days. Thank you so very much for this. Those of us who are eating healthy need this. You have done us a great justice.
      Oh I know I told you that your hubby is hot. He really is and I'm sure you think so too. He seems like a nice person too. You are a lucky girl.

  • Lychee Vitchen 荔枝的素型生活

    Hello from Hong Kong. Can I use xylitol as sweetener in making tempered chocolate? Thx :)

  • Neha I.
    Neha I. Year ago +4

    Can somebody suggest a substitute for cocoa butter. I can't find it here :(

    • Neha I.
      Neha I. Year ago +2

      NutritionRefined Thank u for helping me out.! Really appreciate the quick response.

  • A vital Life
    A vital Life Year ago +1

    Hi. When would,you add super foods like mama or an Ayurvedic herb ?

  • Tag Coaster
    Tag Coaster Year ago +4

    Very good video, one of the best I’ve seen. Well done! 👍

  • James Black
    James Black Year ago

    So this was coconut sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa powder, will this taste like milk chocolate or kind of dark chocolate? I'm interested in making shop-like milk chocolate (vegan) and I'm confused on whether this will taste like dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Great explanation of the tempering!

    • James Black
      James Black Year ago

      thank you for the response :D!!! no worries I'm a complete newbie so its making more sense either way thanks :)!!

  • PlantAction
    PlantAction 2 years ago

    Wow, I randomly came across your video while searching for how to temper chocolate for a chocolate mousse, and I am SO glad I found you and your awesome instructions! Thank you and all the best with your blog ;)
    Gigi 🌱

  • Dana Adedokun
    Dana Adedokun 2 years ago

    U have to visit me to give me a lecture. lol. its crazy looking good.