[892] Cut in Seconds: $75 Ottolock Hexband Bike Lock

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • My first Ottolock video: [796] Ottolock Cut in 2 Seconds! thexvid.com/video/j7ah3RA0Alo/video.html
    The referenced article discussing my first Ottolock video: bikeportland.org/2018/12/12/cut-in-2-seconds-is-the-ottolock-really-that-easy-to-snip-293135
    Ottolock Hexband promotional videos suggesting the attack demonstrated in this video will not work:
    (EDIT- The first video now has disabled comments, and the second was taken off TheXvid by Ottolock, but it’s still available here: vimeo.com/332081542 )

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  • TheAtb85
    TheAtb85 2 hours ago

    I particularly like how you just present the facts, and let them speak for themselves.

  • Hector Vega
    Hector Vega 20 hours ago

    It's obvious you're actually escanor the sin of pride, no wonder the lock stood no chance.

  • Anthony Lane
    Anthony Lane Day ago

    I'm an owner of the first iteration, however, the term "lock" should be removed from their name. False advertising.

  • Overwatch
    Overwatch 2 days ago

    ANOTHER video with controlled conditions!
    You....uhhh...You used two hands? REAL criminals don't use TWO hands!
    You also BOUGHT that lock! Real criminals wouldn't buy a lock. That would COST them money, not be stealing stuff...

  • Scope
    Scope 3 days ago

    *These Comments Are Killing Me, Especially The NottoLock one lol*

  • José da Cunha Filho

    OK, here is my theory on the decreasing number of thumbs down from the previous posting, when there were 414 , and now there are only 386. I suspect at least 10 or 12 of those were R&D crew that were fired after this video was aired. Then, maybe 4 or 6 from the board of directors, the rest are people who gave up on this piece of joke, and did not bother clicking at all.

  • W. McMaster
    W. McMaster 6 days ago

    the two hander. hahaha

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M 7 days ago

    You can just look at it and know it could be easily cut!! Simple physics

  • Steven Phillips
    Steven Phillips 8 days ago

    Ottolock don't have the snips tightened enough in their video, using the poor excuse that the cable twists between the blades. Ottolock also say that the cable should be snug, meaning that it should be hard to get the snips under it. Only use this if you are keeping your bike in sight. To me it seems more of a fashion or status symbol, especially how it mounts behind the seat. Fashion being more important than security to the Lycra wearers.

  • RobotsWithKnives
    RobotsWithKnives 8 days ago

    oof, use a real U-Lock and if you are worried about your lock I guess just lock you bike next to something locked with one of these.

  • Jetah
    Jetah 10 days ago

    have to put the band at the far back of the WISS snips. it'll be much easier as you'll get better pressure to start the cut.

  • Howard maryon-davis
    Howard maryon-davis 10 days ago

    Update September 2019. These locks, and Chinese exact knock-offs with slightly different name, are still on sales on Amazon. The marketing blurb now says “stronger than a cable lock...” as the main selling point. Define “stronger” in this instance, I hope customers don’t fall for that, especially since all the Ottolocks have one star popularity, with many reviewers referring to this video as evidence.

  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter 11 days ago

    I am not a fan of cable locks, I use a cheap U-Lock on my bike ... my daughter has had two bikes stolen (in ten years) .. BOTH times she left them unsecured! :(
    I have myself half dozen times got the grocery store and forgot my lock :( ...
    I have a couple of common lock gate Carabiners left over from my rock climbing antics, many years ago, lipped my bike carrier, for hanging grocery bags etc with.
    On occasions I forget my lock I clip a Carabiner through the frame (or even spokes) and clip it to the bike rack in a couple spots
    TWICE I have seen it tampered with someone rotated one the carabiners over with the gate to the bottom trying to remove it
    Probably one of the hobos always begging for change at the grocery stores
    Anyway ... point is ANY lock ... is better than No lock! ...
    I locked a cheap extra length padlock to my daughters bike with the key duct taped to the lock body and painted it all black 'to match her bike' so she has a back up lock now :)

  • Anthony Ellenburg
    Anthony Ellenburg 11 days ago +1

    Haha!! They disabled comments on their own video!! What a bunch of pansies!!

  • Andy Salita
    Andy Salita 11 days ago +1

    An ad for this lock showed up on my Facebook feed. Went to the Ottolock page and saw they had rated this “🔒🔒🔒” for security. Immediately came to see if the LPL had beaten the lock. I was not surprised he was able to defeat the lock but I have to admit I was surprised how easily it was rendered useless.

  • Fred Roland
    Fred Roland 14 days ago +1

    I absolutely love this video. And the one of the "guys in random tool room." That is the cleanest set of tools I've ever seen. In my field we use heavy duty zip ties that take two hands to cut with tin snips. The bag comes with 100 ties and cost 80 dollars. That would get you at least 100 locks. I'd say that would be 89 more than the ottolock before your bike got stolen.

  • Buck Spammhammer
    Buck Spammhammer 15 days ago +1

    Hey Ottolock - your fly is open!

  • Bflo23
    Bflo23 17 days ago

    But the ottolock (18 inch) weighs only 5 ounces..... Ottolock? The $75 lock for your helmet.

  • Pingasatchi
    Pingasatchi 17 days ago

    I can’t believe he ended the video so quickly after it failed 😂😂😂

  • aboriani
    aboriani 18 days ago

    Three plastic 5 cents zip ties would take more time than this piece of junk

  • Raphael Myers Jr
    Raphael Myers Jr 18 days ago +1

    I went post this on a bunch of their advertisements on facebook. They deleted them all and blocked me. Lol

  • b8702131
    b8702131 19 days ago

    $75 for Cutt-o-lock? Better just spend it on a bag of big zip ties and a pair of diagonal cutters. You can still secure your bike with them, with the same level of protection.

  • Chilly Brit
    Chilly Brit 19 days ago

    So, to summarize... call LPL out on a previous video where LPL just snips through a lock and cable.... then market something "twice" as strong.... that's vaguely mildly harder to snip through.... with the same tool. FFS.

    The problem here is not the lock or the cable, they're just there to keep honest people honest, as is any lock. The problem is the society we live in. Why should we exist in such a dysfunctional society where even a bicycle theft opportunity is preferable to doing a day's work? Fix society then weak ass locks become irrelevant.

  • Oskar Kiesewalter
    Oskar Kiesewalter 20 days ago

    On their next lock you will probably have to use 3 hands to cut it

  • Gavin
    Gavin 20 days ago

    Everyone! Go to Ottolocks channel and report their video for being misleading, also for some reason they have turned off comments 🤔

  • Frozen Solstice
    Frozen Solstice 20 days ago

    What I think the biggest thing companies mess up at, is not using proper tools. A tinsnip and a properly adjusted tinsnip will have drastically different results. We also saw this with the green bike lock (forgot what it was called) where LPL used the tool rated for STEEL, and was able to cut it easily, while the Olympian used the tool rated for IRON, and wasn’t able to. When companies test their product, they need to use the best possible gear. If their lock can beat that, than they can beat most practical means.

  • deanmoncaster
    deanmoncaster 21 day ago +6

    Ottolock 1: 2 seconds
    Ottolock 2: 8 seconds
    Marketers see this as 4x the protection for your items compared to our old version.

  • deanmoncaster
    deanmoncaster 21 day ago +6

    Lpl "omg ottolock did something right"
    Lpl "aaahh ooh wait, no they didn't."
    Otto lock "how dare you reveal our incompetence?!?!?!"

  • Chad Michael Mobile
    Chad Michael Mobile 21 day ago

    They double the steel you double the hands lmao.

  • Michael Isaacson
    Michael Isaacson 21 day ago +1

    Providing the actual lock's code would slow down potential criminals.

  • Karl McCartney
    Karl McCartney 21 day ago

    Ottolock 362 subscribers vs LPL's 835K!
    thexvid.com/video/bpm0hCIoMqQ/video.html so funny you can see the blades have a full mm gap when closed.
    Jacob Rathe and Joshua Liberles testimonials are pure comedy.
    But to be fair to Ottolock, LPL didn't test this with it around a bike locked to a pole ... and also didn't test Ottolock's claims of Shim & Pick or Flame Heat protection.

  • ady gombos
    ady gombos 22 days ago

    LPL: Seems a lot harder to cut
    *0.01 second later.
    Nvm its still shit.

  • alterfalstaff
    alterfalstaff 22 days ago

    Did anyone else get an advertisement for tin snips before the video?

  • None of your business
    None of your business 23 days ago

    Otto lock is now Notto lock

  • nossody
    nossody 23 days ago

    better try 12 layers

  • Dan Theman
    Dan Theman 23 days ago +2

    I pray for any man who sells locks and calls LPL deceptive.

  • michael p
    michael p 23 days ago

    That's brilliant. The only purpose for bike locks is time. I have 3 NY locks on my bike when I commute to work, knowing that each can be defeated but that the time to do so may deter interest. This lock would only stop the convenience theft but have zero value against "bad guys" who are always roaming for easy meat.

  • Wong Yang
    Wong Yang 23 days ago +3

    I swear 75$ worth of zip ties will do a hell of a lot better job securing your bike and being a pain in the ass to remove.

  • Erik Willoch
    Erik Willoch 23 days ago +1

    No criminal would be so unfair and use both hands! 🤪

  • Belenor
    Belenor 25 days ago +1

    Improvement? Yeah from 2 seconds to 6 seconds, and 2 hands instead of 1.

    • Haawkler
      Haawkler 22 days ago

      thats a good return rate on the amount of steel used

  • Eye Dupppz
    Eye Dupppz 25 days ago +2

    *still my favorite video* 😂

  • Semystic
    Semystic 25 days ago +31

    LPL with 50 seconds left in the video: Now, lets get started.
    Ottolock: Im in danger

  • Max Davies
    Max Davies 26 days ago

    this is a very highly produced video. just look at all the lights, CG, jump cuts....

  • VenerableRock
    VenerableRock 26 days ago

    Did anyone else just go and disliked all of their shit?

  • flatline7310
    flatline7310 26 days ago


  • Werewolven
    Werewolven 26 days ago

    ottodesignworks.com/shop/ottolock Went on their website. It looks like they deleted every comment that wasn't a 4+ star rating.

  • FatBoyzRacing317
    FatBoyzRacing317 27 days ago +4

    LPL: "if that doesn't work... then i'm sure a divide and conquer approach will work."
    Me: *looks at video time and sees there's only one minute left*
    Me: Don't do em like this man!
    literally 2 seconds later
    LPL: woha
    Me: you did them duuuurrrtyyyy!!!

  • M@nµ
    M@nµ 27 days ago

    so funny, tks.

  • Cristian Nunez
    Cristian Nunez 27 days ago

    Otto lock- new and improve.
    LPL- hold my beer

  • Cristian Nunez
    Cristian Nunez 27 days ago

    Otto lock? Never heard of her.

  • geoff phoenix
    geoff phoenix 27 days ago

    The only redeeming quality about Ottolock is that they're made in the USA. It's a shame they're a shit product.

  • mike1is1cool1
    mike1is1cool1 27 days ago +3

    Thank you for being so truthful

  • Ca3 SaR
    Ca3 SaR 28 days ago

    Why are they fooling themselves?

  • dethaddr
    dethaddr 29 days ago

    Haha... just watched the vid on the first lock, then this popped up. Had to pause and read the article before continuing to watch. It appears to me these "Ottolock" guys are shysters offering near zero protection for big bucks just based on what I've seen. Moral of the Story: Don't lock up your bike with an oversized Zip Tie, no matter what materials it is made of.

    • dethaddr
      dethaddr 29 days ago

      and oh, Jesus... this comment section.... Comedy at its finest!

  • Faze_Zedee
    Faze_Zedee Month ago

    Damn That’s A Strong Lock

  • James Bond
    James Bond Month ago

    Hey it seemed kinda out of view when you cut it :/ can you reshoot so we can actually see it being cut? For verification purposes. Thanks.

  • wkruit1
    wkruit1 Month ago

    Ottolock’s comment was shocking. Making a lock that can be broken in 2 seconds with a cheap tinsnip. And then blame the guy that snipped it. That director should be ashamed of his comment!!

  • Sskrimp_TeX •
    Sskrimp_TeX • Month ago

    *_Second one? i bet it will cut in 3 seconds this time_*

  • • ChristianO5
    • ChristianO5 Month ago

    Why the fuck would people buy this instead of the New York fahgettaboudit?

  • Randomly Entertaining

    Dude, people are still all over Ottolock's twitter, linking this video to tweet talking about how good Ottolock is.