A Small Pedalboard Build - Mick’s Vlog - That Pedal Show

  • Published on May 21, 2019
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    Mick here - hello! I was putting a little board together for a few songs with some mates at a party. So I thought I would film it and share the process and results. Please enjoy - I hope some of the tips here are useful to you.
    Pedals in this video:
    • King Tone Guitar Mini Fuzz
    • Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe CS-MDV2 MKII
    UK & Europe: bit.ly/2pKQOCY
    Australia: bit.ly/2A3ZtGA
    • Analog Man / Maxon OD9/808 Mods Classic, With Bad Bob Booster
    • Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe CB-3
    UK & Europe: bit.ly/2RVldeS
    Australia: bit.ly/2Ovelqa
    • TheGigRig QMX4

    Key timings:
    - Intro, what I’m doing today: 0:00
    - Happy birthday Joby! 1:48
    - The front rail mod: 3:00
    - What pedals do I want on this board? 3:36
    - Soft Velcro on the board, pedalboard tape (3M Dual Lock) on the pedalboard: 4:47
    - Initial layout - will it fit? 6:30
    - A loop switcher on a tiny board: really? 7:08
    - What power supply do I need? 7:53
    - White tea: 9:54
    - Attaching the power supply components, at 8x speed: 10:49
    - Power supply and routing recap: 11:44
    - More on spacing, cabling and jacks:13:43
    - Making an Evidence SIS patch cable: 16:20
    - Final stages of cabling before testing: 21:05
    - Let’s hear it then! 24:59
    Guitars and amps in this video:
    • Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster - Mick’s video at bit.ly/2cQv3yT
    • Victory V40 The Duchess and V212VC cab/Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speakers
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Comments • 691

  • Andrew Cotterill
    Andrew Cotterill 2 hours ago

    why not take the back off the Fuzz and resolder the power socket to 'correct' power polarity?

  • Mike Denkinger
    Mike Denkinger 2 days ago +1

    I'm in the process of putting together a mini board myself. However, my approach it's going to be to copy a Chemistry Works holey board design albeit much smaller and out of wood. I'm a bigger fan of using zip ties than Velcro. I'm probably going to go with all mini pedals including a Peterson tuner, Tube Screamer Mini, a first-generation tumnus, an mxr carbon copy Mini and a small power supply. I'm hoping this will work well and a very small stage environment.
    It's for that situation where you literally get a corner of the pub and your drummer just had to bring the double bass kit or 15 cymbals and the singer thinks he Freddie friggin' Mercury or Axl Rose and needs room to jump around. Also a smaller board is a smaller target for the drunk that just has to tell you how great you sound as he spills on the floor.

  • andy mcnab
    andy mcnab 5 days ago

    White Tea. The new JD!

  • carl
    carl 5 days ago


  • Brent Nel
    Brent Nel 7 days ago +1

    LOL.. PSU and Quartermaster worth more than the pedals on it..... meh

    • Brent Nel
      Brent Nel 6 days ago

      That Pedal Show for sure! Love the psu but heavy $ for a small board... I’ll be converting my entire board to a gig rig solution with a QM soon 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Thanks for the awesome videos as always

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  7 days ago +1

      Exactly as it should be! Power is more important than the pedals!

  • jack317
    jack317 7 days ago

    British- I apologize!

  • matt _ess
    matt _ess 12 days ago +1

    The BellEpoch could be turned so that the 1/4 in inputs are facing to the right and the bypass switches to the left. This would add a little space for the Maxon. Nice board!

  • Schwurbel
    Schwurbel 13 days ago

    Generator + Distributor + Isolator + Highcurrent Adapter + Doubler to power 4 pedals... Where a single Cioks DC 5 would have sufficed.
    This just shows again that the Gigrig stuff is absolutely useless for compact boards.
    (Had to edit twice because more and more Gigrig modules kept showing up.)

  • Lyle Noffsinger Music
    Lyle Noffsinger Music 14 days ago

    hey guys like build pedal board for practice recording live not should do pedals or go with something like head rush with in a budget

  • jmc
    jmc 14 days ago +1

    nah you cant have the connectors overhanging. swap out the belle epoch for a bondi art van

  • jasfiona
    jasfiona 19 days ago +1

    It would be great if you could do a AB of a pedal board such as thus, but without any switches, gizmos and the like and then one with the full TPS arsenal.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  18 days ago

      You might not hear a colossal difference over TheXvid. Check the Matt Schofield Kirk Fletcher and Greg Howe board builds if you want some pro reactions. They basically can’t believe what they’re hearing. Cheers!

  • im annonymous
    im annonymous 19 days ago +1

    I like the idea of mini pedals but they all seem to have less features.....and the biggest problem i have is the wah pedal is too small to step on so....why bother, its hard enough to step on em when i can see em
    Lol notice he put glasses on anyone?
    Dont take offense pedal show....u guys r cool

  • im annonymous
    im annonymous 19 days ago +1

    How come so many brit guitar players are named mick

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  19 days ago

      Michael used to be a common name here in the UK. It is sometimes shortened to Mick, which also has Irish roots/connotations. Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton aren’t called Mick though, so there are at least two who aren’t. Oh, and David Gilmour.

  • JRPowell3_Music
    JRPowell3_Music 19 days ago +1

    I just put together my Pedaltrain Classic Jr. I put a Vitoos DC 8 isolated power supply underneath the board. It has A & B ports that are 9/12/18V 1000mA each then 6 more 9 V 300mA. I have one reverse power for my Eventide Pitch Factor. One BD-2 and Xotic SP in front of the amp. BiYang Stereo Reverb, TC Transition Delay, and Nu-X Modcore. I use another board by the mic stand, That has DigiTech Drop, remote for Eventide Pitch Factor. After the Drop signal goes to the wah. Then it is sent to the BD-2&Xotic SP on the other board, I just built. Also, on the mic stand board has a TC Body Rez, Parametric EQ for a piezo signal to a D.I. Box.

  • Inventor
    Inventor 23 days ago

    go minimalist, just use a towel rather than a pedalboard, you don't really need that stuff internet says you must have, it's same as the kitchen tool your mum never really used. if you are not maniatic with cable management nor territoriality then just use a towel. keep things simple. it is lightweight. more clean than a carpet. you don't have to carry that metal and wood weird furniture through airports. it is not a need and creates problem.

  • lapk78
    lapk78 24 days ago +1

    Why would it be preferable (or different at all, for that matter) to run a fuzz off a battery as opposed to a power supply?

    • hoboroadie
      hoboroadie 23 days ago +1

      I think if you're not isolated the reverse polarity could be a problem. Batteries do settle the isolation question, and an analog fuzz should have a very low drain. Some folks think certain pedals need battery mojo, and it is quiet power so I wouldn't dispute that, but idk. ✌

  • Yates Webb
    Yates Webb 24 days ago +1

    Do people watch all 36min? I'd watch more of your vids if they weren't so long. Watching you cut the velcro? Really, I think that bit could be edited out.... but hey to each their own.

    • Yates Webb
      Yates Webb 24 days ago

      Ha, hope you’re not implying that I’m ADD and/or entitled because I appreciate sharp editing and organization. Either way, solid content

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  24 days ago

      I fast forwarded that bit! And yes, many many people watch the whole thing. Depends how ADD, modern entitled, ‘the whole world revolves around me’ you are about it I guess. Sometimes time spent is worth it. It’s the backbone of our philosophy that there are no answers only better questions, and the journey is always more interesting than the destination. Nevertheless, much of the world is still all about the quick fix and instant answers. Not us. As you say, each to their own!

  • Joe Nugent
    Joe Nugent 24 days ago

    Potentially stupid question here, is the quartermaster powered off of an isolator or does it come straight off of the distributor?

    • Joe Nugent
      Joe Nugent 24 days ago

      @That Pedal Show thanks D&/orM! Love the show you two, keep up the good work!

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  24 days ago

      Not stupid, straight from the Distributor :)

  • FlaxeMusic
    FlaxeMusic 25 days ago +1

    Bleh, not having a power supply with a few 18/12v's on it really screwed you on the bottom. Not a fan of the many power doodad workarounds.

  • Rich Little
    Rich Little 26 days ago +1

    Please go away mick your a foolish little boy

  • Alek Sup
    Alek Sup 26 days ago

    Great sound 🔥

  • Ralph Franco
    Ralph Franco 26 days ago +1

    you should record the gig!

  • Kiryk Drewinski
    Kiryk Drewinski 27 days ago

    No tuner but a big ass loop switcher which is only used to switch the pedals on and off 🤣 This makes no sense at all.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  26 days ago

      My ears do the tuning. What were your impressions of the loop switchers you've tried, tonally speaking?

  • pg123ab
    pg123ab 27 days ago

    On my small pedalboard (nano +) I have: boss tuner, KTR, sola sound tone bender (kit made) boss re-20 space echo. Now I got a slightly bigger board and added a chorus.

  • Stef Penfield
    Stef Penfield 28 days ago +2

    The captioning at the beginning said "Hello friends, Mikia".

  • Leo
    Leo 28 days ago +1


  • everybodylovesgav
    everybodylovesgav 29 days ago

    what was the stuff you used to attach the power supply ?

  • Tone Seeker
    Tone Seeker 29 days ago

    Ahh! Thank you so much for the response. Very much appreciated...

  • Mark Dempsey
    Mark Dempsey Month ago +3

    Classical music at the edge of audibility throughout the entire video making me question my sanity there

  • Tone Seeker
    Tone Seeker Month ago +1

    Beautiful job on the board and your chops. Only one question, which fuzz did you choose, the silicon or germanium? Sounds sweet...

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      This the GE, but I would choose the Si I think. Cheers!

  • mathew riley
    mathew riley Month ago +1

    maxon: is that the classic mod to go with the bad bob? such a nice OD

  • mathew riley
    mathew riley Month ago +1

    I spy a Dope Priest. That's my all time fav muff. So killer

  • Mickey Settlemire
    Mickey Settlemire Month ago +1

    Almost forgot about the white tea, yum...

  • Nolan G
    Nolan G Month ago +1

    Question regarding the polarity reversing cable attached to the fuzz pedal. Couldn't the pedal designer simply reverse the positive and negative connections to the power jack inside the pedal, eliminating the need for external polarity switching cables, or is it more complicated than that?

  • Jess Vermont
    Jess Vermont Month ago +1

    absolutely amazing job all the way around. The tones, the playing...

  • Greenie 4199
    Greenie 4199 Month ago

    I recently watched one of Dan's build videos and saw him stripping insulation from cables using a pair of scissors, which I thought was brilliant! I've tried it, and found that it works much better for me than using one of those multi-gauge strippery tool thingies, and not as scary as wielding a pen-knife near my fingertips.

  • Hot Rats
    Hot Rats Month ago

    Mick, are you using the Germanium och Silicon version of the King Tone Mini Fuzz?

  • Bernhard Rohrer
    Bernhard Rohrer Month ago

    Really appreciate the music choice in the beginning

  • Joby Sessions
    Joby Sessions Month ago

    Only just seen this! Thanks for playing buddy. Sounded awesome as always! Hope you had as good a night as I did!

  • Yellow Truck Productions

    Of course, using the loop switcher, you have to use patch cables, but what do you think about pedal couplers? They are much tidier - do they have lower impedance than cables?

  • Peter Richardson
    Peter Richardson Month ago +1

    More Pearl Jam references on TPS please. Nice little vid. I'm desperate to get some gigrig stuff on my board, but new pedals keep coming along and stealing all my money.

  • Ian Wilson
    Ian Wilson Month ago +1

    Quick tip for anyone with a Metro pedalboard who wants to raise it further off the ground. Whilst Mick's wood solution is totally functional, I bought some rubber feet from B&Q made by Diall which are designed for the bottom of chair legs. The ones with a 18mm diameter hole in them (warmed under a hot tap) push firmly on to the feet of the Metro and lift the rear of the board by about 2cm. Pack of four costs £1.12. www.diy.com/departments/diall-black-plastic-leg-tip-dia-18mm-pack-of-4/1725478_BQ.prd

  • K Griff
    K Griff Month ago

    The previous version of the CS-MDV1 had a current draw of 80ma, the new CS-MDV mkII uses only 35ma

  • The Torrents of Spring

    Hi Mick, I know it's That PEDAL Show but after seeing several of your boardbuilds, vlogs and all regular shows (thanx so much, I learn a little something every time I tune into this channel and get inspired to play) I have to ask: Could you do a show on cables? What cables can you use from your guitar to your board, what cables work well as patch cables, is there a "better" cable to use from your board to your amp than the in you use form your guitar to your board, how do contraction, impedance and length affect the cable, and so on... Quite frankly I can't get my head around all the info that's out there, so if you could break it down (preferably with diagrams and sock puppets ) that would be great!

  • Steve Fairhurst
    Steve Fairhurst Month ago +1

    25:00 - "I'll check the guitar's in tune - oh wait...."

    • Steve Fairhurst
      Steve Fairhurst Month ago

      @That Pedal Show I'm so waxy that I don't need ear defenders. The practice nurse said "I've used a tank and a half of water and I'm not getting near it"

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      Ears man, ears!

  • crush537
    crush537 Month ago

    Cringy wiring, but worth it for mini vibe. That thing sounds great.

  • PopVultureATX
    PopVultureATX Month ago

    You into Cass McCombs? I keep hearing you play this riff that sounds so much like a song of his that I love (Bum Bum Bum), and the Belle E nails it!

    • PopVultureATX
      PopVultureATX Month ago

      Right on! You’d probably dig it. Late 70s rock vibes. Cheers!

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago +1

      Interesting! Never heard of him/her. Will check it out for sure!

  • Brian Goode
    Brian Goode Month ago

    Screw another piece of wood that no the side if you want to protect that side from bumping the overhanging cable connectors.

  • Skwirl719
    Skwirl719 Month ago

    I agree. White tea: good stuff. Perhaps some organic D&M white tea on That Pedal Store?

  • Michael Caz
    Michael Caz Month ago

    If they put a Tap Tempo on that Belle Epoch Deluxe = O.M.G. - the Board Sounds Fantastic.

  • Bryan Gray
    Bryan Gray Month ago

    The real secret of great tone...White Tea

  • puesahiquedaeso
    puesahiquedaeso Month ago

    I think is totally pointless to use a switcher for such small pedalboard...
    But thanks for the video!

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago +1

      Dan has built boards for many people who would argue otherwise. Stronger signal, increased headroom, more clarity, less noise. Like any system though it depends what you're listening through and how you play. For sure the touch/dynamics players who use revealing amps and guitars will hear and feel it the most. It's not for everyone but it absolutely is for me. :0)

    • puesahiquedaeso
      puesahiquedaeso Month ago

      ​@That Pedal Show I think they are useful in some cases, but for the purpose you want to use it now and for the size of the pedal board it is just too much for such an small benefit
      No acritude! Just giving my opinion :)

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      How did you find your switcher? Which one did you go for?

  • Meyster
    Meyster Month ago +1

    Try out the new range of laney pedals. A demo from you woukd be out of this world. #hailtheriff

  • André Lousada, Conductor

    Dude I love the second Beethoven Symphony on the background!!!!!!!!!!

  • Liam O’ Callaghan
    Liam O’ Callaghan Month ago +1

    @Mick #theboardiscoolasF#%*

  • Urban Wikström
    Urban Wikström Month ago +1

    Awe schuks!
    The vibe machine was present for just a minuit.../minit?
    Why did it not end up on the board?
    Got the red one from Croatia...
    That is a sweet pedal
    Thanks for great playing Mick!

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      Cheers! It sounds cool. Just too many options and controls. I have a terrible aversion to all that. Cheers!

  • Gino M
    Gino M Month ago

    This may be a dumb question but, what's the point of the Quartermaster if you only have 4 pedals on the board? Seems like you can just as easily do without it.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      I talk about it in the video. Watch the pedalboard builds with Matt Schofield and Kirk Fletcher. Cleaner, louder, less tone suck basically. People don't believe it can make a difference.... Until they hear it. Cheers!

  • Jim Kranz
    Jim Kranz Month ago +1

    Mick, if you have a pedal that needs a reverse polarity power plug and you are using a gigrig power system, why not just reverse the wires that go into the Isolator? (Instead of buying a cable to do that)

  • Perilious Temple
    Perilious Temple Month ago +1

    Loved and learned as always. It is impressive how you maintained as apparently consistent level throughout. It’s so basically important but is not always the most obvious thing. Is there any dinking with Logic in that regard or is what we are hearing from the rig that consistent? I mean the boost sound like eq shaping more than level changes. Bravo. Sounded Ace.

  • Noah Tyson
    Noah Tyson Month ago +1

    Hey, what about a video about a vocal pedalboard? I know lots of folks do it. Also, there are a lot of people that dont know how too do it. What with, the difference in high z, and low z, when using guitar pedals. Ive used both a bunch of low too high adaptors, and now a small mixer, for a preamp. There are also, the type that have xlr, ins and outs.
    Something, too think about.
    Great video

  • Mark Hopkins
    Mark Hopkins Month ago +1

    Hey Guys! I am trying to figure out how to up my game pedal board wise. I am still running a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power with 8 pedals on a Pedal Train 2. Wondering if a switcher is right for me? Do you guys ever do consults over the phone about this type of stuff? Love the GigRig stuff - as a 40 year old working guitarist I feel like my rig needs a facelift :-)

  • Bugzy Cantrell
    Bugzy Cantrell Month ago

    Next episode: Pedals with tube in them.

  • Johann Runar Thorgeirsson

    You can just wire the power for the Fuzz "wrong" at the Distributor and then you have your reversed power

    • James Garvey
      James Garvey 26 days ago

      only if that supply at the distributor is isolated. I think you mean you can reverse the polarity at the isolator, not distributor

  • Kevin Coulter
    Kevin Coulter Month ago +1

    Now we all know that it was the glasses next to the board that enhanced the sound tremendously...🤣. Great setup, Mick. Simple, easy, amazing sound. Setting a mini board up for myself this week. Perfect timing. Definitely using some of there ideas.

  • Robot and Girl
    Robot and Girl Month ago

    Mick: You’ll thank me later... Maybe you can shoot this back to Ed/Johnny!

  • Joshua Winship Carpenter

    It aways seems like a quick board before you start doesn't it?

  • alan smith
    alan smith Month ago

    Can you use any power cable to run a 18v pedal? Just got a cali compressor never had a pedal that runs on 18v before my power supply has a 18v outlet but not sure if I can use any power cable.

    • alan smith
      alan smith Month ago

      @That Pedal Show thanks for replying guys.this has helped a lot.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      Yes. As long as it's delivering 18v DC with centre-negative polarity. Enjoy the Cali - absolutely magic pedal!

  • SD Design
    SD Design Month ago

    I'm digging the Delay & Vibe! That board looks proper mate. 👍

  • Oenopunk
    Oenopunk Month ago

    Great video. Would love to see more small builds that include a more basic switcher.

  • Leigh Wesley Music
    Leigh Wesley Music Month ago +1

    I rather enjoyed your playing during the test phase mick, tasty!

  • Bondeye Beach
    Bondeye Beach Month ago +1

    Thank you for taking the time to walk us through this. Educational and inspirational! I'm off to redo my metro 16 but not before a nice cup of white tea.

  • TonePilot
    TonePilot Month ago +1

    Fun video. Learned a bunch.

  • 00Resev
    00Resev Month ago

    How much tap dancing is there going to happen on a board with four pedals to justify the use of a switcher at all?
    I really don't want to come out as negative, but its inevitable, this whole thing felt like a "one million dollar solution, for a one dollar problem"...

    • 00Resev
      00Resev Month ago

      Fair enough.
      I understand your reasoning.
      Any single pedal goes trough one True Bypass signal, instead of the chain of pedals.
      I get it now.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      The switcher isn't really there to help with tap dancing. It's there for signal integrity. Once you hear it (along with really great power) you kinda notice it when it's gone. I agree that you could get good results with 'less' but I haven't really been interested in that approach for about 20 years now. No compromise, always. It's what we do!

  • 甯子達
    甯子達 Month ago

    Is there any way to keep the tail of delay/reverb with the quarter master? Modify?

  • Steely Dan
    Steely Dan Month ago

    I'd save myself all those pieces on the pwr supply & just get a Voodoo Lab ISO-5 for those 4 pedals & switcher. Same silent isolation, 18VDC, etc, etc.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      Ah, but no. The 18 volt does maximum of 100ma as do the three 9 volt taps. Too restrictive for me. I'd be buying another one for the next board (as I have done many times with all in one bricks). So close, but no cigarillo. Cheers!

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      Sure. It'll work just fine. Use what you have people! (Like I did)

  • Diax1324
    Diax1324 Month ago

    I really don't get fuzz into clean amps. It's like the sound equivalent of the sensation of microfiber cloth sticking to callouses. Just... Icky, pokey, tuggy, and sticky. Overdriven amp or at least some kind of overdrive taking the fuzz is where its at.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago +1

      Yeah I agree. Nothing like a Fuzz Face into a slightly driving Marshall. It can work into clean amps... I like to have an OD after the fuzz as well. Cheers!

  • Tony Whitlock
    Tony Whitlock Month ago +1

    White tea improves your tone 25%

  • Jesús González Cuenca

    Is this some good old Beethoven playing in the background? I like that

  • Victor Eduardo Lopez

    So prince of tone and FD-1 are making the new board? Nice :)

  • The Penny Drops
    The Penny Drops Month ago +1

    In case anyone is struggling with power supplies that fit under smaller pedaltrain boards, the Strymon R300 fits underneath with zero modifications. I use one on my Metro 20.

    • The Penny Drops
      The Penny Drops Month ago +1

      Agree, I looked at the Gig Rig stuff and figured over kill (too complicated for my brain) for 5 pedals.
      I do wonder when Pedaltrain will jack the height of their boards up. Seems an obvious requirement for many people.

    • Mark Hughes
      Mark Hughes Month ago

      Just bought a Nano+ and found the cheap power supply I have doesn't fit unless I do a ”Mick mod” and that ain't happening! Shame that The Gig Rig power supply requires the same modification so I have a Strymon R30 on order and no messing with daisy chains i.e. power -> distribution -> isolator...etc
      The Gig Rig products are great (i’m sure) but a little over engineered for my simple needs/skills and it also doesn't fit under the Nano+ 😢

    WAYNE HARROD Month ago

    Looks like truetone power supply would have simplified the power needs .but hey what do I know lol.

      WAYNE HARROD Month ago

      @That Pedal Show hey if it works for you 😊.it took me years before i bought a good power supply ,an isolated power supply is a game changer. You have peaked my interest in the quartermaster though.

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago +1

      You know what you know! I have all TheGigRig stuff that powers all of my boards. It is absolutely the best supply system available - yes it's expensive and ostensibly fiddly and probably overkill for this type of board. But... I'm not buying anything else now. Use what you have people!

  • Mike Nappi
    Mike Nappi Month ago

    Great vid!!! So what the hell fuzz face style fuzz wouldnt get lost in a live mix?? Maybe the fulltone 70 since it has the mids knob? What does everyone think?

    • Mike Nappi
      Mike Nappi Month ago

      @That Pedal Show oh absolutely!

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      It's a good point. I think you need a really aggressive amp... Maybe why they worked so well with 100 watt plexus. :0)

  • Mikael Forss
    Mikael Forss Month ago

    Fantastic episode, and the playing at the ending..........WOW!!!

  • Toni Siret
    Toni Siret Month ago

    Sounding great Mick, & saved for future reference. I'd buy that Seafoam Schmidt Array just to put my tea on; what a piece of work!

  • Steffan Davies
    Steffan Davies Month ago

    I love that you guys have ‘dear friends’. I’m guessing it comes from Dan originally. Speaks to a more civilised time that we should aspire to (particularly on the internet). Cool video as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • ShenierHandmadeTone

    great as allways Mick!
    You are missing the wah!

  • Liam O’ Callaghan

    @Mick why not jumper two outputs on the iso to get 18volts ...? Seeing as the vibe isn’t very power hungry....?

  • Digby Tomlinson
    Digby Tomlinson Month ago

    The new board at the end Looks a bit like an old ladies typewriter 😝

  • BluesDude
    BluesDude Month ago

    Surprised to see the vibe after the fuzz. I never liked the sound of vibe after fuzz

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      Yeah I know what you mean. I don't really like it before either. I tend to use it more with overdrives

  • George Eldridge
    George Eldridge Month ago +1

    Could you possibly do a review of the MXR shin juku dumble-style overdrive? Great Vid as always !

  • dr05guitar
    dr05guitar Month ago

    love what you start playing at 28:20...such a cool sound. enjoyed the vid!

  • wolfhorsky
    wolfhorsky Month ago

    I prefer One Spot multi output (isolated) power adapter - just one unit and does the job.

    • wolfhorsky
      wolfhorsky Month ago

      When i was making my main pedalboard, TheGigRig was taken into consideration. But for convienience’s sake One Spot solution was more for me (nerdy, but lazy me). One Spot is quite heavy TBH...

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago

      How did you get on with ThrGigRig Modular System?

  • Rolando Calderon
    Rolando Calderon Month ago

    Hey Mick, If you had to choose between the Fulltone Univibe unit shown here and the expression pedal version, which one would you choose? Thanks!

    • Rolando Calderon
      Rolando Calderon Month ago

      @That Pedal Show PS: totally un-related, thanks to you (Mick), I bought a delightful '95 Mexican strat and am trying to learn Lenny. Thanks!!

    • That Pedal Show
      That Pedal Show  Month ago +1

      This for size. The other for functionality. Although you can add an expression pedal to this...

  • Mickey Settlemire
    Mickey Settlemire Month ago +1

    I keep wanting to down size my board, but it's not working.

  • Tobias Jensen
    Tobias Jensen Month ago +1

    When Dad's home alone :-)

  • pedalnsquares
    pedalnsquares Month ago +1

    I for one would have liked to have seen a small clip of the gig

  • Rob Flax
    Rob Flax Month ago +1

    Fantastic board. I’m so impressed at the OD9... You can run the Bad Bob without the TS on, which surprised me!

  • Michael Bogomolny
    Michael Bogomolny Month ago

    Cool board Mick! If you want to reverse polarity, can't you just plug the isolator wires in reverse, do you really need the orange contraption?

  • Thrifty Tones
    Thrifty Tones Month ago

    Why don't pedal train just make the smaller boards that fit proper power supplies underneath?

  • mywave inwoods
    mywave inwoods Month ago

    When I click on the video and see that it’s 36 minutes long, I’m like hayyyyyyy yasaaay🤗