I stole the UNRELEASED Eboys Green Screens...

  • Published on Jan 6, 2021
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  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx Year ago +9643


    • Raven
      Raven Month ago


    • James Rooney
      James Rooney 3 months ago

      You were the chosen one

    • The Bread God 🍞
      The Bread God 🍞 6 months ago +1

      69'th reply, let's go!

    • -files not found-
      -files not found- 6 months ago

      @Person on the internet cuz he has to deal with will

    • Ryan McElheny
      Ryan McElheny 10 months ago +1

      Alex you were the chosen one the legend said you would destroy the sith not join them

  • Lewis Buchan
    Lewis Buchan Year ago +3068

    this was UNREAL hahahahah

  • Statman Dave
    Statman Dave Year ago +2164

    10/10 would recommend to a friend.

    • Aruna
      Aruna Year ago

      Stop missing sitters Timo

    • Ole Sutton
      Ole Sutton Year ago +8

      Statman Dave watches ciaran wtf I thought all youtubers were robots and didn’t enjoy life

  • EllDeeCee
    EllDeeCee Year ago +3957

    I’m uninstalling Disney+ if they don’t pick this up for at least 2 seasons!!

    • J W
      J W Year ago

      @Kix Ohh..... Ok

    • Kix
      Kix Year ago

      @oliver wright yeahhhh i realized that

    • Kix
      Kix Year ago

      @J W no im not advertising myself the channel that i replied to bought an ad and that's what he said in that ad. i just get that ad a lot

    • oliver wright
      oliver wright Year ago

      Think they might pick this up in a different way

    • J W
      J W Year ago +5

      @Kix Don't want to be rude but.. I really don't think people care that much.

  • Fin oneill
    Fin oneill Year ago +1818

    This guy should be an editor

  • Joshua Ali
    Joshua Ali Year ago +1513

    Ciarán in 2020: I’m going to be leaving Will industries
    Ciarán’s first video of 2021: all the eboys
    Class editing though

    • noname random
      noname random Year ago +4

      @Kookie Crumb thankyou! maybe it was just a joke what will said

    • Kookie Crumb
      Kookie Crumb Year ago +8

      @noname random Ciarán also says in *this video* "I am now on this channel full time" which implies he isn't working for Will anymore.

    • noname random
      noname random Year ago +1

      @Allwayspugs will said that ciaran decided to stay

    • CyberThot
      CyberThot Year ago +5

      @Chopper Skicow will said in many vids

    • Chopper Skicow
      Chopper Skicow Year ago +1

      @Allwayspugs I don’t think so at least

  • Josephine Knechtli
    Josephine Knechtli Year ago +189

    George accurately representing women’s experience with doctors worldwide without even realising lol

  • Tom Stockdale
    Tom Stockdale Year ago +1876

    Incredible work

    • Gouch Scowl
      Gouch Scowl 8 months ago


    • Williamg209
      Williamg209 Year ago +1

      you making any more diss tracks with tic tac toe?

    • imChinook
      imChinook Year ago +2

      sup tom, ily have my first born kid

  • Cam Kirkham
    Cam Kirkham Year ago +2005


  • ScottwhoisScottish
    ScottwhoisScottish Year ago +249

    Ciarán should’ve directed the last 3 Star Wars’ as they clearly would’ve better based off Eboy Wars

  • abby coomber
    abby coomber Year ago +379


  • Joe Young
    Joe Young Year ago +783

    Ciarans videos just keep getting

    • TheMuffinMan
      TheMuffinMan Year ago +1

      Poggers pfp

    • Joe Young
      Joe Young Year ago +1

      @Kieran Jackson no free advertising that costs money

  • Kathryn Heap
    Kathryn Heap Year ago +183

    This is Ciarans world and we are just living in it

  • SadisticSalmon
    SadisticSalmon Year ago +664

    I’m commenting to show engagement. You better be happy dad

    • Visnau
      Visnau Year ago +2

      @Ciarán Carlin thank you Carlin man

    • Ciarán Carlin
      Ciarán Carlin  Year ago +222

      thank you salmon man

  • Lani Leigh
    Lani Leigh Year ago +253

    He really thought he could play Star Wars and we wouldn’t notice

    • TheSuomi
      TheSuomi Year ago +2

      @Benjjy r/doublewoooosh

    • Benjjy
      Benjjy Year ago +1

      @TheSuomi woooosh

    • TheSuomi
      TheSuomi Year ago +7

      No that was Eboy Wars not Star Wars

  • Etanu
    Etanu  Year ago +317

    "ah im loving this" *casually beheads child* "thats what i bought it for"

  • Redditor
    Redditor Year ago +908

    What an exceptional video

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook Year ago +164

    This is a masterpiece. Ciarán at his finest!

  • Lee Hunter
    Lee Hunter Year ago +60

    Freed from WillNE and he instantly creates greatness

  • w0rried.s1ck_
    w0rried.s1ck_ Year ago +19

    You've actually outdone yourself, I hate how brilliant this is

  • SamuelOnAir
    SamuelOnAir Year ago +763


  • The Red Sparrow
    The Red Sparrow Year ago +233

    This might be the greatest video ever made...

  • Albane
    Albane Year ago +38

    I laughed WAY too hard at 2:38 lol

  • Alastair Bending
    Alastair Bending Year ago +58

    This is like Harry potter and the noscopers stone with talent

  • Kate Duckworth
    Kate Duckworth Year ago +21

    Before it was just a suspicion, but now we know it’s true. Ciarán is a God

  • Ethanj064.2
    Ethanj064.2 Year ago +21

    Him wearing a schalke top while making a masterpiece is the only reason they didn’t loose today

  • Katinka k
    Katinka k Year ago +236

    How am I so early? Can't wait to see where you're taking your channel this year, keep up the great work!

  • Camokarzi
    Camokarzi Year ago +3

    6:11 I absolutely love this shot! It’s like all of the eboys in complete shock and Ciarán is quite literally at the centre of the chaos

  • Kendra Doyon
    Kendra Doyon Year ago +13

    Just Ciaran being the most talented person on this entire site

  • Sean Harrison
    Sean Harrison Year ago +67

    Absolute god at editing - low-key think u should get into holly wood film editing

  • Chelsea Hebert
    Chelsea Hebert Year ago +62

    "DEADicated to the younglings" fucking brutal

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Year ago +11

    Ciaran: “Initial green screen jokes are easy, you just stick the green screen footage over something offensive or sexual”
    Also Ciaran: *Sticks Eboys into scenes where it’s hilarious but slightly offensive*

  • Aaron Currie
    Aaron Currie Year ago +67

    Oh shit, they might actually be funny with Ciaran editing them

  • Swipez
    Swipez Year ago +22

    Ciaran: leaves editing from will
    First vid: edits for the eboys

  • Ice Turtle
    Ice Turtle Year ago +5


  • Nessy
    Nessy Year ago +1

    Love this can't wait to see the full potential of Mr Carlin being full time!

  • Jam
    Jam Year ago +5

    That was simply amazing, the WillNE channel will miss you

  • Sarah Ready
    Sarah Ready Year ago

    That was incredible 😂🤣 can’t wait to see what you come out with this year if this is just the beginning. As always thanks for the laughs.

  • Sufkop
    Sufkop Year ago +3

    Ciaráns editing is genuinely phenomenal, some of the best I've ever seen on TheXvid. Keep up the amazing work my guy!

  • EMS
    EMS Year ago +13

    If there ever was a masterpiece ... well this would be it.

  • Jammeel
    Jammeel Year ago +122

    This is everything I need in life

  • Demi-Leigh Charlton
    Demi-Leigh Charlton Year ago +97

    i’ve never seen star wars but i don’t feel the need to anymore, i feel as though this would sum it up perfectly

      AIVILO FENSER Year ago

      Better than

    • boqueefya
      boqueefya Year ago

      @Noah Burns for the prequels the issue was dialogue and if George had someone help with dialogue they could sm better as movies but not as renowned in pop culture i feel

    • Noah Burns
      Noah Burns Year ago +1

      @boqueefya Originals and Prequels were bad graphics but good story. Sequels brought them to shame

    • boqueefya
      boqueefya Year ago

      @Noah Burns the first trilogy i watched fully and first full starwars movie i watched was the sequels. I just dont find them as engaging due to the lack of planning and how luke was treated and i really do try to like them as much buts its hard. Personally i say they are good movies just not good starwars movies if that makes sense

    • Noah Burns
      Noah Burns Year ago +1

      @boqueefya Depends the order you first watched then. The first you watch set an expectation

  • Steph
    Steph Year ago

    Ok but Ciarán, you looked so giddy and happy to receive compliments from everyone. You did an absolutely wonderful job on this video

  • Dilara Bektaş
    Dilara Bektaş Year ago +3

    this was actually sick i really enjoyed it!! can’t wait what’s to come in the future

  • Kloe Arlow
    Kloe Arlow Year ago +1

    This video shows and proves ciaráns extraordinary editing skills, good job lad!

  • Noura Alaoui
    Noura Alaoui Year ago

    This video was honestly so impressive! Well done Ciarán!
    I'm excited for more videos!

  • Sean Shimamoto
    Sean Shimamoto Year ago +3

    Ciarán wasn’t kidding when he said he was gonna step it up in 2021! 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

  • tee
    tee Year ago +1


  • Katie Stephens
    Katie Stephens Year ago

    This is incredible! Nice one Ciarán, you’ve made a true masterpiece

  • Gorg
    Gorg Year ago +1

    I love how ciaran tries to make himself look like he fits in with the eboys

  • Dane Blunt
    Dane Blunt Year ago

    This is insane 😂 Ciarán is the editor we all wish we could be 👏🏼

  • RealGreNade
    RealGreNade Year ago

    so happy that you’ve gone full time now, more great content and i’m glad you’re comfortable with it now

  • Пламен Цоков


  • The Duke
    The Duke Year ago

    The fact that ciaran could make a full length film from just in his home and a laptop.... what a talented man!!

  • Catsandcamera
    Catsandcamera Year ago +8

    Haha, I bet Alex loves being in Star Wars

  • Ryan Norris
    Ryan Norris Year ago +18

    An edit off vs Mikey or other editors would be a fun series

  • Tom JC
    Tom JC Year ago

    Go on Ciaran!! Watched all the ads all the way thru to support 😆 Gonna be a big year for you this, keep being you!

  • lil
    lil Year ago +1

    ciaran's gonna go so far in life with his editing skills

  • Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

    You’ve really stepped up the mark with this one, hilarious man 🙏🏻🔥

  • SquirrelMAN 9
    SquirrelMAN 9 9 months ago +1

    Now you have to get Mikey, editor Will, Cynic and Chipfat to do this as a competition

  • Sjors
    Sjors Year ago

    Ciarán this is the BEST video I’ve seen in MONTHS. Cant wait to see what you’re gonna do this year, you’re amazing man!!

  • Hmmm
    Hmmm Year ago

    We need to get this man to 1 mill he did so much for will now he is doing his own thing this guy is a miracle worker

  • Evan B 19
    Evan B 19 Year ago +1

    God, even the intro of this one was spectacularly done. I love Mission: Impossible, and I love Star Wars.

  • Bob plays
    Bob plays Year ago

    Looking forward to even more crazy shit u come up with ciaran. Amazing video

  • Francois
    Francois Year ago

    Genuinely the best piece of content I have seen from a TheXvidr no doubt, I love your regular stuff but the was exceptiona, please keep doing these style of videos!!!!

  • Sawyer
    Sawyer Year ago

    I think its really awesome that you are taking this turn with ur channel it feels more unique and really shows off your skills that you've obviously taken a long time to perfect

  • Reece TJ
    Reece TJ Year ago

    Can we just appreciate Ciaráns editing 🙌

  • Self Made Documentary

    Well done lad. this was amazing and all the best going forward.

  • Black Isle Media
    Black Isle Media Year ago +2

    Absolutely outstanding. Netflix better get on this ASAP.

  • Peppy Robo
    Peppy Robo Year ago +2

    Ha so this is what a TheXvid channel can do when they actually know what they’re doing editing wise

  • Eagle
    Eagle Year ago

    Big ups Ciarán, been following you since you started at Football Daily
    Subbed to your personal channel really early on and I'm happy you grew so much, good luck on going full time!

  • Grace K
    Grace K Year ago

    Just me who really appreciates Ciarans editing skills like ..... dude it’s INSANE 👏

  • Ash Sawyer
    Ash Sawyer Year ago +6

    I'm crying. The sheer surprise when the child was beheaded. Oh my god. 😂

  • April Hall
    April Hall Year ago

    This is insane!!! Can’t wait for more stuff from you now!🙌🏻

  • Tyler Castro
    Tyler Castro Year ago

    That intro was absolute master class. Well done mate, well done.

  • Sarah-Louise Adore

    its like showing your parents your finished project and being so proud to see there reaction ..so proud

  • Loopzii
    Loopzii Year ago

    That was insane, you’re so good at editing!

  • Flynn°-°94
    Flynn°-°94 Year ago

    George as the massively rude doctor really made me crack up

  • Jack Hennessy
    Jack Hennessy Year ago +7

    That’s some bloody good editing

  • Tez Orange
    Tez Orange Year ago +29

    this editing is clean tho

  • Ram
    Ram Year ago

    This is astounding Ciarán you absolutely nailed it!

  • LilFae
    LilFae Year ago +2

    I heard this would be incredible but this was even better than I thought!

  • Nerdy Notions
    Nerdy Notions Year ago

    You should really do stuff like that it is so funny and you have a real nack for it. Absolutely amazing mate!

  • Nobody_Lemon
    Nobody_Lemon Year ago +5

    You’re actually insane at editing it’s crazy bro.

  • C D
    C D Year ago

    I am so glad that I watched this, this video is absolutely incredible, I am officially subscribing

  • No this is patrick

    My chest physically hurts from laughing thank you ciarán

  • Nicholas Coulter
    Nicholas Coulter Year ago

    Haven't laughed that hard in a while haha brilliant work mate

  • LadyQAB
    LadyQAB Year ago

    This was freaking mental. Loved it, especially those credits

  • Cecily Wallace
    Cecily Wallace Year ago

    Well done, top notch stuff excited to see your stuff throughout the year

  • ChunkYMonKeY
    ChunkYMonKeY Year ago +1

    Ciaran is the definition of a content creator!

  • JaKell Stone
    JaKell Stone Year ago +1

    This is so awesome Ciarán! And for other editing you should do ~ I'll say the obvious - Lewis Buchan as sherk, please make it happen.

  • edward cohman
    edward cohman Year ago

    Good luck to you, can't wait to see what you do next!

  • Abi Wright
    Abi Wright Year ago

    This is Amazing I’m so excited to see your channel grow this year :)

  • Sam Nelson
    Sam Nelson Year ago

    Next level work Ciaran, can't wait to see what's to come👍👍

  • ʏᴏᴜɴ_ɢᴄᴀᴘᴀʟᴏᴛ

    This is a masterpiece, deserves more views.

  • Jack Chicoine
    Jack Chicoine Year ago

    Can we just say how good his editing is

  • feltcnz
    feltcnz Year ago

    ciaran the effects are fucking brilliant, well done. you absolutely knocked it out of the fucking park

    ARTISAN K Year ago

    this was a masterpiece! Good job Ciarán 😂😂😂

  • ahmed moustafa
    ahmed moustafa Year ago +6

    How is the production quality of this video better than some movies with actual budgets

  • Jsp101
    Jsp101 Year ago

    This may be one of my favourite star wars edits ever! Well done Ciaran