5 Weird Microwave Experiments

  • Published on Sep 21, 2017
  • Can we microwave a lightbulb or are we zappin' our way into trouble? GMM #1184
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Comments • 4 381

  • bea perry
    bea perry 9 days ago

    my heart beats for zondor

  • Finlay Jolley
    Finlay Jolley 10 days ago

    Guy's guys its an EGG-splosion like if you cringed

  • John Madinald
    John Madinald 10 days ago

    Put a balloon with tomato soup inside a microwave and expect the balloon to melt? Lol u should know the boiling soup will expand the balloon

  • RandoTopia
    RandoTopia 17 days ago

    I’m happy to say that I knew from experience what would happen to the egg

  • xavier chaves
    xavier chaves 18 days ago

    9:27 love that line.

  • lexius editely
    lexius editely 20 days ago

    how did you do this and not microwave a grape?

  • Savage Monkey
    Savage Monkey 20 days ago

    It eggsploded

  • The amazing world of Kennedi

    The light bulb lit up because heat electricity

  • iDawg
    iDawg 24 days ago +1

    IT looked like mash potatoes and butter lol

  • samhouston1979
    samhouston1979 25 days ago

    Now the soap will only expand if it is “Ivory” type soap

  • Bigman Dennis
    Bigman Dennis 25 days ago

    The soap and marshmallow was nice to watch.

  • Kin Slayer
    Kin Slayer 26 days ago

    Rhett: we can light up all of Gondor with this.

  • That Trav Guy
    That Trav Guy 26 days ago +1

    Is it a good idea to Microwave this?

  • Adasion
    Adasion 27 days ago

    If you did not know yet, microwaves use radiation to cook stuff and radiation cookes things from the inside out not outside in. (I may be wrong)

  • Travis Hodges
    Travis Hodges Month ago +1

    Am i the only one who made marshmello s'mores in the microwave lol

  • Dave Gentleman
    Dave Gentleman Month ago

    C'mon guys, everyone microwaves marshmellows when we don't want to use the stove. Also, my wife likes to make scrambled eggs in a bowl in the microwave.

  • Cú
     Month ago

    I'm just saying... I would buy a Rhett & Link microwave.

  • Ugh Ugh
    Ugh Ugh Month ago

    I microwaved a shot glass with water and it exploded one time. They really lucky it didn't explode into their eyes as they opened the microwave.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    when you know exactly what happens to all of them because *ive seen a few shane dawson videos in my day*

  • luna lovegood
    luna lovegood Month ago

    i want a marshmallow..... >o< and a microwave

  • Dante Games
    Dante Games Month ago

    Your too privileged if you didn’t already know the answer to the marshmallow😂😂😂😂😂

  • Justin Kilzheimer
    Justin Kilzheimer Month ago

    How to make 10 soaps out of 1 soap

  • Hailey McDougall
    Hailey McDougall Month ago +1

    the soap made matter 😂 bruh this is funny

  • Biber 567
    Biber 567 Month ago +1

    True story befor school one day my mom tryed to make miceowaved eggs and it exploded on her face when she opened the door

  • Taylor Martin
    Taylor Martin Month ago

    Am i the only one who cackled at link saying “Bootin to poosh?”

  • Joe Jack
    Joe Jack Month ago

    So this is one of the few things I learned from High School. Microwaves (in general, not just in regards to the appliance) do not impact things larger than their size in the beginning, which is relatively small. Which means the first thing that cooks is the smallest part of the product. If you take that knowledge into this video you will probably get most experiments correct on your first guess.

  • The Thickness
    The Thickness Month ago

    should have done the 2 halves of a grape

  • thatonecookie 123
    thatonecookie 123 Month ago +1

    Bruh I wouldn't even be surprised if they sold a microwave

  • Isaac Porterfield
    Isaac Porterfield Month ago

    That wasn’t as messy as it was when I was a kid lol 😂

  • Applesauce
    Applesauce Month ago

    I think the lightbulb lit up because the Radiant energy from it traveled through the water into the light bulb creating a clean source of energy for the lightbulb.

  • Trevor Hartl
    Trevor Hartl Month ago

    Y'all just made my whole night!

  • / CringeLord /
    / CringeLord / Month ago

    Let's go to Xandor or something

  • Skyler Burns
    Skyler Burns Month ago

    is it just me or are rhett, link, and the crew getting slightly more inapropriate day by day

  • rocketman863
    rocketman863 Month ago

    It is to a great extent that many people do not understand how microwaves work

  • Kevin Bobbitt
    Kevin Bobbitt Month ago

    put a cd in a microwave trust me thats some cool shit

  • Olivia Benedict
    Olivia Benedict Month ago

    I was so hype to buy that microwave for some reason

  • SoyPetTurtle
    SoyPetTurtle Month ago

    I cant believe theyve never microwaved a marshmallow before???

  • BatsWithSass
    BatsWithSass Month ago +2

    "A crack!? What was that link!?" *legit like 4 seconds later* "WOAH THATS AN EXPLOSION!"

  • mav6771
    mav6771 Month ago +1

    Watching is it a good idea to microwave this religiously back in its day this was pretty easy

  • Chetan Silveira
    Chetan Silveira Month ago +1

    Does the filament burn or it's js the static electricity... Passing through it?

  • dark benx
    dark benx Month ago +2

    Light balls in microwave A Light Up by the microwave Waves because There are Electronics in the air in a microwave

  • Vincenzo Foglia
    Vincenzo Foglia Month ago +1

    Electromagnetic waves and water creates a current

  • Seth Ogden
    Seth Ogden Month ago +1

    soap was like a charcoal snake

  • Arch-Villain Rafaam
    Arch-Villain Rafaam Month ago +8

    "Woah woah woah it's magic! It's like magic, did you see what just happened? But the bar is completely intact! The bar is completely-- it is created new matter! Matter cannot be created or destroyed except in microwave! But look-- hold on, the bar is completely intact! I-it's pulling things out of the air! The bar is pulling things out of the air and making new soap! Hold on, we don't need to go to Zondor, we need to open a soap factory! And make-- and get one bar of soap, put it in a microwave and make five!"

    I was laughing throughout that entire banter. Oh my god, Rhett XD

  • Elorine
    Elorine Month ago +1

    Rhett and link=friendship goals. I will never get tired of seeing them

  • NoExitLoveNow
    NoExitLoveNow Month ago

    There is a reason they tell you not to put metal in a microwave.

  • NoExitLoveNow
    NoExitLoveNow Month ago

    Don't try this at home.

  • Taylor Hopper
    Taylor Hopper Month ago

    67777777777777u7777777 Hancock good

  • Macy Rogers
    Macy Rogers Month ago

    shane dawson............am i the only one who thought of that

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    Why not microwave grapes for the plasma balls?

  • Monkey Bubbles
    Monkey Bubbles Month ago

    Wow... I’m more surprised that they didn’t already know what happens when you microwave some of those things. Like the egg and the marshmallow! Haven’t they ever microwaved a peep before?! And everyone knows that eggs pop and EXPLODE in a microwave! Haha! 😂😂😂😂

  • Ramesch Lala
    Ramesch Lala 2 months ago

    Do they know that their Logo Looks like the logo from Alyazeera ??

  • Forensic Dragon
    Forensic Dragon 2 months ago

    Also when it "grows" in a microwave the density changes. But, you most likely knew that.

  • Forensic Dragon
    Forensic Dragon 2 months ago

    A balloon with liquid inside heaten up will always pop. Since an explosion is the rapid expansion of mass. And sooner or later the liquid will evaporate expanding the balloon, rapidly.

  • -Whats-A-Modderツ
    -Whats-A-Modderツ 2 months ago

    Have y’all not had microwaved s’mores?

  • Leisha Clark
    Leisha Clark 2 months ago

    Rhett has psoriasis?! What?! My bf does too

  • MrJjb6989
    MrJjb6989 2 months ago

    My physics professor wouldn't even stay in the same room as a running microwave 😂

  • GayAngrySpaceDorito :3
    GayAngrySpaceDorito :3 2 months ago

    5:36 i microwave marshmellows all the time and its amazing

  • Oat Johnson Meal
    Oat Johnson Meal 2 months ago

    its 5:25

    this morning is more mythical than my organized sleep schedule.

  • Nguyen The Vinh
    Nguyen The Vinh 2 months ago

    Mrbeast is talking to you.

  • Darian Kimberly
    Darian Kimberly 2 months ago

    the wonder of induced voltage

  • Rodgers Gaming
    Rodgers Gaming 2 months ago

    I honestly tried to buy that Microwave

  • Ella
    Ella 2 months ago

    ...guys... microwaves use electricity... lightbulbs use electricity... water is a conductor... let there be light

  • zack roller
    zack roller 2 months ago

    Actually gelatin is made from boiling leftover horns, skin, cartilage and cattle bones. Gelatin is what they use to make most candy and a decent amount of snacks

  • kidflex 2020
    kidflex 2020 2 months ago

    I put a marshmellow in a microwave before(dont ask)and it expanded

  • Hammy Boi11
    Hammy Boi11 2 months ago

    I microwaved a dog once

  • Wyatt Gee
    Wyatt Gee 2 months ago


  • Asiaboy64
    Asiaboy64 2 months ago

    I heard Link and Rhett have engineer degrees or something. How come they can't figure out what is happening with stuff in a microwave?
    Most of them were intuitive, weren't they?

  • Banidil
    Banidil 2 months ago

    Your logic may drive me crazy sometimes but its damn funny

  • Michael Carlson
    Michael Carlson 2 months ago

    Love the intro for these videos , let's talk about that

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter 2 months ago

    No roasted nuts?.

  • Coffee Table
    Coffee Table 2 months ago

    4:22 !!!

  • AquaticTuber
    AquaticTuber 2 months ago

    I love watching old tmm's

  • PoloBoy 12
    PoloBoy 12 2 months ago

    Just saying I tryed the soap experiment before lol makes no sense but the same thing happened lol

  • Zoe Michele
    Zoe Michele 2 months ago

    That’s how you make city s’mores in my neck of the woods. Throw everything in there and the marshmallow gets fluffy and the chocolate gets warm. It’s delightful

  • Elizabeth P
    Elizabeth P 2 months ago

    Put grapes in a microwave

  • victoria
    victoria 2 months ago

    Link cracks me up “don’t touch it you’re gonna mess it up” and then literally right after he goes to touch it hahahsahahsdhs Rhett has so much patience

  • Julie Beanz
    Julie Beanz 2 months ago

    I mean, HE’S cute....

  • Josie
    Josie 3 months ago

    how did they not know it was gonna light up? thats like--- 5th grade science.

  • Christopher Wray
    Christopher Wray 3 months ago

    Guess these guys have never seen an episode of "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave this?"

  • good shit
    good shit 3 months ago

    what happens when you microwave a lightbulb?

    it waves back

  • Alexander Nguyen
    Alexander Nguyen 3 months ago

    Is this how you clean a microwave?

  • Shane Mesner
    Shane Mesner 3 months ago

    I microwave marshmallows all the time and enjoy how big they grow

  • Emily Borelli
    Emily Borelli 3 months ago

    This is amazing make more microwave videos

  • Joshua Walker
    Joshua Walker 3 months ago

    Microwave two baby carrots with the ends almost touching. It's pretty cool.

  • Amber Wells
    Amber Wells 3 months ago

    The soap looked like cotton candy.

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 3 months ago

    Love a good ol' marshmallow, soap, light making microwave.

  • Bronson’s Mommy
    Bronson’s Mommy 3 months ago

    My drape game is also fire.

  • Mackenzie Eisenmann
    Mackenzie Eisenmann 3 months ago

    aim drunk.

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez 3 months ago

    i love how he has gloves and still taking the soap with his hands

  • Arisa Dolly
    Arisa Dolly 3 months ago

    Mother microwaved a partly boiled egg it exploded in her hand, after she pulled it out.

  • Dr. Young
    Dr. Young 3 months ago

    u stole this from rekt

    • Therese Eklund
      Therese Eklund 2 months ago

      i think gmm did this BEFORE rekt. right? look at the date it was uploaded.

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin 3 months ago

    Have they never made soap clouds with their kids.

  • Emma Klein
    Emma Klein 3 months ago

    where’s the guy in the comments who explains the science behind the soap bar?

  • monal Pattanaik
    monal Pattanaik 3 months ago

    watt is going on?

  • Jonathan Leeming
    Jonathan Leeming 4 months ago +2

    The light bulb generated a current from the microwave’s electromagnetic field and so it lit up. It would have blown up as they are mostly emptied of gas, meaning that the heat wouldn’t have caused expansion of gas molecules with the glass shell

  • sleep
    sleep 4 months ago

    featuring Mr. beast

  • Blaine Ralph Trarop Jr
    Blaine Ralph Trarop Jr 4 months ago

    Microwaves have a magnetron in them causing AC electricity to flow into the water up the light bulb into filament.

  • Henry Clemens
    Henry Clemens 4 months ago

    9:22 The Fortnite Iceberg

  • Ryan Burke
    Ryan Burke 4 months ago

    the light bulb was in the microwave for the least amount of time, my guess (if the light bulb was in for longer) that it would have also exploded while lighting up. the answer was A and B, i demand a redo.