CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • A Christmas take on a classic dish.
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  • Nateworthy530 X
    Nateworthy530 X 29 minutes ago

    Little cheffy things lol I love it l

  • 수수
    수수 Hour ago

    렘지형 오줌마렵나 오지게 발동동 거리네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 미니
    미니 3 hours ago

    Why is he always look like he has ADHD when cooking?

  • einfach ich
    einfach ich 3 hours ago

    Why are the best Comments on youtube about These videos😂?

  • BFC Ricky
    BFC Ricky 4 hours ago

    Looks amazing but that cut of beef is too expensive

  • Omaiwa mou shindeiru
    Omaiwa mou shindeiru 5 hours ago

    Its christmas now...........

  • Jospeh Compierchio
    Jospeh Compierchio 6 hours ago

    Hey guys check this out lemme know what you think:)

  • Erekt 84
    Erekt 84 10 hours ago

    Slow down on the coke bud.

  • evitasd
    evitasd 15 hours ago +1

    Dear Camera ...person,
    A headshot of Gordon Ramsay is not required when he is in the middle of showing is a technique we are unfamiliar with and trying to follow.

  • MrQuack Gaming
    MrQuack Gaming 18 hours ago

    If only I could make a roast that lovely.

  • Matias Morandi
    Matias Morandi 19 hours ago

    It's fockin RAW

    How does it feel Gordon?

  • Paul Lungaro
    Paul Lungaro 19 hours ago

    I honestly think the key to making it perfectly do nothing falls apart is the Saran Wrap. Nothing cheap.

  • nico
    nico 23 hours ago

    Gordon: I'm ready to die and go to heaven.

    Uhuh. Heaven.. suure hahha we all know where you're going gordon. jk

  • Cooking with Luke
    Cooking with Luke 23 hours ago +1

    Rip rumpals he was such a cute dog

  • abc abc
    abc abc 23 hours ago

    One year later and it's still fucking raw.

  • William Lundström
    William Lundström 23 hours ago

    Looks like he needs a bathroom break through the whole video

  • Wilmer Barboza Montenegro

    Ese grigo teine una pinta de brocoli

  • Jack Megale
    Jack Megale Day ago +5


    "The most amazing..."
    "Juuuuust a touch"
    "Hot pan, olive oil"
    "There's nothing worse than... *very particular thing that only pertains to that one dish* "
    "Season beautifully"

    Did I miss any?

  • 둥둥지
    둥둥지 Day ago


  • vindicator05
    vindicator05 Day ago

    "C'mere, drop sumthin, will ya?!"

  • Fulvio Allamprese


  • Mrinal
    Mrinal Day ago

    First go and do pipi

  • Tanya Dosh
    Tanya Dosh Day ago

    Push it, nice and tight, all the way around, twist the ends, ahhh... beautiful 😂

  • Furkan Deniz
    Furkan Deniz Day ago


  • 이원섭
    이원섭 Day ago

    누가 해석좀 해줘

  • Brian Laffey
    Brian Laffey Day ago

    Looks awesome but seems very hard to make

  • ForeverOfTheStars

    jfc zoom out a bit

  • 김현재
    김현재 Day ago

    Why does he pronounce 'oil' sounds like 'owl'??

  • Yogkhast X Vlogg'z

    i didn't know that christmas has a smell

  • chinpou 。
    chinpou 。 Day ago

    Why do I watch this every winter

  • jswett13
    jswett13 Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay is the Steve Irwin of Cooking

  • Anitaa •
    Anitaa • Day ago

    육식맥 보고 온사럄✋

  • Piotr Kowalski
    Piotr Kowalski 2 days ago

    Ham is frozen

  • Mr. Adobo
    Mr. Adobo 2 days ago

    Is that raw or not?

  • ItzSid Gaming
    ItzSid Gaming 2 days ago

    I learn more science from this than science class

  • M.I.6.
    M.I.6. 2 days ago

    I feel tired watching this video lol.

  • RALAMA2992
    RALAMA2992 2 days ago +9

    Regular kitchen: "I'm in heaven "
    Hells kitchen: "All of you c'mere."

  • Genji l
    Genji l 2 days ago +1

    Sexier....what a freak

  • Melissa
    Melissa 2 days ago

    His ADD is impeccable

  • Malika Louis
    Malika Louis 2 days ago

    On peut remplacer le porc par quoi dans cette recette ?sans la dénaturer ?merci

  • doc25phd
    doc25phd 2 days ago

    all i saw when he cut it was blood poring out ... uch!! nice for vampires tho..

  • Dan the man 060
    Dan the man 060 2 days ago +16

    “I’m ready to die”
    - Gordon Ramsay last words

  • Emma Wylie
    Emma Wylie 2 days ago

    i thought this would me much more difficult to make!! i’ll have to try this some time, i’m tired of always having dry turkey for the holidays

  • Henrique
    Henrique 2 days ago

    Usa drogas ?

  • Your Senpai
    Your Senpai 2 days ago

    I don’t know why but every time this is recommended I watch it

  • Peter Centauri
    Peter Centauri 3 days ago

    Any alternative to chestnuts?

  • rayan rayan
    rayan rayan 3 days ago +3

    he attac
    he protec
    But most importantly
    He salt paper oil

  • Kelvin Chan
    Kelvin Chan 3 days ago

    Such an amazing signature dish from video. But I was so disappointed to be served with the Beef Wellington in Gordon Ramsey's Maze Grill Hong Kong restaurant with no parma ham. Sounds like a different recipe from Gordon's restarted. Poor.

  • WarriorOfSparta
    WarriorOfSparta 3 days ago +61

    Gordon's cameraman: "How far in should I zoom?"
    Gordon: "Yes."

  • Simon Rodgers
    Simon Rodgers 3 days ago

    must have cut out the bit " And Serve your Beef Wellington with a nice Lamb Sauce.....done"

  • Aviation8811
    Aviation8811 3 days ago

    Why did this take me an entire day to make?

  • Kelupogz 101283
    Kelupogz 101283 3 days ago

    Ok sana kaso mukang hilaw....

  • 안성진
    안성진 3 days ago

    쉬 마려우신가?

  • lee myers
    lee myers 3 days ago

    Has he got worms? Fucking hell keep still man !!

  • -Demondevil GT-
    -Demondevil GT- 3 days ago

    2:14 what does Christmas smell like

  • lil poitato
    lil poitato 3 days ago +1

    How can this be at 1080p, but look like 360p
    *Anger Intensifies*

  • Wilson Chen
    Wilson Chen 3 days ago

    Thanks Gordon. I love this dish. Especially, you showed us how to wrap the beef and made it look nicely.

  • LemonStrike111
    LemonStrike111 3 days ago

    Guess this'll be a christmas tradition to watch this, see you next year

  • Cody Thomas
    Cody Thomas 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay can probably roll a hell of a j

  • Bluecraftwizz
    Bluecraftwizz 3 days ago +1

    is he on speed