Jessie J Performs 'Queen/I'm Every Woman' | Dear Mama


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  • Jhari Robinson
    Jhari Robinson 5 hours ago

    That's how you put on a show

  • harshit jain
    harshit jain 6 hours ago

    now thats called a tribute

  • Carletta Goodrich Mann
    Carletta Goodrich Mann 14 hours ago

    Queens arise well done Jessie

  • DoChazzy
    DoChazzy 15 hours ago

    Hearing the first song and closing my eyes, I can just imagine the james bond intro going on in the back ground, she needs to do the next james bond film

  • Neuromance27
    Neuromance27 16 hours ago

    Jessie J and NIchole Scherzinger, the two most versatile singers of this generation.

  • Chelsealealea
    Chelsealealea Day ago


  • Marrio Dednam
    Marrio Dednam Day ago +1

    Aretha Franklin Past away this morning ,I wonder if she seen this performance of jessie.I know she would be proud of her (Aretha Tribute is needed from Jessie J

  • Ramneet Dhaliwal
    Ramneet Dhaliwal 2 days ago +1

    It's so hard not to dance to "I'm Every Woman"!! I love that she's so humble, and her voice is just AMAZING!!!

  • Catarina May
    Catarina May 2 days ago

    both artists and jessie j were/are massively inspired by the beatles listen to all their songs if you want :)

  • G Rafael
    G Rafael 2 days ago

    Looks underrated :((

  • Esther Mandis
    Esther Mandis 3 days ago

    urghhhh don't you just love a good performance by this queen 😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 go on jessieeee oh my dayssss

  • milanoM1000
    milanoM1000 3 days ago

    Super 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌👌👌

  • Catarina May
    Catarina May 3 days ago

    I'm glad i evolved to the point where i could hear this in a human body lol :)

  • REAL Justice
    REAL Justice 7 days ago


  • Vex T
    Vex T 7 days ago +2

    That's right P Diddy, better recognize and stand up for the majestically awesome Jessie J!

  • henry amaya
    henry amaya 7 days ago +1

    Wow 😮 Jessie is amazing

  • lilioperfect
    lilioperfect 9 days ago +1

    This is just a no. Lol white singers stay trying it. No soul, too forced of vocal technique and practice, and obviously no sway or presence. Girl bye .
    Throw the whole singer away.
    She needs an identity lol

    • NELL
      NELL Day ago

      Yaboyspen well said!!

    • J Albert
      J Albert 4 days ago +1

      Okay. Personally so sick of the mentality that only black singers have soul. Stay pressed that Jessie can sing as good as (if not better than some) black singers.
      But I'm not really surprised this senseless critique came from someone with "perfect" in their name. The delusion jumped out.

    • Yaboyspen
      Yaboyspen 5 days ago +2

      lilioperfect It’s not about her having soul. It’s her paying respect to the late Whitney obviously! Vocals were not forced AT ALL, it’s called talent and control. She had both sway and definitely had presence! You could hear a pen drip in that room! She simply paid tribute without trying to copy cat Whitney, Jessie put her own identity on it as she should because she is her own artist. No female artist yet who has paid tribute to Whitney has done it justice like Jessie J did! Facts. But because she’s “white” you felt comfortable judging her for having no “soul”. Soul isn’t just contained within African American Artist, thought you should know cause you’re clearly little minded 😂. Throw your whole comment away, hating ass.

  • Dean Mapeso
    Dean Mapeso 10 days ago +1

    who's the guy at 4:22 omg ... but also LOVE this performance !

  • Skyjay pierre
    Skyjay pierre 10 days ago +1

    Underrated 😍 love her

  • Hell on Wheels
    Hell on Wheels 11 days ago +2

    I come back to this every couple weeks, even though I have it on my ipod, just bc I love to watch her passion.

  • Kassandra Forbes
    Kassandra Forbes 12 days ago

    This should have 10 million views already, my gosh!

  • Sammi Pavon
    Sammi Pavon 13 days ago

    Esta perra esta obsesionada con whitney jajajajja vive cantando esa canción para que la tomen en cuenta y ni al caso . Tanto que hast critico a la Reina XTINA esta GATA atrevida .

  • Pam BROOKS
    Pam BROOKS 13 days ago


  • Allen Coleman
    Allen Coleman 13 days ago

    2:53!!!! OMG! I just keep rewinding it to that part!

  • Tk O
    Tk O 13 days ago

    Christina take notes. 😂😂😂

    • Tk O
      Tk O 9 days ago

      +Laura Shallvey I can tell. 😂😂😂

    • Laura Shallvey
      Laura Shallvey 9 days ago

      Tk O Christina got her Grammys. She isn’t bothered 😂

  • Hatem Meziane
    Hatem Meziane 14 days ago

    she's so underrated :) she's a Godess

  • Linda Turnbull
    Linda Turnbull 14 days ago


  • Briana Mitchell
    Briana Mitchell 14 days ago +1

    first two mins of powerful perfection

  • colour adventures
    colour adventures 14 days ago

    Jessie j ❤

  • Bruky Fagawden
    Bruky Fagawden 14 days ago +1

    You know its about to be good when jessi j is on it. I am not gonna push it and say she is the best or anything.... but she is the only one i can enjoy as a cover of whitney. She truly has an amazing voice.

  • Diamond Gucci
    Diamond Gucci 16 days ago +2

    2:53 😍😍 that's my part ily Jessie j❤️ u rlly inspire me to sing 🎶

  • Jess Ca
    Jess Ca 17 days ago +1

    Shame on the 376 people who dislike this.

  • Georgia Craig
    Georgia Craig 17 days ago +1

    The QUEEN

  • Mademoiselle Uncut
    Mademoiselle Uncut 19 days ago +1

    She's just incredible, I love her voice so much. She will never get the recognition she deserves because the industry is rotten.

  • Amit Ninyo
    Amit Ninyo 20 days ago +1


  • Shaquana Monay
    Shaquana Monay 20 days ago +2

    My Grandma loved this performance 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌I loved this performance too. She slayed this! Jessie J with those powerful, beautiful vocals! ❤🎤

  • Jasmyn Gardner
    Jasmyn Gardner 23 days ago +2

    This is probably my 100th time listening to this and I’m still not tired😭😍😂

  • Josephine Budwilowitz
    Josephine Budwilowitz 24 days ago


  • E. Marie
    E. Marie 25 days ago

    That damn band was cuttin the hell up!

  • Jaidan Loran
    Jaidan Loran 26 days ago +2

    I reallly want to sing, but i realllyy want to hear her too cause she sounds so breath taking😂💛

  • Jaidan Loran
    Jaidan Loran 26 days ago +2

    Jessies voice is so perfect. It's actually insane. Wow.

  • Ke'Juan Moses
    Ke'Juan Moses 27 days ago +1

    And THAT is how you do a tribute! I’m sure Whitney smiled at this!

  • Samuel
    Samuel 28 days ago +1

    Anitta? O que cê tá fazendo aí mulher?

  • Looney Dae
    Looney Dae 28 days ago +1

    I’m convinced she has negroid genes 😂 love her voice

  • Jadiqua Johnson
    Jadiqua Johnson 29 days ago +1

    Girll u betta sang

  • caique pereira
    caique pereira Month ago +1

    Maravilhosaaaaaaa ❤❤❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶🇧🇷

  • Aitana Lund
    Aitana Lund Month ago

    Who is at min 4:55 ???

  • Nicholas Ursino
    Nicholas Ursino Month ago +2

    This version of Queen is so much better than the radio version.

  • alliemaru nara
    alliemaru nara Month ago +1

    Jessie J the queen of the Vocal Slay

  • Khari Cook
    Khari Cook Month ago

    She is amazing. It's nice to hear amazing singers. Where has she been? I guess I haven't been paying attention.

  • Jairo Paredes
    Jairo Paredes Month ago

    So fucking amazing 🔥

  • L s
    L s Month ago +1

    Truly, one of the best artists out there.

  • writerzblock00
    writerzblock00 Month ago +2

    When she did the whitney clap at the end 🤣

  • giovanka O.G love
    giovanka O.G love Month ago +1

    G.0.A.T 🙌🏾

  • Myra Togonon
    Myra Togonon Month ago +1

    Wonder what Bobby Brown felt like he was also there dang must've brought a lot of Whitney memories hope he is alright

  • Natan Magalhães
    Natan Magalhães Month ago +20

    Beyoncé, I love you more than I love myself! But this is the best voice of our generation.

    • J Albert
      J Albert 5 hours ago

      We love a woke Bey stan

    • Natan Magalhães
      Natan Magalhães 3 days ago

      Hicham Passema Beyonce is the best ‘whole pack’ artist. The best Vocalist is Jessie J for sure! Anyways I love both!

    • Hicham Passema
      Hicham Passema 4 days ago

      Yes Sorry but Beyoncé is the best voice of our generation! PERIOD :)

    • Sushi lover
      Sushi lover 5 days ago

      Then don't compare them like that cause that comparison is bringing one down.. They are both amazing and you can praise them both equally with out saying one is better than the other one

    • Natan Magalhães
      Natan Magalhães 5 days ago

      Sushi lover not bringing anyone down, both are amazing and I love them.

  • Destany Farmer
    Destany Farmer Month ago +1

    Lmao 4:35 Diddy said "I'm every man."

  • jessica avila
    jessica avila Month ago +3

    Diddy😂😂 "I'm every man"

  • gina ramirez
    gina ramirez Month ago +2

    Oohh those runs gave me chillllsss babe, love you!

  • Sofia Malik
    Sofia Malik Month ago +2

    Way too amazing ❤️🔥

  • bradNOTbradley
    bradNOTbradley Month ago +1

    this audience didn’t deserve this performance 🙄👎🏽

  • William B
    William B Month ago +1


  • Angel Alexander Clarkson AguilLamber

    Only a real artist can sing like that
    And remake a song live..
    Much better than studio version.. 😍😍
    #Queen 👑

  • Keegan van zyl
    Keegan van zyl Month ago +1

    She is absolutely flawless!!!

  • briana williamson
    briana williamson Month ago +1

    She always does an amazing job her voice got soul 💗💗💗

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Month ago +1

    I feel like Jessie J would've been big in the 80s/90s because of her range and those songs were immensely popular back then ballads (whitney houston, celine dion, mariah carey, thalia etc. )

  • caitlin
    caitlin Month ago +3

    I watch this like 10 times a day

  • Penjani Nyirenda
    Penjani Nyirenda Month ago +3

    Jessie J is THE BUSINESS

  • MrsConnie 2You
    MrsConnie 2You Month ago +4

    Look honey....YOU BETTA SANG GIRL❣️❣️❣️ 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Camil
    Camil Month ago +2

    Just woaw🌠

  • coverayne
    coverayne Month ago +4

    Listen. The most amazing and best vocalist is here in our generation. Hands up to the next Whitney Houston. You are loved and forever be love jessie j

  • Janet Diaz De Valentin

    YOOOO That Gurl Can sing... 1 of the BEST singers ever... My # 1 .. Go Jesse...

  • Pie Lover
    Pie Lover Month ago +2

    A queen right there!

  • cal
    cal Month ago +1

    nO i'M eVeRy MaN

  • RVMJ
    RVMJ Month ago +2

    Jessie J reminds of Teena Marie here.

    H0LY HELL Month ago +1


  • Bunnylomusic
    Bunnylomusic Month ago +1

    ❤️ Beautiful

  • Beautyisforus33
    Beautyisforus33 Month ago +2

    Gawwdddam..girl sang it baby sang itt

  • Johnny Wang
    Johnny Wang Month ago +3

    Jessie is remaking Bodyguard one song at a time and I’m HERE FOR THAT

  • SupaMark
    SupaMark Month ago +1

    my baby

  • animeXD2892
    animeXD2892 Month ago +2

    Jesse J can sing her butt off👌🏽

  • Alexis T. Brown
    Alexis T. Brown Month ago +3

    Sing it Jessie!

  • Cameren Stepp
    Cameren Stepp Month ago +2

    Girl she did THAT

  • T Brown 1980
    T Brown 1980 Month ago +1


  • Rosalie Gudito
    Rosalie Gudito Month ago +4

    Every people in the whole wide world should listen to her voice and to her music.. this is the real artist that deserves a big spot in the industry.. people doesnt seem to see that, Listen to GOOD MUSIC PEOPLE!!!

  • monica robinson
    monica robinson Month ago +3

    I soooooo love me some Jesse J, I could listen to her angelic voice all day!!😍😍

  • Bleu 1
    Bleu 1 Month ago +10

    4:24 she belted out them D5#s and peaked at one F5! Amazing! Jessie did excellent! I must admit not many can belt out them F5# and G5#s out in bridge of song like Whitney Houston, so they'd opt to sing her songs in a lower key! I see Jessie did give us a taste of bridge @4:24, but she didn't go for belting out the entire bridge. You need to be a vocal beast to tackle that bridge. Sometimes even Whitney herself would let the background singers belt it, so she could rest her voice. But on goods days Whitney Houston showed out and sung us all under the stage! All in all Jessie J is one of the best vocalist out right now.

  • Salomé Amber
    Salomé Amber Month ago

    I have no words...

  • Glam Peaches
    Glam Peaches Month ago +3

    Damn she can SANG

  • J T
    J T Month ago +2

    Goddess for sure!!!

  • Efrain Santana
    Efrain Santana Month ago +3


  • Tredanys Anthony
    Tredanys Anthony Month ago +1


  • Sue Chen
    Sue Chen Month ago +1

    Legend 🔥❤️🙌🌹😘

  • Selai.Marama Wells.TAVOA


  • CaliBelle
    CaliBelle Month ago +3

    Jessie sings about mixing pancakes and scrambling eggs when she's home. this girl is a sanga

  • Chauncey Anderson
    Chauncey Anderson Month ago +4

    A fucking powerhouse. So underrated..

    LIL DESSY Month ago +5

    Get it Jessie !! You was hitting them high notes 😩.

  • Dydy Robinson
    Dydy Robinson Month ago +3

    Slayed 💅🏼

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez Month ago +8

    In MY OPINION she is the BEST vocalist I'VE ever heard. The control just flows so naturally and she looks like she genuinely LOVES what she's doing and that makes it 10x better

  • Candë Williams
    Candë Williams Month ago +3

    Her voice is beyond words...just WoW! I am a fan!