Jessie J Performs 'Queen/I'm Every Woman' | Dear Mama


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  • Yvette Ramos - Real Estate

    SO amazing @jessiej! What an incredible singer and performer. LOVE!

  • hope gore
    hope gore 3 days ago +1

    Whitney would be so proud!

  • hope gore
    hope gore 3 days ago +1

    God given talent. The BEST!

  • amykinyvr
    amykinyvr 3 days ago +3

    When is she going to get the recognition she deserves? What a voice.

  • SJ Vlogzz
    SJ Vlogzz 3 days ago

    Kaep not feeling it??

  • katrinalol
    katrinalol 3 days ago +1

    Feel like I am in a fairy tail every time I hear her sing. It is perfection.

  • JackTheBrand Bluecase

    Diddy try not to dance to im every woman Haha

  • Daria Marx
    Daria Marx 5 days ago

    Can somebody please make an instrumental to this?!

  • Paula Forshaw
    Paula Forshaw 5 days ago

    Roll on november when i go and see her cant wait first time of seening her

  • Noah Barron
    Noah Barron 7 days ago +2

    Why is she underrated

  • Bull's-eye
    Bull's-eye 7 days ago


  • madison lover
    madison lover 8 days ago +1

    I'm so blessed to hear your beautiful voice. And you made me dance, Jessie j. You're so amazing and you really have this power that you only can . Impressive !

  • Marijke Corneilla
    Marijke Corneilla 8 days ago +1

    JA! she is one of a kind.. what a voice.. she is from her soul... thank you jessie j.. wow

  • Betty Myan
    Betty Myan 9 days ago

    vocals o. m.g is this reaaal

  • yi li
    yi li 9 days ago

    Go get tickets ladies and gentlemen … she’s truly amazing! Her North America tour is on the way! Trust me I’ve watched her rose tour in China …4 shows made me love her more and more … you will never regret to watch and listen to her singing!

  • Bianca Domingo
    Bianca Domingo 11 days ago +1

    Every high notes she hit, I'm punching in the air and punching my pillow and punching the wall while lying in the bed. Fiercely soulful 💕

  • Mary Mary
    Mary Mary 11 days ago

    Canta muito! ❤🇧🇷

  • Stace Candy
    Stace Candy 11 days ago +1

    This girl can sing!!!!! Jessie J you are a gift to the world😍😍😍😍😍 YOU ARE A GODDESS YOU ARE A QUEEN⚘⚘⚘

  • thomas santangelo
    thomas santangelo 12 days ago +2

    She is a queen for sure. Love you Jessie!

  • Sue Chen
    Sue Chen 12 days ago +4

    Effortlessly perfection! Jessie j never cease to amaze me! This never gets old!

  • Rudy Holls
    Rudy Holls 12 days ago +2


    TV DO BRANCO 12 days ago

    O ruim deste vídeo é que ele acaba. - BRASILEIRO QUE AMA JESSIE J

  • echelonchick69
    echelonchick69 13 days ago +2

    Only Diddy would get fomo during a mother’s day song lol

  • Cak Redi
    Cak Redi 14 days ago +4

    Whitney must be so proud up there.

  • Daulton Mcdarby
    Daulton Mcdarby 14 days ago +1

    So much fun!

  • JustZana
    JustZana 15 days ago +5

    Beyonce who?

  • Ja’Marion Newman
    Ja’Marion Newman 16 days ago +4

    Does anyone realize that she’s 30

  • nini gordashvili
    nini gordashvili 16 days ago +2

    Jessie you are Queen!!!

  • C Strickling
    C Strickling 16 days ago +1

    This song should go out to all women who have been violated. Know this your life is not over, it’s just begun

  • yi li
    yi li 17 days ago +2

    Every time I watch her singing…I get goosebumps! She’s such an amazing artist!

  • Weverton santos
    Weverton santos 18 days ago +1

    Que voz maravilhosa 😍

  • Victor Pires
    Victor Pires 18 days ago +1

    Uma voz única ♥️♥️

  • Zack !
    Zack ! 18 days ago +1

    I. LOVE. HER!

  • ella white
    ella white 19 days ago +6

    I hope she got more advertisement and promotion, cause i love her voice but not only that her songs aswell. It's can relate to people everyday struggle.

  • Elaine Cristina
    Elaine Cristina 21 day ago

    Sou mais A Cristina Aguilera ✌

  • Arina Logvina
    Arina Logvina 22 days ago +5

    That's incredible! Soooo empowering

  • Janiya Bazile
    Janiya Bazile 23 days ago +2

    I wanted to cry.😫😫😫I love you Jess!

  • KhaLid Pasha
    KhaLid Pasha 23 days ago +4

    I could listen to Jessie run all day, 2:52 my god ❤️😭

  • joyann pavy
    joyann pavy 23 days ago +1

    Beautiful voice

  • TVXQ Hope
    TVXQ Hope 25 days ago +4

    She is amazing

  • Shannon Stroebel
    Shannon Stroebel 26 days ago +2

    I love you Jessie! Your voice gives me goosebumps every time 💕🎶🎙️

  • andy xu
    andy xu 27 days ago +2

    Who is the audience

  • Forest Hart
    Forest Hart 27 days ago +3

    Wow I didn't realize how great her voice is. Thanks for sharing this video. Very impressed. Wowwww!!!!

  • غازي التميمي
    غازي التميمي 28 days ago +1

    عندها تحكم بصوتها بشكل مو طبيعي

  • Daionna Maynard
    Daionna Maynard 28 days ago

    Beautiful job

  • Hana nouch
    Hana nouch 29 days ago +4

    Well Koepernick was looking intensely at her !

    NOLA GIRL Month ago +1

    Her voice tho omg

  • in memorian Oficial
    in memorian Oficial Month ago +2


  • Make Me Up Steph
    Make Me Up Steph Month ago +2

    I had to spark up... And come here... Because its one of those days.

  • Let's Talk Now
    Let's Talk Now Month ago

    Bleh... She is so boring.

  • Choosenickey
    Choosenickey Month ago +1

    Absolutely the best!!!!y top singers:Whiteney,Amber riley, Keke Wyatt, Tamia, Tamar Braxton, Mariah

  • Choosenickey
    Choosenickey Month ago +1

    Love her!

  • Courtney Love
    Courtney Love Month ago +1

    OMG she makes me cry... Her talent is unreal 😭😭🙏❤️💯

  • Kate Alexandra
    Kate Alexandra Month ago +1

    She is a Queen

  • Jada Matthews
    Jada Matthews Month ago +2

    She is so underrated she has such a strong beautiful voice ❤️

  • Ayana B
    Ayana B Month ago +8

    Someone please help me off this floor. Jessie J has caused me to fall out of my chair!

  • allstarpurple7
    allstarpurple7 Month ago +4

    Ive watched this more than 12 times this week, thats how good this tribute/cover is and Jessie J is queen

  • Viktoria Glans
    Viktoria Glans Month ago +3

    OH MY GOD! She is litterally the best singer out there

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow Rose Month ago +1

    She's up there with them all for me, because she has her own passion and style same as nicole scherzinger she is good in her own right too.

  • Rainbow Rose
    Rainbow Rose Month ago +5

    Yeah, seeing puff daddy that can be intimidating with all those american stars but she can smash it no need to ever ever be nervous, just trust, she is getting better and better and better, brilliant performance, you go girlfriend and never stop. Well done. They loved her and chaka khan and whitney sang that and she did just as good for me, because she went with her natural feeling and emotion. Great great great xxx

  • Lesdiana Panti
    Lesdiana Panti Month ago +2

    Jessie J she just too stunning n shining

  • Wagner Stan
    Wagner Stan Month ago +2


  • KlaUDiO Yoshi
    KlaUDiO Yoshi Month ago +9

    I hope one day she can be one of the most famous singers in the world
    She is annoyingly underrated!

  • Crystal Melzow
    Crystal Melzow Month ago +4

    I also love when she's performing a song by a different artist, how she showcases her voice every time and doesn't try to sound like them. It flows naturally and I for this I have mad respect. She's having fun and you can tell she loves what she does on stage. Pure raw emotion. Love it!

  • Crystal Melzow
    Crystal Melzow Month ago +6

    Wow love her voice!! Can't believe how underrated she is as a vocalist. She has amazing control of her voice and her riffs in her songs are dynamic. Slay it Queen J!

  • Tle worayuth
    Tle worayuth Month ago +2

    Best voice control ever no one can compare

  • Sarah Jackson
    Sarah Jackson Month ago +1

    Love this, wonder why I stop watching her. Hmmm

  • Leon van der Bos
    Leon van der Bos Month ago +2


  • Aaliyah Schaffer
    Aaliyah Schaffer Month ago +2

    I like this version better than the fast version

  • Terrance Jeanes
    Terrance Jeanes Month ago +1

    Killed the stage

  • Gooofy King
    Gooofy King Month ago +2

    When u make DIDDY stand u did that period

  • Gooofy King
    Gooofy King Month ago

    Those runs omg🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👸🏾

  • E. Marie
    E. Marie Month ago

    The bass player tore it up in I'm Every Woman!

  • Mesak Takhel Mayum
    Mesak Takhel Mayum Month ago

    Jessie has talent DAT reduces Taylor to a white chick DAT works as a Sunday school teacher.

  • pwpg06
    pwpg06 Month ago +3

    When you are lucky enough to watch Jessie J performing, and hear her outstanding voice and vocals and the awesome lyrics she puts into her songs, you can only see a halo of greatness around her and you realize that it can only come from God so much talent. I do hope that she stays with us many more years to come so we can keep on having a piece of heaven on earth.

  • Kim Schutzius
    Kim Schutzius Month ago +1

    2:52 THAT Line

  • james archibald
    james archibald Month ago +1

    what a fantastic medley from other artist can match the vocal acrobatics and raw talent of this magnificent performer.
    i would love her to spoil us all by singing a version of whitney's run to you

  • Vic Cypress
    Vic Cypress Month ago +1

    OMG the control of her vocals is a weapon she could kill you with whenever she commands to do so..I swear she is black deep down..haha.. Awesome Jesse!.. Beautiful.

  • AshlyMonet
    AshlyMonet Month ago +1

    She’s so fkn liiiiiiiiittttt an underrated

  • G Rafael
    G Rafael Month ago +1

    Downgrade microphone

  • Gabi Coman
    Gabi Coman Month ago +1

    She's pefect!! Oh.....!! An amazing voice and a beautiful character!

  • Javon Ezell
    Javon Ezell Month ago


  • Eduardo Torres
    Eduardo Torres Month ago +3

    4:26 G5

  • Crispy Chicken
    Crispy Chicken Month ago +4

    She's the only artist rosy that reminds me of Whitney because the way they both perform is so Timeless effortless and elegant God bless you both!!

  • 明溪
    明溪 Month ago

    20180822 Listen to it again.

  • tashi yassin
    tashi yassin Month ago +2

    woww incridible controle her voice, amazing singer Jessie J is Queen ,yesssss

  • Marie Ann
    Marie Ann Month ago +2

    My favorite female singer period ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rainier Esguerra
    Rainier Esguerra Month ago +1

    She is so incredible. 😨

  • Lamonica Grayer
    Lamonica Grayer Month ago +1


  • Jhari Robinson
    Jhari Robinson Month ago +1

    That's how you put on a show

  • harshit jain
    harshit jain Month ago +1

    now thats called a tribute

  • Carletta Goodrich Mann

    Queens arise well done Jessie

  • DoChazzy
    DoChazzy Month ago +2

    Hearing the first song and closing my eyes, I can just imagine the james bond intro going on in the back ground, she needs to do the next james bond film

  • Neuromance27
    Neuromance27 Month ago +1

    Jessie J and NIchole Scherzinger, the two most versatile singers of this generation.

  • Chelsealealea
    Chelsealealea Month ago


  • Marrio Dednam
    Marrio Dednam Month ago +2

    Aretha Franklin Past away this morning ,I wonder if she seen this performance of jessie.I know she would be proud of her (Aretha Tribute is needed from Jessie J

  • Ramneet Dhaliwal
    Ramneet Dhaliwal 2 months ago +1

    It's so hard not to dance to "I'm Every Woman"!! I love that she's so humble, and her voice is just AMAZING!!!

  • Catarina May
    Catarina May 2 months ago

    both artists and jessie j were/are massively inspired by the beatles listen to all their songs if you want :)

  • Esther Mandis
    Esther Mandis 2 months ago +2

    urghhhh don't you just love a good performance by this queen 😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 go on jessieeee oh my dayssss