Jessie J Performs 'Queen/I'm Every Woman' | Dear Mama


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  • Fed DeVeTM
    Fed DeVeTM 2 days ago

    That vocal ,capable to any song.......attitude,talent,physical....YOUR A MASTERPIECE

  • Davi Daniel
    Davi Daniel 2 days ago

    I really love this woman 🖤

  • Nita Su
    Nita Su 4 days ago +1

    Vocal legend ; period

  • Viviane. mpa
    Viviane. mpa 5 days ago

    Linda! I love Jessie J! BR

  • Phalina_love
    Phalina_love 5 days ago

    Tell em Jessie !!!!💕💕💕💕

  • Csorba Brigi
    Csorba Brigi 6 days ago


  • Becky Nelson
    Becky Nelson 6 days ago

    You're beautiful! But, this song is going to be misconstrued. Real women want a real man. Not some some soy boy impersonation.

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant 7 days ago +1

    Her range, pitch, and power!

  • dopeyyy
    dopeyyy 9 days ago

    Half the views this video has are from me

  • Patrick Muwonge
    Patrick Muwonge 9 days ago +1

    The 'Whitney' in her brings back memories...and the funny gimmicks.. reincarnation just

  • tashi yassin
    tashi yassin 10 days ago

    She deserves so much more recognition WOWWW I love you this singer control her voice is incridible Waw love you

  • Big Jumbo
    Big Jumbo 10 days ago

    She should go into acting

  • Caleb Riggins
    Caleb Riggins 10 days ago +1

    I didn’t know Mila Kunis could sing

  • Vhiendy Savella
    Vhiendy Savella 11 days ago


  • Osito De Peluche
    Osito De Peluche 12 days ago

    4:34 No Diddy she is not Black just because she can blow (i.e. colloquialism for singing exceptionally well).
    No Diddy. She does not look like your ex Cassie.
    No Diddy. Stop pointing to yourself like you're going to sign her.
    I loathe Suge Knight but he was right: (not exactly quoted but..) "If you don't want your producer all up in your video, come to Death Row"

  • meshahotVEVO
    meshahotVEVO 13 days ago +1

    Xtina, Mariah, Jessie, and Celine Dion should have a single together

  • Giovanni Torino
    Giovanni Torino 14 days ago

    A melhor voz atual

  • Sandra Russell
    Sandra Russell 14 days ago

    I'm from the US and have always thought she was fantastic, very knowledgable about music, feels every song she sings. Love her!!

  • Adam  Almeida
    Adam Almeida 16 days ago

    Have you seen Whos laughing now!!!!

    IDItheCRAZY 17 days ago

    She tells me to be my own Queen but SHE is my Queen

    CSFAV 17 days ago +1

    OMG, Jessie J is truly one of the greatest singers in our time!!!

  • Andres Suarez
    Andres Suarez 17 days ago

    what a TALENTED LADY ❤️

  • 2Aaee 666
    2Aaee 666 18 days ago

    AE0922864683 the

  • Eda Ö
    Eda Ö 18 days ago +1

    I watch this everyday no joke

    • Eda Ö
      Eda Ö 7 days ago

      I literally do

  • salome makahatadze
    salome makahatadze 18 days ago

    the best voice :* :* :* :*

  • BarneyAndCoco
    BarneyAndCoco 19 days ago

    Does this woman have a license to hypnotize? 'Cause that is what she does.

  • Peter Lloyd
    Peter Lloyd 19 days ago

    Bye for a minute.

  • Peter Lloyd
    Peter Lloyd 19 days ago

    Cos seriously, I only want one

  • Peter Lloyd
    Peter Lloyd 19 days ago

    Id prefer you were just you

  • Peter Lloyd
    Peter Lloyd 19 days ago

    I guess you may remain inside your body and your skin, hopefully continuing to love it, for as long as you like.

  • Imma Rosa
    Imma Rosa 19 days ago +2

    Her voice developed so beautifully over the last years, so much depth and clearness. She is such an amazing, sensitive, heartwarming woman! There is so much power in her voice and her lyrics are poetically moving!

  • 수박이
    수박이 19 days ago

    So much love u Jessie J plz come to South Korea, U are so amazing ㅠㅠ

  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos 20 days ago

    She is so underrated

  • Roland Daton
    Roland Daton 20 days ago

    Love you jessie 😍💕

  • Lorenz Adrianne Acosta

    Same like Nicole there both amazing but sad

  • manana k.
    manana k. 20 days ago

    The best vocalist in the world

  • Luciano Nahás Combina

    I don't think she is underrated. She just need a couple of HITS or a MOVIE to be in the top charts worlwide. She is definately one of the best female singers worldwide...

    • Luciano Nahás Combina
      Luciano Nahás Combina 20 days ago

      +dreamergirlbaby well she is famous worldwide she is millonaire. She is not a contestant of a reality show who will not even record a song. Lets be patient
      She will shine. She is so beautiful and talented.

    • dreamergirlbaby
      dreamergirlbaby 20 days ago

      Karlita Crouzon she has had multiple hits. She literally underrated. People don’t care about true talent and that’s sad 😔

  • Ivan Souza
    Ivan Souza 22 days ago

    This is a master piece!

  • Ricardo De Jesus
    Ricardo De Jesus 22 days ago +1

    que voz, mds. ❤

  • RealFlowersSings
    RealFlowersSings 22 days ago +1

    She got down up there!! Love Jessie!!

  • darwin eusebio blanco
    darwin eusebio blanco 24 days ago +1

    All time favorite of mine😘❤️

  • Fernandez Onofre
    Fernandez Onofre 24 days ago +1

    i love you jessie j!!!!!

  • emma m
    emma m 25 days ago

    I’ve been the Jessie J train ever since she was posting covers on TheXvid

  • Chicken Salad
    Chicken Salad 26 days ago +2


  • Hakan Antalyali
    Hakan Antalyali 26 days ago +1


  • SMV
    SMV 27 days ago +2

    I love how the mic cuts off a bit from her voice at 3:00, just a reminder. She never lip syncs and it’s all real, live, raw vocals. The best.

  • seiji iwaguro
    seiji iwaguro 29 days ago +2

    Jessie J Performs ' Queen /I'm Every Woman'┃Dear Mama
    Wonderful 👏👏

  • Nicholas Bennett
    Nicholas Bennett 29 days ago +1

    I wish Jessie would record a acoustic studio version of Queen

  • Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson Month ago


  • tashi yassin
    tashi yassin Month ago

    I swear as soon as Jessie J covers your song it is no longer your song ... Wowww best singer best voice best controle this is Queen the voices

  • Priscilla.O xo
    Priscilla.O xo Month ago +2

    ooooowf .. chills mayte..

  • Violeta Ivanova
    Violeta Ivanova Month ago +1

    Supet superrrt woman

  • ch mabaya
    ch mabaya Month ago

    Wow wow amazing Beautiful voices and intelligent Technic use 😘

  • Patrick També
    Patrick També Month ago

    I'm Jessie's unconditional fan. But could anyone tell me who is that short-fit woman who appears singing in the audience? What a beautiful woman!!!

  • Tajma Cameron
    Tajma Cameron Month ago

    Supreme vocalist

  • Dydy Robinson
    Dydy Robinson Month ago


  • Gene Hendrix
    Gene Hendrix Month ago

    No sean puff daddy diddy combs, fortunately you are not every man LOL

  • Eddy Morton
    Eddy Morton Month ago +1

    one of very few who can really sing, studio or live. a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice

  • Melanie Luyo
    Melanie Luyo Month ago +1

    Muchas heartbeats se pierden de esta presentación:'( es triste ya que ella es tan mágica ❤😍❤

  • Last TRX
    Last TRX Month ago

    i really pity her as not many know how to cherrish what she has. One of the best FEMALE VOCALISTS .. come on show some LOVE!

  • Jazmine Reigny
    Jazmine Reigny Month ago

    Love u💎

  • Anurag Parashar
    Anurag Parashar Month ago +1

    That's how you sing..

  • Airam Unicorn
    Airam Unicorn Month ago +1

    Pure talent 🔥

  • Ms BUMP
    Ms BUMP Month ago +1

    My God ... gotta love her 😍

  • Sasha Fierce
    Sasha Fierce Month ago +1

    I cry when listening to this song

  • Victoria Oghuan
    Victoria Oghuan Month ago +2

    She's so underated

  • Junr
    Junr Month ago +1

    Her voice is so good, that she even took off her ear piece, because she doesn’t need to hear herself to make sure her notes aren’t off.

  • José Carlos Silva
    José Carlos Silva Month ago

    Maravilhosa! Magnífica! Sensacional! ❤️😍

  • SIS
    SIS Month ago


  • Masa T.
    Masa T. Month ago

    Beautiful song
    And I'm not even female

  • Samuel Vizzi
    Samuel Vizzi Month ago

    2:34 aaa♡

  • Adrian Alameda
    Adrian Alameda Month ago +5

    Her applauding at the song and band’s performance at the end shows true appreciation for music !! Since she started she was one of my top singers and keeps improving every time. 💕💕

  • dinarachel7
    dinarachel7 Month ago +2

    Loved this performance Jessie J, to your momma and to Whitney Houston - well said!!! 🎤👍🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👸🏼👸🏻👸🏾

  • Arun Guha
    Arun Guha Month ago +1


  • Lucas Prokopio
    Lucas Prokopio Month ago +1

    amazing as always...what a boring audience

  • Leslie Sayonar
    Leslie Sayonar Month ago

    Is there an instrumental of this performance?

  • Fabio Faustino
    Fabio Faustino Month ago +1

    Como a voz e talento dessa mulher me deixa feliz!!

  • Sam M.
    Sam M. Month ago +1

    So so beautiful wow❤ she's really a queen👑

  • Catz One
    Catz One Month ago +4

    I adore this lady, I cannot watch her without weeping, the most amazing voice that reaches deep into your soul.

  • Caroline Agra
    Caroline Agra Month ago


  • Duggie Brown
    Duggie Brown Month ago +2

    2:50 most beautiful ever like omg very underrated

  • mcgregor conor
    mcgregor conor 2 months ago +2

    jessie j is a real singer without autotune

  • Princess *
    Princess * 2 months ago +3

    The fact she doesn’t need her in ear monitor speaks

  • Radarzz77
    Radarzz77 2 months ago

    We learn 2things in this Video 🤔Jessie J Amazing Always 🌷❤️👍👍 and 'Diddy's' the jerk I always thought he was😏

  • Kareem Rashad
    Kareem Rashad 2 months ago +1

    its so hilarious watching Americans assume that she's underrated or doesnt get recognition because she may not be popular in America. There's a big world out there and people love her.

  • Big Mark
    Big Mark 2 months ago +2

    She’s very talented!

  • Elisa Maza
    Elisa Maza 2 months ago +6

    Ariana who? This is the only singer from today's gen that I'll spend money on.

  • Ted Frey
    Ted Frey 2 months ago +4

    Jessie is so good.

    NOLA GIRL 2 months ago +2

    Her voice tho jesus

  • johnny chrome
    johnny chrome 2 months ago

    she's fully rated and loved

  • LABAN laban
    LABAN laban 2 months ago +5

    she is the real deal

  • Mya Gaines
    Mya Gaines 2 months ago +4

    At the end of Queen when she hit that run 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I threw my damn phone 📱 like she is so talented

  • Samuel Cortes
    Samuel Cortes 2 months ago +2

    I M A Q U E E N

  • Sahil Pai
    Sahil Pai 2 months ago +3

    When that earpiece comes off, you know she bout to tear the roof off! Jessie ♥️

  • Josie Ortiz
    Josie Ortiz 2 months ago +2

    First time listening to her. I've been missing out!

  • Carmem Arruda
    Carmem Arruda 2 months ago +2

    Algum BR por aqui?

  • Czyrus Bon
    Czyrus Bon 2 months ago +2

    Even Jessie J's breath has an amazing tone! Auuggh!!!
    Every time she sings I wonder how she can do it, releasing those gorgeous tones! A.N.G.E.L

  • Tracy Thompson
    Tracy Thompson 2 months ago

    She couldn't use the f** you Jessie

  • Tran Phuong Anh
    Tran Phuong Anh 2 months ago

    It doesn’t matter that she’s underrated or anything less. We don’t need to mention about that anymore. Just love her, her music and enjoy the messages she tries to send us in every performance. Jessie said in an instagram livestream that she knew she was underrated already, but she didn’t care that much. She is happy with what she has and accomplishes guys. ♥️

  • Wavy Costa
    Wavy Costa 2 months ago

    I know she has a great voice but she ain’t no MARSHA