Andy Serkis Gets Close With Alex When Ape-Acting | The Last Leg

  • Published on Jul 5, 2017
  • Anky Serkis gets close and personal with Alex Brooker when demonstrating how he acts as an ape for 'War for the Planet of the Apes'!
    Watch the episode on All 4:
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  • CarAmeL624
    CarAmeL624 5 months ago

    A brilliant actor. Give this man an Oscar already jheez

  • Isobel Higgs
    Isobel Higgs 10 months ago +2

    Saw him in Black Panther and I was almost shocked to see he could actually play humans too

  • TheSparkyWriter
    TheSparkyWriter 10 months ago

    When the guy next to him said not to stop cuddling😂. Seriously, Andy’s performance as Caesar is one of the most moving and beautiful performances ever and he deserves MAJOR recognition already.

  • Sarah Campbell
    Sarah Campbell 11 months ago +2

    Andy serkis greatest voice from Gollum and chimp

  • Flumpf Telly
    Flumpf Telly Year ago

    nice editing mid sentence

  • TheLongDark
    TheLongDark Year ago

    The best part of this clip is how they're able to shut the fuck up and let Andy speak. Too many shows would have had the host or the other guests talking over the top of him, trying to be funny.

  • Ali Kazmi
    Ali Kazmi Year ago

  • Little Weekly Vlogging Bro

    andy you need to play skeletor

  • Isabella Assasin
    Isabella Assasin Year ago +9

    I wish andy was my sugar daddy!

    • Sayan datta
      Sayan datta Month ago

      Isabella Assasin maybe leave out the 'Sugar' part.

  • LiftBoy93
    LiftBoy93 Year ago +13

    If Alex was a woman, we would have another #metoo case. ;D

  • Simon P
    Simon P Year ago +5

    LOL @ Josh. “Don’t stop.”

  • Balnazzardi
    Balnazzardi 2 years ago +44

    Years from now Andry Serkis will be remembered as the "grand-daddy" of motion capture performance actor. He really gets what its all about, and tries to instruct his fellow actors as well that its not about the CGI, or the mo-cap suite or cameras, they all have their part to play, but in the end its all about your own performance and getting into the character.

  • Apache Helicopter
    Apache Helicopter 2 years ago +4

    *say in gollums voice* Stupid stupid oscarses won't give precious award too busy giving it to stupid stupid Daniel day Lewis

  • Lorena Bolson
    Lorena Bolson 2 years ago +8

    I m in love with this man...

  • TikTokToxic
    TikTokToxic 2 years ago +8

    Wow, I didn't even notice the guy's deformity until the crowd started laughing. I actually had to go back to figure out what was so funny.

  • Rex Mundi
    Rex Mundi 2 years ago +14

    President Trump's knuckle-dragging behaviour seems to indicate that humanity is evolving back into apes.

    • David Conley
      David Conley Year ago +1

      Rex Mundi You are also proof that inbreeding is still not viable for creating intelligent life.

  • erica 21diva
    erica 21diva 2 years ago +1

    Very good job guys good movie and sad 😔 ❤️❤️❤️

  • vanessa helsen
    vanessa helsen 2 years ago +71

    Andy: "From infancy to uh- maturity"
    Lol Andy had to catch himself from saying death and spoiling it.

    • MїĈhÃЭĹ ĴoЯđÃй
      MїĈhÃЭĹ ĴoЯđÃй Year ago +1

      dragonrider3808 Yeah, bollocks.

    • Lu Know It
      Lu Know It Year ago +2

      He says...maturity...for those that haven’t seen the film. You’d have to be stupid to not catch that he meant he does.

    • dragonrider3808
      dragonrider3808 Year ago +12

      Wow, I finally got my hands on a DVD after missing it in the cinema. I was looking forward to watching it tomorrow.
      Months of waiting and carefully avoiding spoilers ... and now this.
      Please take care to warn people clearly at the start of a comment that you are going to post spoilers, it really makes a big difference.

    • Pirate Jenny
      Pirate Jenny Year ago +26

      vanessa helsen ...and yet you just did. 😑

  • Zarkow
    Zarkow 2 years ago +55

    Did an intern edit this clip? That was some horrible transitions (jump-cuts).

  • kells pereira
    kells pereira 2 years ago +44

    This man is pure talent 😍

  • Jazmin Moon
    Jazmin Moon 2 years ago +3

    The other 2 we awesome and this one omg 😭❤️

    • Lu Know It
      Lu Know It Year ago

      Jazmin EMERCF part 2 was easily best

  • cuallito
    cuallito 2 years ago +45

    I love Andy, but he always looks like he hasn't slept in a week.

    • Balnazzardi
      Balnazzardi 2 years ago +8

      Ye, for example the 2018 Jungle Book movie that is coming out? (Nothing to do with Disney's version, but more closely related to the actual book/novel) Andy Serkis is not only playing a character in it (Baloo) he also DIRECTED the movie AND is one of its producers!
      This guy is a freaking legend and deserves more credit than he gets.

    • Jill Sandwich
      Jill Sandwich 2 years ago +11

      cuallito He probably hasn't, he's so damn busy.

  • HolandaChiquita
    HolandaChiquita 2 years ago +22

    Just amazing to see him acting out all those little details!

  • tyrone loki
    tyrone loki 2 years ago +80

    Hollywood should just make a SERKIS award

  • phoebephoebo .sydney
    phoebephoebo .sydney 2 years ago +1

    Can you enjoy and understand this film if you haven't seen the previous two?

    • phoebephoebo .sydney
      phoebephoebo .sydney Year ago

      Sorry Poppy -that sounded ruder than I intended. I just meant that these sorts of films aren't normally my kind of thing, so I wouldn't want to prepare for one by spending 5 hours watching others first.

    • RonLarhz
      RonLarhz Year ago

      phoebephoebo .sydney
      This remake trilogy is really great. U forgot that it's all humans doing it.

    • phoebephoebo .sydney
      phoebephoebo .sydney Year ago

      Urgh- I watched all 3 LOTR films; not making that mistake again. There's only so much you can take when your natural preference is for an Emma Thompson type film..

    • phoebephoebo .sydney
      phoebephoebo .sydney Year ago

      Thanks people. Not seen it yet- still getting through a whole load of other stuff.

    • RonLarhz
      RonLarhz Year ago

      phoebephoebo .sydney
      Not really. Some stuff is interlinked.

  • King Gio
    King Gio 2 years ago +1

    wtf is a Trump Jar

    • amazed92
      amazed92 2 years ago +3

      everytime they mention Donald Trump they put money into the jar and that money goes to charity

    • SpeedDemon1152
      SpeedDemon1152 2 years ago

      King Gio Jar Jar Trump?

  • Sparkle748
    Sparkle748 2 years ago +140

    I'm pretty sure we all want Andy to be our dad

    • Fify Sky
      Fify Sky Year ago +2

      Better father of my unborn children... sadly, he's taken.

      DRONEDIRECTOR Year ago +1

      Why would you want anyone to be your dad, but your actual dad?
      I would not want that.
      Not that I think that Andy would be no fun, but my dad is the best

    • Sparkle748
      Sparkle748 2 years ago +1

      Holly cow you guys are all dirty minded. I didn't mean that I wished that Andy was my sugar daddy -.- I meant I wish that he was my father -.-

    • Benio Sama
      Benio Sama 2 years ago +2

      dream daddy

    • Sparkle748
      Sparkle748 2 years ago +2

      sayed ahmed how's that kinky

  • Kansas Electro
    Kansas Electro 2 years ago +6

    I'm wondering due to the fact that he stutters quite a bit it helps him play Caesar? like when he does the Chimp Hoot, It's repeating the same thing but getting progressively louder every time.

    • Rhink McNeal
      Rhink McNeal 2 years ago +1

      lol stutter? Never heard that one before.

    • HolandaChiquita
      HolandaChiquita 2 years ago +31

      He doesn't stutter. He's just very excited and wants to put too many words in one sentence. His mind goes so much faster than his speech...

  • Fatemah Jafar
    Fatemah Jafar 2 years ago +179

    This dude is so fucking phenomenal, I can't believe he hasn't got an Oscar yet

    • Donnie Brasco
      Donnie Brasco Year ago

      there is no category in which he could get one

    • milzB
      milzB 2 years ago +9

      the reason he hasn't got an Oscar is because he is so incredibly unique. Where he thrives is performing through CG and therefore his performances can't really compete in the same category as the "live" performances of most actors. That's not to say he is any worse, just that it's a totally different ball game. He basically needs his own category but then he'd win every time so they wouldn't do that

    • What-If Machine
      What-If Machine 2 years ago +7

      The Oscars don't deserve Andy.

    • The Lord of Hogwarts
      The Lord of Hogwarts 2 years ago


  • nib95
    nib95 2 years ago +263

    Serkis is just incredible. When he acts out being a chimp in these TV shows etc. I totally envisage him as the real thing, or as Ceaser. Just incredible.

  • Oliver West
    Oliver West 2 years ago +4

    Fake and Gay

  • Gav Dothie
    Gav Dothie 2 years ago +127

    Andy Serkis is gad dang legend