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  • Published on Aug 16, 2013
  • F1 2013 gives FORMULA 1™ fans the chance to compete against legendary drivers in cars from different eras of FORMULA ONE with a range of classic content from the 1980s. F1 Classics, introduced by legendary broadcaster Murray Walker, allows players to race iconic 1980s cars from Williams, Lotus and Ferrari against drivers including Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell, Emerson Fittipaldi and Gerhard Berger, with more to be announced, on classic circuits Brands Hatch and Jerez.
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    F1 2013 releasing October 4th. ESRB Rating E for Everyone. Visit www.esrb.org for rating information.
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Comments • 24

  • Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı

    TheBest edit

  • That Guy
    That Guy 6 years ago

    Dear codemasters why not add rally racing to grid 2? It would be a great addition to the game.

  • DaedalusTV
    DaedalusTV 6 years ago

    It's only PS3 dude... you need to upgrade.

  • viper79
    viper79 6 years ago

    Please can you make the f1 2013 to ps2? Please!!!!!!!!

  • LetsSpaceLarry
    LetsSpaceLarry 6 years ago

    Goto the codemasters site and look for yourself.

  • LetsSpaceLarry
    LetsSpaceLarry 6 years ago

    It does actually... the only difference is that the classic edition comes with the 1990's cars and the 1980's cars. The normal edition is just the 1980's. You should get your facts straight before you scream your ovaries off

  • Gene Roubos
    Gene Roubos 6 years ago

    Why aren't there Any dev Diarys for F1 2013

  • Jack Drayton
    Jack Drayton 6 years ago

    A few questions:
    Will we be able to adjust the front wing while racing during the pitstop?
    Will drivers/teams have characteristics, such as Williams' poor performance and Gutierrez's pace in comparison to Hulkenberg?
    In career mode, will the other drivers be quicker and more competitive, and will the highest difficulty be made harder?
    Has the penalty system been revised so that it is more realistic?
    Will the tracks be more representative of the real thing? For example, replacing grass in game?

  • TomerZ
    TomerZ 6 years ago


  • TomerZ
    TomerZ 6 years ago

    But is bad that there isnt so many fans of racing

  • TomerZ
    TomerZ 6 years ago

    I vote to you in the ing pepole choice
    you are the best on racing games!!!!!!!!

  • kut52
    kut52 6 years ago

    Please F1-God, let there be realistic crashes and no bugs! :)

  • DerTominatorXD
    DerTominatorXD 6 years ago

    Looks cool! :-)

  • SuperMarway
    SuperMarway 6 years ago

    Dirt 4 soon?

  • SONIC1
    SONIC1 6 years ago

    will F1 2013 be released for next gen console? also, will there be a port for the Ps Vita?

  • Oussama Erraji
    Oussama Erraji 6 years ago

    work hard on that physix codemasters!

  • Jagger
    Jagger 6 years ago

    Btw i still have F1 2011 its still awesome xD

  • Jagger
    Jagger 6 years ago

    Ok guys i like formula one but its just the same thing every year and you should dedicate more time to Dirt 4!

  • Bailey Clarke
    Bailey Clarke 6 years ago

    Think I just jizzed

  • elpierrot17
    elpierrot17 6 years ago

    because mclaren is english

  • Richie's YouTube
    Richie's YouTube 6 years ago

    PS3 will look nothing like this as usual...

  • elpierrot17
    elpierrot17 6 years ago

    This is some money I don't want to use but can't -_-"

  • PekkPlaysGames
    PekkPlaysGames 6 years ago

    Because they started developing the game before the season started, and McLaren's car numbers are 5 and 6, so by default they are near the top. It's not an easy fix for them so why complain? The game is great anyways.

  • InvinciblePie
    InvinciblePie 6 years ago

    Hello? Why are McLarens fighting with Red Bull and Mercedes.