Why Salt Beef Sandwich Is A London Favorite

  • Published on Feb 4, 2018
  • The salt beef sandwich from Beigel Bake is London's best cheap eat. Beigel Bake hasn't changed its recipe since 1979, and for good reason: the shop has earned its fame by filling Londoners' stomachs 24/7.
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Comments • 810

  • Alejandro Roberto

    Do they think everyone in the UK lives in London?

  • Snow Bunny Prince
    Snow Bunny Prince 20 days ago

    I know this was a Jewish owned business and sandwhich! Very great and proud! 🐰🐰

  • chester rockwell
    chester rockwell 21 day ago

    £4.50 is cheap? Socialism.

  • RustyTheAngryHyena
    RustyTheAngryHyena Month ago

    You bite that and all you get is meat

  • Marla Dickens
    Marla Dickens Month ago

    I wish I was in London. But I love Chicago!

  • Ben T
    Ben T Month ago

    “Bagels are handmade in house” - bagel comes out of a machine.

  • Ranz Stephen
    Ranz Stephen Month ago

    pause the video at 1:15 he looks like albert einstein.

  • SM MM
    SM MM Month ago

    ive had it its really not that good or fresh tasting

  • Hispanic Shits in English

    Who's her

  • Moshe Ben Israel
    Moshe Ben Israel Month ago

    Thank you for sharing. This looks amazing. will defo come and try those salt beef butties. Toda Raba. Also a Big thank you for helping London stay an amazing place visit and try the multi cultural foods to offer in our amazing capital.

  • K. De.
    K. De. 2 months ago

    In America, it's called Corned Beef.

  • Tyler c
    Tyler c 2 months ago

    Boiling a brisket should be a crime

  • Marvinarviin
    Marvinarviin 2 months ago

    I just ate from this shop an hour ago for my friends birthday based on this video. Unfortunately, we ended up hating it. We took a few bites and it was disgusting, we ended up throwing the rest away. This video makes it look better than it really tastes. Take Caution peeps.

  • Cowboy Animal
    Cowboy Animal 2 months ago

    Roastie sandwich

  • Mikey
    Mikey 2 months ago

    From a life long London’er... no one is eating salt beef anywhere (except this one spot I guess...)

  • Why So Serious?
    Why So Serious? 2 months ago

    A favorite in Muslim-ville

  • Unkempt Minecraft
    Unkempt Minecraft 2 months ago

    Best eatery in London

  • the_plague *doctor*
    the_plague *doctor* 3 months ago

    junk food sucks

  • InActive Noxx
    InActive Noxx 3 months ago

    "We are unique because we took over Jewish people" -hitler

  • Kunt Tulgar
    Kunt Tulgar 3 months ago

    my mom went to this spot 10 years ago when she went to london. i've always wanted to try that sandwich but never really got to.

  • Monte Carlo
    Monte Carlo 3 months ago +1

    Did they just put cooked meat on raw meat!!??

  • Sakina Khan
    Sakina Khan 3 months ago

    Looks disgusting

  • lionpersia
    lionpersia 3 months ago

    I want that now.

  • tou xiong
    tou xiong 3 months ago

    is it a thing for them to not wear gloves?

  • Abc Cba
    Abc Cba 3 months ago +6

    New York pastrami sandwich, Montreal smoke meat sandwich and London for salted beef sandwich, have any of them?

  • Rose Murasa
    Rose Murasa 3 months ago

    You man's always go to the rich part of London

    • Adnan Moin
      Adnan Moin 2 months ago

      Rose Murasa this place is actually in a quite bad area

  • Shiny Charazard341
    Shiny Charazard341 3 months ago

    Nope don’t know this and I’m a Brit

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 3 months ago +1

    Corned beef.

  • rwilke3
    rwilke3 3 months ago +1

    Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley spotter at 0:20

  • Bboy kidcombo1 salsamoto

    Salt beef pronounced corned beef?

  • Kitty Razor
    Kitty Razor 3 months ago

    This beef has a very hindu taste

  • Pieter Kock
    Pieter Kock 3 months ago

    Hermoso de haberlo conocido antes me abría casado con el

  • Alice Wilde
    Alice Wilde 3 months ago

    Is it kosher though? Are they Jews or not.

  • Keef
    Keef 3 months ago

    She wants a fistful of meat in her ass

  • Lee Bush
    Lee Bush 4 months ago

    it's pronounced Bigel. If it was a Bagel it would be spelt that way.

    • jojibot
      jojibot 3 months ago

      Lee Bush 🤣 what are you on

  • Abdi Ismail
    Abdi Ismail 4 months ago

    That looks like a heart-attack and bowel-cancer rolled into one.

  • Han Bulban
    Han Bulban 4 months ago

    These taste amazing !

  • Peter Wareham
    Peter Wareham 4 months ago

    I'd get lock jaw if I ate that

  • Evan Haskel
    Evan Haskel 4 months ago

    Those sound really good, but I’d probably pass on the gherkin.

  • Shadsy The Hedgehog
    Shadsy The Hedgehog 4 months ago

    How is it London's best cheap eat when it's in London and everything down there is extortionately priced?

  • Alex Katsianis
    Alex Katsianis 4 months ago +1

    These brits need some pork roll

  • Bo Zo
    Bo Zo 4 months ago

    I'd want some Swiss Cheese on mine. Not Kosher, I know!

    • LinLin23
      LinLin23 4 months ago

      Your profile pic, username, and comment fits the mood of what you are saying

  • Chaos Lights
    Chaos Lights 4 months ago +2

    Gordon: You should never put cooked beef and raw beef together!

  • Mr Socrates
    Mr Socrates 4 months ago

    Cause they are fat

  • Just Jimmy
    Just Jimmy 4 months ago

    I've never even heard of this

  • Hassan J Habib
    Hassan J Habib 4 months ago

    I miss it so much since I moved to New York but the pastrami sandwich at Katz deli is a fair trade off

  • white kid
    white kid 4 months ago +1

    Jewish bakery in londonistan good luck to you guys

  • Ioo Ioo
    Ioo Ioo 4 months ago

    we brought life to this area and diabetes

  • Retro Doc
    Retro Doc 4 months ago

    Was enjoying this video until that obnoxious American opened her mouth.

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 4 months ago

    Can somebody explain why their beef don't get leathershoe texture after boiling for 4 hours? Look interesting

    • Bo Zo
      Bo Zo 4 months ago

      This cut of beef starts out relly tough and gets more tender the longer it's cooked. It isn't really boiled, more like slowly simmered. The text is incorrect.

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 4 months ago

    So why is it a favorite again?

  • Hassan Chowdhury
    Hassan Chowdhury 4 months ago +4

    i like that owner thinks he single handedly brought life to brick lane.

  • MrAhmes2001
    MrAhmes2001 4 months ago

    Iconic is a strong word

  • Mohamed Amer
    Mohamed Amer 4 months ago

    no one in london eats this shit

  • Orion6699
    Orion6699 4 months ago +8

    I think they reused the same clips about 3-4 times....

  • Ultra Instinct Shaggy
    Ultra Instinct Shaggy 4 months ago

    It's raw

  • 活や芳志
    活や芳志 4 months ago

    Nope nope

  • KY SH
    KY SH 4 months ago

    Been to this place a few times, they don't give that much meat usually lol, nice one Insider.

  • Handy Wijaya
    Handy Wijaya 4 months ago

    Don't know why,but bagel's are more delicious and have more flavors in European countries rather than it's home origin in Israel.Very few bagel's with stuff in it when I wanna find one in Israel.Always found the hard one

  • G Boss
    G Boss 4 months ago

    Better than Katz deli

  • What ?
    What ? 4 months ago

    So they cook the beef in hot dog water?

  • Patriotic Frog
    Patriotic Frog 4 months ago

    milf female presenter

  • نمر الفلا
    نمر الفلا 4 months ago +2

    Dirty Jews =dirty food🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle 4 months ago


  • Sany0
    Sany0 4 months ago

    Londoner born and bred....never heard of this place, as to salt beef being a londons favorite...dont talk crap, i know of no one who eats it. Not saying i know everyone.

  • Monica Chintu
    Monica Chintu 4 months ago +1

    Cheap eats is dixy or your local chicken and chip shop

  • 仲萌
    仲萌 4 months ago

    would love to have a try on this thing

  • J Z
    J Z 4 months ago

    Nah u man need 2 go Peckham and go bagel king thats the spot

  • Combustible Carpet
    Combustible Carpet 4 months ago

    Salt biff yum

    SMILERNATION 4 months ago

    I really want to taste the bagels for myself...It's literally only 20-30 mins away from my Uni so might as well...