Induction Heater Circuit 12v DC Make Easy To Home New Ideas Electronics

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • Induction Heater Circuit 12v DC Make Easy To Home New Ideas Electronics
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  • aamil khan
    aamil khan 17 hours ago

    Hi I want to make it can u please help..?

  • D. Ilic
    D. Ilic Day ago

    *_BRAVO SUPER._*

  • radiofun232
    radiofun232 2 days ago

    For the energy that you claim the wiring is far too thin.

  • radiofun232
    radiofun232 2 days ago

    Where is the schematic?

  • equinox55
    equinox55 2 days ago

    Coil changed.

  • pleaseyourselfsir
    pleaseyourselfsir 11 days ago

    10 k and 470 ohms resistors ?

    İCETHORE 12 days ago

    Can u give me Info about staff

  • Александр К
    Александр К 13 days ago

    Пиздоболина. Дроссель с тонкой проволокой куда дел????

  • Beata Gettemy
    Beata Gettemy 13 days ago

    heat sinks . you always need heat sinks

  • tuul jargal
    tuul jargal 22 days ago

    thank you

  • inotnormal
    inotnormal 29 days ago

    dude has three hands, watch when he solders.

  • Ognjen Radojevic
    Ognjen Radojevic Month ago

    Are you brainless? No diagram? No components name? This video is trash

  • massimiliano mazzoli

    video assolutamente inutile!!! Solo per esibizionismo!!! se voleva condividere il suo lavoro doveva anche mettere lo schema ed i valori dei vari componenti!!!

  • Burak İbrahim Ünal

    Thanks....What kind of material should you wrap the shock coil wire? (Circle thing)

    • bobcansee
      bobcansee 13 days ago

      He changed the size of the wire around that doughnut.

  • Steven Macleod
    Steven Macleod Month ago +2

    How about a description of the components you use to make these projects. Thanks

  • Milan Radak
    Milan Radak Month ago +2

    You left out a lot. I got nothing from this video except annoyed. Thumb down

  • Михаил Джокер

    о боже мой у него 3 руки

  • Fernando WR
    Fernando WR Month ago

    Estupi mostra como se conectan las piezas sino nosirbe tu puta enseñansa

  • YoungPharaoun
    YoungPharaoun 2 months ago +2

    In this video, you made a coil and solder it to the circuit but before ending the project this coil replaced with another one. Why like this??!!!

  • Ravi Desai
    Ravi Desai 2 months ago

    he has made this video to show his creativity, not to educate people.

  • Attila Rivera
    Attila Rivera 2 months ago

    how much ampères does it drain from the battery ?
    bet that it drains a lot ampères!

  • Mr Creats
    Mr Creats 2 months ago

    I like

  • Fanta BH
    Fanta BH 2 months ago +1

    this video is totally crap, just click bite .

  • s z
    s z 2 months ago

    Without schematic is a useless video

  • SKAFEEL Ahmad
    SKAFEEL Ahmad 2 months ago

    components &circuit diagrams plz

  • Thangamurugan Yadhav
    Thangamurugan Yadhav 2 months ago


  • Pascal Hosselet
    Pascal Hosselet 2 months ago

    génial mais fais passer le schéma technique de ton montage ça serait encore mieux et surtout plus intéressant, merci d'avance.

  • Maxi Taibo
    Maxi Taibo 2 months ago

    Muy bueno pero nadie a mostrado como hacerlo en forma de espiral

  • antonio herrera
    antonio herrera 2 months ago

    stupid video fucking people no explanation of any thing waste of time

  • Arturo Diaz Hoyos
    Arturo Diaz Hoyos 2 months ago

    Interesante. Pero faltaron los planos.

  • jorge brunazzo
    jorge brunazzo 2 months ago

    provaste metiendo la ver-ga a ver que pasa ?????

  • максим потапов

    Идиот !

  • darryl ace pineda
    darryl ace pineda 2 months ago +2

    you wasting my time 0n this video jusg to waiting the diagram to make a snap shot and same time to get components name.useless video...

    • Fanta BH
      Fanta BH 2 months ago

      Agree with you about useless video, but still if you just watching to make snapshot and than quit watching , than you deserved to be caught and watch fully without getting what you wanted.

  • Baladár
    Baladár 2 months ago

    If you can't get rid of flies that came from a rotting pile of feces, why should anyone take you serious?

  • I'm not Chuck.
    I'm not Chuck. 2 months ago

    Worthless...and annoying.

  • B.J Tilbury
    B.J Tilbury 3 months ago

    why the crappy porn music ,,,,,, stopped watching after 10 seconds !

  • Osoma Binladin
    Osoma Binladin 3 months ago

    He has three hands.

  • valen digi 415
    valen digi 415 3 months ago

    What The current??????????

  • Fareed Khan
    Fareed Khan 3 months ago

    Chootia banaya he tum ne sirif

  • Qyuubi786
    Qyuubi786 3 months ago +3

    7 ad possibilities and I don't see a single ad on mobile 😏😏

  • universe further
    universe further 4 months ago

    Bekaar kisi kaam ka nahi h ye ye sb logo ko shi kaamki chij nahi dikha skte all time wast kr kiya dikhana h to jyada power full bna ke dikha jo kaam aaye

  • josias roldan
    josias roldan 4 months ago

    Can I use 2.2 mf and 400v layers in parallel for an induction heater? or only 0.3 mf 250v

  • antonio herrera
    antonio herrera 4 months ago

    two diferent videos the first ferite winding its diferent from the lastone waste of time on this video no info

  • Blind Freddy
    Blind Freddy 4 months ago +2

    No audio, no text. Useless.

  • ranjeet s grewal
    ranjeet s grewal 4 months ago +6

    Useless video. Waste of time.

  • Rob Jr
    Rob Jr 4 months ago

    Well it's not terribly complicated some capacitors wired in a parallel it looks like with a magnet to make and induction like a coil pack to boost you voltage,...or course most people jus wasnt ot built for them soo yeah,....

  • Willie von Busche
    Willie von Busche 4 months ago +2

    Hey Monkey! This was just crap. Go back to the trees.

  • Toader Viciriuc
    Toader Viciriuc 4 months ago


  • chanel youtube h.p.
    chanel youtube h.p. 5 months ago

    subcribe balik om

  • Maher sy
    Maher sy 5 months ago


  • Олеж Ка
    Олеж Ка 5 months ago

    Слабенький редуктор.. Проволоку 6 мм не разогреет для ...

  • Abdilqadir Dalqamouni
    Abdilqadir Dalqamouni 5 months ago +2

    I hope you tell us about all the components of the circuit.

  • Art Galleg
    Art Galleg 5 months ago

    Stop that stupid music please.

  • t rix
    t rix 5 months ago +1

    5:28 what is it type material wire?

    • Fanta BH
      Fanta BH 2 months ago

      it's not wire it's 5mm copper pipe as I can see

  • Александр Руденков

    я чего-то пропустил момент смены дросселя

  • Побеждай зло добром

    Third hand!

  • DarkShadowsX5
    DarkShadowsX5 5 months ago +3

    I'm surprised there isn't more dislikes on this video. the comment section seems to be mostly negative.
    i disliked the video for lack of information, like/subscribe begging every 2 minutes, and weak results.

  • Johnny Vegas
    Johnny Vegas 5 months ago +10

    would help if you would talk and say what you were doing instead of playing some stupid music plus ive seen a portable version that can melt steel yours barely heats metal

  • crazy_driver cbr1000rr
    crazy_driver cbr1000rr 5 months ago

    Posso acender carvão vegetal com esse equipamento?

  • recep onaran
    recep onaran 5 months ago

    Power of how many wattage