Mowgli | Where Everything Changed with Andy Serkis | Netflix

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • "It's opened up an entire world of creativity." Andy Serkis speaks about his journey in telling nuanced CGI stories that stir emotions and create beautiful worlds, including his latest, Mowgli.
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    Mowgli | Where Everything Changed with Andy Serkis | Netflix
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Comments • 244

  • dibblethewrecker
    dibblethewrecker 14 days ago

    Enslaved was a great game. So sad it didn't sell well enough for a sequel.

  • cj18
    cj18 18 days ago


  • Robert Motyka
    Robert Motyka 19 days ago

    I really liked Mowgli movie.

  • Ewa Soloducha
    Ewa Soloducha 20 days ago


  • paul pereda
    paul pereda 22 days ago

    I just saw this movie, I'm a big fan of the animated jungle book and the CGI of 2016, but this, use the best cast, I not mean the actors quality, its the chemistry and the combination of them, its simply amazing, and I loved the direction of Andy on the film, and me being an illustrator and fan of Aaron blaise, who worked on Disney in many movies, and is an amazing creature illustrator, he design Baloo in this movie and man it's amazing to see his work, I just loved all the movie, amazing work.

    JFR FILMS 22 days ago


  • Rick Broodman
    Rick Broodman 24 days ago

    Netflix, please top pushing this, you're too late. There already is a life action version of jungle book, we don't need another one right after it. Shame because andy is such an amazing actor.

  • Dan Iel
    Dan Iel 24 days ago

    Yay we can watch an indian boy in loin cloth run around with a talking bear. Why are they so fascinated with this story, it was remade last year too. Maybe try something new? There's plenty of greek and nordic myth you could try make a movie of. Maybe to date best done with the movie beowulf. More of that please and less jungle book.

  • gammelhund
    gammelhund 25 days ago

    Benedict was Shere Khan? I remember that was over the top and silly. I usually like Benedict, expected better.

  • TJ
    TJ 25 days ago

    Trash movie

  • Dean Coutinho
    Dean Coutinho 25 days ago

    Behind the scenes are fun when not restricted with extensive scripting

  • Realsparrow
    Realsparrow 25 days ago

    He deserves an oscar!

  • Giancarlo Teodoru
    Giancarlo Teodoru 27 days ago

    At 0:54 I am imagining him saying with gollum's voice" up up the stairs we goooo"

  • Nils F. Lindberg
    Nils F. Lindberg 27 days ago

    00:52 "Up, up, up the stairs we go until we come to... the tunnel!"

  • venzerb gnaer
    venzerb gnaer 28 days ago

    I love every bit of Mowgli..

  • Jesse Moody
    Jesse Moody 28 days ago

    0:52 Did he just say "up up up the stairs?" 😝

  • Allen A
    Allen A 28 days ago

    Armenian legend

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 29 days ago

    I just watched because Andy Serkis directed
    Hope to see more movies by this guy

  • vincent talbot
    vincent talbot 29 days ago

    UP UP UP THE STAIRS WE GO!!!!!!!!!!

  • desmond waran
    desmond waran 29 days ago

    Andy Serkis 💯

  • huswsimonbla
    huswsimonbla 29 days ago

    Animal Farm?? Awesome.. loved the animated one back in the day

  • ColdNorwegian
    ColdNorwegian 29 days ago

    0:52 Up up the stairs, and then what Gollum? There better not be a giant spider in this church.

  • Norek Olivas
    Norek Olivas 29 days ago

    He looks like Jamie Hewletts older brotha

  • Toby Reinhardt
    Toby Reinhardt 29 days ago

    He’s so underrated as an actor.

  • person8203
    person8203 29 days ago

    To be honest I saw this on netflix and thought it was the film so skipped it. Will have to watch it now

  • Yeah baby Yeah
    Yeah baby Yeah 29 days ago +1

    Too much violence in this movie for kids !! A huge fault, movie from disney is much better and more adapted for young kids !

  • The Purple Violinist
    The Purple Violinist Month ago +1

    Is is M ahhh w gli or m ohhh gli?

  • Daniel Massey
    Daniel Massey Month ago

    The movie is visually stunning, and Christian Bale does one of the best jobs with any motion-captured animated character, period. However, the story and script are, in many ways, dull...or just a retread of stuff we've seen time and time again (not specifically with Disney's Jungle Book). This setup with a brilliant script, and YES a little more money put into it, could have made something outstanding. It's far from being BAD though, and props to Serkis for directing it expertly.

  • Solid Mike P
    Solid Mike P Month ago


  • obbly
    obbly Month ago

    Hyped for animal farm!

  • Scrambled Greg
    Scrambled Greg Month ago

    Guys, they are making animal farm...
    My dreams have come true.

  • Brad McDade
    Brad McDade Month ago


  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones Month ago

    All films are equal. But some films are MORE equal than others (any film featuring Andy Serkis)

  • Vonetta Spencer
    Vonetta Spencer Month ago

    The movie was beautiful

  • iam
    iam Month ago

    Andy is amazing.

  • Good Life
    Good Life Month ago

    Thank you Andy I look forward to more movies from you.

  • Max Vorobey
    Max Vorobey Month ago

    I really liked Mowgli. I thought the characters were all great, especially their choice for Mowgli. Definitely a better adaptation than Disney's jungle book

  • Don Falcone
    Don Falcone Month ago +5

    Better than The jungle book remake. Period. Its closer to the book (and a close book adaptation was really necessary after all the Disney stuff) and the animals still have the actors mimics. If you compare them to the jungle book remake you can see that Serkis gave every animal a small similarity to the actors they are played by. I admit that the Disney's special effects were slightly better but that doesn't matter if the story is poor and it was extremely poor (the original Disney jungle book was way better). Netflix is doing something extremely right here and that is giving creators back the creativity. They can handle a flop so the outcome is more unique and interesting (can be very bad as well on the other hand).

  • Quotenwagnerianer
    Quotenwagnerianer Month ago

    I'm so on board with "Animal Farm". The cell-animated movie gave me nightmares as a kid, but at the same time I absolutely loved it, because it was so dark and harsh.

  • Kyan Kasuri
    Kyan Kasuri Month ago

    I like how they ignored Snoke

    JUDARS_ENVY Month ago

    this Netflix film was way better then the live action Disney made because it cant come up with new ideas so its killing its self with all the live action films adapted from the animation ones they suck and cant think of anything new.

  • Travis Tovar
    Travis Tovar Month ago

    So his introduction into facial animation was the big "change" right.

  • CrazyGamerTV
    CrazyGamerTV Month ago

    Don't forget he was also played a role in Heavenly Sword

  • MegaBoeboe
    MegaBoeboe Month ago

    All actors are equal, but some actors are more equal than others.

  • Daniel Danielsen
    Daniel Danielsen Month ago

    I call for a remake of The Never Ending Story! Loved and still do love the old movie but, I'd love to see it made with modern day movie technology....and it's never ending!

    • Quotenwagnerianer
      Quotenwagnerianer Month ago

      But not as a single movie this time that only adapts the first half of the book. They should aim at least for a two parter.
      And find a better solution for the "the nothing" which was really poorly done in the movie compared to it's description on the book.
      I think the best solution would be a 26 Episode series in 2 seasons turning each chapter from the book into an episode.

  • Matthew Harrold
    Matthew Harrold Month ago

    Andy Serkis is the LEAST awarded mainstream actor in current history. The judges are old and backward. Vale the next generation. Hang around Andy .... you'll get a gong or two in short order. Category reshuffle needed.

  • Nonsense Channel
    Nonsense Channel Month ago

    hope he makes more appearances on movies marvel, dc and the likes...

  • Eter Wael
    Eter Wael Month ago

    He’s one of my favorites movie villains

  • ZentageHD
    ZentageHD Month ago +1

    An absolutely incredible man. Can't wait for Animal Farm.

  • Krisso
    Krisso Month ago +1

    Well he can't direct

    • Dr. Zoidberg
      Dr. Zoidberg Month ago

      +Krisso That seems like a subjective opinion on your part -- not a concrete reason that "he can't direct." Again, your opinion is in the minority.

    • Krisso
      Krisso Month ago

      +Dr. Zoidberg I mean the whole look of it was just off putting and just distracted me from the whole story. I honestly had no care for it, I feel like Netflix is just running franchises

    • Dr. Zoidberg
      Dr. Zoidberg Month ago

      +Krisso You seem to be in a pretty small minority. Maybe you had the wrong expectations? Mowgli was meant to be an adaptation of the actual book, not the Disney story.

    • Krisso
      Krisso Month ago

      +Dr. Zoidberg it said he directed the new Mowgli film and I didn't like it one bit

    • Dr. Zoidberg
      Dr. Zoidberg Month ago

      Why would you say that?

  • Jurassic Lion
    Jurassic Lion Month ago


  • Oliver Walton
    Oliver Walton Month ago

    Up up up UP the stairs we go! Until we come tooo
    ..the tunnel! :D

  • ArcadeReplay
    ArcadeReplay Month ago


  • Kevin Lears Adventures

    Loved MOWGLI the new Netflix one - fabulous

  • Nik 13
    Nik 13 Month ago

    A must watch. You'll feel the movie

  • shanta2008
    shanta2008 Month ago

    When he said "up up up the stairs" around 1:00 .. reminded me of gollum talking about the winding stairs of Cirith Ungol

  • Dan Kagamine
    Dan Kagamine Month ago

    0:37 is he Suarez?..

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Bullshit film. Wolves looked like little cats.


    He is very talented man.

  • Cosmic Wallflwer
    Cosmic Wallflwer Month ago

    Get him to direct a live action Animorphs movie PLEASE

  • Naomi
    Naomi Month ago

    Just finished watching Mowgli and I don't understand why all the hate? Yes, ok, the CGI was not Disney level because it's not Disney nor did they have the same budget. Plus, the CGI for Mowgli was still really good and better than most movies that use CGI. The voice acting was phenomenal but that's to be expected from a talented cast. The soundtrack was great and I especially loved Kaa's theme. I enjoyed both Andy Serkis's version of the Jungle Book as well as Disney's version but I ultimately prefer Andy's version even if there were no musical numbers in Mowgli. I really appreciated the heavy focus on Mowgli's character and the storytelling was wonderful. It's no masterpiece but it certainly doesn't deserve the critic hate I've seen online.

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    He is amazing and Mowgli was great!

  • Akshay Bisht
    Akshay Bisht Month ago

    Netflix please add Tintin 2 with Andy in your production list.

    • Quotenwagnerianer
      Quotenwagnerianer Month ago +1

      I did a quick google search and the most reliable information I could find was that Spielberg said at the begining of this year, that the project is not dead. It is just that PJ needs to start working on the script, which he hasn't done yet.
      So earliest possible release is 2021. I have no idea where you get the idea that a trailer was supposed to drop this year.

    • Akshay Bisht
      Akshay Bisht Month ago

      +Quotenwagnerianer Trailer was supposed to drop in early 2018. Too much underrated movie

    • Quotenwagnerianer
      Quotenwagnerianer Month ago

      They can't. Spielberg holds the rights, thus he is the one who would need to decide to make another one.
      To my understanding that was the original plan. For the second one Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg would switch jobs and Jackson would direct and Spielberg produce. No idea what derailed that idea. Was it bad box office returns?

  • capnMouse
    capnMouse Month ago

    Thom Yorke anyone?

  • Vaibhav
    Vaibhav Month ago

    I'm a huge fan of his smile. It just lights up his whole face.

  • Sean Adams
    Sean Adams Month ago

    Netflix, please give your films proper theatrical releases.

    • Quotenwagnerianer
      Quotenwagnerianer Month ago

      No one is stopping you from building a home theater system. ;)
      Nowadays I start to prefer watching movies at home. The sound mix is usually better on my system, I have no annoying juveniles around me who talk or play with their phones, and the snacks aren't overprized. ;)
      The only thing that I still miss is a projector and that can show me a picture that completely fills my field of view.

  • Joseph Church
    Joseph Church Month ago

    I am anoyed about bhoots heart breaking death


    Weird movie. Felt like it really didn’t know what it wanted to do. Felt the same way about No country for old men too so who knows

  • arno hulster
    arno hulster Month ago

    up up up up up the stairs... andy looking fresh as fuck btw

  • Sahitya Kota
    Sahitya Kota Month ago

    i liked mowgli better than disneys version

  • takineko
    takineko Month ago

    Please make WETA finish producing Evangelion, Andy. You're our only hope

  • L C
    L C Month ago

    btw, the videogame is talking about is probably Heavenly Sword, a PS3 exclusive from a few years ago, great great game, he played the main villain

    • David
      David Month ago

      A few years ago? Try over a decade ago. He also might be talking about Enslaved: Odyssey to the West in which he played the main male protagonist

  • Zsolt Gurtler
    Zsolt Gurtler Month ago

    Loved Mowgli, fantastic.

  • Robert McGovern
    Robert McGovern Month ago

    Would like to have seen a longer interview

  • knaguar
    knaguar Month ago

    Animal Farm yesssss!!!!!,!

  • Edward Kelly
    Edward Kelly Month ago


  • Radagast
    Radagast Month ago

    Andy Serkis is so cool, gotta check this out tonight!

  • Kross Breed
    Kross Breed Month ago

    Best jungle book to date. Absolutely loved it. My son cried. Don't stop making greatness.

  • jacob adcock
    jacob adcock Month ago

    He is the best. From Gollum to Burke and hair to black panther. Versatile and humble. Best person I've ever met.

  • Backyard Stranger
    Backyard Stranger Month ago

    Andy Serkis is the name.

  • Sean Grant
    Sean Grant Month ago

    Being a big fan of jungle book I really wanted to like the move but just didn't. Still dont understand why there was another jungle book adaptation

    • Dr. Zoidberg
      Dr. Zoidberg Month ago

      This doesn't have anything to do with Disney & their projects.
      Andy is a fan of the actual book & wanted to make movie more true to Rudyard Kipling's original story -- it was only an unfortunate coincidence that Disney decided to remake their own version of the Jungle Book while this one was being worked on.

  • DyslexicGod
    DyslexicGod Month ago

    1:39 Londonistan smh

  • Kaushik Dutta
    Kaushik Dutta Month ago

    This movie is much better than the jungle book...Disney is all cartoonish and thats why people like it...But the acting is way better in this...

  • James Patton
    James Patton Month ago

    My precious

  • Sucks2BU Whoooh
    Sucks2BU Whoooh Month ago

    Mowgli's a good family movie. Loved it.

  • Vee
    Vee Month ago

    Andy is amazing! Blessed this man!

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    I honestly liked Mowgli better than jungle book by far. Way superior film

    JIMBOB JONES Month ago

    Animal Farm will be a very important film, so glad Serkis is involved.

  • Spot Anjo3
    Spot Anjo3 Month ago

    Good mo vie. I got a little bit emotional. Loved this cute handicapped little white albino wolf and he got killed by the hunter. Sad. Most human are CRUEL. No wonder, most human being are the corrupt. Look at vote. Vote doesn't solve anything. More vote and more corrupt than ever. I am glad that Elephant killed the hunter. The hunter does it for entertainment and just for sports. Just like today, many people killed animals for sport and the hunters don't deserve to live. Thats not for me to judge, you know. Anyway, animals should be respect.

    • Geneva Lawson
      Geneva Lawson Month ago

      Spot Anjo3 omg I started bawling 😭 my eyes out when I saw Bhoot on 🐕 on display broke my heart 💔😖

  • bludragon93
    bludragon93 Month ago

    Loved it ^_^

  • Movie Hol Trailer
    Movie Hol Trailer Month ago +2

    Andy serkis is underrated

  • Finessed
    Finessed Month ago +25

    People hate on the movie but I thought it was good, best jungle book

    • Quotenwagnerianer
      Quotenwagnerianer Month ago

      Isn't that usually how it goes with "Jungle Book" adaptations? They all expect the Disney version (which has very little to do with the book) and then are dissapointed when the adapation is closer to the book.

    • Phanerozoic Wild
      Phanerozoic Wild Month ago +1

      +Wafawafa it was sadly the parent's that didn't like it.

    • Wafawafa
      Wafawafa Month ago +1

      A lot of people really enjoyed it.

  • nathan alvarado
    nathan alvarado Month ago +1

    The effects were lousy especially the faces

    • Dr. Zoidberg
      Dr. Zoidberg Month ago

      Only compared to Disney's work -- & Disney had one of the largest corporations on Earth throwing infinite amounts of money at it, of course they were gonna have better CGI.
      That being said, the effects were certainly not lousy in Mowgli -- remember, all of those environments & pretty much everything besides the human characters is all CG.

  • TheYuutuba
    TheYuutuba Month ago +4

    The film as a whole was ok, but Bale's performance was amazing.

  • Ryan WF
    Ryan WF Month ago +1

    Amazing Andy Serkis!! No need to use real animals for movies anymore. Thank you so much.

    • Wafawafa
      Wafawafa Month ago

      Well it depends on the movie

  • Alex Silverstein
    Alex Silverstein Month ago

    Andy Serkis is the best.

  • larnizzo91
    larnizzo91 Month ago +28

    I really liked how different Mowgli was from the Disney version. The animals may have been lil less photo realistic but they were definitely way more expressive bc of that in my opinion

    • Argad Argad
      Argad Argad Month ago +2

      No AS's Mowgli is the coorect to make a movie out of a cartoon, or story.
      The animals in the Jungle Book have human emotions which the reader can imagine, and cartoon drawings could capture. But a live adaptation will try to make a kitty to have human expression which wouldn't work. for example Disney's JB I was looking at Shere Khan and Bageera as kittens, didn't connect with them as much as in As Mowgli, even though their animation is much better

  • Tom Souza
    Tom Souza Month ago

    Now I want to see this movie... and Animal Farm!!!

  • Wanderer Named Guy
    Wanderer Named Guy Month ago +1

    I’m happy he has been able to take this extraordinary journey. Will be looking forward his Animal Farm and anything Andy Serkis dreams up in the coming years.

  • Casey Saisi
    Casey Saisi Month ago

    Did Andy just say "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!"?