Reason, Kid X, TLT & Makwe rep RapLyf | Hip Hop Awards 2018 Cypher

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • RapLyf houses some of South Africa's best lyricists in the game who've been part of SA rap culture through its various stages and cultural evolution. Meet Reason, Kid X, TLT & Makwe.

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  • Nhlakanipho Shoba
    Nhlakanipho Shoba 10 days ago

    REASON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dylan Mashiki
    Dylan Mashiki 3 months ago

    did kid x just copy Proverbs lyrics on Now or Never

  • Mduduzi Mthimkhulu
    Mduduzi Mthimkhulu 3 months ago +1

    Reason and Kid X were not suppose to be put with these wack rappers, especially Reason dawg. This is huge disrespect for the G. He was at least suppose to be put on Shane, Nasty and Reece's category! #Facts

  • Freelance Ndlovu
    Freelance Ndlovu 6 months ago +3

    They should never disrespect
    REASON like this again

  • me again
    me again 8 months ago

    Y the fuck put mf on here ain’t spitting in English....????!!!! What the fuck we supposed to get out that shit

    UNKNOWNBEATS 8 months ago

    love these comments ; ) would appreciate it if youd check out my new beatstars page

  • Gavin West
    Gavin West 9 months ago

    That is NOT Reason from TDE. They don't even look similar. Everyone talking about Joe Budden Podcast, this is the Cypher yall are lookin for -

  • Lindokuhle Zondo
    Lindokuhle Zondo 9 months ago


  • Mikael Lapisang
    Mikael Lapisang 9 months ago +1

    Reason always comes through 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Siviwe Madiya
    Siviwe Madiya 9 months ago +6

    Reason does not belong here. Best verse from all of the cyphers(combined)

  • asavela somaxaka
    asavela somaxaka 9 months ago

    dAMN kid x

    PAUL G SITHOLE 9 months ago +4

    Kid X and Reason they killed it argument

  • UgLy NeYo
    UgLy NeYo 9 months ago

    Is this the same Reason from the Joe Budden pod? Cuz I'm confused

    • UgLy NeYo
      UgLy NeYo 9 months ago

      @thabo mapitiza Thanks

    • thabo mapitiza
      thabo mapitiza 9 months ago +1

      This Reason is South African. The Reason you want (who resides in LA), rapped with Cassanova, Flawless & Phora.

  • Klusterking
    Klusterking 9 months ago +1

    niggaz brought 3 bars each vele?

  • dreamprimedesign
    dreamprimedesign 9 months ago

    Reason is not in this cypher came here from joe budden here's his cypher

  • Elvis Thato
    Elvis Thato 9 months ago

    reason killed it

  • Toney Snow
    Toney Snow 9 months ago +1

    I thought that was Elliot Wilson DJing 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Simon mahlangu
    Simon mahlangu 9 months ago

    Reason the massacre man still the illest!

  • Swagger A.B.E
    Swagger A.B.E 9 months ago

    Fuck outta here with these UK rappers

    • thabo mapitiza
      thabo mapitiza 9 months ago

      But they spoke isiXhosa. How are they English? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 #ThixoCedaApha

  • Benjamin Rivera
    Benjamin Rivera 9 months ago

    I know I'm whack but what is the beat used here

  • RotcivTheSneakerKid
    RotcivTheSneakerKid 9 months ago +2

    Shout out to the Joe Budden podcast

    • RotcivTheSneakerKid
      RotcivTheSneakerKid 9 months ago

      I figured as so

    • Gavin West
      Gavin West 9 months ago +1

      You looked up the wrong cypher, my dude. That's a completely different Reason.

    • thabo mapitiza
      thabo mapitiza 9 months ago

      Mal is thee nigga!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melusi Success
    Melusi Success 9 months ago

    X flow can't

    BUNTU WONCI 9 months ago

    with a chick that flies you need a new nest.......

  • junior moloi
    junior moloi 9 months ago

    they wont believe in your dreams until they see them MoneyFirst(manifest)

  • Bhongolethu Theo Ngcwangu

    REason murdered all these folks

  • Daniel Zoleey
    Daniel Zoleey 9 months ago +2

    I had high hopes for kid x but he didn't bring it.
    But then reason murdered it

  • Nkosinathi Mbatha
    Nkosinathi Mbatha 9 months ago

    REASON FIRE!!!!!!!!

  • David freestyle
    David freestyle 9 months ago

    And rest of the comments are wreck shiiiiit! Fuken retarded trying to compare dope rapper

  • David freestyle
    David freestyle 9 months ago +1

    People embrace what they know and degrade what they dong know I only know kidx and reason and this was fire the rest was fire I'll try to search u guys and listen every rapper have something dope I beleive

    • thabo mapitiza
      thabo mapitiza 9 months ago

      Thats human nature. We naturally just fuck with what we know & just overlook everything else. Sad but factz

    • O'sea middle
      O'sea middle 9 months ago

      same here maybe they are good in their own way..but Reason and kidX were fire

  • Thomsontj Haihambo
    Thomsontj Haihambo 9 months ago +3

    Kid X🔥🔥💯

  • Cinematic Eye
    Cinematic Eye 9 months ago

    Reason Murked It

  • Mhlengie Ngubane
    Mhlengie Ngubane 9 months ago

    I knew Reason was gonna murder it...Should b wit Nasty c n em...

  • Tangos Coolkid
    Tangos Coolkid 9 months ago +1

    A-Reece Nasty C & Shane Eagle's cypher was the beeeeeesssssst!

  • Molebatsi Modisenyane
    Molebatsi Modisenyane 9 months ago


  • Tamati_G
    Tamati_G 9 months ago +1

    Dj Zan d on the deckthe first verse

  • Love More
    Love More 9 months ago

    No BET , there's tons of upcoming artist with dope beats .

    One beat, really ?

    • thabo mapitiza
      thabo mapitiza 9 months ago

      Cyphers are abput the bars. Not the beat. #JustSaying

  • Bryno RSA
    Bryno RSA 9 months ago

    reason is king

  • Sothembela Mtati
    Sothembela Mtati 9 months ago

    Reason you the reason I watched this

  • Sandile Majola
    Sandile Majola 9 months ago

    Reason didnt belong here...

  • Thato Thulare
    Thato Thulare 9 months ago

    Reason got disrespected here... come on

  • McKenzie [ZA]
    McKenzie [ZA] 9 months ago

    Kid X killed it🔥🔥🔥

  • nathan smith
    nathan smith 9 months ago

    Only listening to Reason the guy that made me quit rap and start my own company now about to sign new artist so Thanks Reason I might even sign you lol#sigh

  • Mihlali Mayekiso
    Mihlali Mayekiso 9 months ago

    Reason is King 👑

    KATLEGO BANDA 9 months ago

    is kid x sick of something rapping with a blocked nose lol but my winners are reason n kid x... oh n the first rapper wasnt bad

  • Thabang TEE SEE
    Thabang TEE SEE 9 months ago +1

    Welcome back Reason I guess will need more.

  • Siyanda Nkalane
    Siyanda Nkalane 9 months ago

    Kid X

  • menzi msane
    menzi msane 9 months ago +1

    Reason, Trouble, Kid X... In that order

  • anthony mpho
    anthony mpho 9 months ago

    TLT Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Thabang Monama
    Thabang Monama 9 months ago

    TLT Average Af

  • TrapHaus Creo
    TrapHaus Creo 9 months ago

    Kid X Bars damn!!!

  • Thabiso Ndlela
    Thabiso Ndlela 9 months ago

    waaaaaaaaa werk niggas mxm Reason inja lah the rest udoti nje nxa phoxi rsa

  • Precious Dube
    Precious Dube 9 months ago +14

    May Reason's album sales be as nice as these comments yall dropping here about him .

  • Amen
    Amen 9 months ago +6

    I feel like Makwe choked

  • Emanuel Siyabonga
    Emanuel Siyabonga 9 months ago +1

    Reason🔥🔥🔥 flow,punchlines

  • Mduduzi Makgata
    Mduduzi Makgata 9 months ago

    trouble kinda surprised me with that fist verse, sh* was fire! i expected X to be last but he killed it regardless and reason obviously did the thing!

  • Cedie Ave
    Cedie Ave 9 months ago

    That was Terrible.....
    Can't believe folks be quoting some of their lines like it even matter..Tf!

  • Sootho
    Sootho 9 months ago


  • Athi magnum
    Athi magnum 9 months ago

    I would be sitting with pro none of these amateurs🤔

  • Mbulelo Kharas
    Mbulelo Kharas 9 months ago

    TLT & Makwe shame on u.......

  • Africa's Very Own
    Africa's Very Own 9 months ago

    After this garbage I need to listen to Goodz da animal to wash this bad taste out of me. Such rubbish. God damn, I know you get paid for you art but this is not "Hip-Hop KPI" worthy. Damn!!!

  • Zaddy Bruh
    Zaddy Bruh 9 months ago

    When you get an opportunity, show tf out. Don't play with it

  • mthobisi mbutho
    mthobisi mbutho 9 months ago

    Damn! Reason nailed it👌

  • Charles Monte
    Charles Monte 10 months ago +1

    So much respect for Trouble but Reason killed it

  • #ItCanBeAnything
    #ItCanBeAnything 10 months ago

    Reason saved the day! Pull up your damn socks! That's not how you come to a Cypher!

  • Manik Gunz
    Manik Gunz 10 months ago +5

    If I had to line up a cypher, it would be Reason, Proverb & Stogie

  • Rizla Da Reason
    Rizla Da Reason 10 months ago

    Reason I listened....

  • sikhosonke sikhosonke
    sikhosonke sikhosonke 10 months ago +1

    Kid x killed for me

  • Thabo Gwangwa
    Thabo Gwangwa 10 months ago +1

    This is way better and god body killed it as usual..🔥🔥🔥

  • Solethu Gida
    Solethu Gida 10 months ago

    I don't know if the other rappers were so average that they made Reason's verse sound better than it actually was mara Reason and Proverb are just two guys you can't touch when it comes to rapping

  • Yakoo Mntungwa
    Yakoo Mntungwa 10 months ago +3

    I'm just here for a REASON.

    • Gavin West
      Gavin West 9 months ago

      Bet it's not the Reason you're lookin for.

  • Prod. Cinco
    Prod. Cinco 10 months ago +1

    BET That's Gobi Beast Not Makwa, Even The Makwa Name You Spelt It Wrong. Geez, Do Your Homework

  • Talani Mhangwane
    Talani Mhangwane 10 months ago

    Reason never disappoints 💡🥇

  • Talani Mhangwane
    Talani Mhangwane 10 months ago


  • Amiss AV
    Amiss AV 10 months ago +1

    No south African rapper can kill Reason bro

  • Andile Mgwaba
    Andile Mgwaba 10 months ago +2

    Reason is outchea catching bodies..GaaHDbody