• Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • A WRINKLE IN TIME MOVIE REVIEW - Double Toasted -The Double Toasted podcast review a new Disney movie called A Wrinkle In Time. Yeah, A wrinkle in time the old novel, Disney is adapting it for a second time. Without getting to much into the plot, this Disney film follows a young girl as she goes on an adventure to different worlds, with funny characters. Some of the main actors in this family film are Chris Pine, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and starring a young girl called Storm Reid . The film is directed by Ava DuVernay. In this movie review for a wrinkle in time the double toasted crew discuss the actors, the visual effects and the confusing story. We also try to make this a funny video, as much as we possible can. Let us know your thoughts on this Disney movie, was it funny? Did you enjoy the adventure film? It it a family film or more for young children? Let us know in the comments below before you get swopped off to another world of drug-induced insanity!
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  • Denise Simpson
    Denise Simpson 8 hours ago

    Thank you. And my further problem is that darkness and blackness=evil. Nothing new.

  • Cliff Alexander
    Cliff Alexander Day ago

    Martin, after all the years listening to you, and all the times you said something funny, this video is the first that made me stop and everything I was doing, laughing and had to write and say thank you, that was funny. At 9:48 of this video and hearing you say that rethinking the Hollywood diversity just made me laugh. Thank you sir!

  • Heather Daughtry
    Heather Daughtry 2 days ago

    check out our video review guys!! thexvid.com/video/dhjoclHc7Bw/video.html&t=59s

  • lipstickngore
    lipstickngore 2 days ago +1

    You guys make my early mornings and nights! Love you guys 😃❤

  • WhatistheMatrix?
    WhatistheMatrix? 2 days ago

    Rental? really?

  • randombro89
    randombro89 3 days ago

    Fuck fuck diversity I want quality . stop thinking about race and gender all the time holy shit I’m not gonna watch the rest of the review I paused it at nine minutes. Identity politics is cancer

  • trexguy
    trexguy 3 days ago

    Best review I’ve seen of this awful movie.

  • PinkiePool GamerBrony9

    this movie is some Old BullShit

  • Smokey McJoint
    Smokey McJoint 3 days ago

    Maybe if they were more worried about making a good movie and not manufacturing diversity, it would have turned out better.
    You guys are a bit hung up on the "representation" in media when black people are over represented.

  • Psychedelic BluesMan

    The younger kid annoyed the living shit out of me

  • Watch-It Ralph
    Watch-It Ralph 4 days ago

    Hey guys, long shot time: please take a moment to check out my movie review for A Wrinkle in Time and let me know your thoughts on my thoughts of the film. Any feedback is much appreciated!

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful 5 days ago

    oh how boring you won't make it unless it takes on porn

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful 5 days ago

    YES...ttank....and all those sequins..lol

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful 5 days ago

    bad hustler....get on with it

  • Harold Hart
    Harold Hart 5 days ago


  • is33you01
    is33you01 5 days ago

    You guys are sooooooo wrong. The movie was very well executed and true to the novel. It is a shame that these misinformed reviews will disallow so many people to experience the beauty and life lessons shared. The original book was just as abstract as the movie. It is a difficult movie to film, but Ava managed to create a wonderful representation. I'm a long time fan of you guys but this review is vey sloppy and narrow.

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful 6 days ago

    movie as I predicted tank..................people.....fucking forehead sequins???? tank

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful 6 days ago

    will anyone want to buy which clothing line??? if you are the master of the universe size 18

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful 6 days ago

    or a black version of ABBA as I have pointed OUT 9 month ago...fool

  • newv newv
    newv newv 6 days ago

    This movie is a high rental for me.

  • Luino Hargraves
    Luino Hargraves 6 days ago

    I searched and finally found the original Movie A Wrinkle in Time Full Movie
    Go to the links : dotiny.com/ho4v8a

    Genre : Adventure, Science Fiction, Family, Fantasy
    Stars : Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Gugu Mbatha-Raw,
    Michael Peña, Storm Reid
    Release : 2018-03-08
    Runtime : 109 min.
    Movie Synopsis :
    After the disappearance of her scientist father, three peculiar beings
    send Meg, her brother, and her friend to space in order to find him.

  • cellmate1
    cellmate1 7 days ago

    Chris Pine is that girls dad??? So is her Mom black? Is she adopted? Does logic not matter anymore?

  • Tyler Knowles
    Tyler Knowles 8 days ago

    This movie look like it was gonna fail from the start

  • William Veatch
    William Veatch 8 days ago

    Maybe because it was based on a children's book.

  • endplanets
    endplanets 8 days ago

    So its like "Mac & Devin Go to High School".
    Where Snoop Dog finds out the catalyst for advanced electrochemical conductant is bags of pot (no really).

  • Xtian X
    Xtian X 9 days ago

    Putting people in a film just because of their race or sex is going to produce many terrible films. Just cast whoever is best for the role. Simple.
    I do not agree with the “white wash” hollywood. All my favourite actors are black and have won many awards over the years like denzel washington. Just a society of being offended. Same for black panther. It was not a great film!!

  • ang 85
    ang 85 9 days ago

    “Why am I trapped in a Drake video?” Hell naw lol

  • harrison jananto
    harrison jananto 9 days ago

    These type of movies is proof that disney has too much money to spend

  • CommanderCody
    CommanderCody 9 days ago

    I don't think it's unfilmable. Disney just gave the movie to the wrong people. No disrespect to Ava DuVernay, she's a fantastic director, but a story like A Wrinkle in Time, a movie that was meant to be something huge, it's a little out of her league, I think. Ava is great when it comes to smaller, more practical films like Salma, 13th, or documentaries.
    A movie like this should've gone to someone like Guillermo De Toro, Spielberg, Peter Jackson, or maybe even Jon Favreau. Somebody used to working on massive movies. This movies failure is mostly the screen writer's fault, though.

  • Spanky Harland
    Spanky Harland 9 days ago

    oprah for president..........not !

  • Nalie Cooke
    Nalie Cooke 10 days ago

    I searched and finally found the original Movie A Wrinkle in Time Full Movie Go to the links : en.opizo.com/dem

  • MrMoneyclips
    MrMoneyclips 10 days ago


  • Wolf Lord Bradley
    Wolf Lord Bradley 10 days ago

    Wtf is this, that lil girl is not pretty and she's the lead?!

  • Andrew Forbes
    Andrew Forbes 10 days ago

    Check out my thoughts on A Wrinkle in Time:

  • TheCandymusiclover
    TheCandymusiclover 10 days ago

    I really want to see this movie now. Their criticisms make me curious. I tend to enjoy certain films that others don't.

  • shakezilla29
    shakezilla29 10 days ago +1

    r.i.p. gritz

  • Alain Brice
    Alain Brice 10 days ago

    She could make part 1 and part 2

  • C.K. Brooke
    C.K. Brooke 10 days ago

    Was excepting Girts to be wearing his “NO.” shirt

  • Boss Umbra
    Boss Umbra 10 days ago +2

    Coleman, everything you said about the diversity is what people who critisized the Last Jedi been dealing with for months.

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 10 days ago

    This Director reminds me of how they hyped up John Singleton in the 80's after he did Boys in the hood. They were calling him the next great director of our time. He faded away after a few bad movies. But this time we have a woman of color they are calling the next great director and she has Miss O backing her up. She is not worth the hype.

  • TheDoomer
    TheDoomer 11 days ago +1

    Checked the movie out with my lady, she loved it and I was miserable the whole time watching it. I respect Ava Duvernay, I'm always gonna root for that sistah, but holy hell Wrinkle in time was a chore.
    It's almost if Duvernay has never seen a genre film in her entire life. As if she just discovered this thing called "Fantasy" and tripped over every cliché or tired troupe. If this is the extent of her imagination? I don't want her near a Star Wars movie and we all dodged a bullet when she passed on Black Panther. I can't believe the director of Selma made this movie. It's bewildering!

  • Randomfools
    Randomfools 11 days ago +1

    "Jupiter Ascending for kids" - I already knew it looked terrible and I was never going to watch it...but never in a thousand years would I subject myself to Jupiter Ascending again.

  • Raynor Jackson
    Raynor Jackson 11 days ago


  • Melissa Henriques
    Melissa Henriques 11 days ago

    You guys are awfully stupid

  • DontTaze MeBro
    DontTaze MeBro 11 days ago

    Return to Oz is great!!!! Especially compared to this piece of garbage

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Oprah as Supreme Kai ! LOL !!!

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D 11 days ago

    I feel like this movie was made for launching Oprah’s presidential campaign 😑 this movie was being hailed as a landmark achievement for women so she made sure she attached herself to this project to earn herself favor with the mass audiences

  • King Divine Master
    King Divine Master 11 days ago

    Well, they haven’t tried to adapt “Blood Meridian “ because the violence the book depicts literally runs every director off, me personally I think it should be a miniseries to tell the story correctly but nobody has the balls to do it.

  • KungFuChess
    KungFuChess 11 days ago

    Why does Oprah looks like Naruto in drag?

  • Marcos Munoz
    Marcos Munoz 11 days ago

    It’s kinda obvious movies will try to recreate these Black Excellence movies after the success of Black Panther. And we are going to see more of these movies.

  • Alwi N
    Alwi N 11 days ago +1

    ★ A Wrinkle in Time 2018 »» tinyurl.com/ydfrrxpc
    ★ Runtime : 1h 49min (HD quality)
    ★ Release : 9 March 2018 (USA)
    ★ Storyline :

  • myke tunnicliff
    myke tunnicliff 11 days ago

    Hey guys, for an interesting comparison, try watching the 2003 Disney TV-Movie: a reasonable coherent film made for a fraction of the cost. It's also more faithful to the book. They've yet to make a film that's completely faithful but that one come s closer. Id like a critique ofthat one

  • Jheri Curl Jonez
    Jheri Curl Jonez 11 days ago +1

    Might go watch it high 💨

  • Dan Rigsley
    Dan Rigsley 11 days ago


  • Jillian Brunelli
    Jillian Brunelli 12 days ago

    "y'all see the pegasus?!?"

  • Derek Olson
    Derek Olson 12 days ago

    The only "unfilmable" book that is an incredible movie that I can think of is Lord of the rings

  • Laila Fitzsimmons
    Laila Fitzsimmons 12 days ago

    A Wrinkle in Time 2018 M O V I E is Available Click to Watch [ nerdy.bid/Sj2gG ]

  • JohnBlack2345
    JohnBlack2345 12 days ago

    I haven't read anything about Girts leaving. which show did they say he left?

  • Jet-set sam
    Jet-set sam 12 days ago

    @2:17 to skip to review and past the DT merch stuff.

  • Zer0Hour17
    Zer0Hour17 12 days ago

    I don't give a fuck about the movie at hand, but Martin, the 5th element wasn't love. She lost her will to live and to save people and him telling her that made her want to live so she activated her power.

  • Staedler Staedlerr
    Staedler Staedlerr 12 days ago

    My god is Oprah is not gonna get an Oscar for it I smell riots on the streets , black lives matter will smash everything etc

  • Cy The Olympian
    Cy The Olympian 12 days ago

    100,000K!!! Congrats, DT Crew, and here's to the next Hunnid!!

  • Playwood Videos
    Playwood Videos 12 days ago

    Disney does wrinkle in time, nobody panics. Sony does all female ghostbusters reboot, everyone loses their shit!!!

    EARTH ONE 12 days ago

    *LOL! IT TOTALLY BOMBED b/c NOprah was in it. And they did too many changes and deviated from the story from the original book, excommunicating all CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES and made it into SATAN'S NEW AGE DOCTRINE OF SELF-SEEKING CRAP. People familiar with the famous book aren't stupid. The author, Madeleine L’Engle had a Episcopalian background and was deeply spiritual, and for most of her life she was a devoted Christian; and the book was known for decades as a CHRISTIAN FAIRYTALE, like the writings of C.S. Lewis. Only SATANIC HOLLYWOOD AND SATANIC DISNEY wrecks great stories.*

    • JadaSnacks
      JadaSnacks 9 days ago

      Why is your entire comment in bold? 😂😂

  • N.
    N. 12 days ago

    They clearly had no idea, and now 4 generations who are in their prime who were raised on this story are united in saying, "you fucking idiots."

  • Kobe Wild
    Kobe Wild 12 days ago

    Why does Reese Witherspoon turn into a flying lettuce wrap... (I almost choked to death on that joke)

  • Derek Nwandu
    Derek Nwandu 12 days ago +2

    Oprahs outfit and makeup alone gave this movie a 2/1000

  • Mitchell Johnson
    Mitchell Johnson 12 days ago

    6 subs away from 100k !!!!!

  • C. Pettway
    C. Pettway 12 days ago

    Ava is a good director; just look at Selma. But even with her in the director's chair, a bunch of big selling names and the Disney logo stamped on it, this movie was still doomed to fail from the start. Like they said, mostly because of the books. I remember reading only a portion of the book in 5th grade, but from what I hear I don't think you can make a good movie or adaptation from the novels.

  • The Reviewing Network
    The Reviewing Network 12 days ago +1

    There is no reason with the talented cast and crew that they had on this movie that it should've been as bad as it was.

  • John R
    John R 12 days ago

    i dont think the original character was actually black. So this whole diversity thing was tacked on. It IS a hard book to film since it deals with a lot of Physics and science. (and christianity) They seemed to have replace THAT with the diversity push.

  • lili ks
    lili ks 13 days ago

    nice video , i like your animated presentation , very cool

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 13 days ago +1

    Oprah has mastered Ultra Instinct

  • Big Guy617
    Big Guy617 13 days ago +1

    I bet the main actress was named after the X-men Storm

  • Big Guy617
    Big Guy617 13 days ago +2

    This version was nothing like the book. No where in the book does it say that Reese's character is suppose to change into a flying cabbage. Say what you want about the 2003 version, at least that version is closer to the book.

  • 2004mojo
    2004mojo 13 days ago +8

    Oprah looks like the mother of Chris Tucker's character from 'The Fifth Element' .

  • Andy Bernard
    Andy Bernard 13 days ago +1

    "If you do not support the movie then you are not supporting diversity"
    Me: No, this movie is just a piece of shit. Don't expect me to like a weird ass movie if it has black people in it. Plus Hollywood had diversity before you were born. F U

  • Doug Unfunny
    Doug Unfunny 13 days ago +1

    i'm glad martn didn't hold back. i hate seeing all these other critics holding back just because the director is a black woman.

  • Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid

    So I'm guessing people are rethinking Oprah's role in The Princess and the Frog now. At least then her character didn't look fucking stupid.

  • MusicFilmArtLover
    MusicFilmArtLover 13 days ago +1

    I heard the director screwed up the movie on purpose to get back at Disney for all the racist cartoon propaganda they made against Native Blacks. If this is true she succeeded. Either way, I'm just here for the intro and outro music! lol smh

  • Lopez Hamilton
    Lopez Hamilton 13 days ago


  • Douglas Burton
    Douglas Burton 13 days ago

    My DT shirt came in just in time for SX. I'm gonna wear it till someone confuses me with someone on the show and I get into something for free.

  • YeahIGotNuthin
    YeahIGotNuthin 13 days ago

    Why didn’t they just make it a cartoon or a computer animated film as opposed to live action?

  • Practical Pisces
    Practical Pisces 13 days ago

    Did anyone else see references to Finding Nemo and Tomorrowland? Also I wanted more character development from the non Meg characters.

  • Adrian Dezendegui
    Adrian Dezendegui 13 days ago

    Can I buy that Samurai Jack shirt Girts wear instead

    • Sans The Skeleton
      Sans The Skeleton 13 days ago


  • Nick Mattio
    Nick Mattio 13 days ago +1

    Rip it apart like meat starved Rosie O’Donnell at the Prime Rib And Baby Back Sunday Special at Golden Corral lol

  • Aysa Thompson
    Aysa Thompson 13 days ago

    You are mean

  • John Orlan
    John Orlan 13 days ago

    Almost 100k

  • J
    J 13 days ago

    saw the movie with my sister: good, not greatfelt very rushed and a lot of those scenes in the trailer were missingwho calls their sibling by their full name?the book is full of more Christian themes which maybe explains why this movie was so limitedoh and btw Double Toasted... I HATED TOMORROWLAND!
    Martin and Patrick, really worst movie you've seen this year? jesus! 2018 isn't even halfway over yet, save that spot for something truly deservingonly time I'm gonna say this: I'm giving the both of you the middle finger for hating this movie

  • OnceUponATime518 Alex
    OnceUponATime518 Alex 13 days ago

    Cory The budgets (one hundred) million not 200
    Love your videos
    Keep up the great work..

  • Black Spectre
    Black Spectre 13 days ago +1


  • Summoner89 Poppy46
    Summoner89 Poppy46 13 days ago

    I Hate this people!!!!!!😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Summoner89 Poppy46
    Summoner89 Poppy46 13 days ago

    I saw the movie I loved it!!!!😍😍😍😆😊🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😊😆😍🤩😊😆

  • The Handsome Devil
    The Handsome Devil 13 days ago +3

    lmao Oprah is a new dragonball z character named O-pah.
    When she goes against Goku and friends, she'll be throwing hover cars at em, saying:
    "You get a car, you get a car, you get a car, everybody gets a car!"
    Bulma: what about me?
    O-pah: You get this nice hover car complete with leather seats.

  • Electricb7
    Electricb7 13 days ago

    Nah fam. Where did Goodwin get that Powerline shirt?

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 13 days ago

    To be honest, I’ve seen some cult classic films get destroyed by critics and are now seen as hidden gems. So this might be that movie years down the road. My future kids might be watching this while reading the book in class.

    • Bilbo's Nuts
      Bilbo's Nuts 12 days ago

      Rachel Johnson Glad we could conclude this amicably...take care.☺️

    • Rachel Johnson
      Rachel Johnson 12 days ago

      Bilbo's Nuts me either. Good book, bad movie. Nothing much else to it.

    • Bilbo's Nuts
      Bilbo's Nuts 12 days ago

      Rachel Johnson I'm just having a little fun........Only time'll tell, if something like this has any merit. Gotta say though: The way that entertainment has been perverted in order to force through an agenda; shit like this just becomes a thing of it's time...either way;I'm not gonna waste any more time on it.

    • Rachel Johnson
      Rachel Johnson 12 days ago

      Bilbo's Nuts not smoking anything I’ve just seen this happen numerous times before. Just look at Boondocks saint.

    • Bilbo's Nuts
      Bilbo's Nuts 12 days ago

      Rachel Johnson love your optimism sister...not sure what you've been smokin', but I want some of that funky juice.

  • Joe H Moore
    Joe H Moore 13 days ago

    I wanted to like this movie, but I didn't

  • Kirk Darling
    Kirk Darling 13 days ago

    This movie makes the 2003 version look pretty good after all. They could have made this one better; they had the technology.
    For you who have seen this movie: Go on Amazon and rent the 2003 version. Skip ahead to the Camazotz part. The 2003 movie sticks closely to the book, so the first half is really slow. It's also hampered by late 90s television-level effects. But it gets Camazotz right. It really takes the time to show Camazotz as a society surrendered to Darkness, a place that totally sucks, and there is no way the kids are going to find their father and get out alive. The 2003 movie also gives you a really slick and scary red-eyed man who takes the time to manipulate and seduce Charles Wallace so believably that there is no way he's going to just snap out of it. It also makes Meg's fight to get Charles Wallace back much more believable. In fact, because the 2003 does take the time to build the world and build the characters, although it's slow it also carries much more weight in everything. It makes you really believe the fate of the universe is at stake.

  • Tracy Rabenstein
    Tracy Rabenstein 13 days ago

    🔴 *A Wrinkle In Time* movie: [ nerdy.bid/aWrinkleInTimeMovie ]