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LOKATION - A Combat Sports Film by Hizzer

  • Published on Aug 1, 2020
  • This film is not monetized.
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    Boxing Footage is owned by SHOWTIME
    Additional supporting footage is owned by
    Anatomy of a Fighter / Will Harris
    2018 hosted the biggest UFC event ever when Dagestan's best, Khabib Nurmagomedov, fought Irish superstar, Conor McGregor. Covering the bad blooded feud, LOKATION follows both fighters' journeys from UFC 205 in New York, all the way to their inevitable showdown at UFC 229 in Las Vegas.
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  • Hizzer Edits
    Hizzer Edits  Year ago +382

    Questions about the music?
    Here's a link to the full soundtrack in order. (some licensed ambient tracks not included)
    Also, here's a Spotify playlist created by Dave Trindall

  • The Futur
    The Futur Year ago +2255

    great job with the editing. the musical selection, stitching together of clips was really fantastic.

    AMIRe KHISS 4 months ago +908

    That moment when you realize: this is not officially made by UFC or Showtime; some dude made this AAA masterpiece of a documentary cause he was bored 🔥❤️

    • Miguel Hernandez
      Miguel Hernandez Month ago

      I’m not impressed

    • Marcelo
      Marcelo 2 months ago

      @Ravage Stephens i came to say the same

    • Leigh Rivera
      Leigh Rivera 3 months ago +2

      Well it doesn’t look like it was easy he took time making this masterpiece

    • Shawn Jones Gods left hand
      Shawn Jones Gods left hand 3 months ago

      The moment in the future when you are 80 an realize when you were posting this at 12 years old u knew nothing

  • joel cotto
    joel cotto 5 months ago +438

    Man this documentary should've been playing in theaters all over the world.

    • salam 117
      salam 117 20 hours ago +1

      Then I will be the first one who books the ticket 😀😀

    • Ahmedh Aaqil
      Ahmedh Aaqil 29 days ago

      @Shawn Jones Gods left hand you speak about "men" having anime pfp's?
      I suppose you mean 'male'.

    • Shawn Jones Gods left hand
      Shawn Jones Gods left hand 3 months ago +1

      Lol. Most men don't watch girly soap opera drama shows. An kids get taken to see Disney films not r rated films. So none of you would go an none of them would go

  • Lt. Fox Vixen
    Lt. Fox Vixen 2 months ago +309

    Just imagine being 25-0 in such a brutal sport & still getting boo'ed because you're a Russian or a muslim , this guy is a prime example of NEVER GIVING UP YOUR DREAMS no matter how life's pulling you down...

    • Eggman
      Eggman Day ago

      Boo'd because he's Connor kryptonite. He bear Conor and stopped that hype train.

    • Jônas Krabb
      Jônas Krabb 2 days ago

      Imagine saying he was booed bc of race/religion. Is that you Tyrone Woodley?

    • Thivanka Samarasinghe
      Thivanka Samarasinghe 5 days ago

      His 29-0 record is padded af. 16 of them had a record of 0-1 . 16 were amateurs making their pro debut. Khabib has only beaten 1 top three LW.

    • Мицевски Б
      Мицевски Б 7 days ago +1

      he was never booed becouse of religion, he was booed becouse he only wrestled and never engaged in heavy combat.

    • innit
      innit  10 days ago +1

      @Jadon Müller his fight is boring for some casuals mby, but for anyone who appreciates great grappling. This guy is so satisfying to watch

  • Mad Scientist
    Mad Scientist 2 months ago +178

    1:35:47 now THAT is the most iconic moment in fighting sports history…. The eagle has just finished a fight and still had energy to fly into Conor’s crew… dudes a fucking legend.

    • Tokenstine
      Tokenstine 18 days ago +1

      @Curt Picou not very humble post fight

    • Safyan
      Safyan 21 day ago +3

      @Curt Picou 29-0

    • Curt Picou
      Curt Picou 22 days ago +3

      Amen to that . He's 27-0 no one has ever done that in history of UFC. Khabib is smart tough wise and humble.

    • Harshvardhan Verma
      Harshvardhan Verma 24 days ago +7

      @PabloCruise91 true but that was fuckin badass, the way he was flying like a eagle 🔥

  • iChase
    iChase Year ago +2621

    Sharing this with everyone. This deserves millions of views.

  • Fida Hussain
    Fida Hussain 3 months ago +138

    No fake confidence, No trash talk just PURE skill and class! Khabib Nurmagomedov. 🎉

    • Georges St Pierre
      Georges St Pierre 18 days ago +1

      @Divyanshu 012 anyone who isn't a khasual knows that khabib obviously didn't humble McGregor shown by his actions after the fight all the way into 2020 and again now

    • Imraan Adams
      Imraan Adams Month ago +1

      @LastbutNotFirst 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️ go watch spongebob.

    • makadam
      makadam Month ago +1

      @Judah Edits connor get smacked he tapped an khabib jumped like an eagle out the Cage wow GOAT

    • LastbutNotFirst
      LastbutNotFirst Month ago +1

      @the dreal yes. a real class act.

  • Tellurius
    Tellurius 4 months ago +110

    Not gonna lie, Khabib did everything right. Every. Damn. Thing

    • Criticiser
      Criticiser 17 days ago

      @Vinn bruh

    • Vinn
      Vinn 21 day ago +2

      The power of a practising and dedicated muslim brother. Maintained frame throughout

  • Moncef Bek
    Moncef Bek 3 months ago +131

    this deserve to be on netflix, what a legendary editing !!!

    • Moncef Bek
      Moncef Bek 2 months ago +1

      @Gabriel Castro wut ?? What are u trying to say bro ?

    • Gabriel Castro
      Gabriel Castro 2 months ago +2

      Netflix is not interested into men watching their stuff. Their public is another people.

  • ltjbukemandpfm
    ltjbukemandpfm 3 months ago +96

    "Lets talk now "
    Humility vs ignorance
    Priceless 😍

    • mohamed abukabda
      mohamed abukabda 10 days ago +2

      @darkness let's tap 😂😂😂😂 he SMASHED that chicken and made him tap like a small crying boy. 😂😂😂😂

    • makadam
      makadam 26 days ago +1

      @SPQR - 3 title defenses

    • SPQR -
      SPQR - 26 days ago +1

      @makadam Khabib is amazing but GSP is the goat. If Khabib stayed around longer perhaps he could have perhaps gotten there but you can’t have a guy as the GOAT with 2 title defenses

    • Malik M Haqq
      Malik M Haqq Month ago +1

      @darkness mur mur mur

  • Zeno Sama
    Zeno Sama 11 months ago +4659

    In a game of Blood, we witnessed a man who never Bled.

    • Kemikaze
      Kemikaze 16 hours ago

      Now Olivera waits let's see if he has got balls

    • new edition04
      new edition04 Day ago

      Connor would have beat him for sure if he hadn’t let that shit about his friend get in his head. He did what he does to people and that’s get in there head.

  • Joseph Urbina
    Joseph Urbina 9 days ago +14

    This was a masterpiece I can't believe I'm not paying to watch this. Hizzer Edits you killed it on every aspect of this video. Music choice was immaculate.

  • A. Chigurh
    A. Chigurh 4 months ago +162

    We should say thank you to both fighters, Khabib for that sniper shot, and conor for ..... absolutely nothing

  • KingQuraish
    KingQuraish 4 months ago +160

    1:18:00 Can’t believe how much Conor disrespected Khabib and his people calling them smelly and rats etc then has the audacity to say it’s only business in the ring when he realised he’s getting destroyed. Honestly Khabib didn’t do anything compared to what Conor deserved, he attacked his family, his country and his religion, it’s only right that this fight became the downfall of the drunk alcoholic as Khabib calls him and he never recovered after that from the mental destruction that he received. Khabib retired young undefeated and now has his own promotion and a great team behind him must be very satisfying for him.

    • Luka Mikuchadze
      Luka Mikuchadze 2 days ago

      @Georges St Pierre 😀

    • Zelix Leo
      Zelix Leo 17 days ago

      @gaktaudeh gaktaudeh Yes

    • Georges St Pierre
      Georges St Pierre 18 days ago +1

      He actually didn't say it's only business. If you watch that clip at 0.5 speed you can hear him actually say "only kisses"

    • SMOKE Gaming
      SMOKE Gaming 20 days ago +1

      @the dreal relax bruh, have some boorger 🤣

  • Ibrahim R
    Ibrahim R 3 months ago +58

    26:33 the drop, 26:40 the build, 27:02 the scene.
    One of the most classiest edit with an excellent music! As raw as it could get from the makers POV. Hats off!

    • yahir medina
      yahir medina Month ago +1

      At 27:02 both probably thought “if it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get”. Even tho Conor got fucked yo towards the end lmao

  • TheShrek__
    TheShrek__ 3 months ago +56

    Can we all just appreciate Al Aquinta stepping in to fight that monster on a night's notice. Then going five rounds.

    • Marcos Rodriguez
      Marcos Rodriguez 2 days ago

      @Past-life Assassin Sounds like a marvel comic lol 😂

    • Past-life Assassin
      Past-life Assassin 2 months ago +6

      Damn right. Al is the silent warrior in the shadows, sunlighting as a real estate agent.

  • Curt Picou
    Curt Picou 22 days ago +5

    Khabib will forever be remembered as the best UFC champ of all times. Hands down

  • Scrubby 211
    Scrubby 211 5 months ago +215

    I never realized at the time until i watched this but the whole Khabib vs Conor is a deadass MOVIE! From start to finish. One of the biggest and baddest rivalries in the history of sports

    • Alpha 1
      Alpha 1 Day ago +1

      @Torang Clayruz This only thing was 26-0 which made that fight so popular. It was all khabib hard work

    • Imraan Adams
      Imraan Adams Month ago

      @a lol conor did the same

    • Imraan Adams
      Imraan Adams Month ago +1

      @Torang Clayruz conor is the one that is overrated you casual. Man defended no belts. His fame brought in many casual simple minded fans..its annoying

    • darkness
      darkness Month ago

      @omnom nomnom how many times did team khabib and his manager talk about conor.

  • Anthony Griffith
    Anthony Griffith 15 hours ago

    Conor’s run was insane. His belief in himself, his wittiness and mental warfare along with the skill 🤯😱

  • MoreConsole
    MoreConsole Year ago +3593

    Another masterpiece. Dude, you are really good at this.

  • James K
    James K 4 months ago +106

    I feel this was the Ali/Foreman fight of my generation. It’s such an important fight in terms of contrasting style, truly historic.

    • salvie5
      salvie5 3 months ago +1

      @Bigtoe_25 it's melodramatic but it did eventually feel like good vs evil didn't it?

    • Equal Gaming
      Equal Gaming 4 months ago

      Ali/Foreman, was such a beautiful fight.

    • Fira Boss
      Fira Boss 4 months ago +11

      The same , a muslim educated guy , vs theater guy

  • Jake Auclair
    Jake Auclair 2 months ago +45

    The music choice whenever conor speaks in press conference is immaculate. The eerie villain music really makes you think he is literally a psycho. Such a good edit

    • Imraan Adams
      Imraan Adams Month ago +2

      He does seem like a legit sociopath though. He literally believes his own lies

  • Synster K
    Synster K 5 months ago +81

    I read some of the comments about how great of a documentary this was before I hit play. All of them were right. Wow. I really enjoyed this. Beautifully put together

  • H M
    H M 5 months ago +67

    I can't believe how good this documentary is, deserves an award really... Mind-blowing work man 💯

  • Kyle Howard
    Kyle Howard Year ago +1663

    Brother, I know every MMA fan is thinking the same thing I am as we watch this. How the fuck, did you make footage we've all seen 1000 times, insanely exciting? This is definitely one of the best highlights of the sport, you should be proud. Hope you get some kind of deals from this showcase of talent and we get to see more work. Amazing job. 10/10

    • gotbigdreams.
      gotbigdreams. Year ago +2

      Dana sign him up pls

    • Donny Paraquat
      Donny Paraquat Year ago +4

      Agreed. We'll said. The only thing I would change is "some kind of deals" to "some KIND deals". This was a seven or eight figure (meaning EVERBODY gets cash 💰) worthy promotion of UFC. 👊

    • BabaTV
      BabaTV Year ago +3


    • Leigh Rivera
      Leigh Rivera Year ago

      Yeah it was Amazing !

    • Anonymous Everywhere
      Anonymous Everywhere Year ago +34

      UFC should hire him. His videos makes you excited and really hyped

  • jazzjar
    jazzjar 4 days ago +1

    31:25 And he did exactly what he dreamt of. What a legend!

  • Mike Tim’s
    Mike Tim’s Day ago +1

    This is how you know this was literally the biggest and best fight in history…

  • ahamed ashriff
    ahamed ashriff Month ago +8

    Khabib and Conor will be forever remembered and they are like the most important part in the MMA world!

  • TigerFace93
    TigerFace93 4 months ago +27

    This was amazing. Makes me want to see an actual movie told in this fashion.
    Jake Gyllenhall as Khabib
    Leonardo Dcaprio as Connor
    Lakeith Stanfield as Mayweather
    Vincent D'Onofrio as Dana White

  • Free Yourmine
    Free Yourmine 11 months ago +1013

    This should be in HBO. Prime video, Netflix and so on. This is master class.

  • Fysal Safieh
    Fysal Safieh 3 months ago +18

    I've been passing over this for a while, thinking it was going to be another "put together" but. This was a masterpiece. You're editing is incredible. Thanks and sorry for passing it over for so long.

  • yo
    yo 2 months ago +22

    Yo this is one of the best documentaries I’ve seen
    Can’t believe it’s fan made

  • duta
    duta 3 months ago +24

    now... i'm watch this for the first time and honestly I just can't stopped to repeat it again and again. Dear Hizzer, if you read this comment you have to know the fact that this documentary is free made me felt guilty, I'm sorry that I can't give you what actually you deserve.... 🔥🔥🔥

    STILLXK 7 days ago +2

    the fighting word is so beautiful the humbleness, the hunger it’s thrilling

  • 7̷̕͡4́2̨6̷1̵7̶00͟͢0027̡

    So this is what an MMA documentary looks like when it's made by someone with excellent taste in aesthetics and music. Heads off.

    • Past-life Assassin
      Past-life Assassin 2 months ago

      Lol not just the hat, but the whole damn head. All of it off.

    • Brian Anderson
      Brian Anderson 2 months ago

      @alica soto Hats off is what the actual phrase is. Its funny how the game telephone gets incorporated into everyday life

    • Ryoichi Watanabe
      Ryoichi Watanabe 3 months ago

      Agree, when i listen to dem Zeppelin, i knew this movie is smeshing fire 🔥🔥🔥

      FBG FAMILY PACK 4 months ago

      *Conor McSavior Vs. Conor Mcgregor

  • saidi Reda
    saidi Reda 3 months ago +72

    Khabib : you called me a pussy
    Artem : ive never said that
    Khabib maked him forget the past
    A real badass

  • Jason Mark
    Jason Mark 2 days ago +3

    Really enjoyed the edits your doing a great job
    Hats of to khabib your a role model a true champion by heart ❤️

  • Joel Ferreira
    Joel Ferreira 5 days ago +3

    Really amazing film. Should be on theaters or netflix, amazing job!

  • Javed Ahamad
    Javed Ahamad 2 months ago +8

    The most savage moment which bought goosebumps is khabib 's walk-out.Amazing ,relaxed,and cool

  • GTV
    GTV Year ago +2679

    I can't imagine the amount of editing that went into this. Having to collect so many pertinent pieces of recorded audio from interviews and news reports to overlay with quality footage. Most professional editing job I've seen on youtube and all in a feature length production that flows the timeline of every significant event so effectively. Glad I already subbed and put notifications on a few months ago to get this one right when it went up.

    • FGIP
      FGIP Year ago


    • The Pathfinder
      The Pathfinder Year ago

      @Hizzer Edits why didnt u put more footage from Dagestan mountain journey done under anatomy of a fighter doc without that u missed the true representation of Habib personality

    • Ground Control Presents
      Ground Control Presents Year ago

      Totally agree

  • Justin Cowley
    Justin Cowley 4 months ago +31

    I love how well you brought out the dark tone of the pre fight presser with conor and khabib, it really was dark and you did it fantastically!

    • Safyan
      Safyan 21 day ago

      I was thinking the same..the chills i felt

  • Alex Baigus
    Alex Baigus 3 months ago +14

    Thank god we have the movie back, would of been a huge injustice losing such a gem.
    I’ve already seen it like 6 7 times and I always come back to it

  • Syed Muhammad Waqar
    Syed Muhammad Waqar 4 months ago +27

    My goodness, this masterpiece made me feel like I was present there and watched the match live .. Amazing work .. I started watching UFC bcz of connor but khabib made me his fan and now after khabib everyone should keep their eyes on one and only khamzat

    • Brian Alexander
      Brian Alexander Month ago

      Don’t forget about Islam, that’s khabibs best friend

    • Hopchop
      Hopchop 3 months ago

      This is exaclty how I started watching the ufc
      I remember my whole family talking about the 13 second ko against Aldo
      I then started little things like googling the results of the fights I wanted to see
      Then I started watching free streams of ufc and I recently started betting on the sport and contests as a whole
      I won £100 yesterday and I honestly love this sport

  • ℕ𝕠 𝔹𝕦𝕖𝕟𝕠

    Wonder why they left out the part in Khabib's post fight interview where he said "I know my Father is gonna Smash me when I get home"... It was pretty legendary... but still this was the most amazing film about a game changing time and the most amazing fighters we've ever seen in the UFC still to this day!! Loved every minute of it. Watched it twice in the past few months.

    • Abdullah Vai
      Abdullah Vai 3 months ago +1

      @Smoke TJ the music in this was phenomenal. Especially the third round one.

    • Smoke TJ
      Smoke TJ 3 months ago +1

      I watch it every week
      When the last song starts

    • Abdullah Vai
      Abdullah Vai 3 months ago +3

      to maintain the tone of the documentary

  • Yashu Bhasin
    Yashu Bhasin Year ago +4073

    I'm just 10 minutes in and this is better than a Hollywood's production. This can literally be released in a theatre.

  • Midwest Outkast
    Midwest Outkast Month ago +4

    5 minutes in and this should get an did you make this? Like how did u get the footage? Just curious

  • Syed Muntazir
    Syed Muntazir 23 days ago +1

    Legendary video. Editing skills are dope. You deserve the recognition Hizzer bro.

  • DT_Shadow
    DT_Shadow 5 days ago +4

    I think I might have watched this a bit tooo many times…this fight got me into MMA consistently after this fight I started watching all ufc fights…sadly the GOAT retired

  • i know alot about alot watch and learn

    Tony didn't want to fight Habib, he watched all his fights and said, I'm hurt, I'm hurt, nice way out Tony

  • Shahad Abdullah
    Shahad Abdullah Year ago +1001

    The quality of this film is beyond outstanding. seriously, UFC should hire this guy.

    • sergggy
      sergggy Year ago

      He’s should’ve got hired for being a beast editor since before Floyd vs mcgregor fight

    • Just Another Troll
      Just Another Troll Year ago +5

      Karlosgambino your “facts” are mathematically impossible. The idea that the world was born of nothing but a random boom, a mere coincidence, yet everything is perfect for supporting life........ does that not sound insane to you? The reality is, there is most likely a God or some type of supreme being that created the world. Otherwise the probability of the universe being perfectly suited for us is outright impossible. Anyone that has faith in math will agree with me there

    • Mirnes Hreljic
      Mirnes Hreljic Year ago


    • Karlosgambino
      Karlosgambino Year ago +1

      @Kazama Kido I know bud you can't beat a good book 😂😂😂

  • Flex
    Flex 4 months ago +4

    Khabib is just one example of action speak louder than words

  • flyer7799
    flyer7799 4 months ago +11

    Excellent video, very well made!
    Khabib has all the makings of a champion. Heart, courage, humility, technique and strength. Deadly fighter...

  • Tactical Gamer
    Tactical Gamer Month ago +4

    This is one of the greatest mma documentaries I’ve ever watched. I really enjoyed it from start to finish the build up before the opening credits and the music, all of it. Masterpiece. Bravo 🙌 hope to see more like this.

  • S. Hamdi
    S. Hamdi 3 months ago +7

    You deserve more credits!!! This is a masterpiece. Watched this many times, and still exciting 😎👌

  • gavyn’s
    gavyn’s Year ago +505

    “I don’t fight for the money. I fight for my legacy. I fight for history. I fight for my people.” Khabib Nurmagomedov

    • Behruz Kenjayev
      Behruz Kenjayev Month ago +1

      @Imraan Adams right after their fight he asked 100 mil for reamth, and after conors loss to poirier he started saying that he wont fight conor

    • Imraan Adams
      Imraan Adams Month ago

      @Behruz Kenjayev you cant be that dull. Read between the lines...his saying he wont fight conor again

    • Behruz Kenjayev
      Behruz Kenjayev 5 months ago

      @yongzeal oye tutu mumu haha vivi fefe ffie ddsmkml semekmwk eewmwe

    • yongzeal
      yongzeal 5 months ago

      @Behruz Kenjayev Oye tutu you really? Hahah he was offered he rejected you tutu.

  • Peter Mcdougall
    Peter Mcdougall 2 months ago +5

    Wow! Well done! If you weren't a MMA fan before this documentary , you definitely are now!! Good stuff bro!

  • Dayur Warfa
    Dayur Warfa Month ago +8

    56:22 , 1:22:20 The legendary words which last forever 🔥🦅

  • Abdulazeez Barboza
    Abdulazeez Barboza 3 months ago +5

    Bro I always watch this video to make my day better whenever feel depressed. Can't appreciate much for this masterpiece. It's been a year and I still watch. Thanks a lot ❤️😊.

  • Zach Pierce Rowe
    Zach Pierce Rowe 3 months ago +7

    This is one of the best films I've ever seen. Watched it 10 times. Phenomenal work.

  • Mohamed Ammar
    Mohamed Ammar 4 months ago +17

    Khabib : "I'm Gonna Retire"
    Connor : "Allhamdulellah"

  • Sick Boy
    Sick Boy 5 months ago +8

    One of the greatest videos ever! You're truly a talent mate!

  • freebird dee
    freebird dee Month ago +3

    Man, my heart breaks for Khabib every single time I see the way he's treated. I've never relished fans anguished faces before this entire fight and run up. But.... I'll admit, I really liked seeing their hearts and egos getting stomped out in such a brutal fashion.

  • Micky Mendez
    Micky Mendez 4 months ago +15

    By far one of my favorite MMA documentary. Dope edition, perfect music and timing. I can’t wait for more from you guys.

  • Mark Berenger
    Mark Berenger 5 months ago +7

    I just saw this for the first time.. beautiful job putting this together! I dont know what your expertise level is but I feel like I just watched a major theater release. That was amazing story telling 💯

  • Kyle Williamson
    Kyle Williamson 4 months ago +9

    Amazing work brother I’ve watched this multiple times you really captured the full momentum of this time in the sport it was amazing

  • Vnstockmarket
    Vnstockmarket 8 days ago

    Excellent Job! The combination of all things are perfect! You've made history become more historical!

  • Grumpy Poof
    Grumpy Poof 3 months ago +3

    This guy made this out of already existing clips and edited it into something that should be in theaters! This is so damn good. I don't think I've seen more talent with editing than this.

  • Thor Rpg
    Thor Rpg Year ago +1659

    Born too late to see Ali, too young to watch Tyson, just in time to watch Khabib Time, 29-0 Alhamdullilah the P4P the GOAT.

    • Afro Man
      Afro Man 4 months ago

      Nice comment

    • Georges St Pierre
      Georges St Pierre 5 months ago

      He's definitely not the p4p goat but maybe the best wrestler

    • Dian Rudiana
      Dian Rudiana 9 months ago

      Damn same as me bruh

    • sun leo
      sun leo Year ago

      @Tony Furi prob my age, 24

    • Sam Leonetti
      Sam Leonetti Year ago +1

      "goat" with a padded record. hes only fought 3 or 4 elite fighters

  • Mitch Rosander
    Mitch Rosander 3 months ago +9

    This blows every fight movie out of the water!!!!!!!!!!! Astounding and a brilliant job. I’m hooked like a left and right hook to the jaw!!!

  • Chrizzey C
    Chrizzey C 4 months ago +10

    I remember watching this when when it had 500k views. Now it’s at 15million. Well deserved this is amazing work!

  • frankmathews
    frankmathews Month ago +1

    Wow. Just wow. You deserve a contract with a major production company because this was amazing!

  • 20PCE040 SHAHID
    20PCE040 SHAHID 7 days ago +3

    *This documentary literally gives me Christopher Nolan vibes*

  • Alice Lilith
    Alice Lilith 10 months ago +865

    I really miss Khabib, I think we will never witness a fighter like him again.

    • Joe da OG
      Joe da OG Month ago


    • Gabriel Castro
      Gabriel Castro 2 months ago

      @Aim & Destination that's on you saying that. For me the odds are all favoring Islam. The Russians are making me big money, and the only one I see breaking Makhachev rule is Charles. Same with Khamzat, who I say will be the next huge champ.

    • Человек Из народа
      Человек Из народа 3 months ago

      Chimaev ( Borz)

    • Dream
      Dream 3 months ago +1

      He is one of the best fighter above all he is gentleman his character is good

  • Elton Cunningham
    Elton Cunningham 2 months ago +1

    The editing, music, the tension. I felt like I was there. Much praise to who or the team. This was better than anything you see on t.v. Excellent...

  • azmi haider
    azmi haider 11 days ago

    The editing at 1:35:05 is just amazing. The most iconic second.

  • Zubair Z
    Zubair Z 4 months ago +5

    You are truly a legend for making this masterpiece..great work 👍

    THEonlyGHANAIAN TV 3 months ago +13

    When khabib said give me the LOKATION, he really meant it, and indeed the octagon was a LOKATION.

  • Collinz
    Collinz 10 months ago +760

    I have never seen someone lose their magic as much as Conor has since his loss to Khabib. It's mad how it all unfolded.

    • nader a
      nader a 5 months ago +2

      Pure ego vs honesty
      Pure ego crashed always by honesty.

    • Jeffrey Napisa
      Jeffrey Napisa 9 months ago +1

      Only real OG's seen right through McGregor and his Nate said he already punked those others at the press conference but it wasnt gonna work on him or khabib or Dustin.....first Dustin fight like Aldo they went in on emotions...Dustin said it right...its just noise...Aldo were to fight McGregor again, he wins that fight....McGregor facade has been uncovered....just a hyped bully that has always been just above average fighter.

    • manav bhalla
      manav bhalla 9 months ago

      @Greg Robinson not really… 1 and 2 yes, 4th? I don’t know

    • SID05uk
      SID05uk 9 months ago +2

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    Can you please use your obvious talent at making documentaries to make a documentary about Pride FC? Everything about that organization is worthy of documenting.
    Please at least consider this idea. I bet it will get more views than this did.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Edit: I forgot to mention the music......gawd dayum!

    • Dennis Reynolds
      Dennis Reynolds Year ago +2

      @Joshua Patrick It's not monetized. He can't monetize it because of the greedy cucks at Zuffa and whichever douchebag company owns the boxing footage. Those ads (I didn't get any even when I turned off ad-block) are going to youtube most likely... which is filthy. It literally says in the video description "This video is not monetized."

    • Lemo 442
      Lemo 442 Year ago +2

      @Joshua Patrick I don't know about you, but I watched the whole video ad free, and I don't run ad block either.

    • Joshua Patrick
      Joshua Patrick Year ago +1

      You don’t know how TheXvid works if you think someone isn’t getting
      Paid by the 9 advertisements breaking this up, or the revenue generated by views in general.

    • cragg07
      cragg07 Year ago


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  • Eyesredfromtheweedismoke
    Eyesredfromtheweedismoke 3 months ago +6

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  • mazda Bongo
    mazda Bongo 2 months ago +3

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    Novachrono 5 months ago +1073

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    • Lettie Frazier
      Lettie Frazier 2 months ago

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    • Noshi 66
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    • Remy Havoc
      Remy Havoc 3 months ago

      @Adelard Övić de Rioka I don't think Khabib is a top 10 fighter
      But you can't deny that he's the best in his division. He might not have the most entertaining style but he's what a mixed martial artist should be. He isn't a good grappler because he's the most knowledgable about grappling but because he smashes his opponents while grappling.
      Also, he stood up with Conor for most of the third round. That should say something atleast. Conor would never take the chance to lay on the ground against Khabib
      Khabib doesn't have the widest arsenal of kicks or punches or any strikes. He doesn't have the most submissions either but the way he looks for an opening, pressures you and find out your weakness as soon as possible is what makes him a good fighter. He's kinda like the opposite of Fedor and Jones where they beat a lot of top contenders in their own game. I think Khabib took a page out of GSP's book because they both look for the weakness, take advantage of it and try to take as little damage as possible while inflicting as much damage as possible. No playing around

    • David Jones
      David Jones 3 months ago +1

      R.I.P. Conor "tap or snap" McGregor

    • Dante's Inferno
      Dante's Inferno 3 months ago +1

      @Josh Russell all I said was my interpretation after watching that fight which was down to curiosity rather than me knowing any facts.
      I am a 48 year woman with a G’baby and I only started watching MMA fights about 6 months ago for a bit of fun.
      I have zero knowledge on who is who or who said this, who did that, who got fined what. I don’t even know the rules!
      It was just an opinion which is different to yours and to others and that’s ok!!! It’s democracy. I’m not qualified to speak from a place of MMA knowledge!!
      I accept your opinion and others who share it.
      I’m tapping out. ✌🏻

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    • Cutie pie
      Cutie pie Month ago +2

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    • Fire Fox Ferby
      Fire Fox Ferby Month ago

      @Cutie pie I mean on his fight with cornor ..dude beat him yet still boooed n got thrown by stuff n etc ...he didn't deserve that

    • Cutie pie
      Cutie pie Month ago

      What do you mean he deserves more he’s already a megastar lol

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    We were enjoying every second of it.
    You reached the perfection.
    Thank you.

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  • War Machine
    War Machine 10 months ago +1584

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    what a beast

    • War Machine
      War Machine 8 months ago

      @UFC TEKKERS go to your class kid

      UFC TEKKERS 8 months ago

      @War Machine no🤨 you said that khabib didnt sit down on the stool and drink water at ALL after each round however he clearly did in 1 or 2 of those rounds. Clearly proved you wrong so your trying to deflect and start another argument.
      Khabibs performence was very good tho. He isn’t invincible but hes masterclass none the less. The way he gassed conor out in the first and dominated in the second was a genius gameplan. The third was where we saw a minor flaw in his game, his standup but regardless he improved upon that and look what he did to gaethje. Round 4 was a mix of 1 and 2. Gassing conor and gnp at the same time.

      UFC TEKKERS 8 months ago

      @G_ sniper15 no my g

    • War Machine
      War Machine 8 months ago

      @UFC TEKKERS okay maybe he did drink water but he didn’t sit on the chair in all 4 rounds just watch the full video and focus on his corner and that’s your argument right now lol. the man jumped on his opponent’s teammate to fight again after beating conor mcgregor after 4 rounds !!
      if you have the strength and stamina to do that then you’re blessed

    • G_ sniper15
      G_ sniper15 8 months ago

      @UFC TEKKERS are you talking to me bro

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