Max Kellerman rips Carson Wentz: ‘What happened?’ | First Take

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Max Kellerman isn’t impressed with Carson Wentz’s performance against the New York Giants in a win for the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14.
    #FirstTake #NFL
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Comments • 1 262

  • ESPN
    ESPN  Month ago +153

    Were you impressed by Carson Wentz?

    • Javon Evans
      Javon Evans Month ago +2

      Yes 🦅

    • Batmanboy 888
      Batmanboy 888 Month ago


    • Gage Jernigan
      Gage Jernigan Month ago

      @Kristian Tawater we had *ONE WR AT THE END OF THE GAME!!! ONE!!!*

    • Gage Jernigan
      Gage Jernigan Month ago

      Sure. Able to will his team back after a slow start. Impressive considering everyone says hes "not clutch" or hes "not a good leader"

    • LETMEIN 445
      LETMEIN 445 Month ago

      CoWboyS FaN more like the team sucks but yeah definitely

  • 1stBowman 1stBowman
    1stBowman 1stBowman 12 days ago

    Max is baiting Dan and Dan is too stupid to realise it.

  • 1stBowman 1stBowman
    1stBowman 1stBowman 12 days ago

    Dan Orlovski strikes me as a very simple dude.He may know how to break down individual football plays but that's it. A lot of other stuff flies straight over his head. I get the feeling Max is starting to feel real contempt for Dan and his debating 'prowess'.

  • Jersey Buzz
    Jersey Buzz 21 day ago +1

    Wentz should be mvp this year.He doesnt have a team entering the playoffs and yet there still winning games.

  • Roger Quintanilla
    Roger Quintanilla 22 days ago

    Max Kellerman is an idiot. He makes comments about racial issues in sports and just trying to get on CNN or MSNBC. Typical white guy using the racial card.

  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams 28 days ago

    What's max whole thing with hating on wentz? give him credit it don't matter if u win by an inch or a mile. winnings winning

  • denizdzines
    denizdzines Month ago

    FTA what a Ahole

  • Alexander Fleming
    Alexander Fleming Month ago

    "You can't find a criticism? You're a critic"- Max funny asl😂

  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed Month ago

    wentz suckz

  • Nintendad816 *
    Nintendad816 * Month ago

    Max come on bro it’s the nfl and it’s a divisional game they are always tough . Also the defense let eli pick them apart in first half . You can’t say it took Carson overtime to beat the giants it’s a team . Carson played good and when he had to take over to win he put 3 nice drives together and got the W

  • Nintendad816 *
    Nintendad816 * Month ago

    Carson wentz has 4-5 great drives the last 2 weeks to come back and win the games in divisional games . That’s what I needed to see from wentz divisional games are always tough and he put the team on his back against ny and Washington . I’ve thought he looked terrible for a few weeks there but last 2 weeks he stepped up

  • needsalt
    needsalt Month ago

    nah, max was right. dan is a weird asshole

  • C Truth
    C Truth Month ago +2

    The Eagles offense & defense are really terrible this year. What the heck is Wentz working with? They drop, drop, drop or get beat up often falling to the ground to scared to run up the field. They can't shed defenders. Max is trash doesn't research or even think. He just runs his mouth fueled by emotions like hatred & jealousy. The injuries have a lot to do with the practices.

    NIK DA GREEK Month ago

    Stop yelling George mcfly!!!

  • EDP’s #1 Fan
    EDP’s #1 Fan Month ago

    Max your just a salty giants fan that is a sore loser cause the eagles OWN your pathetic team

  • Anthony Malinak
    Anthony Malinak Month ago

    This max character is a clown

  • your flooring
    your flooring Month ago

    Dan remember when you scrambled yourself into a safety? Lol

  • Ryan Foster
    Ryan Foster Month ago

    Goff > Wentz

  • Vicente Esquer
    Vicente Esquer Month ago

    Everybody is just fucking SCARED of Wentz!!! As soon as Wentz gets better targets.... everyone is going to see the 2017 North Dakota assassin destroy everybody!!! This year is a development year for the eagles! My opinion!

  • Jeffery Staley
    Jeffery Staley Month ago

    Dan stop calling yourself a QB. CFL QB’s are better than you.

  • Aaron D.
    Aaron D. Month ago

    Why are they all shouting when they’re sitting right in front of each other?

  • Aquarius Air Bound A.A.B

    Molly Can get the XD 😒 but she Didn't STFU 😒💛💙🤰🤰

  • Tayda Franklin
    Tayda Franklin Month ago

    Edp445 ain't gonna like this

  • Murdatown Flex 039
    Murdatown Flex 039 Month ago +1

    Blah blah blah Dan, if that was even a HALFWAY decent defense Wentz would've got smoked

    • Warnier
      Warnier Month ago

      If Wentz had halfway decent receivers (or any at all ffs) he's smoke them. That goes both ways my guy

  • Mikey Hope
    Mikey Hope Month ago

    Carson Wentz has almost the same numbers as Watson while Watson has a top 3 receiving core. Yet Carson is having a “bad” season. Whatever.

  • Setther
    Setther Month ago

    As a diehard eagles fan, I completely agree with Wentz. You shouldn’t have to clutch out a game against the giants period

  • J Dubb
    J Dubb Month ago

    Max you no nothing about being a quarterback! You're a hater! There were no wide receivers, no receivers! If there were no injuries to Jefferies, Jackson and Nelson what kind of team would the Eagles be?! What kind of record would they have?! Your a hypocrite! In one breath you say "I understand there's a lack of weapons but Carson Wentz should have, isn't or he's not and blah, blah! You ask your guest What criticism does he have for Wentz? I ask you Kellerman What criticism do have for Brady? You'll make excuses for him but Wentz has no excuse? You'll say that Brady has a lack of weapons but Wentz should do it all with no weapons. You're a Wentz hater! Your really a Philadelphia hater! You criticize Emiid and Simmons while they're winning games! But if Milwaukee lose one game you'll they had a bad night. You are a Philadelphia hater!

  • bonzology
    bonzology Month ago

    All you “Carson stinks” clowns, name one eagles starting receiver. Now STFD and STFU. Give Wentz the Dallas O and they win the super bowl easily.

  • Jocelyn Bruns
    Jocelyn Bruns Month ago

    Go run to your Mother Kellerman, you need a milk bone or a security blanket to make you feel good? Have you actually ever played a QB? you are a wimp yourself!

  • Steven Brousseau
    Steven Brousseau Month ago

    dan might not have been a successful qb in the league, but he knows what hes talking about, go back to boxing max, when you practice everyday with your starting wr core and u get in a game and your wideouts are guys youve never played with, thats tough i dont care who you are, you dont have timing or that connection with them, the fact wentz was able to win with those guys speaks volumes, max seems un educated but it doesnt matter what team you follow, if youre a football fan and know the game, you gotta give credit to wentz for that, even if it was the giants

  • Steven Brousseau
    Steven Brousseau Month ago

    only hear to hesr to what orlovsky has to say, guys who played the game know what theyre talking about

  • Michael Waters
    Michael Waters Month ago

    Int the first three quarters, wentz should’ve been benched

  • pump the brakes
    pump the brakes Month ago

    Max you look foolish for your takes on Wentz

  • PunisherV20
    PunisherV20 Month ago

    Max is arguing with a former QB, for 13 years in the NFL, about QB play. This dude needs to shut his mouth about football and stick to boxing. Also, Max apparently forgot that in 2017, the season the Eagles won the Super Bowl, they needed a last second field goal to beat the Giants.

    There is a reason the saying "any given Sunday" exists.

  • Joseph Burgard
    Joseph Burgard Month ago

    Max wants to be white Stephen A. So bad lol. He has the dumbest “hot takes” everyday with the hopes of blowing up lol

    KILLA KANGZ Month ago

    i undastand we're having a conversation bout football... but is theer any reason why molly still sitting at the table???😒😒😒

  • Adam Steich
    Adam Steich Month ago +1

    Put this short and simple. Max Kellerman is absolutely retarded. Why does he get paid to speak pure stupidity time and time again? 😂

    MAC _OPULENCE Month ago

    If Carson wentz can have all of his weapons healthy ALL YEAR AND HE STAY HEALTHY AS WELL....... FLYEAGLESFLY ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY......SUPER BOWL CHAMPS 1000%

  • VIZz Sour
    VIZz Sour Month ago

    Dude dan needs to not talk

  • Anthony Ortega
    Anthony Ortega Month ago

    Loved the Undertaker reference there

  • dr troy turner
    dr troy turner Month ago

    I'm going to do 2:31next time I lose my trend of thought. Depending how prestigious the event, I may not even take out and replace applicable name. I may just call the person Max Kellerman.

  • Ben K-C
    Ben K-C Month ago

    Stephen A bringing the digital camouflage 😎

  • William Hopkins
    William Hopkins Month ago

    The fact they didnt have wrs. Isnt that the fault of the coaching staff and gm. Why they just cut mathews? Not that he was great but he was someone. Who knew the offense.

  • William Hopkins
    William Hopkins Month ago

    Dan orlovsky sucks dude.

  • AlmightyRon300
    AlmightyRon300 Month ago

    I’m convinced max hates Wentz he has to ain’t no way you can hate like this

  • Dave Huynh
    Dave Huynh Month ago

    Ertz SAT on that open route
    He wasn’t streaking along the side and had to stop bc of a under thrown ball
    Jesus Christ

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith Month ago

    Max Kellerman is such a moron. He’s arguing about being a QB with an actual NFL QB. From a guy who never played football in his life. Biggest dumbass of all time.

  • Game Winning Drive
    Game Winning Drive Month ago +1

    Lamar Jackson just has tight ends

  • Ron S
    Ron S Month ago

    Wouldn't it be fun to see what would happen if the Cowboys and the Eagles could switch QBs right now?

  • EricFuckingDavito
    EricFuckingDavito Month ago

    Dak has the same problem for the first half of the season last year but he didn’t get any excuses 😐

  • Elvis Damjanovic
    Elvis Damjanovic Month ago

    He rises from the dead 💀 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce Johnson Month ago

    Max is an idiot🙂

  • Chidozie Osuji
    Chidozie Osuji Month ago

    Don’t matter because guess who was at an for the giants good ole Eli and is horrible D

  • T. Wetsch
    T. Wetsch Month ago

    Max trying to be skip baseless.

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face Month ago

    (No order) Brees, Brady, Rodgers,Mahomes, Jackson, Wilson, Ryan, Watson, Dak, Jimmy
    Wentz isn’t even top 10

  • Darth Vix
    Darth Vix Month ago

    Wentz has better stats than Dak and some other QBs..this season...with idk how many dropped catches and injured receivers lol he is working with what he has

    THEODORE FOLKE Month ago

    Orlovsky is good!

  • Zacary Grasl
    Zacary Grasl Month ago


  • CasuallyBad
    CasuallyBad Month ago +1

    So when is carson wentz allowed to take blame? Dan needs to stop slobbering over wentz. Injuries happen yes but wentz is missing WIDE OPEN guys and even when he had his receivers he's not throwing to them. Yes the wideouts need to catch and they share blame but to never blame wentz is nonsense.

  • Bar Baryn
    Bar Baryn Month ago

    SAS doesn't watch the eagles. Darby gets lit up almost every game