What comes out of an egg this BIG? The 50 day hatching adventure.

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
  • We bought 2 emu eggs off of eBay. 50-some days later, will they hatch? How big will they be? What will we do with a bird that big? Let’s see what’s inside these dragon eggs.
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    6:55 Airae - The Path To Innovation
    7:26 Gavin Luke - An Empty Feeling
    9:18 Gavin Luke - This Was Fun
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  • Sara You
    Sara You Hour ago

    I love the mom “don’t ever open it” 😂 in the mom voice

  • phantom gaming
    phantom gaming Hour ago

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    ツSugarrush Hour ago

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    Helen Nagooyen 3 hours ago

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    garcia fine 5 hours ago

    It looks Like a Bird or Dick

  • BorderLine
    BorderLine 5 hours ago +1

    Wow this pokeball

  • aieshsa Rozario
    aieshsa Rozario 6 hours ago

    I cried when the bird died

  • KEP297
    KEP297 6 hours ago


  • Best Simplynailogical clips

    You should make an egg tracking/hatching app

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    Ron Weasley 16 hours ago

    Opera : loves bread
    Me: loves chickens

  • Martijn de Waal
    Martijn de Waal Day ago


  • Kendall Bear Gacha

    Such a cute story but so sad 😞

  • Febzpassion
    Febzpassion Day ago

    Woww. This is amzing and heartmelting

  • oskar 1
    oskar 1 Day ago

    Next emu war is starting

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W Day ago

    Why did you show that on camra. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 R.I.P

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    dragon d Day ago

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  • Cap Com
    Cap Com Day ago

    Careful, he might beat up some australians

  • Jo Cavo
    Jo Cavo Day ago

    I love him just running around the house too funny

  • Jo Cavo
    Jo Cavo Day ago

    wow too cute x

  • jean Germain
    jean Germain Day ago

    How do you deal with poops?

  • Ella Yehorova
    Ella Yehorova Day ago

    too bad that the other one didn't make it

  • Ella Yehorova
    Ella Yehorova Day ago


  • No
    No Day ago

    But don’t they need their mother there when they hatch??

  • No
    No Day ago

    This is such a neat channel ❤️

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  • Ell Ronayne
    Ell Ronayne Day ago +1

    @emzotic should do a react to this

  • I am Me
    I am Me 2 days ago

    You can sit on it to incubate it

  • Django Apple
    Django Apple 2 days ago +1

    Dude!!! I'll sell you emus for 250 each.

  • wap
    wap 2 days ago

    Wow this is amazing really nice thing for kids to experience and what a great pet for the family

  • tuksu muksu
    tuksu muksu 2 days ago

    I fell bad because his brhother died

  • Gaynor Westermark
    Gaynor Westermark 2 days ago

    Ahhh im nearly crying but love that emu I want one

  • Melik Williams
    Melik Williams 2 days ago

    Ong this really made my morning thank you White House on the Hill

  • oslobodjenik
    oslobodjenik 2 days ago +2

    I would love to see a sis/bro to this lil birdie.

    DON'T SELL IT!!!!!!!

  • G a x h a • M e m e z

    Is he fit to take care of a baby Emu? I don’t know since this is the first video I’ve seen by him.

  • Kinnedie Stives
    Kinnedie Stives 2 days ago

    awhhh i absolutely love this!! it’s so cute and great for the kids i know they love it

  • 4 mana 7/7
    4 mana 7/7 2 days ago

    In a year or two, he will be plottingto the take over Australia

  • candy cone
    candy cone 2 days ago


  • FretfulKiller10002
    FretfulKiller10002 2 days ago +1

    I feel bad he lost 125 dollars BUT THE BABY IS SO CUTE GOOD LUCK

  • Hope Shuff
    Hope Shuff 3 days ago +1

    I am so sad the other one didn't make it and if so very sad my friend had a mother that had a kid that had a miscarriage sorry for getting a little bummed out

  • Sara Stanic
    Sara Stanic 3 days ago +1

    and now I want an Emu

  • xDrippinAri x
    xDrippinAri x 3 days ago +1

    On the side note what kind of bird is this stupid question 😂😂😂 i know but can i get one myself ? Or is it only recommended for people with farms ?

  • xDrippinAri x
    xDrippinAri x 3 days ago +3

    Why am i crying 😩😩😩😩😩 the last egg the poor baby didn’t make it I’ve suffered a few miscarriages i just felt my whole heart break but seeing the one who made it run around the house made it feel better .

  • GameControls 150
    GameControls 150 3 days ago +2

    Don’t sell it buy another one

  • I am a squid
    I am a squid 3 days ago +1

    10:00 look at it. Look at its little legs, how it just *plop*

  • Kay Rogers
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  • Joshua Mossman
    Joshua Mossman 3 days ago

    Imagine an ostrich egg..

  • Peacock For Sale
    Peacock For Sale 3 days ago

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  • RumZombies
    RumZombies 3 days ago

    It is so cute

  • Bella Hopkins Plays Gatcha

    That is the cutest little emu I have ever seen! But it's sad that the other one didn't make it...

  • Jubilee Chan
    Jubilee Chan 3 days ago

    Sooo cute I'm sad one had to die and not make it

  • ShaluAloo
    ShaluAloo 3 days ago

    Real life Pokémon.

  • Rhonda Lundy
    Rhonda Lundy 3 days ago

    Did you name it?

  • Max Stafford
    Max Stafford 3 days ago +1

    Tbh it's probably picking them up and down and up and down constantly that killed it. Possibly moved it too rough and broke the yoke or maybe your kid did. Just saying what no one else will. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • DreamKiller 33
      DreamKiller 33 2 days ago

      Max Stafford that’s true. But sometimes they just don’t make it. And die. That happened to some chicken that my aunt have. Some will hatch while others don’t hatch.

    • Max Stafford
      Max Stafford 2 days ago

      +DreamKiller 33 I'd it died half way through growth something happened during incubation. If it happened during shipping it wouldn't of grown at all

    • DreamKiller 33
      DreamKiller 33 2 days ago

      Max Stafford maybe. Or maybe something happened through shipping or they end up with one bad egg. It happens. 💁🏻‍♀️🐣

  • Khurtaisa Goss
    Khurtaisa Goss 3 days ago

    So CUTE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕

  • Khurtaisa Goss
    Khurtaisa Goss 3 days ago

    I saw a little boy walking over to the counter

  • ryan averna
    ryan averna 3 days ago

    no ones gonna point out the incubator is called "ova Easy".... like how eggs can be cooked over easy

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez 4 days ago

    F for second egg

  • Pandora Lupin
    Pandora Lupin 4 days ago

    I love emus. I've pet three. They were fluffy, but felt kind of greasy. I would love a pet emu.

  • Andrew Melendez Jr.
    Andrew Melendez Jr. 4 days ago

    Keep it

  • meghanski Donosaur
    meghanski Donosaur 4 days ago +1

    awwww so cute!
    RIP the sibling, may him rest peacefully and happily forever :(

  • Cathy InuyashaPR
    Cathy InuyashaPR 4 days ago

    Buy more Emu eggs, it needs a buddy or mate.
    Do you know the sex of the Emu?

  • Samu Kulmala
    Samu Kulmala 4 days ago

    I like birds so much I cry

  • inkling da crack
    inkling da crack 4 days ago

    Im crying rigth now

  • Dark Assassin27
    Dark Assassin27 4 days ago +1

    **egg turns out to be fake**

  • ArcBUBBA JR.
    ArcBUBBA JR. 4 days ago

    rip for that lil guy

  • Samantha Kolthoff
    Samantha Kolthoff 4 days ago

    Awww the baby giving ya some kisses 🥰😍

  • MrRenee77
    MrRenee77 4 days ago

    Keep that sweet baby!!!!!😘😘😘

  • DesignFox YT
    DesignFox YT 4 days ago


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    LittleNecko Playz 4 days ago

    Welcome to the world little birdies

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera 4 days ago +1

    Get more eggs

  • Juliette Zhang
    Juliette Zhang 4 days ago

    I love how your kids are so gentle with him. Usually kids are pretty aggressive with small animals. You must have taught them well.

  • Donna Len
    Donna Len 4 days ago

    don't sell the baby

  • Gonzalo Borrego
    Gonzalo Borrego 4 days ago +1

    It's so cute but sad cuz the other one did not make it WAAAAAAAAAAA😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Long. Fun236 Cool
    Long. Fun236 Cool 4 days ago

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  • TheVisualTae #ARMY
    TheVisualTae #ARMY 4 days ago +1

    He is so cute ❤️❤️❤️

    i’m sorry for the second one tho😔

  • MidoriyamaRArekusu
    MidoriyamaRArekusu 4 days ago +1

    Poor second baby.
    Also your whistling at the eggs made my dog jump up each time...

    • Clash DISASTER
      Clash DISASTER 3 days ago

      +MidoriyamaRArekusu yeah i will get one when i grow up

    • MidoriyamaRArekusu
      MidoriyamaRArekusu 4 days ago

      Clash DISASTER Yeah, some people are like that, sure the mess is inconvenient, but the love of a well-cared for pet is worth it. (My family are all animal lovers so we’ve always had pets)
      I would say “hope she changes her mind” but honestly if she doesn’t want a dog, then either pick another pet as a compromise or wait until you are in a position to get a dog of your own.

    • Clash DISASTER
      Clash DISASTER 4 days ago

      +MidoriyamaRArekusu oh boy,my mom aint having any of that dogshit(get it?)

    • MidoriyamaRArekusu
      MidoriyamaRArekusu 4 days ago

      Clash DISASTER Yes, dogs are lovely companions and I hope you can own one in the future. (Though he is the family dog so he’s not just mine.)

    • Clash DISASTER
      Clash DISASTER 4 days ago

      I wish i had one dog too

  • Pieter Schwab
    Pieter Schwab 4 days ago

    I think that if the chick made it only to twothird of development it might have something to do with picking them up daily and keeping the eggs vertical. I have learned at least to hold them horizontal ever.
    If I am wrong please tell me I am not all knowing.

  • Jacob Peters
    Jacob Peters 4 days ago

    I went to a local petting farm/farm and they where selling a emu egg for $40

  • Athecia Lucero
    Athecia Lucero 4 days ago +1

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  • Cheri Rada,LPN
    Cheri Rada,LPN 4 days ago +1

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    kogan cames 4 days ago +1

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    Charlene Nguyen 4 days ago +3

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    national gam3r 4 days ago

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  • Shammie Rokkie
    Shammie Rokkie 4 days ago

    that was not good what he did to the egg.

  • Cnn is Fakenews
    Cnn is Fakenews 4 days ago

    Emu and all animals can be dangerous and make homeowner insurance go up.

    • White House on the Hill
      White House on the Hill  4 days ago

      +Cnn is Fakenews - luckily we're not homeowners, nor do we have homeowners insurance

  • Abs A
    Abs A 4 days ago

    Keep it

  • Grace Lee
    Grace Lee 4 days ago +2

    I almost cried for that baby

  • Tavis Wilson
    Tavis Wilson 4 days ago

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  • Stephanie Miller
    Stephanie Miller 4 days ago

    poor emu :( when i saw the first one hatching i was so happy then i looked behind it and saw nothing..i was like "will it live is it ok" i was so sad when i found out it died but don't sell it

  • Jolon Pugh
    Jolon Pugh 4 days ago

    I am so sorry for loss of your other emu

  • ssp
    ssp 4 days ago


  • Angela Magic Salveson

    These are real living animals, & this guy is acting like this is just a cool thing to try. It's kind of disturbing.

    • Angela Magic Salveson
      Angela Magic Salveson Day ago

      +White House on the Hill If u appreciate & can accommodate that's fine. It's just that someone who doesn't might wanna try this from watching ur vid. And they may not invest in all the equipment u did. I was hasty in meaning 'you", what I feel & mean is the fact it's so easy to buy them, & from online!

    • White House on the Hill
      White House on the Hill  4 days ago

      +Angela Magic Salveson - should the average person do this because it looks cool? No. We are passionate about hatching eggs and we have the land to accommodate them.

  • Kiwi Bandit
    Kiwi Bandit 5 days ago +1

    It’s so cute tho it looks like a tiny dinosaur towards the end with the shots just on its head

  • MEDIC the sandwich maker Lewis


  • MEDIC the sandwich maker Lewis

    Give a salute to are dead comdrad I'm no longer able to feel happiness or anger just sadness or nothing really

  • MEDIC the sandwich maker Lewis

    I'm crying because the emu didn't make it

  • London Muddy
    London Muddy 5 days ago +1

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  • London Muddy
    London Muddy 5 days ago

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  • London Muddy
    London Muddy 5 days ago

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