What To Do With Zero Dollars

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • What to do with NO money.
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Comments • 7 601

  • Minnesota
    Minnesota 7 hours ago

    who is your other sister?

  • 69bigpunisher
    69bigpunisher 8 hours ago

    When he said jailbreak I thought of roblox jailbreak

  • damaged gpu
    damaged gpu 17 hours ago

    Me had zero dollars
    Me I'll play with my Xbox one
    Electric bill I'm gonna end this man's hole carrier

  • Populeux Music
    Populeux Music 19 hours ago

    2:43 played it as a kid

  • oddpokemonboss
    oddpokemonboss 20 hours ago

    Go to work

  • Guiltykitten 494
    Guiltykitten 494 23 hours ago

    What I do if you have zero dollars and u need to use a pay phone I act poor to get a dollar then

  • Void 1
    Void 1 Day ago

    Cops and robbers

  • mouren kabir
    mouren kabir Day ago

    Waaaaiiitt isn't jail break kinda like....cops and robbers?🤔😄

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher Day ago

    I’m phoning in a pizza from you

  • Mariam Zain zaid sarah kakepoto unar

    I am rich mybye I don’t know and I said mybye

  • Milky Toast
    Milky Toast Day ago

    Wait he has 2 sisters

  • joliejow
    joliejow Day ago

    I cry with zero money!

  • MrsMiller1304
    MrsMiller1304 Day ago

    Do you have another sister is she evil ?

  • Dog Experimenter

    Your drawing is cool

  • Keira McMillan
    Keira McMillan Day ago

    Watch ur channel while eating a frozen pizza that I cooked in the oven. That's what I do with zero dollars.

  • Sara Thomas
    Sara Thomas 2 days ago

    The odd1isout joke is hilarous 😂

  • Fred and Arthur
    Fred and Arthur 2 days ago

    When I have zero pounds I go around begging for money

  • estar 101 K
    estar 101 K 2 days ago

    2:29 in 1st grade we played this at school

  • Craz
    Craz 2 days ago

    I will sleep

  • Luke Podmers
    Luke Podmers 2 days ago

    I’ve played games called jailbreak

  • Titolicious Corrales

    I killed 2000 people in my mind

  • Titolicious Corrales

    I robbed a bank in my mind

  • For G4ME
    For G4ME 3 days ago

    About jailbreak we call it "FBI"

  • Shoelace Roblox &. More 99

    I played jailbreak lol

  • SAitek1556
    SAitek1556 4 days ago


  • Mike Daccache
    Mike Daccache 4 days ago

    Sorry I cant buy these glasses, I have 0$

  • Lynda Farrar
    Lynda Farrar 4 days ago +1

    I call jail break cops and robbers

  • Murat balboa
    Murat balboa 4 days ago

    Literally cops and robbers

  • Bh Bbbj
    Bh Bbbj 4 days ago

    Plz respond

  • Bh Bbbj
    Bh Bbbj 4 days ago

    Hey where is your house

  • Tyrental
    Tyrental 4 days ago

    What to do when u have zero dollars
    Me: breath

  • seafoam latte
    seafoam latte 5 days ago


  • Sydney Roberts
    Sydney Roberts 5 days ago

    I live in town and i often don't have money. (Almost always) wjen i font have money i go downtown with my good friends who do and they often end up buying me food and stuff so yeah.

  • NovaLucas63
    NovaLucas63 5 days ago

    When I have 0 dollars I watch your videos

  • The pro GamerXY
    The pro GamerXY 5 days ago +1

    What I do with zero dollars
    Easy I go to sleep 😴

  • Bobo
    Bobo 5 days ago

    Last time i had 0 dollars i started a communist revolution, it was really fun until stalin exiled me to mexico and assassinated me ;(

  • Kion The Lion Guard
    Kion The Lion Guard 5 days ago

    What to do with zero dollars
    Watching this awesome video

  • nooaaws
    nooaaws 5 days ago +1

    When i have 0 dollars i get a job

  • Logan French
    Logan French 5 days ago +1

    I read outside so yeah

  • Legendary Brawler
    Legendary Brawler 5 days ago

    Are you poor or is it just me?! I get alowence...$$$$$$$

  • mikethunder84
    mikethunder84 5 days ago

    Your aunt looks hot, hiking in a skirt.

  • melikememez 2
    melikememez 2 5 days ago

    I watch youtude if i have zero money

  • My Chau Nguyen
    My Chau Nguyen 5 days ago

    I have 135$ and I am 8 years old.

  • OreoP's LPS
    OreoP's LPS 5 days ago

    Is your dad the Monopoly man

  • A Homosapian
    A Homosapian 6 days ago +1

    When I was a kid at school we would play cops n robbers and like nearly all the kids under the age of ten would join

  • JMH Cool kid joe
    JMH Cool kid joe 6 days ago +2

    I call it cops and robbers

  • Tyler Voorhees
    Tyler Voorhees 6 days ago +1

    We call jail break man hunt

  • Bennet Church
    Bennet Church 6 days ago +1

    Even teams 2 or 3 people.

  • xXDevilishGachaXx
    xXDevilishGachaXx 6 days ago

    Instead of jailbreak, we just called it slavers and slaves. Like three classes would play, and there would be like 3 *slavers* and the rest were slaves so it was super unfair. we eventually had to call it jailbreak as well

  • Alice Dole
    Alice Dole 6 days ago +1

    My cousins always used to play a game very creativly named "the great game"

  • Emmanuel Diaz
    Emmanuel Diaz 6 days ago +1

    Jail break is a Roblox game ok

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 6 days ago

    It is

  • Brendapigs_2002 Wong
    Brendapigs_2002 Wong 6 days ago +1

    What to do with 0 dollars


  • turtle fox
    turtle fox 6 days ago

    I no 1 get a job

  • blue koop red
    blue koop red 7 days ago

    Sub to me!!!!!!!

  • michelle perez
    michelle perez 7 days ago

    Wait! Who is ur other sister?????

  • gahca jelly
    gahca jelly 7 days ago

    Your eyes are so pretty omg 😍❤️

  • Tigerturnip312
    Tigerturnip312 7 days ago

    I beg my grandma for legos when i have 0 dollars

  • Tigerturnip312
    Tigerturnip312 7 days ago +1

    Option 2: WE call it "Cops and Robbers"

  • Rachel Nemergut
    Rachel Nemergut 7 days ago

    I have 87 cents

  • super girl
    super girl 7 days ago

    I'LL try phoning in a pizza 🍕🍕

  • Just Shock
    Just Shock 7 days ago +2

    I played ice and water its just the same ice for the pokice and water for prisoners

  • dkjsbiavrubdhd
    dkjsbiavrubdhd 7 days ago +3

    *What to do with zero dollars*
    Steal lemons and make lemonade

  • Kāhu Marsh
    Kāhu Marsh 7 days ago +3

    1:04 is it just me or dose that look wrong?

  • Boaz Mckoy
    Boaz Mckoy 8 days ago

    this isn't my money it's the odd 1s out's

  • gacha Catherine
    gacha Catherine 8 days ago

    Me and my bff's did it the game

  • Dashe Lila
    Dashe Lila 8 days ago

    My hole family is doing this pizza thing and my aunts family does it

  • iicxpackesii
    iicxpackesii 8 days ago

    2:37 I dOoOOo

  • nokriaki kakyoin
    nokriaki kakyoin 8 days ago

    I'm gonna do phoning in a pizza

  • Alice Pagadora
    Alice Pagadora 8 days ago

    I Dont Like..... Pizza :(

  • UnicornsEverlasting 0330

    jailbreak is literally just cops and robbers

  • Animatic Hub
    Animatic Hub 9 days ago

    Omg my family does the same with this burger place called bigstar

  • James Schutte
    James Schutte 9 days ago +1

    How eat 🍕

  • KieranFN
    KieranFN 9 days ago


  • Fun stuff with Althea !!!

    4:42 to 5:20 mom look at this I love you! 😂