Street Food in Peshawar - AMAZING PAYA + CHARSI TIKKA | Pakistani Food Tour!

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
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    PESHAWAR is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, and it’s a must-visit city in the world for food lovers.

    Of all the cities I visited in Pakistan, Peshawar was one of the most special, a city of immense history, culture, and some of the most incredible meat dishes of anywhere in the world. People have huge hearts, and a great taste of delicious food. Thank you Waqas and Peshawar for an amazing street food tour!
    Halwa puri - We started off this Peshawar street food tour with first breakfast, halwa puri, something that is loved throughout Pakistan. Their version was one of the best, fried in pure desi ghee, and what I loved most was the chana, chickpeas stew.
    Nika Seri Pai - Breakfast number two was one of the best dishes I ate in all of Pakistan - Peshawari seri paye, this version made with stewed cows feet. The stew was so rich and incredibly thick - like one of the most rich things you could possibly eat. What I loved so much about Peshawari paye is that it had an incredible garlic flavor. The meat was fall apart tender melting as well.
    Price - 500 PKR ($3.73) per bowl
    Sir Cunningham Clock Tower - After breakfast we headed to walk around and explore Peshawar, which has some ancient history, and is a fascinating city to explore. Masjid Mahabat Khan is one of the oldest and landmark mosques in Peshawar that’s well worth a visit.
    Brains masala - 90 PKR ($0.67) - After having some amazing Peshawari tea, we then continued on to eat brains masala, which he literally whipped up in minutes, and we had a fresh plate of cow brains masala. It was delicious especially with the added chutney.
    Pomegranate juice 200 PKR ($1.49) per cup - This is a cup of juice I could hardly even believe. It was the best, freshest, and perfectly sweet and tart cup of pomegranate juice I’ve ever had.
    Peshawari pulao - 185 PKR ($1.38) per plate - Next on this Pakistani street food tour of Peshawar, we had Peshawari pulao, which is quite similar to Kabuli pulao. The rice was lightly seasoned, cooked with meat and chickpeas. It was awesome.
    Saag and lassi - 50 PKR ($0.37) - Another highlight from this amazing street food tour of Peshawar was the saag and lassi sold by an extremely friendly man right outside the pulao restaurant. The saag was so healthy and fresh, and the lassi was freshly whipped up.
    Kaptaan Chappal - One of the best things I brought back with me from Pakistan are Kaptaan Chappals, the locals sandals made in Pakistan. We went to the same shop that Mr. Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, is famous for buying his sandals that he wears almost everyday.
    Nisar Khan Charsi Tikka Shish Mahel - Finally, a food trip to Peshawar wouldn’t be complete without eating at Nisar Khan Charsi Tikka, the most famous restaurant in Peshawar for meat, specifically lamb. Everything was incredibly good, and I especially loved the lamb chops.
    Total price - 2,600 PKR ($19.38)
    An amazing day in Peshawar, it was one of those days where everything is fascinating, everywhere you look and everything you taste.
    Thank you again to Waqas for taking us around:
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