voxeljet: the 3D printed Starbug prop - Red Dwarf

  • Published on Mar 8, 2017
  • Primarily, Red Dwarf is a character driven comedy with science fiction elements used as complementary plot devices. It has a great reputation for its use in scale models over digital special effects and not much has changed over the years. One of the main space crafts used in the series is the JMC transport vehicle Starbug which has appeared in most of the episodes and has been known to crash land on a number of occasions.
    In production terms, the scale model of Starbug needed to be strong enough to withstand several crashes while being used on set. We approached the team at Red Dwarf to discuss a possible solution to preserve their ‘hero’ Starbug from sustaining any damage at all.
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Comments • 16

  • RetroShrewd
    RetroShrewd 5 years ago

    That's amazing! I never knew how big it was. I wish that was my job! You lucky guys!

  • Graham Bunting
    Graham Bunting 2 years ago

    Love it :-)

  • Stuart Taylor
    Stuart Taylor 5 years ago

    I'd love to be able to get the cat design for this or a copy or something?? someone must have some info on it or possible buying of a replica? thanks, Stuart

  • gold333
    gold333 3 years ago +2

    Painted green by brush and in one coat???? why? Great way to kill surface detail.

    • Frenky Gnaka
      Frenky Gnaka 3 years ago

      gold333 looks like a kid painted with his feet

  • leatherworkstation

    Who made the one that you scanned in?

  • mdwtv
    mdwtv 5 years ago +3

    can you guys print me one :) it's amazing

  • AJC
    AJC 5 months ago

    STL please!

  • Nex Pro
    Nex Pro Year ago

    Ooooooh yeah

  • felix rodrigues
    felix rodrigues 4 years ago

    once again how much does it cost for one????why don't you answer anybodies questions????

    • felix rodrigues
      felix rodrigues 9 months ago

      @C H im sorry for my rudeness, i aplogise........

    • C H
      C H 9 months ago

      Stop demanding answers. So rude.

    • Charles Teague
      Charles Teague 4 years ago

      How much does it cost to build/print one though?

    • felix rodrigues
      felix rodrigues 4 years ago

      thank you, for getting back to me

    • voxeljet
      voxeljet  4 years ago +1

      Hi Felix,
      Thank you for qour inquiry. This model was made specifically for the customer. Unfortunately we cannot offer this for sale. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Best regards
      your voxeljet-team

  • Frenky Gnaka
    Frenky Gnaka 3 years ago

    What about CGI ? Just 1000 times cheaper and better looking results...
    great 3D printer for industrial productions by the way!