Kitchen Nightmares - Season 6 Episode 4 - Kati Allo Full Episode HD

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Xynnful
      Xynnful 3 days ago

      +Renee Wells Me too but I think the person uploading should not be having a Patreon.

    • Deva Pratama
      Deva Pratama 22 days ago

      God... gordon ramsay!!!
      Don't ever getting old... for any points you did
      You did best for every person and every bussines..
      God bless you ramsay😊

    • wayward skirt
      wayward skirt 3 months ago +1

      Thanks for uploading. Wish you were monetized, you provide a service that Ramsays channel is not doing. Cheers!

    • Renee Wells
      Renee Wells 4 months ago +3

      Albert Laure go suck a dick I can’t find this shit on Netflix

    • Hell is Forever - Obey Jesus
      Hell is Forever - Obey Jesus 5 months ago +1

      Matt 7:21

      Jesus said, “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. To many I will say, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’

  • Adnan Syed
    Adnan Syed Day ago

    Anyone know how they shutdown?

  • Adnan Syed
    Adnan Syed Day ago

    I was eating food and choked when he poured out the stuff in the jar.

  • that kid you always see but don't know their name

    why do i always think the food looks really good

  • Paul Alia
    Paul Alia 3 days ago +1

    God bless you Gordon Ramsey!
    God bless all the staff!
    One of the best episode!

  • badria Abdulmanan
    badria Abdulmanan 3 days ago

    Always remember that everything you do should always love and gratefulness without that specially in a relationship/marriages it will never work.

  • Josh M
    Josh M 4 days ago

    At least this does not feel like actors

  • Gardevoir
    Gardevoir 4 days ago

    good god i would like to have a daughter like her

  • madeline kavanagh
    madeline kavanagh 5 days ago

    Love the into so much!

  • Jacob Hendrickse
    Jacob Hendrickse 5 days ago

    Insert my big fat Greek wedding joke here

  • Christian Camargo
    Christian Camargo 5 days ago

    That wig is trash

  • Jean-Edouard Ahmedozzi

    I didn't know they served Dwemer Gyro in restaurants. No wonder customers ran away.

  • WCTW Redux
    WCTW Redux 6 days ago

    Chef, Gordan Ramsay:Marriage counselor

  • JamesTsin
    JamesTsin 8 days ago

    Kati alo in Greek means “something else”

  • Bryton Asapace
    Bryton Asapace 8 days ago

    The microwaving reminded me of the movie "Waiting..."

  • TheClassicalSymphony

    He looks like Victor Mature's brother!

  • howard beale
    howard beale 9 days ago

    Love me some Ramsay madness! Thanks for the chan. Subscribed.

  • Farrel Zain
    Farrel Zain 10 days ago

    30:30 tits😂

  • FlyingOctorok
    FlyingOctorok 11 days ago


  • Kawigirl 117
    Kawigirl 117 11 days ago

    Disgusting behave from all of you disgusting. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zyro official
    Zyro official 13 days ago

    ramsay lol women downstairs :P hehe in love the series just reached season 6 in one month :)

  • Ahona Shorif
    Ahona Shorif 14 days ago

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    How are you? I am fine by the grace of Almighty Allah.
    The results of my annual examination has just been announced. And you will be glad to know that i have stood first in order of merit. My Class teacher has thanked me. Now i need your and my mother's blessing so that i can do better in exams yet to come.
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    Father I'm sorry to bother you for monry but i need all these books badly otherwise i cannot have an excellent result

  • Ahona Shorif
    Ahona Shorif 14 days ago

    Dear disha.
    The marriage ceremony of my sister Marufa is going to be heild on Friday 20, november, 2018. We know you are good at stage decoration. Wr shall be very happy if you come one day earlier and take part in various activities. My parents also want yoyr arrival earlier.
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    We are egerly waiting for your arrival. Don't forget come time. I'm well. Convey my best regards to your parents. With love and good wishes to you and the youngers

  • ßang
    ßang 15 days ago

    The wife’s reaction when she saw the new restaurant was so pure

  • ThiccyCheeze
    ThiccyCheeze 15 days ago

    Follow Thiccycheeze on instagram

  • Hendy 02 Oke
    Hendy 02 Oke 15 days ago

    It's great to have a supportive wife like her. Everything is falling a part, but she still wants to support her husband.

  • Myles AJ Kay
    Myles AJ Kay 16 days ago

    Dr. phil and Ramsey should do a show together

  • Myles AJ Kay
    Myles AJ Kay 17 days ago

    Are they still open???

  • Desmin Taylor
    Desmin Taylor 17 days ago +1


    You're welcome

  • Lollypop fire
    Lollypop fire 18 days ago

    at 9:30 my 2 brain cells couldnt understand this situation and at 10:34 my tears are getting ready for it
    this never happened in my family and i thank god for that but im so sensitive

  • 2.-.birdz
    2.-.birdz 19 days ago +1

    Why tf did i think he was choking her out in the thumb nail😂😂😭😭

  • Kc Ok
    Kc Ok 21 day ago

    Chef Ramsey comes across as hard... really he is so caring... he does it to open peoples eyes that are glued shut!!!! Nothing but respect for chef Ramsey for sure!!!! Who else would take time out to help other restaurants that are failing and help to make them amazing ( only if the glue unstick off the eyelids)

  • _._necromancerjjj_._

    I was reading the title and it says kati allo which means something else and i was like, wtf happened to the freakin title 😂😂😂

  • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong

    No one talk about the microwave lady downstairs? Did she got crush to death by the lift? Lol 😂🤣

  • Abu
    Abu 22 days ago

    I feel for Irene. She feels genuinely bad and embarrassed about serving that good.

  • Tyarno Patrick
    Tyarno Patrick 23 days ago

    0:33 I feel so bad for her

  • Chris Maschio
    Chris Maschio 24 days ago

    That lady looks like a bee stung her on her top lip... it's between that and a fish

  • AxelSituation
    AxelSituation 24 days ago

    After watching Kitchen Nightmares, I never realised before that there is always a psychotic narcissist in denial behind every bad restaurant.

  • johnmark maynes
    johnmark maynes 25 days ago

    Kristinaaaaaa !!!!

  • LOLA G.
    LOLA G. 25 days ago

    If your food is so damn good. Then why is your restaurant a failure?

  • Kristel sil
    Kristel sil 25 days ago

    my food is the best🤣🤣

  • Kurachi84
    Kurachi84 25 days ago

    i know that this could change once again, and they could divorce and give up on each other, but i hope they'll be doing much better than that, and keep each other in mind
    so nice of Ramsay to help with both the restaurant and relationship

  • Edgar Cedano
    Edgar Cedano 26 days ago

    What he should do is teach them how to cook not only how to keep the kitchen clean

  • MasonsLIe
    MasonsLIe 27 days ago

    Smell that! I love how Gordon Ramsey isn't scared to touch all that rotten rancid food and smell it too. Lol

  • Anirban Gupta
    Anirban Gupta Month ago

    All I know is that Spiderman didn't want to see queens that way

  • Billythegreat23 b
    Billythegreat23 b Month ago

    2 minutes is the time that we can go with his daughter if you know what I’m saying

  • Will 88
    Will 88 Month ago

    The old waitress is so adorable. She tried but couldn't hold it in. She just kept apologizing in a defeated manner. You can hear the hopelessness in her voice.

  • Seventh QuarterCorner

    I was having cereal at 10:45 at night and when I saw all that stuff in the restaurant I couldn’t eat for about 2 days...

  • Khenzani Myers
    Khenzani Myers Month ago

    oh,oh .The poor waitress nearly died from the sausage.

  • Isa Haque
    Isa Haque Month ago


  • Crash Lee
    Crash Lee Month ago

    He's such a therapist in most of these.

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley Month ago +1

    I’m da listen. To me! What a Caricature!

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley Month ago

    Freaking male ARROGANCE, especially European Male Arrogance. WOW!

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley Month ago


  • Memestar666 666
    Memestar666 666 Month ago

    When your a chef but at the same time a marriage coach.

  • Muggy
    Muggy Month ago

    I have to disagree with you

  • Lyds The Creator
    Lyds The Creator Month ago

    the noodles look like intestines

  • mind of joon
    mind of joon Month ago +1

    i love my man gordon to pieces but when he says ‘jeyero’, in the back of my mind i feel the primal instinct to drop my phone and run for miles’s cool though he could basically say anything and i’d change everything about myself to fit his expectations cause man’s a legend

  • Tonita Collins
    Tonita Collins Month ago

    God bless u Gordon u not just saving business u saving families God 🙏 u brother

  • Tonita Collins
    Tonita Collins Month ago

    This is wonderful , this is beautiful I am so excited

  • xu ying
    xu ying Month ago +2

    G - Good
    o - Omni
    r - Rose
    d - Dude
    o - Omni x2
    n - Nice
    R - (i dunno)
    a - Amazing
    n - Nice x2
    s - Super
    a - Amazing x2
    y - YEEETTT

  • Lei eii
    Lei eii Month ago

    Ramsey was really sent by God

  • Gabrielle Wakley
    Gabrielle Wakley Month ago +2

    Am I the only one whose binge watching these (bc I LOVE GORDON RAMASAY)

  • Love Superbeasto
    Love Superbeasto Month ago +1

    I'm scared to eat out now 🤢

  • Chan norak Pitou
    Chan norak Pitou Month ago

    For some reason I like watching chef Ramsey destroying restaurants

  • Athena GM
    Athena GM Month ago

    @ 21:48 when that door opened I thought a muppet was gonna come up and start with a show to entertain Ramsey🤣

  • Joe Nard
    Joe Nard Month ago

    Great story of love and forgiveness. God bless your family. Kudos Chef Gordon Ramsay and to your team!

  • Reserved Ink
    Reserved Ink Month ago

    „Hello...? Hello...?“ LMAO

  • claude hayden
    claude hayden Month ago

    place is closed now.

  • josieberry xo
    josieberry xo Month ago

    Update for those wondering.They closed April 2014, 10 months after this was filmed. They were closing temporarily for renovations but never opened back up.
    It made me so happy to see how thankful Christina was. Lots of owners are like "wow this is beautiful" but she really was so grateful and it's a nice change to see.

  • GW EN
    GW EN Month ago

    I felt bad for the wife she looks kind i really feel bad for her.

  • Elizabeth Flores
    Elizabeth Flores Month ago

    The bathroom that’s what I’m looking for hahahahaha

  • Shantasha Thorpe
    Shantasha Thorpe Month ago

    Chritina's expression so exaggerated😒

  • Billy Vidal
    Billy Vidal Month ago

    I hope she can afford her botox injections now.🙏

  • Special K
    Special K Month ago

    Food brings the LOVE! Good job!

  • Isabella Lmao
    Isabella Lmao Month ago

    Poor evelyn and Cristine 💙💙😢😢

  • Bianca Ramos Bianca Ramos

    Lmaoooo I was not expecting them to have someone in the basement like that sending food up on a little trolly TF

  • Clinton Felix
    Clinton Felix Month ago

    All i taste is GARLIC nd GREEEASE!

  • Ayesha Ahmed
    Ayesha Ahmed Month ago

    33:36 is she crying or is she happy

  • Barry Lee Reynolds
    Barry Lee Reynolds Month ago +4

    Am I the only one that keeps googling these restaurants and feel so sad that I have yet to find a restaurant that is still open?

    • Black Coffee
      Black Coffee 20 days ago +1

      Barry Lee Reynolds I was about to do that, yes it’s sad :(

  • Oishika Saha
    Oishika Saha Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay, the relationship counselor, in the house

  • Jesus Duran
    Jesus Duran Month ago

    I could relate to this shit just that they bein fighting for 20 plus years

  • Eden L
    Eden L Month ago

    33:27 Her reaction lol

  • Khushvinder Smagh
    Khushvinder Smagh Month ago

    Gods job gordan . You give hope to live life .

  • J Walker
    J Walker Month ago

    What Happened Next?
    Reviews were mixed after Gordon's makeover and the filming of the episode but Kati Allo closed in April 2014, days after the episode aired. The closure was supposed to be temporary whilst they made renovations but they never reopened.
    Kalamaki NYC, a Greek restaurant opened in its place in July 2014. Yelp reviews look good and it appears regulars from Kati Allo have become customers here too.

  • Mzov Again
    Mzov Again Month ago

    'i dont think its greasy"
    waitress literally dying in the background

  • Jacob Dy
    Jacob Dy Month ago

    As the eldest child, I was my siblings own child services, took my siblings at 17, worked, disciplined and raise them. God im exhausted, like really really exhausted if you catch my drift, this is the result of two a**holes who has a lot of pride but glad for them though, I really feel for evelyn.

  • Yeet Doe
    Yeet Doe Month ago

    I refuse to believe these are 40 minutes long

  • Nancy Sevilla
    Nancy Sevilla Month ago +1

    He is a dad. Poor kids.

  • Nancy Sevilla
    Nancy Sevilla Month ago +1

    4got 2 eat breakfeast.
    Watching this video.😂

  • Super Dean
    Super Dean Month ago

    Am I the only Greek here that understands what they are saying in Greek???

  • Farkas Csaba
    Farkas Csaba Month ago +1

    Chef Ramsey is unbelievable .......

  • Thia Love
    Thia Love Month ago +4

    This program is such a wonderful teaching venue for change in is something a clever professor would add to his/her curriculum. Every episode adds a new personality to hurdle over, and most stories are successful...which is heart warming.
    Yet, some stories are NOT fairytales and the endings are not so glamorous. Do note, I realize alot of editing is for dramatic purposes, to add spice to the show; yet the overall program is amazing human psychology at it finest.

  • Keo Kurai
    Keo Kurai Month ago

    Manny is an asshole. How to fuck do u drag your wife into this when she doesn't want to be in it. THEN sell the house that she loves because of a dream thats obviously failing....

  • HLighter
    HLighter Month ago

    The wife's reaction to the new restaurant had me dead XD

  • Dlard
    Dlard Month ago +1

    Microwave lady locked in the basement

  • Nora Izuoka Xu
    Nora Izuoka Xu Month ago

    omfg i laughed SO hard when christina saw the new look , heaven sent!!

  • Ashilee Jackson
    Ashilee Jackson Month ago

    Searched the place on google to see how they were doing.. Unfortunately it ended up closing down anyway.

    NZHALKO2 Month ago

    2 mins? wow hes quick

  • Slabatory1993
    Slabatory1993 Month ago

    Am I the only one that thinks the daughter is cute?