If These Games Scare You, You Have Low IQ

  • Published on Jul 26, 2019
  • If these games scare you, you have a low IQ. I don't make the rules, sorry. Me small brain
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  • Ayah Dhaher
    Ayah Dhaher 12 minutes ago

    Jack:1917 that's a great year to be in
    World war I:am I a joke to you?

  • Dawny Kitty
    Dawny Kitty 18 hours ago

    Sean: Am I just gonna die?
    *Ad Plays*
    Me: *laughing my ass off* PERFECT TIMING!!😂😂

  • T. Van der kooij
    T. Van der kooij 3 days ago


  • Lena Power
    Lena Power 9 days ago

    we need to get jack a chair like felix's so he can also say "but can you do this!?"

  • Lena Power
    Lena Power 9 days ago +1

    i litterally didnt flinch in the first, second, and third game.

  • chlo
    chlo 11 days ago

    7:31 shit me up jesus

  • Kayceesprite
    Kayceesprite 12 days ago

    Ngl Sean I'm like 80% sure the last game was a playable ad for the horror game making kit the guy used and made

  • Kahomie
    Kahomie 15 days ago

    Jack! You should play Blair Witch! If you feel like it of course!😊

  • Floofy Leopard
    Floofy Leopard 16 days ago

    “Uncle Frank!?? “ 😂

  • Gillian Cole-Hamilton
    Gillian Cole-Hamilton 17 days ago

    You’re under the sea

  • Matthew Rzepecki
    Matthew Rzepecki 18 days ago +1


  • Matthew Rzepecki
    Matthew Rzepecki 18 days ago

    Dude. Caps makes the video so much better.

  • Oscar Mitter
    Oscar Mitter 19 days ago +1

    Jack: 1917! A great year to be in!
    Me: If you want to live in the middle of the First World War... sure

  • shantelle
    shantelle 20 days ago

    me: gets jump scared and shrieks
    my sister, angry: the babies are asleep in the next room. shut the fuck up
    me: but,,, big tall man scar-ed me...

  • shan lowmow
    shan lowmow 22 days ago

    you should play insomnia

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith 24 days ago +1

    This is a legitimately spooky scary really well made game.

  • Tatyana Laterveer
    Tatyana Laterveer 25 days ago

    Jack: If this scares u have low IQ
    Me: I must be a real low

  • Putrido Cuerpo Existencial/Inexistencial

    Hahaha im eating and got super anxious in minute 7:29 and almost choked in minute 7:32 with an agressive jump and a hard scream with food in my mouth almost breathing it xD

  • Darkvina The Reaper Girl

    Jack: Hell Needs You, Traitor, Coward, No that's Simba
    Me: 🤣🤣

  • Asher keanu jones
    Asher keanu jones 27 days ago

    Guess I have a low iQ

  • World of Voices
    World of Voices Month ago

    Hello person roaming thr comments, have a random fact (cause why not):
    The last use of the guillotine was in 1977.

  • keezin1
    keezin1 Month ago

    on the 3rd game when the jump scare strikes I throw lemonade all over my school uniform lol love you anyway jack xx

  • Alexander Brandon
    Alexander Brandon Month ago

    I'm not spooked

  • BTS army Is cool
    BTS army Is cool Month ago

    You don’t walk to it you just stare it down

  • BTS army Is cool
    BTS army Is cool Month ago

    Spooky scary spooky scary spooky scary.....
    SpOoKy ScArY sKeLeToNs

  • I am Who iam
    I am Who iam Month ago

    “Look at that texture ass texture” ~Jacksepticeye 2019

  • Jaydin Stephen
    Jaydin Stephen Month ago

    Jack is way too good at sounding like Larry the cable guy

  • Jaydin Stephen
    Jaydin Stephen Month ago

    Whoever edited this needs a raise

  • Bbgunproductions
    Bbgunproductions Month ago

    Is anyone else watching during the spoopy month?

  • Griffin Jenks
    Griffin Jenks Month ago

    this must mean that I'm a genius

  • Erika Larsson
    Erika Larsson Month ago

    I love when Sean makes a joke and then just carries on like nothing happened while I’m sitting here laughing my butt off.

  • h e a v e n
    h e a v e n Month ago

    Best part? 16:21-16:32

  • Timotheuster
    Timotheuster Month ago

    24: 13 "Hiya there! Ish mee! Ol'Frankie boy. Goood ta shee ya agin. I learn-ed thees here new trend called dabbing! Looky how gerd I erm at eet! I can dab at 10,000 dabs per second!"

  • Timotheuster
    Timotheuster Month ago

    17:36 NOO! JACK CAN'T DRIVE!!

  • Timotheuster
    Timotheuster Month ago

    16:21 *COMEDY GOLD!*

  • Timotheuster
    Timotheuster Month ago

    7:38 Dayum that swagger walk!

  • Manon ter Hoeven
    Manon ter Hoeven Month ago +5

    Sean: "1917, that's a great year to be in"
    Me: "Meh... not so great with World War 1"

  • drawblank
    drawblank Month ago

    me: yeah nononononono *pauses video wanting to sleep*
    Also me:I'm not going to be able to sleep

  • drawblank
    drawblank Month ago

    Jack:*sees fan*
    Jack: AhHHH My Biggest FaN
    Me being a giggly lil bitch: *wakes everyone in the house with my laughter*

  • Epic furry and gacha hunter

    *Happy spooktober!* 👻🎃

  • Ladder
    Ladder Month ago


  • Emma Maceachern
    Emma Maceachern Month ago

    Well I guess I have a low IQ.

  • Nil
    Nil Month ago

    I actually really liked the 2016 Blair Witch

  • Blank Shadow
    Blank Shadow Month ago

    Oof old jack wont look that different if you think about it

  • Adam Onyx
    Adam Onyx Month ago


  • Adam Onyx
    Adam Onyx Month ago

    Seàn"This is terrifying"

    Also Seàn "Hehehe Fuck-deck"

  • chloe mcqueen
    chloe mcqueen Month ago

    Hahha i had to tap on the comment just darkened my screen a bit. Ill post this comment when the vid is done. Hahaahahahaha notice me senpai!!!!! New fan!

  • Victoria Vernarsky
    Victoria Vernarsky Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who laughed when seàn first saw that demon thing?.........

    ....just me?


  • legalize homicide
    legalize homicide Month ago

    Can't have a low IQ if you don't have an IQ.

  • Chris Futral
    Chris Futral Month ago


    Also Jack: gets scared of a video he titled if u get scared u have low iq

  • Madz Music
    Madz Music Month ago

    I love watching Sean playing horror games because he’s super funny with them. Also this is my third comment, super sorry I’ll stop 😂

  • Madz Music
    Madz Music Month ago

    I like how he was at the apartment then drove to the woods for a hike even though he just came from a haunted apartment 😂

  • Madz Music
    Madz Music Month ago

    Jack: *walks towards him* stare the devil down!
    Devil: you wanna play this? *attacks*
    Jack: AHHHH *runs*

  • Lala_The_Wolf lol
    Lala_The_Wolf lol Month ago

    At 25:31 i jumped and my hand slipped 10 seconds

  • Lala_The_Wolf lol
    Lala_The_Wolf lol Month ago


  • World of Voices
    World of Voices Month ago +1

    I think I'll take risk of horror movie death over water damage all on the walls and floor....
    At least if I'm dead I don't have to worry about expenses. I don't have to worry about anything....
    I can't worry about anything.....

  • Zane Meyer
    Zane Meyer Month ago

    I don’t want to see one more comment that says something about “Jack”

  • Olivia Imes
    Olivia Imes 2 months ago

    23:20 I cried when he ran towers the screen

  • Olivia Imes
    Olivia Imes 2 months ago +1

    14:33 made my flight or fight go though the roof

  • Ayera
    Ayera 2 months ago

    if fuck deck isn't a funny joke, why did we all laugh at it?