The Most Creative & Smart Plays In Football

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
  • 👍 The Most Creative & Smart Plays In Football ⚽🔥
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  • CEM
    CEM 15 hours ago

  • Mochamad Farid
    Mochamad Farid 2 days ago


  • Richard_H45
    Richard_H45 3 days ago

    Essa do Ronaldinho foi foda! O Bruxo foi malandro demais! Haha!

  • Mod Reno
    Mod Reno 3 days ago

    1:34 how the guays are lifting theyr Arms to signalize offside. What a spare of time.

  • King Kayode
    King Kayode 4 days ago

    The music made me stop watching this. Smh.

  • Deiv A
    Deiv A 5 days ago


  • peter c
    peter c 6 days ago

    What about TA-A's corner against Barca?

  • Carryminati
    Carryminati 6 days ago +4

    What could he do ?
    Pass it to the two players who were completely open on the left wing

  • Bhoviz Gibran
    Bhoviz Gibran 6 days ago

    0:26 Backsound?

  • king of peace
    king of peace 6 days ago


  • Faris Playz
    Faris Playz 7 days ago

    What is the song 5:40

  • lollo lollo
    lollo lollo 8 days ago

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  • Aaron Meeus
    Aaron Meeus 8 days ago

    too bad that at 4:17 they didnt show the original penalty from johan cruijff but they did messi.

  • Moises Kirby Mileño

    These videos makes me want to go hit up all my friends to go play soccer outside even if it’s snowing right now.

  • Eternium
    Eternium 9 days ago

    7:57 posición adelantada???

  • Soy Milton y solo eso

    Faltó el tiro de esquina de alexander arnold vs Barcelona

  • STR Thiago
    STR Thiago 9 days ago


  • Will Stoppani
    Will Stoppani 10 days ago


  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 11 days ago +18

    For everyone saying ronaldinhos goal was offside you can’t be offside from a throw in

  • DHLT2inDark
    DHLT2inDark 11 days ago

    1:16 Pq nao foi impedimento?

  • Sr.Galáxia
    Sr.Galáxia 12 days ago

    Qual é o nome da música do vídeo

  • Jeremy Beauchamp
    Jeremy Beauchamp 12 days ago

    Go follow @goal_line123 on Instagram!

  • The Cipper
    The Cipper 13 days ago

    5:06 : Crocodile’s move

  • #Rivaille -.-
    #Rivaille -.- 13 days ago

    First music name?

  • Estêvão Paiva
    Estêvão Paiva 13 days ago

    What was that Diljaminha's thing?

  • Dan from the Burgh
    Dan from the Burgh 14 days ago

    the quote in the beginning is by johan cruiff

  • Sultan
    Sultan 14 days ago

    There's some good clips that I have in mind that goes along with this specially from my league

  • At Avrat Badou
    At Avrat Badou 15 days ago

    Alexander Arnold?

  • 킹버린
    킹버린 15 days ago

    Jinu real geniuos

  • Stefan Wanckel
    Stefan Wanckel 15 days ago


  • Johnathon Abbott
    Johnathon Abbott 15 days ago

    I'm glad they started calling offside for interfering with the play in any way. What those players did was smart for the time, but it's a bit cheap considering it will have an effect on the keeper no matter what

  • Tanha Jan
    Tanha Jan 17 days ago

    Wow it is crazy football

  • markdelej
    markdelej 17 days ago

    How was messi not offside there with the pedro situation? He clearly interfered with play as defenders stopped. No way he didnt interfere. Same with milan goal and sanchez goal

    ZAKI GAME 18 days ago

    1:11 how is this not an offside

  • Lutor r
    Lutor r 18 days ago

    i may know nothing about football but isnt it offside?

    • Lutor r
      Lutor r 17 days ago

      @Jack H oh.. I see, now it makes sense.

    • Jack H
      Jack H 18 days ago +1

      Cant be offside on a throw in.

  • Sean Osullivan
    Sean Osullivan 18 days ago

    When you showed the cheat codes there is a great one from johan cruyff. When the keeper throws the ball to kick it out of the air, johan swoops in and takes it.

  • manoz 26
    manoz 26 19 days ago

    They just copied a video

  • manoz 26
    manoz 26 19 days ago

    There was a grat video with same categories but i cant find it pls help me

    DUY ĐỖ PHƯƠNG 20 days ago

    Beating the offside trap.... where is Nani :)) ?

  • Vincent Raj
    Vincent Raj 21 day ago

    Maradona kept his head cool!!!

  • Frederik Thomese
    Frederik Thomese 21 day ago

    Cruyff invented that penalty not messi you idiot

  • Murasame
    Murasame 21 day ago

    0:39 What you can also do to beat the offside trap like Schalke in this example: here is to just hope that the referee and the linesman are completely drunk.

  • Jackal Matlou
    Jackal Matlou 21 day ago +1

    That music though 👌🏿👌🏿

  • ammar syahril
    ammar syahril 21 day ago

    F. Inzaghi not included?

  • AnarchoHumanism
    AnarchoHumanism 21 day ago +2

    0:38 I like how you feature number 10 Maradona in napoli, who made the team what is is today, only for Maradona get royally f***** by Napoli and italy in general. One of the greatest players of all time. This makes me embarrassed to be italian, and it should make you embarrassed too.

  • Mega Indgiev
    Mega Indgiev 22 days ago

    Barca stil waitin for that corner kick from Alex Arnold 🤭

  • Аккыранбек Толеген

    *pleasant viewing*

  • Sergio thanos
    Sergio thanos 22 days ago

    wow no ozil. what a joke

  • akC012
    akC012 23 days ago

    dude plsss wats the sound track played in the beginning? im losing my mind trying to find it. pllssss do reply

  • Eduardo Ramírez
    Eduardo Ramírez 23 days ago

    Buen video pero si no está Dennis B y Roberto B no es de nivel. 👍

  • Rafael Avagyan
    Rafael Avagyan 23 days ago


  • Adams roi
    Adams roi 24 days ago


  • andryd nayib
    andryd nayib 24 days ago +2

    Name music?

  • Christopher X
    Christopher X 24 days ago

    As for creative set pieces, this one is good: The opening scene in

  • DL_Tim
    DL_Tim 25 days ago +1

    The Netherlands pressing in the 70's/80's

  • Marco Manzini
    Marco Manzini 25 days ago

    Italia 2006, sale la nostalgia

  • John Fenn
    John Fenn 25 days ago

    Name of the song used?

  • rigdigwus
    rigdigwus 25 days ago

    wow that ronaldinho move was such a dick move. how low

  • Howard Smith
    Howard Smith 25 days ago

    This is why soccer is such a great sport. It looks like a bunch of guys running around for an hour and a half, but there is so much sneakiness, conniving, and fabulous footwork that, when done right, it is a beauty to behold.

  • Jérémy Belot
    Jérémy Belot 26 days ago

    6:35 the ugliest touch I ever seen..