Filmmaker Reacts to CRAZY HOLLYWOOD CAMERA Techniques!

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  6 days ago +2350

    My brain is fried. THESE ARE SO COOL!

    • Michael
      Michael Day ago

      please do!make more videos on that stuff! make one with Audrey Ember!

    • Aniket Padwal
      Aniket Padwal Day ago

      I probably know how the mirror shot was done! :)

    • Christopher Ives
      Christopher Ives Day ago

      The shot of running in the mirror: You pull zoom back as she runs toward the mirror.

  • a' am
    a' am Day ago


  • Black3ternity
    Black3ternity Day ago

    I would LOVE to see more like this. Not to discredit any awesome footage - but to further show that NOT everything is CGI and that there are amazing cameramen and all the Crew-Stuff is happening without anyone ever noticing. They need to get exposed more and take pride in their work.
    THIS is what I would love to do for a living. Pulling off stuff like this. Getting off work and knowing that there is an amazing shot that I participated in - whatever that role might be. And that maybe not even a single person will notice - except for people like you - that know that it's there.

  • bella rose
    bella rose Day ago


  • Fauzan Mokhtar
    Fauzan Mokhtar Day ago

    Your energy in this video is grande' (like all in your videos haha). Now, I'm more eager to push myself becoming a better videographer/filmmaker.

  • Design-Circle
    Design-Circle Day ago

    It's still a great idea to do some 3D content!

  • J
    J Day ago

    teach us a lot more peter Mckinnon!

  • Paul Alexandru Velcea

    please remove the idiot youtube music from the background of the videos. thx

  • Claw
    Claw Day ago +1

    You should go to Marques’s studio to mess around with his camera robot thing. It would be a great video to watch!

  • BeeP Official
    BeeP Official Day ago


  • Pahoa Productions

    those vids were crazy!!! but I definitely don't want to watch a movie and think, "how are they doing that?" lol Maybe the second time I watch the movie but definitely not the first time watching. Great vid though, loved it

  • Daniel Dominguez

    this video makes the list for most unnecessary youtube videos ever

  • Maheen .I
    Maheen .I Day ago

    *PART 2 PLEASE!*

  • Rahul Jain
    Rahul Jain Day ago

    I was quite impressed with you untill now.... You just made me realize that my life has been meaningless. The answer to life is not 42. It is this video!!!

  • Babu Kun
    Babu Kun Day ago


  • DAF21films
    DAF21films Day ago

    the scene from contact was actually done in post!!

  • Meccarox
    Meccarox Day ago +1

    What subreddit?

  • Rafael Ramos da Costa

    the mirror was made with some kind of tilt-shift zoom?

  • Giraffe Man
    Giraffe Man Day ago +1

    10:10 literally my reaction

  • Roleycola b
    Roleycola b Day ago

    was the 3rd one a siege trailer

    ITsSHAWN Day ago

    I have never felt so under qualified

  • Gladwin James
    Gladwin James Day ago

    I'm sad this video Ended

  • Sanu Francis
    Sanu Francis Day ago

    More of these please 🙏

  • Issa Sam
    Issa Sam Day ago

    All of Ok-Go music video clip. Worth watching.

  • Phiqtional
    Phiqtional Day ago

    Damn, most if not ALL these vids you've shown us frickin mindblowing. My brain hurts now.

  • Outdoors Unlimited

    isn't the mirror shot just a dolly zoom? it would make the subject remain the size giving that impression of running in place

  • RagingBubuli
    RagingBubuli Day ago

    That running towards the medcab blows my mind.

  • Frederick Tan
    Frederick Tan Day ago

    my brain. is blown

  • Akshay Tayade
    Akshay Tayade Day ago

    The cocaine scene is actually all VFX its from a Video game

  • The FIFY Show
    The FIFY Show Day ago

    That mirror one is too easy!

  • Kristians Kažmers

    Hey Peter if you get to do a video about continious shots then you just have to take a look at Russian Ark. It's a 96 minute long movie filmed in a single take. One continious shot and it's absolutely insane.


    haha your reactions remind me of this guy who does different brands' CEOs on Collegehumor, do more of these man!

  • Matt Geerlings
    Matt Geerlings Day ago

    This was super entertaining! Make more of these

  • Aliya Geurts
    Aliya Geurts Day ago

    also for the girl running and in the mirror, she ran towards the mirror why the camera slowly zoomed out of the mirror

  • Joheal Antonio
    Joheal Antonio Day ago

    7:35 Cinecom TheXvid channel knows.......

  • Mon De Ochoa
    Mon De Ochoa Day ago

    Crazy continuous shoots? Watch Alfonso Cuaron work.

  • Endi
    Endi Day ago

    This video reminds me that everybody experiences impostors syndrome when they see a skill that they wish they had. :D

  • kyan biddle
    kyan biddle Day ago

    3:48 thats just a video game its not a film

  • MR O'D
    MR O'D Day ago

    and they used a dog!

  • Noor Noor
    Noor Noor Day ago


  • Cierra Olson
    Cierra Olson Day ago

    omg do more of these!!

    UL SHINE Day ago

    Do this type tech video again please

  • Datsko
    Datsko Day ago

    0:08 yes... we did ... because you didn't show us anything

  • Gandalf Coigny
    Gandalf Coigny Day ago

    I’m inspired! Thanks for your content, man!

  • Sam12432 3
    Sam12432 3 Day ago


  • Ahsanul Islam
    Ahsanul Islam Day ago

    The shoot of the mirror. He zoomed out his camera i guess.

  • Jonah Toys N Games
    Jonah Toys N Games Day ago +1

    Awesome clips! If I had to guess, I'd say the girl running towards the mirror one was probably a camera placed somewhere above then cropped out in post-production. I also use free editing tools so what do I know, lol

  • CherryRibble MyButt

    I'm just here for the techniques

  • toxiclow
    toxiclow Day ago

    THe blood and coke vid is from a game called ghost recon, and it's all cgi

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks Day ago

    7:00 NO

    • James Brooks
      James Brooks Day ago

      ok, i see how it was done now, i wish i had seen that back in 1997 when my mind would had to have stayed blown for forever
      not sure why she's running funny though

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks Day ago

    peter learns that food photography is pure deception

  • Jack
    Jack Day ago

    The ghost recon trailer is CGI

  • Cooper Hullinger

    what movies at 9:50

  • Azov
    Azov Day ago

    10:18 you should watch "Climax". the french movie idk if there's another one, this one came to a local theater like 2 weeks ago and the 48 minute long continous shot is insane.

  • Tommy Conlin
    Tommy Conlin Day ago

    3:45 isnt that the trailer or cgi for tom clancy ghost recon wildland, a game ?

    ZOE FARAH Day ago

    more of these please! i love this

  • JRB Studios
    JRB Studios Day ago

    I'm pretty sure you can zoom out from the mirror to get that shot tbh idk if it's that complicated but I also don't know exactly what they did I'm just thinking about it

  • Butch Klinginsmith

    We need another video. More of this!!!!

  • Vincent Le
    Vincent Le Day ago

    What Subreddit is this from?


    I love how you shared your raw excitement and transparency with us in this video! We’re all continuously learning and growing.

  • Kpru Taw
    Kpru Taw Day ago

    It’s amazing how you can be a really good filmmaker and not even know how some shots are made. Creativity is amazing.

  • Phule Up
    Phule Up Day ago

    Just thinking off the top of my head without even thinking about it but the mirror shot, could they have used a one way mirror or something, recorded it twice and then fix it in post

  • Lernen.Ohne. Angst.official

    Absolutely incredible!

  • Oscar Zheng
    Oscar Zheng Day ago

    I think Cinecom did a how to for the mirror one for one of their copycat Friday episode

  • Michael Coburn
    Michael Coburn Day ago

    yeah, mind blown.

  • MeanBarrel
    MeanBarrel Day ago

    What reddit is this?

  • Moira O'Brien
    Moira O'Brien Day ago

    I am as speechless as you - these are just awesome shots' thank you so much for sharing them.

  • dontlookatluke
    dontlookatluke Day ago +2

    The camera is rigged to a 45 degree angle medicine cabinet on wheels. It follows the girl through the hallway and she opens it at the end of the shot

    • dontlookatluke
      dontlookatluke Day ago

      Weston Ney Valid theory, but there’s no way a zoom can follow her through the hallway like that. The camera clearly passes the doorframe

    • Weston Ney
      Weston Ney Day ago

      Or she ran through the hall as the camera zoomed out until she got close enough to open the cabinet.

  • Frank K.
    Frank K. Day ago

    This video should be called : Filmmaker watching CRAZY HOLLYWOOD Camera techniques and reacts as a regular person!

    • Frank K.
      Frank K. Day ago

      P.S: No hate, it just makes me laugh. Peace. ✌🏽

  • ReGiS
    ReGiS Day ago

    What’s the movie from the blood into the bag of coke?

  • Yinka Bain
    Yinka Bain Day ago

    7:00 woww 😀😨

  • Yinka Bain
    Yinka Bain Day ago

    This made me happy. Filmmaking makes me happy.

  • Anton Andersson
    Anton Andersson Day ago

    Damn, I often ruin movies because I think about just this. How scenes are done. Like for example, if I’m watching a horror film and it’s a really scary scene, my brain automatically thinks about how the scene was shot, which makes the scene a lot less scary lol.

  • PrePix
    PrePix Day ago

    I think the mirror was a greenscreen

  • Sarah Barrett
    Sarah Barrett Day ago

    I’ve seen a lot of these, but I think what’s so interesting is seeing someone as experienced and skilled as you being so blown away. It’s very humbling and makes us see you more as a person.

  • Rowena Gil
    Rowena Gil Day ago

    You should watch the unedited version of Walk Off The Earth's Red hands music video!

  • Sky Wu
    Sky Wu Day ago

    lmao 3:41 "dood went out the dooor..."

  • Ambitious Kant
    Ambitious Kant Day ago

    And as a "filmmaker", you haven't seen Contact.

  • Pippa Riddick
    Pippa Riddick Day ago

    If youre into continuous shots, you should watch Victoria (2015). The whole movie is actually one shot. They did 3 takes, closed down parts of Berlin for each take. Super clever BUT a great film on its own without thinking about the camera stuff! It blew my mind even thinking about battery life for that.

  • jdmjunkie7
    jdmjunkie7 Day ago

    Wouldn’t the mirror scene just be zoomed in and zoomed out as she was running toward the mirror behind the camera man and he was off the side just enough for the camera not to be seen?

  • James gair
    James gair Day ago

    The timeline scares me, 4:30

  • Green House
    Green House Day ago +3

    You have to watch that macro lense that’s been shot on a bullet type thing it’s so cool I like goes through a book and other things it’s so cool

  • Taz Frase
    Taz Frase Day ago

    "I hope you're not depressed like I am" LOL

  • Mr_Rohrzange
    Mr_Rohrzange Day ago

    that mirror scene:
    the camera is facing to the mirror and is in an angle where you cant see it in the mirror

  • Tomy Rottman
    Tomy Rottman Day ago

    the mirror scene is a movable wall

  • Taz Frase
    Taz Frase Day ago


  • Timo
    Timo Day ago

    Where can I find the Reddit post of the clip at 8:30?

  • Kazano Beats
    Kazano Beats Day ago

    Yo man, I don't know of you already have seen the movie Children of Men... but it's a film with some smart as shots, I can advise you to see it :)

  • a patatoe flew around ma room

    You look like if Paul Rudd and Matt Czuchry had a kid... yes its weird but eh

  • .matics
    .matics Day ago

    It looks like the mirror is moving together with the camera (camera and mirror are fixed on one rig that "runs" infront of the girl), slowly going into a wider shot. Insane shot.

  • Marc McLean
    Marc McLean Day ago

    I feel pretty much the same as you when watching bts scenes like these, at first I'm amazed, then I get a bit jealous haha 😂

  • Wiktor Klusek
    Wiktor Klusek Day ago

    The mirror one was probably done by some how zooming into the mirror and slightly moving the camera


    Great video. I also really like your setup in this blog.

  • GamingWithBirdsong

    the camera was close to the mirror and zoomed in it was zoomed out andmoved to the side as she got closer. YW

  • Joy Sindern
    Joy Sindern Day ago

    It would have been perfect if you would have shown your set up at the end ;)

  • Create Not Destroy

    MORE. The girl in the hallway and opens the mirrored door, WOOOOWWW

  • Ross Guzman
    Ross Guzman Day ago

    If you want more crazy shots check out the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which is directed by Michel Gondry, the same director from that continuous shot you saw with the woman and the apartment) or just anything by Michel Gondry, specially his music videos. The best part about his work is that most of his camera tricks are done on set, he plays a lot with the mise en scene, he is my favorite director, such a genius *cries* haha

  • OnceYouPop YouCantStop

    Havent seen you in a while, happy to say your energy is great....inspired me. Thx

  • Chris Tropea Photo Video

    The mirror shot looks like it could be a dolly in and zoom out shooting into the mirror like the “jaws shot”

  • Ross Guzman
    Ross Guzman Day ago