Gordon Ramsay’s Recipes for a Better School Lunch

  • Published on Apr 8, 2017
  • We’ve pieced together some of our favourite recipes from the channel into one Back to School special - tell us below what your perfect school lunch is?
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  • Brandon Verduzco

    Hey dad, don’t get upset, I appreciate what you made, but I would just like a pop tart and some lunchables would be fine.

    BIG GAY Day ago

    Those aren't fucking donuts

    BIG GAY Day ago

    But Gordon I can't afford this expensive white food McDonald's will do

  • Minister Mafia
    Minister Mafia Day ago

    0:23 thank me later

  • The Witch King of Angmar

    Gordon, come to my school if you want a real kitchen Nightmare.

    VADIMO 2 days ago


  • Aleksandra Janczy
    Aleksandra Janczy 2 days ago +1

    Who thinks Ramsay should make a cookbook?

  • Aleksandra Janczy
    Aleksandra Janczy 2 days ago +1

    I have dumplings at my school, and im still trying to figure out how to make them 🤔

  • Throw Away
    Throw Away 3 days ago

    America's kids are overweight because of the fats used in their lunches
    Gordon Ramsey here, so for lunch today put half a stick of butter in the pan, add potatoes, done. Oh and put bacon on it.

  • Salllty
    Salllty 3 days ago

    Who else here is really hungry and is on a Gordon Ramsay marathon?

  • wenjingsaf
    wenjingsaf 3 days ago

    he sounds like hes about to cum towards the end of the doughnut recipe lolol

    ROB MOORE 4 days ago +1

    Because Maureen the dinner lady will cook this 🙄

  • Santa Jacky
    Santa Jacky 4 days ago

    yes gonne flour my balls 3.16min

    ABHISHEK KUMAR 4 days ago

    He seems like a peaceful guy when he is not working with junior chefs...

  • Faisal Alqaisi
    Faisal Alqaisi 4 days ago

    From the thumbnail I can say that got Gordon is getting old 😂😂

  • The Oof channel
    The Oof channel 4 days ago

    Who watches but never does these because their too poor

  • nMeX Trapstar
    nMeX Trapstar 4 days ago

    Not everyone likes onions

  • Chelsey Dela Cruz
    Chelsey Dela Cruz 5 days ago

    Gordon: makes lunch from scratch
    My lunch lady: opens up frozen premade lunch and puts them in the oven for 15 min

  • Nick Rff
    Nick Rff 5 days ago

    Go chase a mice😂
    Jesus Ramsey?! Grammar

  • Junaeid Shadib
    Junaeid Shadib 6 days ago

    5:31 *noice*

  • Anju S
    Anju S 6 days ago +1

    Excuse me? Did he just make a French fry sandwich?

  • Alonne
    Alonne 6 days ago

    Ernie..pssstt...D I S A P P E A R

  • Cecilia Bober
    Cecilia Bober 6 days ago

    This dude using metal spoon on Teflon 🤣

  • Charles Henderson
    Charles Henderson 6 days ago

    Salt.pepper.olive oil.DoNe

  • Sophie Tala
    Sophie Tala 6 days ago

    go chase some mice....

    me when my sister interrupts me 😂

  • Flavio Nevarez
    Flavio Nevarez 6 days ago

    Can I get these ingredients at Walmart?

  • Speedy 19
    Speedy 19 7 days ago

    I love it how even when Gordon smiles it looks like he's gonna massacre you with insults

  • Tomoki
    Tomoki 7 days ago +12

    Gordon: *"I get so excited whenever I make donuts."*
    Me: I bet you get excited when you make anything -_-

  • Erick Salazar Sifuentes

    Grabare un vídeo de perspectiva vs realidad donde voy a hacer todo esto y me haré famoso por la cantidad de estupideces que cometere. 😁

  • Lee Maguire
    Lee Maguire 7 days ago +2

    Wow, totally different person when your in your home kitchen. Keep expecting you to start shouting and berating people lmfao. Love the lessons. Thankyou.

  • Akanksha G Khoda
    Akanksha G Khoda 7 days ago

    that potato and beans is a lot like Indian aloo tikki :D

  • Heroplaydate Gaming
    Heroplaydate Gaming 7 days ago

    Gordan Ramsey looks alike Thanos from Avengers Infinity War

  • Claude Ball
    Claude Ball 7 days ago

    Uh....was that a French fry sandwich?

  • me
    me 8 days ago

    I'll be trying the first two for next weeks lunch for my kiddo

  • Mr Negi
    Mr Negi 8 days ago +2

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that dis man basically made a fries sandwich?

    TY LAWRENCE 8 days ago +3

    OR you could get a lunchable with some chips and a cookie

  • Offbrand_Cheetos
    Offbrand_Cheetos 8 days ago

    boy yall really missed out on that pun huh “and wash if any EGGces eggwash”
    around 10:00

  • Hannes45brm !
    Hannes45brm ! 8 days ago +12

    I watched 3:45 minutes of the video and started making the bean pan. It was delicious

  • Vagelis papandr06
    Vagelis papandr06 8 days ago

    B E A N S

  • harry kane
    harry kane 8 days ago

    anyone else just sat watching this on their phone while theyre starving?

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull 8 days ago

    Please someone send this to my school

  • maddie de'lancy
    maddie de'lancy 8 days ago

    Ah yes. A starch sandwich.

  • Riley_The_Normal_Human_Being

    This is for a school lunch?

  • Shai K
    Shai K 9 days ago +2

    Well I just swallowed my spit because my mouth got watery 😂oooops

  • Jorge Suastegui
    Jorge Suastegui 9 days ago

    A lo que importa es como me siento yo para mi a luchar contra la corriente y chubascos osea paz mundial

  • Leanne Haroon
    Leanne Haroon 9 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey you are the worst chef ever

  • Brick Powell
    Brick Powell 9 days ago +4

    Hahaha his house is 35% kitchen that's awesome.

    EASYTIGER10 9 days ago +2

    13:19 What angle should you throw flour at? Chefs general do it between 60 and 70 degrees to the surface. Is this best?

  • [이지노]Jino lee
    [이지노]Jino lee 9 days ago

    Imagine seeing your friend have a lunch made by Gordon Ramsay

  • Cowclops
    Cowclops 10 days ago

    Now have somebody with zero culinary skills make all those dishes and serve them at a price of $1.25 each. I think the biggest issue with school lunch is the non existent budget to make it, so instead you get nachos and cheese. Because to make nachos and cheese, all you need is a bag of old tortilla chips and a jug of nacho cheese, and no technique whatsoever to assemble.

  • Owen Geo
    Owen Geo 10 days ago +1

    Is this an improved version of U.K lunch? Because it can't be improved version of any food in the U.S, I've never had these foods in school!

    • Matt Chew
      Matt Chew 3 days ago

      Yeah - fish fingers, chips, baked potatoes and Heinz beans are pretty standard fare at UK school canteens.

  • Rafa Gomez
    Rafa Gomez 10 days ago

    Who in the right mind has time to make this

  • Rafa Gomez
    Rafa Gomez 10 days ago

    Me: Who has ever met a child that just craves this kind of food?????
    Gordon: when I was a child this was truly magnificent
    Me: did ur mom ever love you enough to just make you a pb and j

    Me: this is still for some reason enjoyable

  • Mitchell Christie
    Mitchell Christie 10 days ago

    he should of shouted "CAT GET OUT GET THE FUCK OUT YOU FUCKiNG PUSSY

  • Mitchell Christie
    Mitchell Christie 10 days ago

    cameman looks at cat
    gordon: stop looking at the fucking cat and look at me you fucking donkey

  • Iconic
    Iconic 10 days ago +1

    Omg guys
    He should make a show called “cafeteria nightmears” and reviews the worst school cafeterias

    • - FBI Boi -
      - FBI Boi - 9 days ago

      My school would be #2 on that list.

  • Bruce Forte
    Bruce Forte 10 days ago

    Why does Gordon sound sexually aroused when he makes comfort food?

  • XselorYZ ShadowWalker
    XselorYZ ShadowWalker 10 days ago

    I wished he looks like a 10 year old boy in this video. His face complex as an adult in this video looks pretty even he's kinda above 40+ years old.

  • Milad Bannourah
    Milad Bannourah 10 days ago

    We have no lunch at school everybody just brings sandwiches from home.

  • preussischblau
    preussischblau 10 days ago

    Sorry but chip butties are abominations and you can't change my mind.

  • Rakib Talukder
    Rakib Talukder 10 days ago

    Me: Mom, you should take notes from Gordon Ramsay.
    Mom: I'll give you some pumpkin and you can shove it up your ass, would you like it whole or diced?

  • Turtle, just a Turtle
    Turtle, just a Turtle 10 days ago

    Mom can we get McDonalds?
    Mom: No we have food at home.
    Food at home:

  • Sponge Boob
    Sponge Boob 11 days ago +1

    This guy is actually pretty chill

  • christory 101
    christory 101 11 days ago

    Dehydrate , store and backpack do you have backpack recipes the hiking community needs more cook artists

  • Saluted Firestarter
    Saluted Firestarter 11 days ago

    *School lunches hate this video*

  • ethanbos08
    ethanbos08 11 days ago

    Is it just me or is he a fat kid at heart

  • Pixel boy Super
    Pixel boy Super 12 days ago

    * me takes gun *run in america *tell to chuck norris *chuck norris tell to donald trump *donald trump takes the water pistol and shot the army button * army comes * 1 minute later * knock knock * gordom ramsay with a machine gun * gordom says: hastalavista bebe * explosions sounds and deadly guys explosions sound muayhaha * gordom ramsay takes the water gun* and hide from donald trump * pistol water war * epic battle scene * come chuck norris with two toy guns * deadly battle 24/24 * comes me with nerf gun* shoot gordom ramsay in leg * gordom ramsay make a smol cry * gordom ramsay shot me with the water gun in every part of my body * gordom ramsay wins flawess victory FATALITY*

  • Lona Bremer
    Lona Bremer 12 days ago

    Thank you for that bean recipe. Always looking for baked flavor without baking for an hour!

  • Mthokozisi Malaza
    Mthokozisi Malaza 12 days ago

    The dough should just sort of relax, seriously

  • Bemations
    Bemations 13 days ago

    One word. Lunchables

  • Disneylover123
    Disneylover123 13 days ago

    Who has this much time in the morning

  • Olivia evans
    Olivia evans 13 days ago

    Main thing

    *Season it...*

    A.O.LEARY 13 days ago +2

    Just give us bread and we cool

  • spaceboy21100
    spaceboy21100 13 days ago

    Guys, what sauce is he using at 2:07?

  • Nina De
    Nina De 13 days ago

    Gordon’s to busy eating scotch eggs to catch any fish 🎣

  • am i patrick_
    am i patrick_ 13 days ago

    Wtf is wrong with people beans fucking suck first it tastes awfully dry and then you fucking fart. You dont wanna have a loud embarrassing fucking fart when ur in school do you?

  • Tunku_ Muhsin
    Tunku_ Muhsin 13 days ago

    pls zoom in, i can't see

  • Dexter Docx
    Dexter Docx 13 days ago

    When Pewds get to 100 million subs
    Me : 7:53

  • b2kzangelalwayz
    b2kzangelalwayz 14 days ago

    LMFAO FISH FINGERS. it’s fish sticks.

  • Dana__ Life
    Dana__ Life 14 days ago

    I’m gonna try cooking this (and probably fail) but it’s better than eating the school food here. Seriously there’s been mold and I’ve been food poisoned three times

  • C Clem
    C Clem 14 days ago

    GORDON ,, your AWESOME..... BUT, no kid is gonna eat this shit..... SORRY.... its KIDS were talking about RIGHT ??? Kids dont care about gourmet..... Weither you like it or not...

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike 14 days ago

    any relation to Gordon Bennett?

  • one two
    one two 14 days ago

    Is this what homeschooled kids gets? Lol cause I was happy af when my school did rectangle pizzas

  • Gamer Gamer
    Gamer Gamer 14 days ago

    Hello! I heard your food looks yummy and fresh! Call me Gamer! Nice to meet you, Gordon Ramsay!(I new)😊👋😎

  • Tijn Vos
    Tijn Vos 14 days ago +2

    Ain't no school got time for dat

  • Cherry Kamino
    Cherry Kamino 14 days ago

    Watching this while eating a cereal , wishing the taste would change

  • Teguh Saputra
    Teguh Saputra 14 days ago

    Wow Thanos can cook

  • Nonie Mendoza
    Nonie Mendoza 14 days ago

    *shoves phone into the principal's face*


  • summo 323
    summo 323 14 days ago

    I wish I had this foo as a dad my moms food trash

  • Wheelspin Productions
    Wheelspin Productions 15 days ago

    He got them *BEANS*

  • Josh rami
    Josh rami 15 days ago

    Wow your dishes look very lovely and delicious

  • ツViktør
    ツViktør 15 days ago

    ramsey looks like a grandma in the thumbnail

  • anonymous 1234
    anonymous 1234 15 days ago

    I wonder if gordon Ramsey, just ever wakes up, and makes his children like a grilled cheese, or something more normal like that. on a side note gordon probably makes his own corn flakes at home so like, that was a stupid question I guess....

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 15 days ago

    i put 6

  • Fetty wap Migos
    Fetty wap Migos 15 days ago

    Does anybody have time for that

    AGATHA 15 days ago +1

    I'm unfamiliar with the concept of a chip butty, but aren't 2 carbs too filling?
    Also, the donut making got a little erotic, lol.

  • Dirtrider199
    Dirtrider199 15 days ago


  • nguyen minh
    nguyen minh 16 days ago

    I just love how he is so rough in HK and so smooth and gentle with these tutorial videos hahaha
    so wonderful to watch delicious food

  • John Cena
    John Cena 16 days ago

    0:57 you gotta love a good chili with disease

  • bdot tno
    bdot tno 16 days ago

    Damn if only I could cook like this ready for work.