Top 5 Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailer of All Time (HQ Remastered)

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • The Best Top 5: Most Legendary Video Game Cinematic Trailer of All Time (HQ Remastered). Leave a comments which one of these you like. Enjoy and have a nice day :)
    TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers:
    5th. (0:01) Dead Island Trailer
    4th. (3:01) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - A night to Remember Cinematic Trailer
    3rd. (7:25) Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire Cinematic Trailer
    2nd. (11:39) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Cinematic Trailer
    1st. (14:04) World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic
    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - A Night to Remember, Dead Island.

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    TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers:

  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 10 hours ago

    The Dead Island trailer is still horrifying to me. And I’m not even a dad. And that game came out like 7 years ago. Too bad it was super buggy

  • Cultureghost
    Cultureghost 12 hours ago

    5:52 "BLACK BLOOD, BITCH!"

  • Jair  Toriz
    Jair Toriz 12 hours ago

    Dead island trailer make me cry

  • Total War Destroyer
    Total War Destroyer 12 hours ago

    I'm a simple man. I see assassin's creed, I click.

  • Connor Steelmon
    Connor Steelmon 13 hours ago

    who else sang the Tubuscus theme during the brotherhood trailer

  • N Shilts
    N Shilts 15 hours ago

    if only black blood was that effective

  • Konstantin Zarski
    Konstantin Zarski 16 hours ago

    Game over? Endgegner besiegt lol. Dann ist doch frieden... game on

  • MMA fighters Highlight
    MMA fighters Highlight 20 hours ago

    I’m sorry but I disagree with this I think assassin creed 3 scene on the battlefield

  • Tthemoney15
    Tthemoney15 20 hours ago

    Nod at the bird and people die, every where people die

  • Krul2137
    Krul2137 21 hour ago

    Where is Gothic ?

  • TwoStepsInHell
    TwoStepsInHell 23 hours ago

    We need films like this trailers. It's passible? :)

  • BladesR6 Fallout

    Borderlands better be on here

  • Sloth Man
    Sloth Man Day ago

    where's dablo 3 reaper of souls?

    I need to go watch that now and pretend this was a top 6

  • Leonardo Peixoto

    Essa cinematica do Dead Island é insana!

  • Tyler Crain
    Tyler Crain Day ago

    Mgs 3 trailer for me. It was like 15 min long and ended with snake jumping off a waterfall. Never you mind half the stuff didn't happen in the game. lol

  • Marcus Aurélus Demitrius

    Schreck 5 ??

  • Tactical Shrimp
    Tactical Shrimp Day ago

    Where th is Planetside 2 trailer?!

  • Bobi
    Bobi Day ago

    Revelations trailer was better than brotherhood, but still a great list

  • Tom Ebbs
    Tom Ebbs Day ago

    Wonder why South Park fractured but whole isn't here in the trailer list

  • Leonel Garcia
    Leonel Garcia Day ago

    @4:23 me just before a good fuckn

  • Jarjar Binks Sith Lord

    If you watch the Dead Island Trailer in reverse it is a man and wife sacrificing their daughter to the zombies...

  • PabloPeekaboo
    PabloPeekaboo Day ago

    Is that lord farquad. Cause I’m pretty sure that’s lord farquad in the thumbnail

  • Arhon Pinéda
    Arhon Pinéda Day ago

    Only if they made games as good as their trailers

  • Justin Spenker
    Justin Spenker Day ago

    dead island trailer still makes me sad all these years later


    суб титры где ?

  • JNIX
    JNIX Day ago

    Elder scrolls V

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Day ago

    lol dead island

  • Kordi 123
    Kordi 123 Day ago

    Any witcher fans here?

  • UnknownContact
    UnknownContact Day ago +1

    The nostalgia makes me cry

  • Freszmen
    Freszmen Day ago

    sory but heavy armour pikeman in formation not die :/ Assassins will die.............. sad but true :/

  • Cool
    Cool Day ago

    AC brotherhood is great..

  • Jezza Corbyn MP
    Jezza Corbyn MP Day ago

    Target nods and some other guards that were hiding in pillars come out and then take their formation, then target pulls out his sword then goes to smell his sword (not sure why)

  • Sfia Bong
    Sfia Bong Day ago

    Sees Assassins creed brotherhood trailer, sings Tobuscus song

  • m4t0sh
    m4t0sh Day ago

    lol no crysis 2??? wtf

  • Random Builds
    Random Builds Day ago

    Anyone actually remember when dead islands trailer first came on

  • Timytimytomtom
    Timytimytomtom Day ago

    Comparing the witches trailer to gameplay, it's pretty accurate.

  • Jazz
    Jazz Day ago

    I knew the second i clicked on this video i would see the lich king trailer somewhere in here. If that doesn't speak volumes for how iconic it is then i don't know what does.

  • TwelfthB055 21
    TwelfthB055 21 2 days ago

    These are all monumental achievements of animation. And it can all be summed up with... 👏🤯

  • Engineered Insanity
    Engineered Insanity 2 days ago

    Please Welcome.... Keanu Reeves

  • Abhishek Chandra
    Abhishek Chandra 2 days ago

    11:36 Lost my shit

  • Deli
    Deli 2 days ago


  • Ed W
    Ed W 2 days ago

    This isn't a list of "all time". The only one that falls in that category is WoW WotLK...

  • Redbeard gaming
    Redbeard gaming 2 days ago

    I still play wow and wrath was THE best xpack.

    NSG_NUKE 2 days ago

    Still get goosebumps from the AC Brotherhood Trailer

  • Forge Avid
    Forge Avid 2 days ago

    lmfao WOW number 1 LMFAO B SHIT

  • Jakob Baker
    Jakob Baker 2 days ago

    Mysterious hooded man

  • VadimCC
    VadimCC 2 days ago +1

    I remember Age of Empires 1&2 having really epic intros.

  • Prajwal Sharma
    Prajwal Sharma 2 days ago

    cyberpunk keanu reeves 2077

  • Kacpey
    Kacpey 2 days ago


  • Predator _42
    Predator _42 2 days ago

    Has no one seen the resident evil operation raccoon city trailer?

  • Hayden Quaid
    Hayden Quaid 2 days ago

    Is this an actual song tho? Cuz damn for a zombie Trailer its peaceful

  • DoctorPhosphorus
    DoctorPhosphorus 2 days ago

    The SWTOR Cinematic trailer are always amazing

  • Chinnn
    Chinnn 2 days ago +1

    and minecraft?

  • Sam
    Sam 2 days ago +5

    These are the rules for good trailers. If the opening logo is Ubisoft,Blizzard,or Bioware you are about to have a good time.

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin 2 days ago

    Dead island killed me and make me cry 😭

  • Deadly Nerd
    Deadly Nerd 2 days ago

    Titanfall had some good ones.

    EL FAMOSO MITROGLOU 2 days ago

    Blizzard, we can say whatever we want, they are the fuckin gods of cinematics, and by faaaar

  • manuc0066
    manuc0066 2 days ago

    Rodrigo Borgia !!!

  • IV EV
    IV EV 2 days ago

    Bro, the Final Fantasy 8 trailer back in the nineties shocked everyone, that was some epic shhhh

  • Domonkos Szakály
    Domonkos Szakály 2 days ago

    11:35 is the AC trailer, you are welcome

  • Austin Sullivan
    Austin Sullivan 3 days ago

    If the guy who said "OH MY FUCKING GOD ITS FUCKING ALTAÏR" during the assassins creed revelations trailer one summer night all those years ago is here. I remember you. We were playing AC brotherbood online and you watched the trailer and started screaming. Its the first and last time ive ever heard someone scream over a trailer and I just wanted to say that sometimes when im trying to sleep, i still hear "ITS FUCKING ALTAÏR" and my eyes shoot open.

    DRHAMOUDA 3 days ago +2

    Cyberpunk2077 : Am I a joke to you?

  • Jak0bW
    Jak0bW 3 days ago

    they should make games that take place in italy again.

  • Mr. Nut
    Mr. Nut 3 days ago +1

    Where is elder scrolls trailer?

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 3 days ago

    The actual trailers are so damn awesome that they dont even deserve to be called trailers

  • zommer23
    zommer23 3 days ago

    Plz swap the second and fifth places.

  • Karl-Markkus Hiiemäe

    *sees assasins creed trailer*
    Immediately looks up the tobuscus remake

  • Seth Rios
    Seth Rios 3 days ago

    I just came to watch Brotherhood, lol. But the Revelations trailer is arguably better...

  • Aashir Dar
    Aashir Dar 3 days ago

    Most of the trailers are bad bur AC brotherhood and AC 3 is best and you forget to add AC 3 trailer

  • Dávid nagy
    Dávid nagy 3 days ago

    first things first the Gears of war mad world trailer is the best one ever made and it’s not even close

  • Датфил Лефтсайд

    Here should be five trailers BLizzard.

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 3 days ago

    and now just cause 4 and Cyberpunk

  • Justin Cowart
    Justin Cowart 3 days ago

    Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2, Mortal Kombat 11, and the Batman Arkham series had some awesome trailers as well.

  • Nomayna
    Nomayna 3 days ago

    Arthas pidaras

  • Christopher Ramirez
    Christopher Ramirez 3 days ago

    Pretty sure epic games copied the ice king on 15:28

  • SwableBaB man
    SwableBaB man 3 days ago

    And the bf1 trailer is not in there?

  • MAKSmakl
    MAKSmakl 3 days ago

    А как же Вархаммер????

  • donplayleon
    donplayleon 3 days ago

    The dead island cinematic was insane

  • hello
    hello 3 days ago +7

    Dark souls 3 and bloodborne trailers are also amazing

  • MrCeldron
    MrCeldron 3 days ago

    I am missing "Kara - Heavy Rain's Dev Trailer" in this list. You know, the one that was just a sideproject that ended up being one of the best short animations and got an own game as a result of public opinion. Havent seen any other trailer or 3d animations that convey emotions better. But a good choice anyway, agreed on atleast 4 of them :), saw the dead island trailer for the first time and was gobsmacked. Thanks!

  • Laki19097
    Laki19097 3 days ago

    Это Рева на превью ?

  • Stephen H
    Stephen H 3 days ago

    Nope, Just nope. So many better trailers. - Most of them from Games Workshop titles.
    Age of Reckoning: - My personal favourite.

  • Je1imanek
    Je1imanek 3 days ago

    miss Mass Effect 3

  • Christian Fox
    Christian Fox 3 days ago

    That dead island trailer is one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen in video games

  • Kisra David
    Kisra David 3 days ago +1

    EZIO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • russian_jew1943
    russian_jew1943 3 days ago

    where's war thunder?

  • Yoann en Live
    Yoann en Live 3 days ago

    Where is Assassin's creed Revelation trailer ?

  • brandon ross
    brandon ross 3 days ago

    For a sec I thought the thumbnail was lord farquaad

  • Matthew Day
    Matthew Day 3 days ago

    No For Honor?

  • Kuriosity
    Kuriosity 3 days ago

    dead island trailer was amazing, i remember watching it and being so hype for that game...

  • Zachary Maffett
    Zachary Maffett 3 days ago

    The dead island trailer gets me every fucking time it’s so godamn sad

  • The Architect
    The Architect 3 days ago

    Where is the Halo 3 ODST trailer

  • Fruxaq
    Fruxaq 3 days ago

    Wow classic !!!!!

  • Hi There
    Hi There 3 days ago

    That dead island trailer man... Always gets an uncomfortably sad lump in my throat and brings a sting to the interior of my nose. One of the only video game trailers to make me cry for such a shit game 😂😂

  • Is Lamb the Religion of Peas

    Dead island should have been a movie because the game was basically unplayable.

  • erdazz
    erdazz 3 days ago

    Blizzard’s trailer are always incredible.

  • lpzer
    lpzer 3 days ago


  • To The Dawn
    To The Dawn 3 days ago

    please no ghosts death scene

  • Sam de brandweerman
    Sam de brandweerman 3 days ago +9

    That star wars trailer was on another level