Slot Battle Friday !! Real Money Slots With Chip and Jord

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
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Comments • 113

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    Giveaway now live for November total prize pool of £1750

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 20 days ago

    How big was she.

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 20 days ago

    You had a wild on real 5 and it vanished be4 the real stopped

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods 20 days ago

    Just keeping my videos playing in 1080p is a battle. Hate that auto setting. Got the fastest internet in the world and it’s playing videos in 240p 😡

  • Alan Mountford
    Alan Mountford 22 days ago

    Bacon and egg triple. Flapjack. Pepsi max.

  • Cain Doolan
    Cain Doolan 25 days ago

    Get 2 wines, scan cheap one twice put expensive one in bag.. weight is perfect 😂😂

  • kevin mottershaw
    kevin mottershaw 27 days ago

    I was always confident team chip all the way we gonna get that jord this time.😀👍

  • Michael DP Davis
    Michael DP Davis 27 days ago +1

    Need a new set up, Jords great but Chip needs new jokes as bores

  • Benjy Dale
    Benjy Dale 27 days ago

    Was Jord wearing a Leo Vegas t-shirt? It was the same colour!

  • Trigger 23
    Trigger 23 27 days ago

    Nothing better than silencing a scouser 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤣🤣

  • Mrs Lucky Magpie
    Mrs Lucky Magpie 27 days ago

    Any live stream tonight chip?

  • helloimshabaz
    helloimshabaz 27 days ago

    The “here he is” and “yeh bonus” craic me up every time 😎💪

  • Trigger 23
    Trigger 23 27 days ago

    How about not watching one another's bonuses one week and reveal at the end

  • wilba232
    wilba232 27 days ago

    Jord having to use the back door? For a change 😂

  • English TR warrior jaydizzle1981

    You going love tonight 93 likes short chippy boi

  • Jon Fordham
    Jon Fordham 27 days ago

    Tesco meal deal Southern fried chicken pastapot flame grilled steak and sugar free red bull

  • sldgerrit
    sldgerrit 27 days ago

    another pulling story of jorden mounting someones backdoor

  • Cunning Stunt
    Cunning Stunt 27 days ago

    Always have to be team Jord, just because he is.............Special 😀😏

  • Hell Bro
    Hell Bro 27 days ago

    Didn’t realise there were so many degenerate thieves watching your videos.

  • ArrivalOf DOOM
    ArrivalOf DOOM 27 days ago

    Crawls over that line al .... well done chief

  • gareth curtis
    gareth curtis 27 days ago

    love Jords repeat of "i couldnt get my leg over" . We all know that Jord !!!

  • ArrivalOf DOOM
    ArrivalOf DOOM 27 days ago

    gogogo #teamjord HERE HE IS

  • jims rebel
    jims rebel 27 days ago

    team jord

  • matthew challis
    matthew challis 27 days ago

    Team chip every day of the week!!

  • timothy De bruin
    timothy De bruin 27 days ago

    Team chipmunk slotz

  • chris sowerby
    chris sowerby 27 days ago

    Meal deal has to be the triple sandwich and then a naked smoothie and then the two little pork pies as the snack

  • Richy B
    Richy B 28 days ago

    Sorry chip but as a gambler you need to go on form , and that Jordan is a lucky twat lol

  • Leanne Douglas
    Leanne Douglas 28 days ago

    Team chip always #theboss

  • DrunkDanUK
    DrunkDanUK 28 days ago +1

    bad one

  • Bug
    Bug 28 days ago


  • J B
    J B 28 days ago

    As a rugby played i laugh at your guys injuries haha! loved the vid

  • Joe Patto
    Joe Patto 28 days ago

    Team chip

  • Larson O'Harr
    Larson O'Harr 28 days ago

    Team Jord all the way. Also what's a meal deal?

  • TomsTV
    TomsTV 28 days ago

    Always add coconut water. That’s already over the £3 meal deal. Then biggest sandwich and some pop chips 🤙

  • Jan Pan
    Jan Pan 28 days ago +2

    Chip does my head in! Like a real annoying uncle who thinks he's funny but just incredibly annoying! #TeamJord all the way!!

  • Adam Carter
    Adam Carter 28 days ago

    #teamchip like always comment before video

  • Colin Jurd
    Colin Jurd 28 days ago

    Team chip get in

  • Elliot Thompson
    Elliot Thompson 28 days ago

    Team Jord > Bottled water > Team Chip

  • cheryl Mayhew
    cheryl Mayhew 28 days ago

    Sushi main, sushi side and an iced coffee

  • Andy T
    Andy T 28 days ago

    Team chip all the way 👍👍

  • kalodner666
    kalodner666 28 days ago

    Play some Ninja ways Mr Miyagi !

  • JoinTheCollective
    JoinTheCollective 28 days ago


  • Ashley Stone
    Ashley Stone 28 days ago

    Close battle, very enjoyable watch. Cheers👍

  • Ben Winslade
    Ben Winslade 28 days ago

    Slot battles r great is there any way u could set up something where we can bet on the match I'm team chip

  • kalodner666
    kalodner666 28 days ago

    Team Jord, before watching!

  • Mike Byrne
    Mike Byrne 28 days ago

    Another great stream congrats chip may it continue have a great weekend guy's feel the love 😃

  • Saly Black
    Saly Black 28 days ago

    Relax World , Chip will not wear the crown , because only the winner can , his Name is Lord Jord .
    chip , You won today , but we got the rest of the month to go . Team Jordan . .

  • Taffy 1974
    Taffy 1974 28 days ago +4

    There is a growing school of thought out there, that the stream is in danger of becoming more computer football orientated than is healthy. It has been mentioned in the weekly Valleys Slot Conference that Chip is getting more and more distracted with the football game than ever, and when one is playing slots, the other one should be supporting them, not on that football thing!! Anyway, I'm sure that with a following wind, and the support of loved ones, you can rescue the stream from the jaws of football defeat!!! Peace, out. X

    • J r
      J r 27 days ago


  • dewhirst69
    dewhirst69 28 days ago

    Jord if you don’t have a front door key for your house take the hint and move out.

  • alanmcc8
    alanmcc8 28 days ago

    #teamjord of course

  • Michael Rowlan
    Michael Rowlan 28 days ago

    I get the medium make your own pasta/salad, smoothy or red bull with strawberry n cream...... you can get a 2ltr bottle of water from Asda for 17p or even Volvic 2ltr for 50p, it's called a "meal DEAL" lol

  • Bossman Daz
    Bossman Daz 28 days ago


  • Caz Charlottes
    Caz Charlottes 28 days ago

    Always #teamchip sorry jord xx

  • James Porter
    James Porter 28 days ago +1

    Team Jord, Chip always comes up short

  • Jonathan Meddes
    Jonathan Meddes 28 days ago

    Forfeit should be playing Dead or Alive 2 or the lowest possible stake until you get a wild line

  • Dom Taylor
    Dom Taylor 28 days ago

    Them poor socks are going to get a beating later, his bedroom will look like it's for conjunctivitis.

  • Herbert
    Herbert 28 days ago

    Tidy trim, Jordan. Money well spent.

  • amir razin
    amir razin 28 days ago

    Dear Chip why don't you do the Friday battle at night on youtube? Lots of people more watch it live & can interact as well. Much love mate & Team Jord to death.

  • Sarge & Haribo
    Sarge & Haribo 28 days ago

    Hot take: I;ve never had a meal deal....

  • MajorSlots
    MajorSlots 28 days ago

    Chicken and bacon wrap
    Doritos chilli heat waves
    Jimmy’s Iced Coffee / Dr Pepper
    Great video as always lads, hopefully see you on a stream tomorrow chip