Metallica - The Unforgiven (Video)


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  • Charles Charle bjj
    Charles Charle bjj 29 minutes ago

    The best um brasilian 2019

  • santiago lancheros

    Metallica yes The besT

  • Camille Delacour
    Camille Delacour 4 hours ago

    Nous battons des œufs et CUI CUI ils sont duuurs

  • patrick ponzoni
    patrick ponzoni 8 hours ago

    me cojoni.....

  • SKV
    SKV 11 hours ago

    This song will make every man cry inside...a beautiful cry

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 16 hours ago

    This song didn't use to make me feel depressed when I listened to it. Now it does, I guess that's how you know It has gotten old.

  • Роман Давыдов
    Роман Давыдов 17 hours ago +6

    Вырос под вас. Пронес через десятилетия в себе. Как жаль что я не смог на вас попасть.....

  • Christopher Cartwright
    Christopher Cartwright 19 hours ago

    I'm not saying it's the hardest or fastest or most complex, but the guitar solo in this song is one of the greatest solos ever.




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  • Andre Batistadossantos

    Em 2019 ouvindo esta preciosidade muito bom

  • Виталий Вячеславович

    the 52k dislikes

  • Telah Terbiasa
    Telah Terbiasa 2 days ago +3

    Indonesia, home of Metallica's fans

  • Nenita Caples
    Nenita Caples 2 days ago +1

    This song make me smile everyday 😆

  • Yenny Renteria
    Yenny Renteria 2 days ago +2

    In the musik is rock old and next....heavy

  • JayE Gamez
    JayE Gamez 2 days ago


    OG WEASEL 3 days ago

    That old man here is me!!!! I give up... me is what I am!!!!

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 3 days ago


  • Ramon Rodrigues
    Ramon Rodrigues 3 days ago

    Metallica é Foda dms quem acha? 🎶💪

  • Razvan Socotitu
    Razvan Socotitu 3 days ago

    Last month I've been listening this song at a concert in Bucharest it was amazing, they still sing like in the ‘90’s, I bow down in front of them, love you!!!!!!!

  • Max Hutie
    Max Hutie 3 days ago +2

    Гой Еси, NOIZE MC!

  • def ender
    def ender 3 days ago

    Then play the song its your grandad.

  • Monjura Mehedi
    Monjura Mehedi 3 days ago

    This song is love. My heart melts when ever listen this.

  • Yuli Antoro
    Yuli Antoro 3 days ago

    14092019 AREMA Indonesia

  • TBK_Emanuel
    TBK_Emanuel 3 days ago

    Que merda fds

  • Emilie Nozieres
    Emilie Nozieres 3 days ago

    nous battons des oeufs et couic couic ils sont durs

  • R Schraa
    R Schraa 3 days ago

    Real the best

  • Armen H
    Armen H 3 days ago


  • Armen H
    Armen H 3 days ago


    COCO JUMBO 4 days ago

    Rissoto nero was the true unforgiven R.I.P

  • Lobinho 2014
    Lobinho 2014 4 days ago


  • Mysterious Phantom
    Mysterious Phantom 4 days ago

    William Munny from Missouri.

  • Daisy Ortega
    Daisy Ortega 4 days ago

    This song reminds me of my brother George he use to listen to this... After he passed I had a dream I was walking and talking with him....

  • Rotten to the Core!
    Rotten to the Core! 4 days ago


  • Gatopreto Gato
    Gatopreto Gato 4 days ago

    Muito foda muito bom

  • Bazzel Hunt
    Bazzel Hunt 4 days ago

    I’d rather lurn how not to quit

  • Nayeli Toledo
    Nayeli Toledo 4 days ago


  • Kita Kutubun
    Kita Kutubun 4 days ago


  • melek m
    melek m 4 days ago

    dislike button, download button, they thought

  • Mhmd omar Omari
    Mhmd omar Omari 4 days ago

    2019 ?

  • gelmi cime
    gelmi cime 4 days ago

    Estoy solo se el túnel negro
    Por los agujeros negros
    Me vuelvo nada,sin ella estoy
    Inerte en el fondo del mar aogado
    Deprimido donde no ay nada 💖💖💖👊👊👍👎👍💝💝💘💔💔💔
    El villano de la oscuridad

    CLEISON SOUZA 5 days ago +1

    Setembro de 2019 👍💕

  • DanielYoo
    DanielYoo 5 days ago

    Lucifer season 6!!

  • Lucas Propst-Milik
    Lucas Propst-Milik 5 days ago

    This stands the test of time.

  • Zuzkaa Lukasova
    Zuzkaa Lukasova 5 days ago +2

    I love you metallica and this music❤

  • Seth Johnson
    Seth Johnson 5 days ago

    listening since like a week old

  • Ivan
    Ivan 5 days ago +1

    why did i got born in 2007? why not in the good times where real music existed

    • Ni Ha
      Ni Ha 2 days ago

      Hallo there!

  • Francisco Napoleon
    Francisco Napoleon 5 days ago +2

    This the song that's in my head before I go to confession. Praying and crying for God to forgive my sins. He always does but I still get a little scared.

    • 0-0
      0-0 3 days ago

      You're mad

  • Коля Компанієць

    Гой еси,Нойз Мс

  • Stephan Lux
    Stephan Lux 5 days ago

    War damald gut und ist heut noch unerreicht

  • David Lima
    David Lima 6 days ago

    minha mae falou q meu pai gostava dessa musica pra kralho pena q ele nao ta mais aqui

  • Dillon Dot Com
    Dillon Dot Com 6 days ago

    Only seen Metallica once but when i did see them i seen them with faith no more and GNR..

  • Jay Bell
    Jay Bell 6 days ago

    Fuck ads !

  • Str8 xSoRaXx srx
    Str8 xSoRaXx srx 6 days ago +1


  • LunatiqTV
    LunatiqTV 6 days ago

    This song... my god. when i first heard it i was filled with emotion. The sadness that overcame me thinking about the struggles of life as a young man and watching that kid climbing down the stairs and dragging a chair into his makeshift home. the sublime messages in this song are strong and the lyrics are biblical. this is a timeless classic and i want this song played at my funeral.

  • Yaren Yılmaz
    Yaren Yılmaz 6 days ago


  • Petar Vlahović
    Petar Vlahović 6 days ago +1

    Here's my cheesy comment, please give me likes.

  • May khoi
    May khoi 7 days ago

    Saudades guitar hero

  • walmir Diniz
    walmir Diniz 7 days ago

    My farite ssonng of mettallica