Pigeons (Disney Pixar Studio)

  • Published on Nov 11, 2012
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  • Annelise Boisnier
    Annelise Boisnier Month ago


  • some stingy on the internet

    range ball

  • Willow’sCreations 28
    Willow’sCreations 28 4 months ago

    this is used as a "pixar" video example project for class. seriously?

    MAJID SILVESTER 5 months ago

    ممنون و موفق باشید

  • Craize
    Craize 6 months ago

    This is cute

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago


  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago

    Sam Soccweñl
    Tim Ed
    Chris R.V.A.K.S.E. Lee

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago

    Jonah Naito
    David Pijavol
    Robert A. Lure

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago

    Brenda Hill
    Anna Dirtying
    Jim Maxupolàn

  • Sofía Aliaga
    Sofía Aliaga Year ago

    Esto no puede ser de Pixar... no me lo creo ni por un segundo... Pixar tiene demasiada creatividad y sus cortos te enganchan de una vez que te pones a verlo. Esto me aburrió de una vez.

  • Venom Monster
    Venom Monster Year ago

    Thanks guys it’s from me

  • memo
    memo Year ago

    is this a butterfly?

  • ghostboyee
    ghostboyee Year ago

    Sorry not Pixar.

  • ali faris
    ali faris Year ago

    شكرا لكم

  • Skippy Bean
    Skippy Bean Year ago

    Putting Pixar's name on this? This is bad quality, Pixar would never make this. It also has Monster's Inc. music in the background, whatever company made this should be ashamed.

  • Ryan the smart***
    Ryan the smart*** Year ago +2

    This bootleg version of "For the birds" is idiotic on 1,825,113 levels

    • Ryan the smart***
      Ryan the smart*** Year ago

      ...plus, it disgracefully uses the soundtrack of monsters inc

  • SOBRAMES - SP Sobrames

    Deficiente... Mais letreiros do que mensagens. Baixa qualidade

  • Semii Duh
    Semii Duh Year ago


  • sticky170
    sticky170 Year ago +2

    Putting Disney / Pixar in the title just to get more hits. Weak.

  • Ana Clara
    Ana Clara Year ago

    Pixar!!??? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Munchie Wise
    Munchie Wise Year ago

    i do so i can invite the flying rats in for a little tennis. ( cuz i dont know how to spell badminton )

  • Cristina NEVES FARIAS

    odiei o video

  • Deepinmysoul66
    Deepinmysoul66 Year ago

    very very veryyyy BADDDDDDDDD

  • Michał Potok
    Michał Potok Year ago

    HD... LOL

  • Fred
    Fred Year ago

    not pixar

  • MorgeanaRecordsGramma

    This didn’t make sense, and the quality isn’t good

  • CatOnMyKeyboard :D

    I'm pretty sure you're not allowed​ to have ads on this or make money from this video, even if you say it's property of The Walt Disney Company



  • Sarmad Saad115
    Sarmad Saad115 Year ago

    "Don't give up
    be sure what you do ... True
    be believed what you do ... True"
    good movie

  • Tico Goodboy
    Tico Goodboy Year ago +16

    Since when are Pigeons yellow?

  • EdgySketties
    EdgySketties Year ago

    Any of yall ever seen that one weird animation where a bird shat on a squirrel? Because i do. And i cannot forget. It remains in my memory, and i have searched for it only to find nothing. There is no ease.

  • Malacara Laughs
    Malacara Laughs Year ago +7

    Pixar would never put their name on this. Shame on this site.

  • Joseph H H
    Joseph H H 2 years ago


  • Rapteano :P
    Rapteano :P 2 years ago +1

    Why is there a cupcake there?

  • patricia gonzalez valdes


  • pikabros
    pikabros 2 years ago

    Il me font penser a riri fifi et loulou dans la bandes a picsous

  • pikabros
    pikabros 2 years ago +2

    La musique a 1 minute 50 a été utilisé dans monstre et company

  • Jack 2019
    Jack 2019 2 years ago +1

    ma ei saa mitte midagi aru

  • Jack 2019
    Jack 2019 2 years ago +1


  • Jack 2019
    Jack 2019 2 years ago +1


  • Jack 2019
    Jack 2019 2 years ago +1


  • Dorito Duchess
    Dorito Duchess 2 years ago +9


  • Agnieszka Hołubowska
    Agnieszka Hołubowska 2 years ago +3

    kciuki do góry

  • ash 21
    ash 21 2 years ago +6

    Este corto no es de pixar, a demás de la mala calidad no a parece ningún director o persona conocida de Disney y solo se copearon la música de Disney no me gustó.

  • Itsmael Manzo Hernández
    Itsmael Manzo Hernández 2 years ago +1

    Jajaja, no entendí

  • Maxime Martyr
    Maxime Martyr 2 years ago +46

    This is not from Pixar.

  • Di Me
    Di Me 2 years ago +19

    No parece ser de Pixar y Disney, la calidad está muy baja

  • Skylar Storm
    Skylar Storm 2 years ago +31


    • Dance God
      Dance God Year ago +1

      lol quit ruining it I was enjoying the complexity of the plot til you showed up.

    • Kook Hae yeon
      Kook Hae yeon 2 years ago +4


  • La sastrecilla valiente
    La sastrecilla valiente 2 years ago +1

    jaja me gusto

  • jOsE nUñEz
    jOsE nUñEz 2 years ago +3

    no me gustó ese video y ha ustedes le gustan

  • jOsE nUñEz
    jOsE nUñEz 2 years ago +1

    parecen que no tienen mamá pero comida si afuersas quieren dar pastelito auque descubrí que qi tienen mamá ellos querrían dar pastelito y cuando su mamá le trajo el gusano no querrían

  • Nathaly Ponte
    Nathaly Ponte 2 years ago +8

    la cara de esos polluelos dan miedo