I Tried A $130 Electronic Makeup Remover

  • Published on Jul 30, 2017
  • After using water and a towel my whole life, I decided to try an insanely upgraded $130 electronic makeup remover!
    You can try the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System for 70% off by using the code SPAJOY here: vpwow.com/spajoy
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +249

    Good morning guys!! What do you think of this crazy thing?! Be sure to hit the bell to turn on my post notifications...new diet video coming out this week!!! :D

    • Pollewop
      Pollewop Year ago

      Michelle Khare you can also take youre make up off with shaving gel/cream en then wash that off❤️

    • cla
      cla Year ago

      ur acc really good at makeup i think it looks nice

    • Allison Besgen
      Allison Besgen Year ago +1

      The grey brush head is a soft brush head, the black one is for exfoliating, and the silicone one is for dry and sensitive skin.

    • Laura H
      Laura H Year ago +1

      Michelle Khare girl I am so grateful for the promo code! I got myself one to replace one I lost in a move, and I bought my mom one as a thank you for being the best mom ever (she's wanted one for a while, but never wanted to spend full price for it.. even though she's the one who bought the one for me that got lost. She's the best). Thanks again, so much more appreciated than I can ever express!

    • enstef
      enstef Year ago

      I often use a clarisonic brush for removing makeup and washing my wash, which works really well :)

  • Ami
    Ami Month ago

    I got my vanity planet facial brush on Amazon for like $40.00
    BTW: it works great and even has the same packaging

  • Elise K
    Elise K 2 months ago

    I’m sorry but you bother the f*ck outa me

  • bleedingred
    bleedingred 2 months ago

    Micellar water. Neither method remove mascara/eyeliner.

  • Daniela Garcia
    Daniela Garcia 2 months ago

    that is skin care not a makeup remover it says it in the box

  • nobodycares
    nobodycares 4 months ago

    You look great without makeup.

  • mtaylor362
    mtaylor362 6 months ago

    I really love your channel, but this feels like a totally sponsored video. There are so many ways to remove makeup in an eco-conscious and budgeted way. I'm sure other people have posted other options too, but here are a few: coconut oil, homemade makeup removed towelettes (google it), jojoba oil, etc. It's not like I expect only accessible videos for your audience because most of the things you try/do cost a lot of money, but if you're going to make a video about something really expensive and recommend that product, at least make it worth it. This just felt like a poorly done ad. Last thing I'll say about this: you basically compared gold to dirt. By that I mean that you compared a super ritzy item to just plain free water and a rough towel. That doesn't seem fair. Those methods are on both sides of a scale and it's like you neglected all the things in between that you could have tried too. Like I said, I watch almost all your videos and really enjoy them. I think you've got a great thing going. But this was just bad.

  • Jerdonna Bloise
    Jerdonna Bloise 8 months ago

    it ins't a makeup remover its a skin care brush

  • Sydney Young
    Sydney Young 11 months ago

    you don’t use this to take makeup off

  • TwstdGypsy
    TwstdGypsy 11 months ago

    There is a towel or glove that only requires water to remove makeup. Can’t remember the name but it wouldn’t take much to find it. You literally wash it with the rest of your laundry to clean it regularly. Much cheaper and better for the environment and better for your housemate/family situations!

  • Sarah Hamed
    Sarah Hamed Year ago

    I have one exactly like this. The only difference was the outer, cardboard packaging. Same plastic case, same brush heads. It was 15$ at TJ maxx and I don't really feel like it's worth much more. Maybe 30$ if the motor is nice but NOT more than 100$. They work well though!

  • Katie Allison
    Katie Allison Year ago

    Why don't you just use makeup remover wipes?

  • Bcaused
    Bcaused Year ago

    I use this! I really like mine

  • genbabez
    genbabez Year ago

    Not very eco friendly unless you plan on using the same brush head for the rest of your life. lol

  • Shelby King
    Shelby King Year ago

    I use this brush twice daily 😂😂😂 and it's "extream"

  • livii
    livii Year ago

    It's not that pricey groupon has it for like $30 or so lol..

  • Way2much
    Way2much Year ago

    It's supppsed to be fore your skin care, and it's not supposed to hurt. You supposed to kightky run ut over your face and let the brush move on its own (not force it)

  • Kiya
    Kiya Year ago

    I cringed so hard when u used all three brushes at once .....

  • Katy B White
    Katy B White Year ago

    Hi everyone! FYI I was on holiday in Spain and I bought the exact same facial brush in a supermarket called Mercadona for about 10$!!!! The only thing different is the brand, it's called Blushion. Here is a youtube link reviewing the brush and the website of the supermarket is www.mercadona.es thexvid.com/video/OO5GTS5_0nA/video.html Check it out if you want to save some money ladies!

  • Priscilla Olivia
    Priscilla Olivia Year ago

    It’s $25 on Amazon.

  • Brynlee Hassan
    Brynlee Hassan Year ago

    You actually remind a l9t if tomi lahren you have the same manorisms and look a lot a like other than the skin tone and hair colour you also have the same voice lol. Live your videos you gorg!

  • yendis oohc
    yendis oohc Year ago

    she looks the same w or without makeup - pretty.

  • Sively Parra
    Sively Parra Year ago

    i’m dying bc she doesn’t use a cleaner or makeup remover wipes

  • Megan Cook
    Megan Cook Year ago

    I got that same one for $40 on sale

  • Angel
    Angel Year ago

    The spin brush isn’t to remove makeup....... you use it to cleanse and wash your face after taking off the majority of your makeup

  • Beth Gelder
    Beth Gelder Year ago

    This is for cleansing... I just brought mine for $36 which is quite good

  • Queen M
    Queen M Year ago

    This brush isn’t meant to remove makeup... its use is to clean your skin, that is why there is the different brush heads not trying to be harsh but did you even read the description on the box?? The one that was more ‘bristle’ was actually and exfoliating brush... all the brush is doing is pushing the makeup into your pores instead of cleaning them with a face wash. Try coconut oil if you want to remove your makeup ‘eco friendly’🙄

  • em
    em Year ago

    Am i the only one who loved the video?

  • michael50694
    michael50694 Year ago

    Why remove your make up with just water? Why don't you try make up wipes, coconut oil, or a makeup remover.

  • michael50694
    michael50694 Year ago

    Try coconut oil

  • Grace Bateman
    Grace Bateman Year ago

    you can use oils (like coconut oil) to take of your eye makeup easier.

  • its hannah
    its hannah Year ago +1

    why didnt you find a 70% off coupon code? there EVERYWHERE.

  • Haylee Lamb
    Haylee Lamb Year ago

    "This reminds me of when I got my electric toothbrush."
    What kind of toothbrush do you fucking own?

  • Kensy Edmond
    Kensy Edmond Year ago

    You look good without makeup. Not to be rude. But I like when people go natural

  • Sleep on the bed not on the hyung line thanks

    Um... literally every TheXvidr has a promo code and it's 70% off and on amazon it's less than $40, but ok 😂

  • lara t
    lara t Year ago

    I bought this for $50 with a discount code and it works great!

  • wass up
    wass up Year ago

    USE CODE : SHANISPIN for 70% off

  • Jessica Holden-Cook

    Basically a knock off Clarisonic.

  • Shelby S
    Shelby S Year ago

    I'm a guy, and I don't wear any makeup on, but I do have a relatively oily face after a day at work. :| Maybe this is a thing?

  • Ethan James
    Ethan James Year ago

    I use cold cream and gentle hand soap and like it works fucking amazingly and its like clears my acne better than any anti-acne product ive ever tried

  • Bashayer Ali
    Bashayer Ali Year ago

    Water doesn't remove make up ....

  • Chyenne Walters
    Chyenne Walters Year ago

    Coconut oil demolishes eye make up. I record using that. I've done that for years now and never use any other make up remover

  • Heath Sabin
    Heath Sabin Year ago

    You should try skateboarding and Cruiser boarding with a longboard

  • aejuez93
    aejuez93 Year ago

    You can get this on Groupon for $20. I use it and I love it so much my acne scarring has disappeared and my skin improved drastically. I double cleanse so I remove my makeup first and then use the VP brush

  • BaileyAnne •
    BaileyAnne • Year ago

    After watching this I got the exact same product for like $25 on amazon. Sucks she had to spend so much.

  • Parushi Ruhil
    Parushi Ruhil Year ago

    This is as sponsored as it can get.

  • angelmushahf
    angelmushahf Year ago

    Does the discount code still work?

  • Isabel Lucia
    Isabel Lucia Year ago

    You should try micellar water

  • ThatVlogKid 101
    ThatVlogKid 101 Year ago +1

    Not a makeup remover. It's for facial cleansing after removing makeup.

  • Angela Hooper
    Angela Hooper Year ago

    Girl. Coconut oil and a wet wash cloth. That's all I use. I have a wash cloth specifically for removing makeup lol and I just wash it when it gets dirty.

    • Angela Hooper
      Angela Hooper Year ago

      Plus, it's really not good to put soap on your eye area, or rub it hard with a spinning brush. Seriously coconut oil is so much better for your skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

  • Nola Gatto
    Nola Gatto Year ago

    Awwh bebe you should use a cleanser, maybe miscellar water to take off your makeup //before// washing your face 😂
    This product, if anything like the clarisonic is NOT designed to take off makeup, but rather clean your actual skin. I hope that difference makes sense

  • Arabėlla Kvelbërj
    Arabėlla Kvelbërj Year ago +4

    Uhm... that doesn't look like the vanity planet packaging..

    • Sabila Ruswana
      Sabila Ruswana Year ago +3

      Arabėlla Kvelbërj They changed the packaging.

  • Chewy V
    Chewy V Year ago

    the batteries make it a non-eco friendly substitute over using bio degradable paper towels

  • Elokin
    Elokin Year ago

    use an oil (any natural oil works) to break up your makeup first then wash you face. the oil helps break up the makeup, especially the eyeliner and mascara

  • Queen Mabb
    Queen Mabb Year ago

    😒 Really? You can't just buy some dark colored wash cloths or towels & designate them for your makeup removal?

  • rachel miller
    rachel miller Year ago

    Ugh she looks so good all the time; with and without makeup

  • AskMiko
    AskMiko Year ago

    I paid $40 (over 1 year ago) due to a bazillion other TheXvidrs promoting this device too. I don't think many people paid $130. Plus, it's just a face cleansing brush - - not a make-up removing brush so for $40... the investment isn't too bad.

  • tony morgan
    tony morgan Year ago

    michelle hore

  • Tegan CHUGG
    Tegan CHUGG Year ago

    omg your so pretty

  • PeterK1984
    PeterK1984 Year ago

    "Now I have removed the make-up from the right side of my face."
    Both sides look identical.
    I swear, make-up is the biggest con in the history of the world.

  • Christina Reynaud

    You could use an oil or a balm and still use a towel, the method you use now isnt good for your skin..

  • Rochelle Robichaud

    Hey, a tip I would give you is to buy some face cloth wash clothes that are close to your skin tone/make-up colour and just make these your "they're gonna go ruined and stained oh well" face washing towels and then when you dry your face with a regular towel nothing should come off on it.

  • Allison Besgen
    Allison Besgen Year ago

    I got that exact same product on Amazon for $20 but from a different brand, and I use it to wash my face.

  • Meredith Young
    Meredith Young Year ago

    You can try to use oil (such as Jojoba oil) to melt your makeup

  • Marie101
    Marie101 Year ago +2

    Michelle:**turns on brush**
    Michelle: I like that sound
    Me: thank you

  • Molly B
    Molly B Year ago

    Lol why are you using multiple towels? Or your roommate's towels? And there are cheaper and more eco-friendly options if you are really looking

  • Dem Ver
    Dem Ver Year ago

    Olive oil is eco-friendly...and a lot cheaper than that. 😶

  • 1kikkichan
    1kikkichan Year ago

    @michellekare i also suffer from acne and I discovered cleansing oils work wonders, the ones that I have used are from Banila Co. and L'Occitane
    BTW I don't suggest DIY cleansing oils like I know coconut oil or olive oil but I find that I they just aggravate my acne even more

  • K8VKH
    K8VKH Year ago

    What ever happened to wash cloths?

  • Samceratops
    Samceratops Year ago

    For anyone who doesn't have to money to buy products like this, but wants to be ecofriendly and not stain their towels:
    Go to Costco. They usually have a pack of $10 white face clothes for $5. Only use these to wash your face. Yes, they'll stain. But you can use them over and over again and you don't have to use your good towels.

  • Rose Field
    Rose Field Year ago

    Just to add to everyone's comments - don't use a brush to take off your makeup. Also, buy face flannels. Towels for you face. Done.

  • 6 !
    6 ! Year ago

    Why didn't you just try the Makeup Eraser? Its a microfiber towel that you use with just water to remove all of your makeup, eye makeup included! Its SO much cheaper than the fancy, expensive device you tried 👍

  • Lana Gallardo
    Lana Gallardo Year ago

    When you got this for $20 at Tj Max... 😂

  • Laura Wong
    Laura Wong Year ago

    you could buy a special towel often called a "Makeup eraser" on amazon that can remove your makeup easily, thats what i use

  • shuichilovesyuki
    shuichilovesyuki Year ago

    Michelle you should try Clinique take the day off cleansing balm.

  • Tina Jackson
    Tina Jackson Year ago

    I actually bought the product after watching her video along with some other youtube videos. Since I used her code at checkout I only spent 46$, which included tax and shipping. It has worked well for me the past few days! Don't judge sponsored videos, they can get you some great deals on amazing products!

  • Michelle Anastacio

    You should try the makeup eraser

  • brisa miranda
    brisa miranda Year ago

    i love your blouse!!!!! were CAN i get it!!

  • Trisha Fawver
    Trisha Fawver Year ago

    Have you tried the Makeup Eraser towel? The brush you're using looks like it's just a brush like a Clarisonic or any other motorized brush system.

  • Abigail Parry
    Abigail Parry Year ago

    Michelle, you look beautiful without makeup! Thank you for making this video

  • Chassy Tauberman
    Chassy Tauberman Year ago

    Oil of your choice+cheap washcloths. Oil removes make up super easily and doesn't dry your skin out, and most are pretty nice for sensitive skin. I buy jojoba oil for my face and hair since it's pretty lightweight but still moisturizing.

  • Curtis Joseph
    Curtis Joseph Year ago

    Try to be a blackjack dealer

  • Luisa Enns
    Luisa Enns Year ago

    have you tried using coconut oil as a makeup remover? It works and it leaves your skin soft too :)

  • Blossom Thinks
    Blossom Thinks Year ago

    I love how clueless she is 😂

  • Rain Shehri
    Rain Shehri Year ago

    Try wearing weights for one weak "ankle ,wrist and chest weights all the day except bed time of course 😍

  • Karley Wilson
    Karley Wilson Year ago

    You should do a collab with raw alignment!

  • Riane
    Riane Year ago

    got mine for $30 off of amazon B)

  • Nicole Van Herwynen

    You can almost always get that brush for 40 dollars. That's how much I paid for it.

  • hailey brown
    hailey brown Year ago

    couldn't you just buy the makeup eraser towel it's literally a towel for removing your makeup

  • Griffin Gurley
    Griffin Gurley Year ago

    This thing is $33 on Amazon

  • Madeleine White
    Madeleine White Year ago +6

    Skincare enthusiasts everywhere are crying right now.

  • mattrex94
    mattrex94 Year ago

    way more beautiful without makeup

  • Alica Madara
    Alica Madara Year ago

    God please, where have you bought the top from the intro!

  • Tarwynne Sept-cooper

    Hey. I think that the "makeup eraser" would be perfect for you. It's a Cleansing cloth that wipes off your makeup with just water. And you can just wash it when it gets dirty!

  • Elise Maes
    Elise Maes Year ago +3

    Ive had this product for almost 2 years not even knowing how expensive and useful it was... (It was a birthday present)

  • Ashley DeVincent
    Ashley DeVincent Year ago

    what i use is cocnut oil and a wash cloth but if you dont want to ruin a washcloth you can use a makeup eraser it worls amazing and all of the stains wash out.

  • sweetNlow
    sweetNlow Year ago

    For an Eco friendly option look for microfiber makeup removing towels. They are machine washable and last for years . You just wet them with water and they work quite well 😉

  • Softball Player
    Softball Player Year ago

    THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE CHANNEL!!!! I just saw your channel today and I am very tired I haven't seen it sooner!

  • Liz O
    Liz O Year ago

    Ruining towels?? Do you use the household hand towels to remove your makeup???
    I used to use my bathroom hand towels for my face until I realized that I should probably not wipe my face with something that touches my hands all week. Now I have small face towels. One for every day of the week. It's helped my acne in the long run.

  • Domonique Vargas
    Domonique Vargas Year ago +2

    You can literally buy the exact same product on Amazon right now for $29 and have free 2 day shipping... SMH