The iPhone 11 Pro Max is great

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
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    The iPhone 11 Pro is the most expensive iPhone you can buy today - Is it a worthy successor to the previous most expensive iPhones you can buy or is it a rehash worth skipping?
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Comments • 5 729

  • Cyanetix NA
    Cyanetix NA 5 hours ago

    Your Carplay issue is a Chevy issue, not iPhone.

  • Chilifritte
    Chilifritte 11 hours ago

    Did he just blame dbrand for being overpriced although it's his sponsor of the video? Haha

  • Gearum
    Gearum 19 hours ago

    what is your case called

  • Cavespider animations
    Cavespider animations 21 hour ago

    I don't get this video it's not a video about the phone in particular it's about firmware makes not sense

  • Bergtor
    Bergtor Day ago

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max worst thig... is his camera... 2015 technology
    Hi... Huawei P30 Pro has everything and much moore... And no matter the google thing
    Huawei P30 pro has it, and will has it, but the point is that there are googles LG, Asus rog phone etc, on my videos you can see how LG V10 from 2015 has moore eable and better camera 4k etc, because they are and create the technology
    Now tanks to Huawei apple is giving a little respect to his costumers
    iPhone never been and is not the best camera to record videos or phothos, iPhone 11 is long way behind ultimate camera technology... iPhone shoul cost $600 dollars just check this 👇 ah and the back is a bathoom glass, shower glass

  • Jonas Slaght
    Jonas Slaght Day ago

    is this the same guy who did "10 ways android is just better"?

  • ToekiyoDub
    ToekiyoDub Day ago

    what the hell are you talking about with the reminder thing Linus my Galaxy Note 8 has the reminder app built in and i can add a photo to each item i add to a "list" and check off the list after i complete or buy the item... i love how this is a HUGE plus for iPhone. its been around forever!

  • Andhika Komulainen

    updated my galaxy s8+ to iphone 11 pro and I can tell you guys I frickin regret that decision. Should go for note s10+!

  • Adam Zawadzki
    Adam Zawadzki Day ago

    no thanks im happy with my samsung s9 the next upgrade will be the Samsung S10 Note, i am 100% done with apple

  • Verity facts
    Verity facts Day ago see it

  • Mitch Matley
    Mitch Matley Day ago

    After 11 Years of android usage I finally made the switch to iPhone and al though there are some things that annoy me so far this thing is amazing, but seriously apple in app settings need to be a thing!

  • Mackenzie McIntyre

    The USB c is nice but iOS 13 is trash it’s so broken but on the x and 11 pro they work well on the hardware they were meant for

  • Weedious
    Weedious Day ago +1

    These companies just really... The modern satans like.. Being the white people they are in the slavery times..... They aint never gonna listen and do shit blindly as long as they got nothing to lose

    • EJAZ PA
      EJAZ PA 16 hours ago

      Hey idiot, almost all Big Corporations are like that 😏

  • Weedious
    Weedious Day ago +2

    Linus bless me a mobile phone😢

  • TechPimp
    TechPimp 2 days ago

    I prefer Tizen smartwatchs

    『NOVISTO』 2 days ago +1

    2:10 Keep Notes does reminders really well. Apple is late to the game. Keep Notes is the best in my opinion. Rest of the features in iPhone are pretty good.

  • Bikram Atwal
    Bikram Atwal 2 days ago

    To mute you may have to say turn on do not disturb

  • T ekkendero
    T ekkendero 3 days ago

    I'm watching all this videos about Iphone 11 pro max I want to make a decision to buy one, this device cost lots of money and also Barclaybank they don't offer 24 months with 0 interest just 18 months but... the only thing that's hold me down is all IOS restrictions I feel free with Android drag here drop there drag on Windows 10 drop it on Android, Apple needs to improve the user navigation make it more friendly, I love the idea having a phone with a top notch battery life and the brightest display right and hopefully the Apple virtual keyboard don't have lag cause I'm addictive to text, can anyone make a video about the Apple Keyboard on Iphones can you type fast with minimum errors and also how is the predict text

  • Nwachukwu V. Ikenna
    Nwachukwu V. Ikenna 3 days ago +5

    I love Linus tech review, he is not biased and partial like some tech reviewers. Always impartial and truthful. He Calls a spade a spade. Keep it up Linus.

  • Sean C
    Sean C 3 days ago

    6:16 XD

  • Marcos Rajo
    Marcos Rajo 3 days ago

    Community Guidelines ?? I came here to flame Apple I won't lie.

  • qwertyuiop
    qwertyuiop 3 days ago

    0:42 Where i can buy that case?

  • dankestvonmemen
    dankestvonmemen 4 days ago

    this dumbass loses his mind that the s10/s10+ has a small island but doesn't say a single alphabetical letter about the fat notch on the iphone 11 that apple still hasn't gotten rid of.

  • Gyanesh Samanta
    Gyanesh Samanta 4 days ago

    Did anyone call up Dennis after getting his number?

  • justin stephen
    justin stephen 4 days ago +1

    Linus is right though with google and Apple

  • TEC Productions // AidenTEC

    to mute notifications you're supposed to say do not disturbDo you notifications you're supposed to say do not disturb

  • Dinkelstein Kerman
    Dinkelstein Kerman 4 days ago

    apple is actually making their phones repairable? I'm in shock

  • sebastian giurato
    sebastian giurato 5 days ago

    samsung used to have photo and video mode on the same page its one of the things I miss the most going from a s6 to a s10

    EJAZ AHMED 5 days ago

    After 2 weeks of use 11 pro max its not slim its very heavy and uncomfortable

  • me
    me 5 days ago

    Why is everyone saying ohh every phone needs usb type c when lightning is as good if not better relax

    • mooble
      mooble 4 days ago

      so you don’t need a separate charger for your phone

  • Tayshaun Lewis
    Tayshaun Lewis 5 days ago

    Just after i thought all was over sent me $3142
    💯 Take the Money Quiz -

  • Jake H
    Jake H 5 days ago

    I don’t have that lag on the phone numpad and I am on a 10s

  • photo biz
    photo biz 6 days ago +2

    Who’s watching this on a iPhone 11 pro max

    • Mher
      Mher 4 days ago

      Lol me

  • Dire Straits
    Dire Straits 6 days ago

    I wonder how many android freaks jumped off a bridge after watching this video?

  • flol
    flol 6 days ago

    best review ever! what you can not interact with a mail from the Gmail app? I am thinking about changing from android to ios after nearly 10 years now, but this would be a deal breaker for me.

    • The New Yay
      The New Yay 4 days ago

      You should do that right now, simply awesome

  • Xander Productions 12

    The iPhone 11 ( not pro ) has 3D touch dummy

    • Xander Productions 12
      Xander Productions 12 4 hours ago

      @The New Yay oh shoot you are right sorry

    • The New Yay
      The New Yay 4 days ago


    • photo biz
      photo biz 6 days ago

      I don’t think either have it I thought apple ditched that with last gen correct me if I’m wrong pls

  • Carba 99
    Carba 99 7 days ago

    Wow,the new iPhone number more and +500$ of price

  • PahaLukki
    PahaLukki 7 days ago

    Linus is still keeping it real!

  • Siddharth Ghosh
    Siddharth Ghosh 7 days ago

    He realizes why the alarm isnt goin off aint cause of android jus cuz its been only 2 minutes

  • Silver Rukky
    Silver Rukky 7 days ago

    Oh really!!

  • Casablumpkin
    Casablumpkin 7 days ago

    Linus: Tunnel Bear
    Also Linus: too many privacy prompts from Apple.

  • Madvillains
    Madvillains 7 days ago

    crap! its black friday and I can't find that spill proof carpet linus talked about in one of his vids. anyone know?

  • Iqram Khalid
    Iqram Khalid 8 days ago +1

    “And anyone who says otherwise is a pathetic fanboy...” “check out our video on how android/iOS is better!”

  • eccolus
    eccolus 8 days ago

    By the way, you can restore a recently deleted reminder by shaking the phone... Not the most elegant solution, but it's there. Also, instead of muting the notifications you can ask Siri to turn on "Do not disturb mode" which is basically the same thing. Depending on how you set it up.

  • Yuhenkah
    Yuhenkah 8 days ago

    IPhone 11 Pro does NOT have a force sensitive screen!

  • Not MyName
    Not MyName 9 days ago

    Lol, Apple and Google are communist traitors.

  • shadowhunter388
    shadowhunter388 9 days ago

    Imagine if Linus supervised on the creation of phones. lol Would probably be the Phone of the Century.

  • David Osburn
    David Osburn 10 days ago

    I understand that there is more freedom with android devices and there are higher specs and stuff, but I just enjoy using apple products and iPhones are really nice.

  • Austin Coen
    Austin Coen 10 days ago

    The watch problems with third-party apps are because Apple doesn't allow third-parties access to LTE. Only Apple apps on the watch can use LTE hence why only Apple Music works with the watch when you're away from your phone.

  • Jason C.
    Jason C. 10 days ago

    Tech expert and he's never heard of Yobu, T9Dialer, Type9, etc. 🤦‍♂

  • Alec Mailing
    Alec Mailing 11 days ago +15

    Just picked up the max pro! I haven’t had iPhone since the 4S. I love both OS but this phone is a refreshing change from android.

  • Zylice Liddell
    Zylice Liddell 11 days ago +2

    5:38 - “Siriusly!”

  • rotimi kayode
    rotimi kayode 11 days ago

    Thank I and my coworkers have iPhones it’s used for our jobs as well but even today we were talking about OnePlus vs pixel 4 we live in age where you can have one or two phones and like other phones . I’m glad you pointed out the over fandoms can’t we all just like tech and enjoy it .

  • Shantanu Marudkar
    Shantanu Marudkar 11 days ago

    Have you ever experienced burn in on ANY OLED smartphone?

  • Philip Konrad
    Philip Konrad 11 days ago +1

    0:13 That keyboard tho! Logitech G710+

  • edward chick
    edward chick 11 days ago

    I think your CarPlay issues are based more on the vehicle. I have car play in my BMW and everything works very well. The Siri response time isn’t laggy at all either.

    KAMIL 12 days ago

    High quality analog input

  • Juan Hedderich
    Juan Hedderich 12 days ago +37

    Imagine a phone that has a display so good that it can make the Battle of Winterfell visible.

  • Nefarious Cookie
    Nefarious Cookie 12 days ago +2

    Apple keeps the people poor.

    • Nefarious Cookie
      Nefarious Cookie 10 days ago

      Mister Albert not quite. Apple makes a version every 1/2 a year and accessories consistently. They are just telling people ambiguously “ your broke unless you have one of our product” and we all like to be keeping up with scumbags on the other house so we want to be up to date. As a result you see broke ppl buying expensive cars and and clothes and you know its a months worth of their salary. Cant even afford to buy their own metrocard. Some douchebag with an iphone 11 pro asking me to give him a metro swipe. Thats how out of their mind they are.

    • Mister Albert
      Mister Albert 10 days ago

      So is Samsung Huawei

  • California Phantom
    California Phantom 12 days ago

    Uber genuis I need your help. How the hell do I transfer these amazing 4K 60FPS videos from my Iphone 11 Pro Max to my PC??? Connected USB-C to lightening (included with phone), I tried lightening to USB via several ports on my Dell laptop and NOTHING. Tried iTunes and the Photo App on windows 10 and either the files straight don't show up. Or the files begin to transfer and fail. I keep the phone unlocked and not timed out the entire time, so I'm completely lost.