Chef Serves Crab Risotto WITHOUT CRAB | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • So many good one-liners.
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.
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  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 Day ago


  • vietnvm
    vietnvm 5 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how when the chef taste the food with the spoon. Their whole mouth on it. And they stick the same spoon back in the dish??

  • Clyde Calamity
    Clyde Calamity 7 days ago

    If those are construction workers, I got a bridge to sell you. I might as well walk up in Hell’s Kitchen with my dirty mechanic coveralls.

  • The Chosen Artist
    The Chosen Artist 11 days ago

    You guys cook like old people F*ck, I lost there. 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Jinsui Jae
    Jinsui Jae 12 days ago

    nobody: ......
    everybody: ......
    Chef: you guys cook like old ppl fuck🗣

  • dean
    dean 13 days ago

    high risk high reward move by michael. if ralph notices theres no crab, thats a big fuck up for him. if he doesnt notice, well you saw the result

  • jayropa
    jayropa 13 days ago

    Up Next: Josh serves spaghetti WITH EXTRA SPAGHETTI

  • Cyrekt
    Cyrekt 17 days ago

    Season 1 was so much less dramatic. It's almost like watching a UK version of Hell's Kitchen

  • preston white
    preston white 18 days ago

    Construction workers eating with hardhats😁😄

  • Neelan
    Neelan 20 days ago

    NGL, Michael kinda looks like Charlie from Penguinz0

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 23 days ago

    That guy needs to shave his beard off.

  • anafbmad
    anafbmad 25 days ago

    sabotaging should not be allowed

  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    Did this motherfucker taste the risotto and then stick the same spoon again to taste it twice?
    You dirty, nasty swine! 🤮

  • MLG
    MLG 28 days ago

    If someone told me that I cook like old people fuck. I would just say " yeah and you fuck like they walk" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • aleem latif
    aleem latif Month ago

    Damn mike ! Clever snake

  • ArtifactUnknown
    ArtifactUnknown Month ago +2

    Why tf do these “construction workers” have hard hats on in a 5 star restaurant 😂

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 14 days ago

      Proves how uneducated you must be, you do know construction workers do make good money right?

  • Himalayan Wanderer
    Himalayan Wanderer Month ago

    The best season of HK

  • Jake Wareing
    Jake Wareing Month ago

    You guys cook like old people fuck
    Jesus that’s funny shit

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon Month ago

    Nino has pictures of him taking pictures while cleaning.

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon Month ago

    Crap risotto

  • Sponge Man Ice Cone
    Sponge Man Ice Cone Month ago +1

    You guys comment like old people fuck

  • John a.
    John a. Month ago +1

    Oh I never knew construction workers eat at a restaurant with their hard hats on with their families.

  • Thomas Linssen
    Thomas Linssen Month ago

    Poor Jean Pierre. I mean Philippe

  • exzses
    exzses Month ago

    Yes Chef.
    Thank you Chef.

  • William Levy
    William Levy Month ago

    Michael's a slimy cunt. Never liked him. I hate people that step on others just to get what they want. Scumbag.

  • ratichocc
    ratichocc Month ago +1

    how has gordon ramsay not screamed at anyone the entire video i feel scammed

  • Claudia Richards
    Claudia Richards Month ago +2

    Ramsay looks like a proud dad in the beginning

  • Freyja Njordsdottir

    I would have given the "crab" risotto back too. A crab risotto without crab , hangs the "b" down.

  • Corrupt O
    Corrupt O Month ago

    Michael is probably that one person who would only eat the skins of fried chicken and leave the rest of the chicken in the trash.

  • Aristide Torchia
    Aristide Torchia Month ago

    me: It dosent really look that bad.
    Gordon: garbage
    me: garbage

  • AwkwardRenegade
    AwkwardRenegade Month ago

    John Pierre MVP of this episode.

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod Month ago

    it's so obvious Michael will screw anyone to get ahead...good thing nobody saw

  • Aristotelis Lappas
    Aristotelis Lappas Month ago

    What season is it because it’s so calm

  • Interceptor GT
    Interceptor GT Month ago

    Chef Ramsay would love my charcoal grilled burgers

  • Yinon Douchan
    Yinon Douchan Month ago

    Since when do construction workers eat in a fine dining restaurant???

  • Era Playz
    Era Playz Month ago +7

    And because of Michael, that’s why Ramsay decided to implement the “purposely messing up of plates” during final tests 👍🏾

    CUPOJO3 Month ago +2

    Very smart move by Micheal this whole video is just showing the origin of the quality control test made my micheal in season 1 and then used in every season since and what Micheal is doing is not bad it’s actually very smart as the whole challenge was to run the pass and keep quality control and Micheal beat Ralph at that point.

  • RoC 77
    RoC 77 Month ago +3

    It's not sabotage if Ralph was supposed to catch it.

  • ray the person
    ray the person Month ago

    Why are they wearing helmats? They ordered the soup

  • Tyler March
    Tyler March Month ago +2

    People calling micheal a snake need to realize that this isn't about who is the better cook at this point in the show, its about who is the better chef. Which involves quality control and micheal was just testing quality control. Also come on, a crab risotto without crab?

  • Kawa
    Kawa Month ago +1

    *you guys cook like old people fuck*

  • Jacob Reed
    Jacob Reed Month ago

    Why tf are they wearing hard hats in a restaurant

  • soler
    soler Month ago


  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Month ago

    Press f for Jean Pierre

  • Mlopez 602
    Mlopez 602 Month ago

    What a saboteur.

  • Tim Bob
    Tim Bob Month ago

    His remark about the construction worker was juvenile . Where would his punk ass live or work without one . Grow up little boy .

  • Bianca Bloom
    Bianca Bloom Month ago

    I was at a wedding once and they didn’t know how to make a basic vegan dish so they gave me vegetable risotto... _with Balsamic Vinegar._
    I thought that was bad...

  • Nikos Paparizos
    Nikos Paparizos Month ago

    “You guys cook like old people fuck” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😂😅😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😂🤣🤣😂😂😅🤣🤣😂😂😅

  • Ultima Werewolf2
    Ultima Werewolf2 Month ago +1

    Wait a second....
    Water off a ducks back...

  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross Month ago


  • Kelmis
    Kelmis Month ago

    Why is no one talking about what Mike said at the beginning

  • S u n f l o w e r 전
    S u n f l o w e r 전 Month ago +1

    How the fuck can you send the crab rissoto without the fucking crab? And sabotaging is really fucking intresting.

  • S u n f l o w e r 전
    S u n f l o w e r 전 Month ago +1

    Seeing Gordon smile sent me to heaven.

  • Metaluna Zombie
    Metaluna Zombie Month ago

    want a crayab? go to the fuckin ocean

  • Judge Judy!
    Judge Judy! Month ago

    To get to the top you have to fight dirty.
    Just look at the famous basketball star, Michael Jordan..

  • Osbigato tv
    Osbigato tv Month ago

    Lol that nigga chef Ramsay felt that shit when he said it

  • 28dayslater559
    28dayslater559 Month ago

    To the idiots commenting on the construction workers wearing hard hats to a restaurant allow me to explain. Obviously you are a fucking idiots who don't know shit about this show. They aren't people who walked in off the street. They are redesigning the sound stage because these are the final 2 contestants. Hell's kitchen is not an actual restaurant you can just walk into, its a sound stage that you have to be INVITED to. Those construction workers are working through the night so Gordon decided to feed them as a way to test Michael and Ralph on running there kitchen.

  • OntarioStorms
    OntarioStorms Month ago


  • Blingchachink
    Blingchachink Month ago

    yo this nigga ramsay laughed. i never felt so good about another human man

  • CellTech Universe
    CellTech Universe Month ago +1

    Michael: You People Cook Like Old People Fuck!
    Gordon: Laughs