Little Sister Picks Out My Outfits!

  • Published on Jun 15, 2018
  • Sister Buys Picks out my Outfits! In Todays video, my Little Sister Picks out my outfits! Thank you to boohoo for sponsoring this video! USA- Get 10% off with my code: ALEXA10 at AUS- Use code at
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  • Basically Khadija
    Basically Khadija 2 months ago


  • Komal Jahan
    Komal Jahan 9 months ago

    Your hairs😍😍😍

  • Veerapen Selven
    Veerapen Selven 11 months ago +1

    SO CUTE💕😘

  • Nina Roux
    Nina Roux Year ago +2

    I love everything!!

  • Talah Abuadas
    Talah Abuadas Year ago +1

    Your sister has a better person taste of style than me!!!

    • Symonne Harrison
      Symonne Harrison Year ago +1

      Talah Abuadas awe, you are so sweet! I bet you have great style too!!! 💕

  • LifeWithJustine
    LifeWithJustine Year ago +2

    She is so cute and so mature for her age lol

  • Hannah Chessell
    Hannah Chessell Year ago +2

    She is soo cute!! 💕 Those outfits are on point! 😍

    • Symonne Harrison
      Symonne Harrison Year ago +1

      Hannah Chessell thank you!!! I’m so happy you liked the outfits I picked for Alexa!!! 💕

  • Payton Lacy
    Payton Lacy Year ago +2

    You and your sister are so beautiful and I always will stay active and watching your videos!!!!!!! 💜😘❤️💗

  • Mackenzie Dierker
    Mackenzie Dierker Year ago +2

    sooo cute! I need to shop there!!!!!

    • Symonne Harrison
      Symonne Harrison Year ago

      Mackenzie Dierker yes, they have lots of fun outfits!❤️

  • Rae Vlogs!!
    Rae Vlogs!! Year ago +2

    So cute she did a great job😛

  • Riya Sidhu
    Riya Sidhu Year ago +2


  • Riya Sidhu
    Riya Sidhu Year ago +2


  • MissElyssa Gan
    MissElyssa Gan Year ago +1

    Its summer and your wearing a sweater

  • Holly Freeman
    Holly Freeman Year ago +1

    shes so cute and confident awww 🦄🦄🦄🦄💖💖👼🏼😛🌈🌹

  • Myke Xoxo
    Myke Xoxo Year ago +2

    Who Else Watched Multiple times??!!!

    • Symonne Harrison
      Symonne Harrison Year ago

      ImperfectlyMade Unicornss thank you for so much watching!!!! 😘💋💋

    • Symonne Harrison
      Symonne Harrison Year ago

      ImperfectlyMade Unicornss ✋🏻 Loving this video

  • msdarkstar1012
    msdarkstar1012 Year ago +2

    Please please please do a hair care routine! Your hair looks so healthy and beautiful!😘

  • Laney Brush
    Laney Brush Year ago +2


  • clikkie x
    clikkie x Year ago


  • Ema Lévesque
    Ema Lévesque Year ago +1

    I loved this video, but I counted, and they said the word cute 37 times😂

  • Krista Wansbrough
    Krista Wansbrough Year ago +1

    you should do a whats on my phone video

  • Janneya V.
    Janneya V. Year ago +1

    Your little sis, got style, dang ima need to borrow her to pic my outfits😂

  • Beauty Corn
    Beauty Corn Year ago +2

    hey alexa, i sent u a letter with a couple things in it that i thought u would like, please get back to me! i hope you got it lemme know so i know for sure! xxoo
    it said from tori coakley

  • Leslie Cruz
    Leslie Cruz Year ago +2

    She’s so adorable!!

  • Cris caridad
    Cris caridad Year ago +2

    Wow she did amazing

  • JustJoolia! _
    JustJoolia! _ Year ago +2

    When she said Alexa’s name my amazon echo turned on and started playing music 😂

  • Hope Brown
    Hope Brown Year ago +1

    I want to enter the giveaway, I also wanted to say your content has been AMAZING lately 😻

  • xo. Daniela
    xo. Daniela Year ago +2

    OMG I need her as a Baby Sis!💖👭
    🤫(If you see this Comment:Sister!👭)🤫

  • Alyssa Barbeck
    Alyssa Barbeck Year ago +3

    Omg🙄 lil sis is sooooo cringy!!!!

  • Humnah Ibrahim
    Humnah Ibrahim Year ago +1

    i entered the giveaway!

  • Kaitlin Marks
    Kaitlin Marks Year ago +2

    I need her to dress me 😍😍 she is so cute!

  • lazinskit93
    lazinskit93 Year ago +2

    Her sister is adorable!

    • lazinskit93
      lazinskit93 Year ago +1

      Symonne Harrison aw your welcome sweetheart you did a great job picking out her outfits too!

    • Symonne Harrison
      Symonne Harrison Year ago +1

      Thanks you so much😘

  • Laura Malik
    Laura Malik Year ago +2

    Omg you have a sister????

  • Alianna Tribble
    Alianna Tribble Year ago +2

    I need fashion advice from Symonne

  • ZjBeauty
    ZjBeauty Year ago +2

    she’s sooo cute and did sooo well!!!❤️❤️

  • Stephanie Calderon
    Stephanie Calderon Year ago +1

    I would like to enter the giveaway!

  • Stephanie Calderon
    Stephanie Calderon Year ago +2

    She did so good!

  • alice guglielmino
    alice guglielmino Year ago +2

    So cute !🎀

  • Grace Pausma
    Grace Pausma Year ago +1

    Ok when I was her age I was still shopping at justice lol, but she’s so adorable!!

  • LoloCreates
    LoloCreates Year ago +2

    She did so well! I need her to shop for me :)

  • Daiana Galvan
    Daiana Galvan Year ago +2

    Awww she's so nice !!:)

  • Brooke Evans
    Brooke Evans Year ago +2

    I’m shook at how good she did 👏

  • Karaline Laura
    Karaline Laura Year ago +2

    Symonne is so cute and did such a good job!! You should include her in more videos!💞

  • zara
    zara Year ago +2

    This is so cute!!!! Loooove the first outfit. And i want to enter the giveaway cause i love ya girl!!!!!

  • Clara 800
    Clara 800 Year ago +1

    Okay she is sooooo cute I’m obsessed

  • Lia Garcia
    Lia Garcia Year ago +8


  • Jenn'sCrazyLife
    Jenn'sCrazyLife Year ago +17

    Alexa’s neighbor is adorable!! 💖
    She did a great job!

  • Lily-Aude Ackouyet
    Lily-Aude Ackouyet Year ago +1

    So cute 😻😝

  • Angela
    Angela Year ago +1

    So cute ! 😍❤

  • Gianna Grassi
    Gianna Grassi Year ago +2

    i love the way she said “bonjor”

  • Brooke Delong
    Brooke Delong Year ago +2

    You are so pretty alexa,she did such a great job

  • Jade Trudeau
    Jade Trudeau Year ago +1

    She’s so cute !!! I need a sister 🙈💘

  • sofia saher
    sofia saher Year ago +3

    She pick so much cute outfit ✌

  • Lilah
    Lilah Year ago +23

    She did so good especially the outfit with the blue rainbow top and tassel shorts! I loved this video sm💓

  • Francy FDL
    Francy FDL Year ago +2

    She did so goooood! Love u both! Cuties♥️

  • Αννα Μ
    Αννα Μ Year ago +2

    I want to enter the giveaway😍😍 (My ig is @anna_bousia) Btw I LOOOOOVE the rainbow shorts😍

  • Linn Moberg
    Linn Moberg Year ago +2

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  • Med_ kln
    Med_ kln Year ago +2

    your sister is so cute 💚💗💙

  • Anna R
    Anna R Year ago +2

    I wanna enter the giveaway😍❤️ And your sister did an amazing job in buying you outfits☺️

  • Harriet Arach
    Harriet Arach Year ago +2

    loved all these outfits!

  • _agejvekev jsjnwj_
    _agejvekev jsjnwj_ Year ago +11

    She did great !!! Wish I had a little sister to film this video 😆!!!