Conor McGregor Says He's Close on a UFC Fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov | TMZ Sports


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  • J R
    J R 9 hours ago

    Hey it’s the walking fuck Up convict Connor

  • Ronnie Haley
    Ronnie Haley 19 hours ago

    Nobody says a word about Conor's size and strength, I think Kahbib is going to be in serious shock like all the ones in past when he stands face to face with McGregor , I'm going to laugh when McGregor takes a page out his own book and slams the Russian on the mat

  • asif malek
    asif malek 19 hours ago

  • HP World, Kamanahallli HRBR Computer Planet

    he is the NOTORIOUS

  • Oktovianus Matabesi

    You hearing that Khabib?don't talk to much brother,Connor not a chicken like what u say, be carefull with u mouth Khabib.

  • Blamo Fishing
    Blamo Fishing Day ago

    She has a banana in her backpack 1:47

  • Yesluck1 Yesluck1
    Yesluck1 Yesluck1 Day ago +1

    And still....khabiiiiiib the eagle

  • Brittany Ceno
    Brittany Ceno Day ago

    Im sry but did that black girl just ask "when are u gonna do a dick pic"?????

  • NaziAssUtube
    NaziAssUtube 2 days ago

    Fucking bed wench looking for a dick pic

  • Kyle Vin
    Kyle Vin 3 days ago

    Mcgreggor is a verry talented fighter but damn.... khabib will kick his asssss

  • JaydenDivision
    JaydenDivision 4 days ago

    This lil white cream white bun

  • Johny
    Johny 4 days ago

    @ 0:11 someone told Conor "Khabib is gonna smash your face... you afraid"
    What a stupid moronic people live in this world

  • Political Spectrum
    Political Spectrum 4 days ago

    He looks worry...

  • Santiago Rincón
    Santiago Rincón 5 days ago


  • jae parkin
    jae parkin 5 days ago

    He's humble in victory and defeat.

  • Crontex44
    Crontex44 5 days ago

    Khabib is gonna rape conor mcgregor

  • Lesson
    Lesson 5 days ago

    He has fun with it. Now go watch a Justin Bieber one and he complains like a bitch “o why you guys following me”

  • alger houmti
    alger houmti 6 days ago

    khabib , the best

  • salamango81
    salamango81 6 days ago

    He will get mauled

    ISHTIAQUE AHMED 6 days ago

    Khabib will smash Russians real father Conor

    ISHTIAQUE AHMED 6 days ago

    he is afraid with Khabib's name

  • Theo McDonald
    Theo McDonald 6 days ago +1

    Jacob Rees Mogg @0:15. Safe to say neither of them recognized each other

  • arebrec
    arebrec 6 days ago


  • HeadsupMaster
    HeadsupMaster 7 days ago

    Paparazzi more groupie then actual reporter . your the king of New York City lol no bitch Tekasahi 69 owns New York lol

  • Callummcgrane42
    Callummcgrane42 7 days ago

    I’m going to the fight and I’m Irish but I think Khabib will drop his head during a takedown attempt and Conor will capitalize on it in the 4th round

  • LuKe10559
    LuKe10559 7 days ago

    You can see Kebab and his Muslim pal harassing, mocking homeless Americans...Most don't realize- for Muslim you are just "dhimmi", they make money of you, mock you in private and want to take over. They would not dare to touch Muslim homeless...deep crap in Dagestan...but American homeless is IDEAL...Wake up! And Dana White is his enabler...

  • JW X
    JW X 7 days ago

    The people who think Khabib will win probably have watched 1 compilation of his punches and thought that strength is all that matters - agility and technique? Doesn't matter!

  • Hama cratos
    Hama cratos 7 days ago

    King Conor

  • jeremyviromek
    jeremyviromek 7 days ago +2

    Conor is the same guy everywhere. Hes very nice to anyone who isnt fighting him

  • Leg3ndKilla687
    Leg3ndKilla687 8 days ago

    “Can you keep up with me?” His cardio last probably 2 blocks

  • Espen Totland
    Espen Totland 8 days ago

    Conor is a true champ champ Legend

  • Zuko Wiyono
    Zuko Wiyono 8 days ago

    Nothing special.... Khabib's time...

    • this guy
      this guy 8 days ago

      no chin khabib v no cardio connor that's all there is to it

  • throw a lawnmower at me

    Never become famous people. You will have this shit to put up with every day.

  • Siward Beorn
    Siward Beorn 9 days ago


  • oscar gonzalez
    oscar gonzalez 9 days ago

    "are you back brother?" fucken kiss ass camera men

  • wesley haight
    wesley haight 9 days ago

    What khabibs little rim lickers don't get is conor never mentions khabibs name because he's not going to promote khabib from his platform. All khabib and his manager do is talk about conor. So they are using there platform to promote conor for free.

  • J D
    J D 10 days ago


  • Ron Sh
    Ron Sh 10 days ago

    He’s fookin love nyc, what a fookin city

  • Mr. Liam
    Mr. Liam 10 days ago

    Let's just take a step back and appreciate that TMZ has a sports channel XD

  • Jamie Naghten
    Jamie Naghten 10 days ago

    Good to hear 👂🔥💯

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley 10 days ago

    He hasn't broke a sweat, you'd think he'd have been out of breath at least..

  • Blxst Power
    Blxst Power 10 days ago

    Career is dead.

  • Bul ivy
    Bul ivy 10 days ago

    Love it

  • Ryan Connaughton
    Ryan Connaughton 10 days ago

    She asked him "When are you gonna do a dick pic?!" haaha wtfff

  • W N
    W N 10 days ago +1

    Conor, the Russians support you and wish you victory! We hate malignant Caucasian monkeys!

  • hassa farak
    hassa farak 11 days ago


  • Ewan ET
    Ewan ET 11 days ago +1

    Undisputed champ? He never defended and holds no belts at all lol. FRAUD

  • kamikazekaos
    kamikazekaos 11 days ago

    Potato gypo

  • Haduro Kyotio
    Haduro Kyotio 11 days ago

    King of this city? Until floyd stops by

  • aloevera74
    aloevera74 11 days ago

    So I was walking in to Mandarin Hotel bare chested .... some hotel staff invited me to leave and refused entry.
    But because it’s Mr McGregor !!!!
    I see I see the difference !
    Fairy muff

  • Silk Boxing
    Silk Boxing 11 days ago

    A self promoting machine.
    Beat the balls off that Wig wearing, Russian Homo !

  • Viggo Gammella
    Viggo Gammella 11 days ago +1

    your the king of new york city' he ant king of shit

  • jason
    jason 11 days ago

    Is anyone knows uk politics look and pause at 16 seconds ! I sware that is Jacob Reece mogg walking past Conner!! ??

  • 121212
    121212 12 days ago

    Dude is getting totally crazyyyyy

  • WetwotTV
    WetwotTV 12 days ago

    Sometimes I wished Connor would punch you ass kissers right in the face while u ask ur questions.

  • Nice Tea
    Nice Tea 12 days ago

    why did he blank all the khabib questions Okayyyy then

  • Eli ReD
    Eli ReD 12 days ago

    69 owns NY lol jk big time

  • BOOB!!click now
    BOOB!!click now 12 days ago

    Say fuuuckkk

  • the life of moose
    the life of moose 13 days ago

    He will lose

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 13 days ago

    He and Khabib r still in the city. If still the same hotel so im there too 😁😁😁

  • Derrick Wegman
    Derrick Wegman 13 days ago

    Conor has it in the first round but khabib has some devastating takes downs that will be a fight to remember..then comes Diaz lol

  • john
    john 13 days ago

    Massive cunt

  • John Doe
    John Doe 13 days ago

    Officially the thirstiest female reporter in history....

    STEVE 13 days ago +1

    0:15 United Kingdom MP Jacob Rees Mogg

  • Superman8137
    Superman8137 13 days ago

    What does predict Connor about his fight against Khabib? I guess I already have the answer but I'm waiting for confirmation.

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian 13 days ago

    Skinny boys with their tops off lmao

  • Roger T.
    Roger T. 13 days ago

    2-2 in his last 4 fights. 2 year hiatus. Not the fight I idolize.

  • Patrick O’Sullivan
    Patrick O’Sullivan 13 days ago

    Is that Jacob Rees-Mogg at 0:16?

  • LiparksGaming
    LiparksGaming 13 days ago

    too bad khabib gonna pull out mark my words its either he pulls out or he get ktfo

    AFYX MODS 13 days ago +1

    Khabib gonna kill him

  • CN AC
    CN AC 13 days ago

    TMZ is a piece of shit following people's a$$...

  • kevin OMaolmhuaidh
    kevin OMaolmhuaidh 13 days ago

    Well hurry up conor fuck sake... Your 30 now it's all down hill from khabib was trash talking you on twitter... called you a pussy and I said o he isn't would fight you in a minute... Conor could you tell Floyd he better step into the cage with you...if wee Floyd doesn't he will see fire in death ..cheers ma wee fenain mucker..

  • Darren Fox
    Darren Fox 13 days ago

    Pap might as well kneel down and suck Conor’s dick

  • Chao Zhu
    Chao Zhu 13 days ago

    Tap like chicken Mc nuggets!

  • English Bob
    English Bob 13 days ago


  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 13 days ago

    Connor is a Fuck scum bag thug nothing more band the scum from the UFC

  • Imda Mann
    Imda Mann 13 days ago

    Muslims always believe they are so tough but in reality they always get the beat down !! Goodnight Kahbimbo you asked for it and now you will get it ... if you show up !

  • TurtaLife
    TurtaLife 13 days ago

    With Conor, the fight is more than just physical. Khabib has to be at peak, Mentally.

  • nicolas santa
    nicolas santa 14 days ago


  • Mr Chode
    Mr Chode 14 days ago

    Who saw Jacob Rese Mogg walk past him lmao what the hell?

  • Mr Chode
    Mr Chode 14 days ago

    What a fraud

  • Craig Hall
    Craig Hall 14 days ago

    King of the city fk off dick weed

  • Craig Hall
    Craig Hall 14 days ago

    Who gives a shit about lil fag McGregor who wont be getting my money nat diaz da man

  • Rhys Cassidy
    Rhys Cassidy 14 days ago +1

    i get the vibe that khabib would smell like shit, ugly scruffy cunt xxxd, most boring fighter in the company

  • TimeWarp66
    TimeWarp66 14 days ago

    God damn, Conor just loves New York City.

  • Gruagach. Iron Shoes
    Gruagach. Iron Shoes 14 days ago

    Khabab going to be force fed a left pork chop and ko'd in one.

  • Aiman Al-Hmadi
    Aiman Al-Hmadi 14 days ago

    This people follow him like they are his dogs

  • Graham Barnard
    Graham Barnard 14 days ago

    Mcgregor should ufc mma floyd to make fair

  • Martin Serrano
    Martin Serrano 14 days ago

    Victim #50. "I'm a gorilla. My punches break the guard" yea he sure did😂😂😂😂😂

  • overlandnsea
    overlandnsea 14 days ago

    Mcgregor is going bald

  • Tom Sadler
    Tom Sadler 14 days ago

    Khabib is going to smash you

  • Will Yu
    Will Yu 14 days ago

    Lol khabib always last the 5 rounds and he's so strong all 5 rounds. McGregor better keep the battle at far range. McGregor is the best striker. Timing and precision. But Once khabib gets close it's over. Hard to call this one.
    They're both hungry for victory

  • Gaspard Gaspard
    Gaspard Gaspard 14 days ago

    Stupide lady boy

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 14 days ago

    "You're the king of this city"
    Imagine being this much of a beta kiss ass.

  • ash squarkz
    ash squarkz 14 days ago +1

    So humble.

  • Young Trap Records
    Young Trap Records 14 days ago

    Is that pewdiepie??

  • 666 lucifer
    666 lucifer 14 days ago

    What a fight tht will be kahbib will just keep tryin to take it to the floor tho hope its not the case n they stand and trade but mcgregor wips him if its stand up toe 2 toe the bloke is a true irish legend

  • Minhaz Uddin
    Minhaz Uddin 14 days ago

    Its Khabib time.Take care Conor.

  • harun farah
    harun farah 14 days ago

    Conor is good and all but khabib will pulverise him.

  • Hate Nation
    Hate Nation 14 days ago

    Ignorant cunt