Racer X Films: Best Post-Race Show Ever | 2019 Ironman National with Adam Cianciarulo and Nick Wey

  • Published on Aug 26, 2019
  • Adam Cianciarulo describes his long journey from amateur phenom to oft-injured pro and redemptive 2019 250 National Motocross Champion in this edition of the Racer X Best Post-Show Ever.
    Hosts Jason Weigandt and Carrie Bolling talk to AC under the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki tent and also chat with his coach, former pro Nick Wey, to learn the methods and focus needed to put Adam's career back on track.
    Based in Corona, California, Pro Circuit Products, Inc. is a leader in off-road motorcycle and ATV exhausts and aftermarket performance parts. Started in 1978, Pro Circuit is the go-to shop for recreational riders and professionals for everything from suspension work to complete engine packages, and everything in between.
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Comments • 74

  • showtime951
    showtime951 18 days ago +1

    I started in this sport in 1971as a Palm Springs mini-bike rider, now I am fortunate to count many SX, MX, FMX, off-road champions, legends, and industry leaders as friends. Over that time, I have rooted for a lot of riders to have success. Some because of our personal relationship, others our business relationship, maybe their personality, riding style, or even where they're from.

    I have never cheered harder for anyone publicly or privately, particularly since his first injury, than I have for AC. This interview shows everyone why. Adam is an outstanding individual and a well-rounded human being.

    Forgive me, some of you will understand this and some won't get it yet. You don't need to...
    At my advancing age, I have had a ton of fun. I've done a bunch of things I'm proud of, and several I'm not. I've had a lot of successes, and other times made mistake after mistake. Yet God has put me with people, places, and situations you would never believe and I could have never, ever dreamed.

    With that said, in a world that seems to be becoming more batshit crazy with every hour ("Alexa, does the Men's Olympic Gold Medal winner in the decathlon, Ms. Caitlyn Jenner, have a vagina or a penis, today?"), I thank the Lord there are young men and women still out there like Adam, I'm sure lots of them, with character, intelligence, and integrity to handle the challenges our future faces.
    Congratulations, Champ! Go #9.

  • austinatk1
    austinatk1 Month ago

    I hope it’s not over! Carrie and Nicole are good for the our sport of motocross!

  • AKmotorider150
    AKmotorider150 Month ago

    Dude wheeeere can I get one of those T-shirts?!

  • BlackSn0wz
    BlackSn0wz Month ago

    Turn your weaknesses into strengths then repeat.

  • Matthew Grosser
    Matthew Grosser Month ago +1

    Mitch with the 15 second handshake 😂😂

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA Month ago

    "Adam, did you want to race the 2019 MXofN?"
    Where is the James O'Keefe in moto media?
    "Sold, to the highest bidder, how does it feel to be meat!?" (a song from a old crusty type vhs vid).

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago

      Now the they are promoting Kawasaki at the 12 min mark, after they made sure we can not win the MXofN.
      I am sick of seeing people sell out our nation,---who were born here fro crying out loud.
      I am done with sell outs, and I am done with this show. You have no idea what your losing, and what your getting. Fools. Sold, to the highest bidder, how does it feel to be meat!!

  • EarthSurferUSA
    EarthSurferUSA Month ago

    Adam C. is a good guy. In fact, I think all the pro racers are good guys. Hmm, accept for that Johnny Hopper guy, who says all the top guys are on drugs, (his excuse for not going fast enough I guess), with absolutely no evidence, NONE! As far as you-tube goes, everybody else is a good guy though. :)

  • DirkBike
    DirkBike Month ago

    Sure wish Carrie could quit being nervous and awkward on camera. Current Lucas Oil girls can't live up to her either.

  • Daniel Mulholland
    Daniel Mulholland Month ago

    At 9:26 a guy spills his drink

  • The Madpear Channel

    More of Carrie and Nicole next year!!!

  • DirtBikeRSA
    DirtBikeRSA Month ago

    Nick looks wired!! haha

  • T.S.O.L
    T.S.O.L Month ago +1

    such a good dude, my favorite rider by far. so honest and REAL..!

  • rvrbarnacle79
    rvrbarnacle79 Month ago

    Man he’s awesome stoked for him after what he’s been through. He’s handicapped with his size though in premier class he’ll have to stay lean and light.

  • zardportugal
    zardportugal Month ago

    AC is the deal.

  • Russell Scott
    Russell Scott Month ago

    ET and AC on the same team next year! We know who is cooler, but who will be faster?
    As for Will C, I hope not,. Miss Bolling should Carrie the color commentator torch next year. American sporting events covered by an American, what a concept. I am aware NBC is a shill for globalism, which might be an obstacle.

  • Majestickilla13
    Majestickilla13 Month ago

    I want to marry carrie

  • Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Good job Adam...

  • Jeremy McClure
    Jeremy McClure Month ago +1

    Love the blink 182 referenfe on adams shirt

    • AKmotorider150
      AKmotorider150 Month ago

      @Joshua Ramsey Me too! Such a rad shirt, I'd buy one!

    • Joshua Ramsey
      Joshua Ramsey Month ago +1

      Literally been looking to see if anyone else noticed that. Thought I was the only one. I want that shirt!

  • Robert Gowdey
    Robert Gowdey Month ago

    I teared up a lil bit. So happy for AC.

  • Brian Couture
    Brian Couture Month ago

    Thanks for great post race shows all season. We'll you be making these for supercross?

  • terry coby
    terry coby Month ago +4

    Adam is TP199 in the modern era racing with interviews. Dylan is a fantastic rider. Soo much respect.

  • Trapp Tours
    Trapp Tours Month ago

    Thanks for that AC new respect, great story 👍

  • mrabrasive51
    mrabrasive51 Month ago

    Over the years French riders have either been really cool or total assholes!

  • Victor Guerrero
    Victor Guerrero Month ago

    I’m here just for Carry 🤘🏻

  • AspearRanch
    AspearRanch Month ago +4

    The blink182 themed shirt was perfect for adam

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago +4

    And we need new hotter sign board / podium girls for sure.

  • Jamie B
    Jamie B Month ago +3

    Ferrandis could have easily been champ if he had better starts and some better luck. They are equal in speed.

  • Jared 619
    Jared 619 Month ago +6

    Can’t wait to see what AC can do on the 450 gonna be so fun to watch

  • mark alsop
    mark alsop Month ago


  • Serge Williams
    Serge Williams Month ago +11

    Super impressed every time AC92 speaks! He articulates himself better than most politicians and public figures.
    AC92 for president 😬

  • AJourneyOfYourSoul
    AJourneyOfYourSoul Month ago

    AC keeping it real.

  • mike honcho
    mike honcho Month ago

    Ferrandis is such a good dude I dont understand how people dont like him.me being from new England I definitely dont know who those clowns at southwick were flippin him off.def not racers just assholes

    WILLY MANSILLA Month ago +6

    Cool to see alot of brand under kawi truck congratulating ac and the team, you dont see that to often

  • Chris Gleis
    Chris Gleis Month ago +1

    Kinda want a Kawasaki too.3 he rev limiter should be a sales pitch on the showroom floor.

  • Chris Gleis
    Chris Gleis Month ago +1

    Adam has been working on his lows not being too low and highs not too high.

  • Frank Posas
    Frank Posas Month ago

    He's not the next big thing 💯

  • castelnedd
    castelnedd Month ago +3

    Well done champ. Never give up. I think Adam is going to click with the 450..

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken Month ago

      He's built better for a 450 than the little bikes. Him and Tomac should be a formidable duo for Team Green.

  • bwhaskell
    bwhaskell Month ago +5

    So happy for AC. Probably the most loved rider in the sport. Can't wait to see him shine on the big bikes!

  • Mike LeBlanc
    Mike LeBlanc Month ago

    “Let there be light” haha

  • S Christiansen
    S Christiansen Month ago +26

    It simply isn't possible for it to be the "Best Post-Race Show Ever" without Carrie Bolling. What a smart, beautiful, and classy lady. Well played as always Weig!
    And props to AC and Ferrandis for their sportsmanship and clean racing and for putting on a show for all of us throughout the season.

    • aftermx
      aftermx Month ago

      I love the back stag interviews every weekend...... What will I do next weekend ??

    • La Flama Blanca
      La Flama Blanca Month ago +1

      S Christiansen 🚨🙏🖕😂

    • Tapio Penttilä
      Tapio Penttilä Month ago

      S Christianse kh

  • Anthony Atherton
    Anthony Atherton Month ago +4

    Congratulations to Adam for picking him self up he’s a legend now enjoy 92 💰💰🏆

    ATOM I AM Month ago +7

    Man Ferrandis is the most chill Frenchie I have ever laid eyes, on especially when it comes to dirty racing lol. In any sport. He's for sure in my top 4 riders now and my top 5 is a hard list to make. I will be putting my money on him for next year for sure and with his style I cant wait to see him on a 450.

    • ThePilotwes
      ThePilotwes Month ago +2

      Agree man. I tried not to like Ferrandis and I couldn’t. And I tried to like Marvin nd couldn’t.

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken Month ago +2

      @Aaron Dail Ferrandis seems like a dude you could sit and chill, have a beer with and he'd be cool. Poor little Marvin is just kinda mousy and awkward. I don't think he's a rotten fucker just an odd dude.

    • Aaron Dail
      Aaron Dail Month ago +2

      @Adam Hill Same dude.

    • Adam Hill
      Adam Hill Month ago +4

      I can't stand musquin but I really like ferrandis

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee Month ago +1

    I wish next year *AC* would race the *250* for the *SX* Season & move up to the *450* for the *MX* Season. Because he has yet to captured a *SX Title* neither has *Eli* & it's going to be that much harder when he moves up to the *450* anyhow🤷

    • AJourneyOfYourSoul
      AJourneyOfYourSoul Month ago

      $$$ - AC is older and he needs to move up, earn the big bucks and get his 450 career started.

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee Month ago +10

    In another interview *Dylan Ferrandis* they ask him what he would do for holiday & said he would finally be able to drink wine because all he drinks is water but said no to beer & here on video we caught him drinking beer🤣😆

    • ATOM I AM
      ATOM I AM Month ago

      @Jamie Lee I will find the interview lol yeah sounds about right. Dylan seem like the guy that is smart about food or his lady is either way. Thanks for the insight and making me wanna hear the pod cast.

    • Jamie Lee
      Jamie Lee Month ago +1

      @Tom Goldenheart It's all a matter of opinion, *Beer🍻* consumption has lesson in some parts of the US in favor of *Spirits🥂 & Marijuana*

    • Jamie Lee
      Jamie Lee Month ago +1

      @ATOM I AM I could add the link but he was talkin about how he eats whatever his his girl cooks so that won't change & he *"ONLY"* drinks water. He can't leave the *US* because he's applied for a *Green Card* but said he will have a little *Red🍷* or *White🥂* Wine*
      Not drinking *Beer🍻* is because of the Ingrredients (Starches, Yeast, Syrup & specially Sugar)🤷

    • Tom Goldenheart
      Tom Goldenheart Month ago +1

      @ATOM I AM Most French people drink shit beer too. But we have a trend in Europe for a few years, local craft beer market growing fast. I think it is the same in USA, not sure.

    • ATOM I AM
      ATOM I AM Month ago +2

      Being a guy who says no to shit gmo beer myself he took it to be polite and he probably only had half of it cuz it taste like piss lol the French are well aware how shit our food and beer is lol

  • Justin Fee
    Justin Fee Month ago +3

    Good job Adam 👍

  • Justin Fee
    Justin Fee Month ago +28

    Mitch probably has his eye on Ferrandis for Adam's spot lol

    • AESOP2U
      AESOP2U Month ago +1


    • Travis Tatman
      Travis Tatman Month ago +1

      yea I was just thinking at 12:55 he's back there talking up how nice a PC Kawi ride would be in 2020. LOL

    • Matt Kirkland
      Matt Kirkland Month ago +1

      See him drinking coors light in background

    • Viking Son
      Viking Son Month ago +2

      what team wouldn't ? DF is a great person and amazing talent for the sport !

    • Frank Posas
      Frank Posas Month ago +1

      Justin Fee i hope so 💯💯💯

  • Monster KXF
    Monster KXF Month ago +1

    Great show all season!! 🤘🤘

  • John Chafin
    John Chafin Month ago +24

    Ferrandis is a class act but still rooting for Forkner next year in SX and Outdoors. Hopefully he can keep it on two wheels and stay uninjured.

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken Month ago +2

      When he's on and not crashing I think he is one of the two fastest dudes on a 250, Ferrandis is the other. I'm pulling for Austin as well in sx. AF needs to just reign it in a little, he was killing it last season in sx until he tore his ACL.