True Facts About Morgan Freeman

  • Published on Jan 9, 2013
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  • The Crab Maestro
    The Crab Maestro 2 years ago +4484

    When historians look back on Morgan Freeman, I want this to be the only available source of knowledge.

    • Chris Devarro
      Chris Devarro Month ago


    • smokey04200420
      smokey04200420 3 months ago

      @Jennifer Page you’re thinking of Nelson Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman).

    • Firebladetenn
      Firebladetenn 3 months ago

      Then they will know the truth.
      Edit: Wait! They need also to know that when he explains a convoluted plot, he earns a freckle.

    • Nicolas Johnson
      Nicolas Johnson 7 months ago

      In this way he will be the new Jesus

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf 7 months ago


  • Rich Thomas
    Rich Thomas 2 years ago +1944

    Every time I watch this, I wonder if Morgan Freeman has watched it.

  • Space Walker
    Space Walker 2 years ago +4854

    “Morgen freeman doesn’t have sex, he smiles and a baby appears in a Field of kittens”
    👌🏻😭 yes

    • loveinspired7
      loveinspired7 6 months ago

      That LAID ME OUT!

    • IceBlu
      IceBlu 7 months ago

      @Nahvalr He narrated the incident.

    • Mohd Irfan
      Mohd Irfan Year ago +5


    • Airotiv
      Airotiv Year ago +1


    • Bretton Ferguson
      Bretton Ferguson Year ago +2

      It's the same with Mexicans, only no kittens.

  • TJ Bailey
    TJ Bailey 2 years ago +1143

    When Morgan Freeman makes a documentary, he narrates it first, then nature makes it so." 🤣

  • MakotoBro
    MakotoBro 7 years ago +9937

    Ironically the life and death of Morgan Freeman documentary is really going to suck because Morgan Freeman's not going to be narrating it

  • Shane M
    Shane M Year ago +800

    Chuck Norris wasn't born, he was narrated into existence by Morgan Freeman.

    • youtube studio sucks
      youtube studio sucks 5 months ago +1

      It seems that even god makes mistakes

    • sirgregory1st
      sirgregory1st 7 months ago +2

      Morgan Freeman and Chuck Norris are brothers with different mothers. immaculate conception both times, Each of their father figures never knew.

    • Simon Lucy
      Simon Lucy 9 months ago +4

      Even Morgan Freeman makes mistakes

    • Helen Stanford
      Helen Stanford 10 months ago +4

      Or to quote RealMaddox, Chuck Norris eats rocks and sh*ts lightning bolts. But he's no Morgan Freeman.

  • GodzillaFan 2001
    GodzillaFan 2001 2 years ago +2164

    “Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman....Morgan Freeman”

  • Super Saiyan Gandhi
    Super Saiyan Gandhi 2 years ago +894

    When he said "Morgan Freeman is certainly thinking about you" I cried a little bit

  • Odilianne
    Odilianne 2 years ago +819

    Being told that Morgan Freeman narrates my life makes me feel happy.

    • Odilianne
      Odilianne 11 months ago +1

      @Omar Menjivar Get your mind out of the gutter, let me live my wholesome life please 🥺

    • Omar Menjivar
      Omar Menjivar 11 months ago

      Yeah let's ignore how creepy that sounds.

    • Poison Poet
      Poison Poet Year ago +4

      @Idoking12 Morgan Freeman giveth, and Morgan Freeman taketh away

    • Idoking12
      Idoking12 Year ago +4

      He gave you depression
      But also happiness

    • John McCauley
      John McCauley Year ago +7

      So you mean to tell me that Morgan Freeman is narrating me watching a video about Morgan Freeman and then writting a comment about Morgan Freeman narrating each individual letter I type concerning Morgan Freeman.
      Freegan Morman. Vegan Normin. Morman Vegan!
      Forgen Fleebin!

  • Dr. Insanity
    Dr. Insanity 3 years ago +7583

    Thats how a Morgan Freeman do.

    • StinzandL
      StinzandL 10 months ago

      @peter campbell nice ;-)

    • peter campbell
      peter campbell 10 months ago +1

      The new Chuck Norris meme 👍😁

    • StinzandL
      StinzandL 10 months ago

      I anticipated that line and was prepared for disappointment. The rest was well worth the watch. :'D

    • bunch of atoms
      bunch of atoms 10 months ago

      And that's exactly what he said in the Morgan freeman.....

    • dramacitynative
      dramacitynative Year ago


  • Apos Eastwood
    Apos Eastwood 3 years ago +475

    "he narrated his own birth" got me fast on that one

    • Hans Moleman
      Hans Moleman 7 months ago

      _"Soon I will make my first poop; one of many in the life of Morgan Freeman."_

    • Cristopher
      Cristopher Year ago +1


  • bboyel
    bboyel Year ago +148

    I liked the part when he talked about Morgan Freeman

  • Volcryn Darkstar
    Volcryn Darkstar 3 years ago +293

    Bill Wurtz: "You could make a religion out of this."

    • Toke the Dude
      Toke the Dude Year ago +1

      Morgan Freeman is God to alot of kids born in the 90s

    • RangerLeaf
      RangerLeaf Year ago

      Its called Christianity 🤦

    • Gordon Dean
      Gordon Dean Year ago +6

      It would be a far more compassionate and worthwhile thing than any of the disasters humans have dreamt up so far..

    • Bobbit Worm
      Bobbit Worm Year ago +24

      Every one else, "no dont", Bill Wurtz, " how bout I do, anyways."

  • Xx_SlavicGod_xX _
    Xx_SlavicGod_xX _ Year ago +31

    He’s the main character, we’re just living in his world

  • Karn
    Karn Year ago +58

    "When Morgan Freeman makes a documentary film, he narrates it first; and then nature makes it so."

  • Hatred Monster
    Hatred Monster 2 years ago +395

    “Earthquakes are merely Mother Nature having an orgasm when she listens to March of the Penguins”
    😂😂😂😂 can’t breathe

    • Brad Hoehne
      Brad Hoehne Year ago +1

      Didn't you learn anything from this video? Death is no obstacle to Morgan Freeman!

    • Patrick Glover
      Patrick Glover 2 years ago

      *pant* that *pant* was *pant* good.

    • The Ford Lord
      The Ford Lord 2 years ago +7

      lmfao an "organism".

  • Dom Nic
    Dom Nic Year ago +3

    7 years later. Still as true as it was the day this video first aired. All hail to Morgan.

  • Vicky Brown
    Vicky Brown 2 months ago +4

    I hope Morgan watches this and laughs his head off! Freaking brilliant! Just stay away from political figures and your channel will keep on rocking and rollin, like Morgan freeman.

  • phughesphoto
    phughesphoto 2 years ago +93

    “When he smiles a baby simply appears in a field full of kittens.” Now, I’m not much for blasphemy, but that last one made me laugh.

    • medexamtoolsdotcom
      medexamtoolsdotcom Year ago

      Ugh. Don't reference Bruce Almighty. It's the one thing that Morgan Freeman really should be embarassed about. It was the movie that made me swear off going to see movies in theaters again.

  • Snail Bert
    Snail Bert Year ago +24

    “If you’re having a rough day, just think about Morgan Freeman. Because he’s certainly thinking about you.”
    My life is now blessed with this knowledge

  • RJHC
    RJHC 9 months ago +3

    The biggest tragedy with this amazing, smile inducing piece of art is that I just found it…I have missed out of 8 years of joy.

  • Courtney
    Courtney Year ago +10

    Anyone but me come here after a bad day, just to remind ourselves that even though things look down... Morgan Freeman is still out there. He's out there for us. Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman. *Morgan Freeman.*
    _Let the sun shine_
    _Let the sun shine in_
    _The sun shine in_

  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway Year ago +3

    Morgan Freeman is truly immortal. He will be remembered and praised long after he leaves this simple world and ascends. Morgan Freeman as we see him is only the best our simple minds can interpret his true form is above our simple understanding.

  • Anonymous Technology
    Anonymous Technology 2 years ago +72

    "Earth quakes are merely mother nature having an orgasm when listening to march of the penguins."
    *Humanity is saved*

  • Sergeant Tibs
    Sergeant Tibs 9 months ago +1

    Just came across this after watching you for years and it literally had me in tears laughing. Oh Zofran you are ZeBest!

  • MidnightDStroyer
    MidnightDStroyer 2 years ago +30

    It's about time the Zefrank channel got around to documenting the most intriguing life-form to ever stride this planet.
    Now my life is complete & I can die with piece of mind & a sense of harmony with the Whole of Existence.

  • ShpostMile
    ShpostMile 2 years ago +22

    I feel so motivated to live now knowing that Morgan Freeman narrates my every move 😌😌😌

  • Joshua
    Joshua Year ago +96

    Morgen Freeman: Morgen Freeman can't listen to this documentary because that would be a paradox and it will destroy the time space continuum

    • Amya
      Amya 6 months ago

      Morgan Freeman

    • Soma Viceroy
      Soma Viceroy Year ago +1

      @Dakarai no. It wouldn't. Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman. Again, Morgan Freeman...
      Infinity, yo!!

    • Dakarai
      Dakarai Year ago +3

      Yup. All it takes is one dinky paradox to bugger the entire future. (And all the robots that live there.) Any paradox at all, apparently.

    • Ananthanarayanan SV
      Ananthanarayanan SV Year ago


  • Azhar Isa
    Azhar Isa 2 years ago +12

    Imagine Morgan Freeman laughing at this 😂

  • River Spirit
    River Spirit 8 years ago +6125

    I wonder if Morgan Freeman has seen this...would he be laughing? Or would he be nodding his approval like, "Yes, finally someone get's it right."

    • Curtis Lowery
      Curtis Lowery Year ago

      Morgan Freeman

    • Enrique Hernandez
      Enrique Hernandez Year ago

      @Straitupsmith69 mi

    • presidentXapache
      presidentXapache Year ago

      I was reading to the end of this post in the hope the real Morgan freeman would respond here. Of course we can never be sure it was him. If it wasn't it was certainly someone who narrated him. Good job at zefrank for all the true facts that are hilarious. And good job at Morgan freeman for begin Morgan freeman. Thanks...

    • Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent
      Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent 2 years ago +1

      @Morgan Freeman Holy Morgan Freeman you have blessed us with your presence!! m-_-m

    • Bleach-kun
      Bleach-kun 3 years ago +1

      I read this in his voice

  • Callum Reid
    Callum Reid 3 years ago +1

    There are 5 actors/presenters that I think have some of the best voices to grace humanity;
    1: Christopher Lee
    2: Sean Connery
    3: Morgan Freeman
    4: David Attenborough
    5: Alec Guiness

  • MC VGS
    MC VGS Year ago +1

    Everytime I am faced with a difficult decision in life I ask myself, "What wouldn't Morgan Freeman do?"

  • xbox432
    xbox432 Year ago +6

    His voice really is a national treasure.

  • Th3 An1MaSt3r001
    Th3 An1MaSt3r001 3 years ago +34

    100% true! I fact checked all of this!!

  • Is for me?!
    Is for me?! 2 years ago +7

    2020 still amazed. i get educated in a light hearted charming way. 💕 its my second favorite thing to watch after Bob Ross

  • MultiMegawatts
    MultiMegawatts 3 years ago +79

    Hey i just remembered watching your stuff several years ago, you should make one of these about keanu reeves.

  • ferret
    ferret Year ago +1

    "It's a hard question because as I said at the start, I think we invented God. So if I believe in God, and I do, it's because I think I'm God." - Morgan Freeman


    I knew about the babies in fields full of kittens because it's where I got my kid! But had NO idea about the penguins! I was wondering where those things came from!

  • Gratitude Ranch
    Gratitude Ranch 9 months ago +1

    I am sure he’s seen this, and I WISH we could have his reaction.

  • Chester Stevens
    Chester Stevens 2 years ago +5

    There's something strangely comforting that I'm in Morgan Freeman's thoughts.

  • Phoenix Knight
    Phoenix Knight 2 years ago

    I'm grateful to Morgan Freeman for narrating my anguish, making me appear noble and at the mercy of gut flora as I flatulated during last Monday's weekly meeting at work. In a closed conference room. For the entire hour. And thank you, Morgan Freeman for not uttering my name. Everyone still believes it was the new guy.

  • Royal Allred
    Royal Allred Year ago +1

    Morgan Freeman thank you for all you have done for Humanity you're the greatest peace and love 2 Morgan Freeman

  • Daniel Geniola
    Daniel Geniola 5 years ago +2248

    knowing that Morgan Freeman always thinks about me makes me feel good.

    • Wavemaninawe
      Wavemaninawe Year ago +1

      Not really.
      Morgan Freeman merely lets God take the credit for most of his work... as well as run his Customer Service (prayers).
      He wanted some time off to focus on his acting career.

    • LazyH-Online
      LazyH-Online 2 years ago +1

      @Kyle Valentine Morgan Freeman IS god.

    • Kyle Valentine
      Kyle Valentine 2 years ago

      God thinks about you, not Morgan Freeman

    • LazyH-Online
      LazyH-Online 2 years ago

      @oldedude51 but not untrue.

    • Dante Banducci
      Dante Banducci 3 years ago +4

      He should pre-narrate his own funeral. That would be the stuff of legends.

  • Jay W
    Jay W 2 years ago +3

    So relaxing.
    This is one of those times I wish I could like a video more than once. just doesn't seem like enough for Morgan Freeman

  • Tim Lindblom
    Tim Lindblom Year ago

    I was in a spiral of some bad thoughts trying to find some sad songs for my sad mood when I found a zefrank video Apparently never watched before. After laughing threw the entire video I now feel much better and am on a new spiral of all my favorite TheXvid videos, half of witch reside on this channel=)

  • Tulganand Valdyavin
    Tulganand Valdyavin 2 years ago

    Omg...I laughed with tears through this whole thing! Whyyyyy would anyone give this thumbs down? They need to get right with Morgan Freeman!

  • Linda Bealer
    Linda Bealer Year ago

    Was having a bad night, but now I feel a bit better about the world. Humor, inspiration, and admiration, are all wonderful mood elevators. Thank you, Zefrank! (and thank you, Morgan Freeman!)

  • Ly Roq
    Ly Roq 8 years ago +34

    I always laugh when the arrow labels anything or anyone "Morgan Freeman". Makes sense. Everything is Morgan Freeman; Morgan Freeman IS everything.

    • pedro quixada
      pedro quixada 8 years ago +3

      I don't even know what to say anymore T_T

    • pedro quixada
      pedro quixada 8 years ago +4

      @***** redundant, but yet it's not wrong, if everything is morgan freeman than saying that morgan freeman is morgan freeman isn't wrong and plus if everything is morgan freeman than I am morgan freeman, and that means you are questioning morgan freeman...shame on you.
      I said morgan freeman way too many times.

    • pedro quixada
      pedro quixada 8 years ago +8

      @Bruce Lee no, he is Morgan freeman

    • EclipseShadowX Zentari
      EclipseShadowX Zentari 8 years ago +5

      @Tam Pham No he is God.

    • Tae P
      Tae P 8 years ago +9

      He is Black Jesus.

  • Nunna Beeznes
    Nunna Beeznes Year ago +2

    I really would like to know Morgan Freeman's thoughts on this.

  • Russell Long
    Russell Long Year ago

    Laughed my butt off. You should do more like this. LOL

  • Miguel Rocha
    Miguel Rocha 10 months ago

    When I die, I want Morgan Freeman to read my eulogy. Then I can finally say that I have accomplished greatness.

  • Kath Estarion
    Kath Estarion Year ago +1

    That’s hilarious! I feel better knowing that Morgan Freeman is thinking of me. Thank you😘

  • Kevin Meisenbacher
    Kevin Meisenbacher 6 years ago +3258

    And, whenever he shows up to explain something, he earns a freckle.

    • Veronica Valentine
      Veronica Valentine 11 months ago +2

      I heard the ding reading this comment! I was also legit thinking this watching this

    • Mary M
      Mary M 2 years ago +1

      @Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman is a freckle, and a freckle is Morgan Freeman???
      Is that how Morgan Freeman do?

    • Psycho Goreman
      Psycho Goreman 3 years ago

      Only something convaluted

    • summitism karma
      summitism karma 3 years ago

      Southpark dialogue

    • Adam Lacy
      Adam Lacy 3 years ago +5

      You, kind sir, have won the internet. *in morgan freeman's voice, obviously*

  • Rob Shonk
    Rob Shonk 2 years ago

    This is, has been and forever shall be one of the best things ever to grace the internet.

  • Max Fir3
    Max Fir3 3 years ago

    When ever im in a bad mood i watch this and feel better. True fact. That's what i do

  • M3rpy D3rpy Doe
    M3rpy D3rpy Doe Year ago

    i need zefrank to narrate morgan Freeman's life and death for him so that he understands what it feels like

  • Jesse Dezan
    Jesse Dezan 2 years ago

    This still warms my heart

  • bigoldinosaur
    bigoldinosaur 6 years ago +890

    Morgan Freeman could narrate someone taking a dump and he would win an Oscar for it.

      SWIFTO_SCYTHE 2 years ago +3

      When you are having a bout of diarrhea he is narrating it to make you seem noble

    • nothri
      nothri 2 years ago +1

      ....that must have been one hell of a dramatic poop if someone can win an Oscar for it.

    • Ink Dreams
      Ink Dreams 3 years ago +6

      When Morgan Freeman takes a dump, he fills the bowl with Oscars.

    • Bruno Souza
      Bruno Souza 3 years ago +12

      Oscars only exist because he narrated them into existence to begin with.

    • Mel Arky
      Mel Arky 3 years ago +5

      He could just breathe and win an Oscar naturally.

  • shawn nevaUmind
    shawn nevaUmind Year ago +2

    We need a morgan freeman reacts vid to this.

  • The Senate
    The Senate Year ago +1

    Morgan Freeman introduced the concept of concepts to humanity after he narrated it in Ancient Greece.

  • Jake Gargiulo
    Jake Gargiulo 2 years ago


  • Rebel Savage
    Rebel Savage 3 years ago +2

    Well, this is my all time favorite video on TheXvid now. Instantly saving to playlist named Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman.

  • AS5gamerdude360
    AS5gamerdude360 8 years ago +179

    So he's the Chuck Norris of Nature?

  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather 2 years ago +1

    I Love looove Morgan Freeman!!! He’s definitely one of my heroes!!! HF🌸🌺💙🌺🌸

  • pearl hayna cole
    pearl hayna cole Year ago

    "Morgan Freeman cannot be cloned because that would require unicorn tears."

  • Tamijo Campbell
    Tamijo Campbell Year ago +1

    I would listen to his grocery list if he read it on you-tube lol....imagine him as a CreepyPasta narrator !!!! Every story would sound real

  • baibhav
    baibhav 2 years ago +2

    To all those people who recently broke up, you are not alone. Morgan freeman is thinking about you

  • Matthew Sanchez
    Matthew Sanchez 6 years ago +3183

    We should get him to say every word that way when he dies he can narrate any movie

    • Matthew Pinon
      Matthew Pinon 2 years ago

      Morgan Freeman can't die. His metaphysical form merely moves between alternate realities.

    • Kosmas 173
      Kosmas 173 3 years ago +1


    • Taser Tag
      Taser Tag 3 years ago

      That's if he dies. If he does, just contact the YTPers.

    • DunklerJägerZach
      DunklerJägerZach 3 years ago +1

      Have you ever heard Gandalf and the other wizards. They came as old men and never look young. And they look like that for the eternity. That's Morgan Freeman for ya

    • Str3aks
      Str3aks 4 years ago

      siri 2.0

  • The sinner Jim Whitney
    The sinner Jim Whitney 2 years ago +8

    How the hell did I miss this til 2019? Haha!

  • Heavenlyhaylo
    Heavenlyhaylo 3 years ago +6

    This was sooo Beautiful! I cried sooo much Costco wont let me back in to buy more tissues! 😭

  • Jet Stone
    Jet Stone Year ago +1

    If Morgan Freeman were to say his name more 10 times in a single day, it would cause pelicans to never fly again. Morgan Freeman knows this and must be vigilant. That's why penguins can't fly. He narrated March of The Penguins, as a way of saying sorry to penguins.

  • Kathy Wilkins
    Kathy Wilkins 5 months ago

    I knew there was a reason I love Morgan Freeman!

  • mybrickhead
    mybrickhead 8 years ago +26

    Morgan Freeman is love, Morgan Freeman is life.

  • perspective1409
    perspective1409 3 years ago

    I wish I had seen this video before I learned what a creep Morgan Freeman is...but the video was still good bc you just make the best videos!

  • dog save the queen

    I suddenly love Morgan Freeman. Just kidding. I always loved him.

  • sp10sn
    sp10sn 10 months ago +2

    Every time ZeFrank says, "Morgan Freeman" you drink. It is 0:48 mark and you are very drunk. That is how drunk TheXvidrs do.

  • Delia A York
    Delia A York 3 years ago +1

    He’s awesome wonderful amazing person love ❤️ him

  • Cassidae Lightwing
    Cassidae Lightwing 5 years ago +726

    Zefrank, I want to confess something to you: This video literally saved me from suicide once. I have no idea why, but at the very last possible second I realized that I couldn't do it because Morgan Freeman would never do that to me.
    I know its crazy, but hey I was about to pull the trigger I aint gonna argue that.
    But thank you.

    • khyron96
      khyron96 23 hours ago +1

      Hope you are still doing well...better.

    • samichgrrl
      samichgrrl 5 days ago

      @MortalClown um how do you know this?? 🙄

    • Guest
      Guest 24 days ago +2

      Glad to know that you are still here. Morgan Freeman DID create you.

    • Dragoncubes
      Dragoncubes 26 days ago +1

      @ichibanmegami ...and full of kittens.

    • KOKO **
      KOKO ** Month ago +2

      @Jezebel von Tex Thank you for compassionately encouraging awareness, and sharing truth.

  • Mistress Darkness

    I remember watching this in high school during my creative writing class

  • Skibidoop
    Skibidoop 2 years ago +16

    Wait if Morgan freeman narrates everything...

    • first name last name
      first name last name 11 months ago

      That's right, Morgan Freeman is also the mother of God.
      He simply smiled, and God appeared in a field full of kittens.

  • Pebbles The Cat
    Pebbles The Cat Year ago +1

    I wonder if Morgan Freeman has actually seen this, and if he has, what he would say about it ?

  • Barack Lincoln
    Barack Lincoln 3 years ago

    To be honest though, I’m actually going to miss Morgan Freeman when he dies. He was one of the best things about this world. But hey, look on the bright side, when you die you get meet him in heaven......holy shit what if Morgan Freeman meets Jesus. My afterlife would be even more complete to see that relationship created.

  • Jason Alcatraz
    Jason Alcatraz 6 years ago +1132

    When the year 2012 came, the apocalypse was avoided because Morgan Freeman narrated how the Myan's were wrong and how Earth would survive.

    • MrPoporucha
      MrPoporucha 2 years ago

      Deep impact had a happy end because morgan Freeman was president...IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD...VOTE FOR MORGAN FREEMAN

    • CathU 500
      CathU 500 2 years ago +1

      @Jason Alcatraz I love it

    • MisMe
      MisMe 2 years ago +1

      Love this!!!

    • Random Perry
      Random Perry 3 years ago

      Or the apocalypse did happen and Morgan Freeman told the Winchester's how to stop it.

    • Dirt Detector
      Dirt Detector 5 years ago +1


  • Steven Quartz Cutiepie DeMayo Diamond Universe


  • kA1eb sauce
    kA1eb sauce 2 years ago

    The only man in history other than Morgan Freeman himself that can do a good Morgan Freeman voice

  • Napoleon Blownapart
    Napoleon Blownapart Year ago +1

    Whenever i think about how God must look, I imagine Morgan Freeman.

  • Dani B
    Dani B Year ago

    Dam I just stumbled upon this in 2020, this still holds up today. Thank you for the laughs.

  • DontBeBored
    DontBeBored 5 years ago +3038

    this is a religion i could get behind

  • Priyanka
    Priyanka Month ago

    Haven't laughed this hard in a while, LOL!!!

  • Ghuandi
    Ghuandi 11 months ago +1

    Morgan Freeman is as Free as a Morgan could be Morgan Freeman! 🙏🏾

  • Kenjiro Pakwan
    Kenjiro Pakwan Year ago

    Wherever you are Morgan Freeman, thank you for narrating my life.
    Morgan Freeman: Morgan Freeman

  • Gabriel La Verne Dela Pena

    "True Facts is just an imperfect clone of Morgan Freeman that he himself had created from his own pure Narrative Blood, even without the use of Unicorn Tears."

  • VocalEdgeTV
    VocalEdgeTV 2 years ago +1

    Love! Morgan Freeman is legendary.

  • 692 Nabeeha Quazi
    692 Nabeeha Quazi 2 years ago +1

    Not just the video but the comments too are pure gold.

  • Salem Black
    Salem Black 2 years ago +19

    Should do one about Samuel L Lackson. I wanna know how many times he said "Mothah fucka" In his career

  • stvbrsn
    stvbrsn 2 years ago

    I’m assuming the inspiration for this was: Ze is working on his presentation for “True Facts” and realized hmm... my half-hearted attempt to sound kind of like Morgan Freeman in the voice narration is actually starting to sound like... hey wait a minute...

  • Charles Anderson
    Charles Anderson 4 years ago +1004

    This aged well.

    • barondavisiscool
      barondavisiscool Month ago


    • Sarubotai
      Sarubotai 9 months ago +2

      @Killer Kirby thats usually how the meme goes so cant blame them. but Morgan Freeman created that meme sooo

    • Killer Kirby
      Killer Kirby Year ago +3

      @Tomatohead FD he probably think this is sarcastic and that Morgan freeman did somthing bad or so

    • Dave Wolf
      Dave Wolf Year ago +6

      @Laurn Borne Morgan Freeman

    • Tomatohead FD
      Tomatohead FD Year ago +1

      @Laurn Borne what do you not understand.

  • Chris Parayno
    Chris Parayno 2 years ago +15

    2020: still accurate

  • ashley klotz
    ashley klotz 7 months ago +1

    I love that you even made your voice likes his.. you're awesome

  • Wandering Freemans
    Wandering Freemans 2 years ago +1

    This makes me happy to have the last name Freeman.. guess I know what to name my next kid.