Melting Magnets is Weird

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • Today we're seeing what happens to the magnetic properties of steal and actual magnets when you heat them up and melt them down!
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Comments • 6 014

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Year ago +5318

    Is it just me or are magnets really attractive

      CHILLFRIDAY 11 days ago

      Im hard

    • Matthew Hadley
      Matthew Hadley Month ago

      It's just you because they can also repel each other so duh

    • Zonester_exe
      Zonester_exe 2 months ago

      Just you they are ugly and innatractive

    • Vernon Daniels
      Vernon Daniels 2 months ago

      Please warn people to be careful looking at the welding arc on the video because it actually caused retinal ghosting and my eyes to hurt thank you . I enjoy your videos though.

  • kyle robinson
    kyle robinson 2 days ago

    You shot a ceramic tile!

  • Zachary Hlavinka
    Zachary Hlavinka 6 days ago

    If magnetism is destroyed in the presence of high heat, this connects somehow with Bob Lazar's claim that neither the spacecraft he witnessed nor its engine ever gained any heat. Element 115 must be the key bc it keeps the gyroscopes/magnets cool.

  • Natedog _2170
    Natedog _2170 6 days ago

    Is a magnet still magnetic inside of a vacuum chamber

  • Eric Timperley, D.C.


    CHILLFRIDAY 11 days ago

    I thought I was gon see magnet lava

  • Matthew Foss
    Matthew Foss 11 days ago

    So... Melting magnets is not really that weird...?

  • Lost Link
    Lost Link 17 days ago

    Not as weird as seeing what happens when you freeze magnets. Could you please try this out.

  • Heart Broken
    Heart Broken 20 days ago

    Hey random person scrolling trough the comments

  • Gaming Buddy
    Gaming Buddy 20 days ago +1

    So hot but not attractive well time to leave the earth

  • CNN Blackmail Support
    CNN Blackmail Support 27 days ago

    How many shattered glass bowls did you go through before you recognized the problem with throwing super heated metal into them was a bad idea? You caught it quick, but people only learn that from losing at least 1 glass bowl.

  • The LionTech
    The LionTech 28 days ago +1

    Can you try to put the magnets in nitrogen just to see if they can gat some attraction

  • mancave creations
    mancave creations 29 days ago

    I want to see a hot magnet in the presence of an electro magnet and cooled rapidly
    I think magnetic field will align the poles and cooling will set them there

    • mancave creations
      mancave creations 29 days ago

      Should have waited until the end before I commented lol

  • Nick Dodson
    Nick Dodson Month ago

    Create an electromagnetic tube that has heat protection in the center that doesn't block magnetic waves, heat the metal to various temperatures, and see how hot you have to get the metal to transfer the magnetism to the metal. It there should be a specific temperature for the poles of the atoms to shift, to make it magnetic.

  • Nitaansh Gupta
    Nitaansh Gupta Month ago

    Try melting the magnet with the steel

  • Antreas Konstantinou

    3:36 is it just me or does this magnet feel like jello?

  • Matthew Hadley
    Matthew Hadley Month ago +1

    Maybe not "Was magnet" call it Chunk of neodymium

  • Frederick Rhodes
    Frederick Rhodes Month ago

    If you coated a spherical magnet with Bismuth and Telluride to cause the Peltier effect, and spin it around its poles, it would generate an electric current, an electric arc furnace and magnetosphere, and it would stay cool while causing all the heat to radiate outward. That’s the theory of what our earth’s inner and outer cores are doing, called the geo dynamo.

  • Augusto se2
    Augusto se2 Month ago

    If you heat up a magnet, it spreads its magnetical Camp, and if you cool down, it turns the magnet into a superconductor

  • Road Sector
    Road Sector Month ago +1

    This answers a lot of questions on mu theory, would you like a beer.

  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton Month ago


  • Aaron Gorton
    Aaron Gorton Month ago


  • Pamle Pfirman
    Pamle Pfirman Month ago

    Does it become that magnetic liquid

  • TODOR brassmonger Official ft. cloudance

    There is nothing strange after they got red.

  • Vorpal Blade
    Vorpal Blade Month ago

    So how do meteorites maintain their magnetic properties after surviving our atmosphere?

  • Prophetic Prophecy
    Prophetic Prophecy 2 months ago

    Know what..? Im also attractive

  • Jeff Garrett
    Jeff Garrett 2 months ago

    Here is a test for you to try, take a bunch of copper wire and wrap it around ur melting pot, and the copper wire should be atleast 6 guage and when you wrap it make sure the wire does not contact itself when wrapping the wire cuz you dont want it to short out on itself, once its wrapped connect the wire to a power source then melt the metal, i think what will happen is the liquid metal will begin to flow to the sides of the pot,

  • Vernon Daniels
    Vernon Daniels 2 months ago

    Be careful looking at welding arc even on the phone or device you are using the arc causes retinal ghosting to occur and may be able to cause permanent damage , I had dark spots in my vision after watching this video , you should warn people before watching this video not to like directly at the light even on a device screen !!

  • Paramasivam Baby
    Paramasivam Baby 2 months ago +1

    Can you make a mini petrol engine??

  • Carl Cox
    Carl Cox 2 months ago

    When steel gets to critical temps (non magnetic) thats close to the temp you need to heat treat it by quenching it in oil or water "depending in the steel composition

  • Dominic Passantino
    Dominic Passantino 2 months ago


  • Metal Gear
    Metal Gear 2 months ago

    Magnetism is the only Force of Nature.
    Sound trapped in Solids.
    Ironic the only true force of Nature is not even listed as 1 of the 4 when the rest are not exactly what you thought they were.

  • Fariha Sajjad
    Fariha Sajjad 2 months ago

    Try melting plastic in the foundry

  • Йνкυוςiтηνε Оחε

    Magnetic Steel

  • snuggie boogie
    snuggie boogie 2 months ago

    Your weird.. lmfao 🖕😁🖖

  • cdcollura
    cdcollura 2 months ago +2

    Magnets and metals attracted to them lose such properties beyond the CURIE TEMPERATURE being exceeded. I think this is around 250 deg C.
    Also we will all miss this guy.

  • Mir Md Nasif
    Mir Md Nasif 2 months ago

    Actually what happens here is simple chemistry. While burning, magnet atoms react with oxygen and become megnet-dioxyde. Magnet-dioxyde doesn't attract metals.

  • Jeremy Hall
    Jeremy Hall 3 months ago

    "Knee-oh-demmie- um " ....

  • I’m Crazyer than you
    I’m Crazyer than you 3 months ago

    Is it just me or is he smarter in this then he is now

  • Meero Morte
    Meero Morte 3 months ago

    Therefore, if you think for yourself , the conclusion is that since the Earth is a magnet, it can't possibly have a molten core in the center. If it did, the compass wouldn't work. Plus, since we have night time not shade time, the sun couldn't possibly be 93 million miles away from Earth.

  • Woosh
    Woosh 3 months ago +4

    2:24 ‘that din’t last long’
    That what she said

  • Harry G
    Harry G 3 months ago


  • Thunder Shock
    Thunder Shock 3 months ago


  • fsg
    fsg 3 months ago

    Join us next time where we smash a TV next to a magnet and see if the TV becomes magnetic.

  • Davy Peleman
    Davy Peleman 4 months ago +1

    i used a zvs with flyback on neodimium magnets. After short exposure (few seconds) to the high voltage it becomes very, very weak. So neodimium magnets can be broken with heat or electricity. Don't know if it's the current or heat because that flyback's plasma was white hot so it could be the heat or current. Still don't know. Do you?

  • Depressed Bean
    Depressed Bean 4 months ago +2


  • Ivan Navalta
    Ivan Navalta 4 months ago +1

    Rest in Peace bro

  • Sky Neo
    Sky Neo 4 months ago +2

    Will be missing you...

  • Andre
    Andre 4 months ago +2

    5:39 ooh this magnet got ruined

  • Misfer Lumiib
    Misfer Lumiib 4 months ago

    Ummmm melt ahhh 100 magnets and mold an square magnet and try to megnet ahhh metal if it works

  • A S
    A S 4 months ago +1


  • dbeyzer1987
    dbeyzer1987 4 months ago


  • Pokemon Trainer
    Pokemon Trainer 4 months ago +1

    Viewers of king of random subscribe to Electroboom!! It's an order!

  • Epic! Forest Destine
    Epic! Forest Destine 4 months ago

    wow, this is an awesome experiment, thanks. So im no scientists or know very little about this, but the earth is burning hot lava inside so how does the earth keep its magnetism. Just an idea i thought about, thanks for doing this

  • J& K
    J& K 4 months ago

    No ALNICO?

  • Chitraguptanツ
    Chitraguptanツ 4 months ago

    Neodymium magnets turmed imto jelly state 😂😂 blobby

  • Gw KGB
    Gw KGB 4 months ago +27

    So what happens if you put a magnets in liquid nitrogen and super cool them do they get stronger

  • jishnu kaithalapuram
    jishnu kaithalapuram 4 months ago

    Make a electro magnet with a red hot metal bar

  • Isaac De León
    Isaac De León 4 months ago

    If heat takes the power for a magnet what if you put a magnet in dry ice? Will it get more power?

  • Mark 2
    Mark 2 4 months ago

    buying a free magnet is weirder