Rampage - Tamara Just Saw

  • Published on May 12, 2018
  • Tamara checks out Dwayne Johnson's newest film, Rampage.
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    Rampage is a 2018 American science fiction monster film directed by Brad Peyton, and loosely based on the video game series of the same name by Midway Games. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jake Lacy, Joe Manganiello, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
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Comments • 194

  • Frederick Dietz
    Frederick Dietz 13 days ago +1

    I HATED it.
    TLDR; it's a cash grab, and because of it the franchise can't come back, and it missed every highlight the games provided.

    Not only did it completely ignore the canon from literally ALL of the games, but the characters to an actual rampage fan such as myself are nothing like the characters from the game, they don't even look like themselves. Plus it ignores the rule of them being equals, and of course George is made the star, and main character just like in Total Destruction not allowing the rest to get a spotlight. I was surprised that Ralph even got in the picture, not even to mention the other roughly 42 monsters who don't make an appearance. This movie is now the soul reason Rampage can never come back, and i'm positive that the only reason it even came out is because Midway liquidated, if they were still around I highly doubt they would allow a film of that stature to be made about the game, if any at all. This movie is a cash grab on a nostalgic trend and nothing else; as Critic would say, FUCK THIS MOVIE!

    If I were to film it, a huge fan of the franchise, it's my favorite after all and I've played every game including puzzle attack I would have made it very differently. I would've utilized DeMonic and Scumlabs, there already was a story arc that was very good, it was about greed, not just in the form of cash but also in the form of technology and creationism. I'd have kept the monsters relatively the same, I definitely wouldn't have done it in live action, i'd have used animation and copied some of the style, but even if I was going to use live action I'd present the characters as they already were. And you can be damn sure I'd cram every single monster into the movie that I could. also it should be noted that the series isn't about the people, it's about the monsters and you feel some sympathy for them.
    okay, since you seemed a bit confused I'd also like to point out that they have names! the guerrilla is George, the wolf is Ralph, the Lizard is Lizzy, and Rhett the rat(possibly Curtis) also makes an appearance for like three seconds.
    now will you people please stop praising it.
    thanks for reading.

  • a random useless account
    a random useless account 2 months ago +1

    They turned George the curios into a movie!

  • Alolan Poppzillio
    Alolan Poppzillio 8 months ago

    Those things that turned the animals into kaiju aren't space rocks

  • Andrew Catallo
    Andrew Catallo 10 months ago

    Ya Ralph was my favorite char I. The game so not a big fan of the end lol

  • Zoe Book reader
    Zoe Book reader 11 months ago

    I didn’t enjoy this movie it was over the top the cgi in the beginning through me off the battles while cool to me were dragged out the villains were stupid setting up the one thing that would subdue the giant monsters in the middle of the city I thought the wolf having wings was stupid I couldn’t even remember the names of characters they were so bland

  • Christina Hunt
    Christina Hunt 11 months ago

    I thought it was kind of stupid. All the fake out deaths in the climax got really old fast. We didn't just have one, but three? I hate the cliche enough when it's done only once!

  • Movie Wolf
    Movie Wolf Year ago

    me happy

  • meta527II
    meta527II Year ago

    In my personal opinion this movie was just terrible, especially the part where they fed that person to the giant gorilla, it feels like they deliberately are trying to tick people off. But you're not wrong for having an opinion.

  • TheGhostCrafter DutchManiacs

    Do scary movie

  • Titan MacDougall
    Titan MacDougall Year ago

    How would Tamara react if she saw her apartment building in an Action Movie? Or being demolished in said Action Movie? lol it's like knowing your home town is the live location of a movie production and you see all the camera crews, actors and directors doin their thing, or when your town is the name or story behind a song. A certain level of cool right there.

  • portland 182
    portland 182 Year ago

    'Romantic Lead' is Naomi Harris, probably best knoen as Miss Moneypenny in the Daniel Craig Bond films

  • The Stillborn Child

    I haven't seen the film, though I don't think I need to. The trailer shows pretty much all the flaws with the film. In the video games, the monsters were originally humans. The way they were transformed has changed between the original series (George by an experimental vitamin, Lizzie by a radioactive lake, and Ralph by a food additive) and Rampage: Total Destruction (All of them were mutated by scum soda.) None of the games had them mutated by a space rock, nor did they start off as normal wild animals. Plus, Lizzie is not a crocodile cause crocodiles are not lizards. Lizzie, to me, looks more like an iguana. The games, after awhile, were also comedic at times. This movie, going by the trailer, doesn't seem to have the same amount of humor value. This movie wouldn't really appeal to fans of the game as it takes too many liberties with the source material. If you were going to take liberties with Rampage, then it should have been that the monsters were the (unintended) end result of a super soldier serum called scum and what should have been people with animal attributes growing no more than four meters tall become giant out of control monsters, or the monsters were animals that were part of animal testing for the addictive quality of Scum Soda which mutated them into giant monsters. Either way, the movie should have been cg animated in my opinion. Seriously Hollywood. There is nothing wrong with making a cg animated movie that's rated either "PG-13" or "R".

  • Curtis Bolton
    Curtis Bolton Year ago

    I'm completely in love with Tamara

  • ChiGuy251
    ChiGuy251 Year ago

    Have you ever been to FTW in River East?

  • Mr. Gasoline
    Mr. Gasoline Year ago

    Wasn’t Warcraft a good video game movie

  • The Goggle Brothers

    im sorry you feel that way.

  • Hardimantube
    Hardimantube Year ago

    Hey tamara, the woman is malin akkerman. She is in the watchmen.

  • killachriz96
    killachriz96 Year ago

    Just saying you're still very cute and well hot haha but you're eyes are gorgeous :)

  • Chris Deger
    Chris Deger Year ago

    The only show I watch on channel awesome anymore, great video keep em coming Tamara

  • John Tumahab
    John Tumahab Year ago

    I agree, this was one of the top video game movies.
    ...The bar isn't set too terribly high, but still!

  • J1P2K
    J1P2K Year ago

    Being from Belleville, IL, seeing my hometown in the show was awesome.

  • Red Vince
    Red Vince Year ago

    Has Tamara seen The Walking Dead? Cuz I was wondering if she was going to compare Jeffery Dean Morgan's character to Negan. Cuz that's that character/performance was for me: Negan in a suit.

  • DupeTheBarrel
    DupeTheBarrel Year ago

    I didn't like it, you can if you want to but it felt more like a filler film for hollywood

  • Kevin Sorbi
    Kevin Sorbi Year ago

    Science crocodile is from Florida..

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Year ago

    cheese gold?

  • Twitch
    Twitch Year ago

    Charrelle XD hahahah

  • ArtistXXX 1900
    ArtistXXX 1900 Year ago

    Rampage is based on a videogame?

  • Bernard Barton Jr.

    I'm exactly the 13,000th vierer

  • Meta Fox
    Meta Fox Year ago

    It was actually a chemical made by ENERGYNE.
    Also, the croc's name is Lizzy.

  • Sir Ravix of Fourhorn

    I still need to see this.

  • ShinyPrettyFancy
    ShinyPrettyFancy Year ago

    I felt sad for the animals, they get killed and it wasn't their fault they got hit by space science mist.

  • leo rodriguez
    leo rodriguez Year ago

    The horse with scrooges head appears in ducktales episode 11

  • Boba Dont Frett
    Boba Dont Frett Year ago

    Love your shirt and mug Tamara xD

  • Princof Troy
    Princof Troy Year ago

    This movie sucks.

  • Meowhausen & Friends

    You are right, Tammy. The Rock is a modern day Midas. He manages to stay fresh and clean despite the occasional dud. I didn't enjoy San Andreas, for instance (talk about cheese!) but, Jumanji was really fun, I thought. I am heavily into story writing for my channel, so I've read and deconstructed many screenplays and the latter was a refreshing take on a fun concept (without the noir drama of Existenz, for example).

  • bobelobalopalis
    bobelobalopalis Year ago

    Loved this movie it was a ton of fun. I feel they really missed out on an end credit scene with like some poachers in the jungle has a gorilla cornered the rock shows up. He tells the poachers they shouldn't be doing this, and they're all "what are you going to do about it" pointing guns at him. And the rock all calm is like nothing but he won't be to happy as he points to George coming out of the foliage. Also this movie needs a sequel, Mcguffin us up some more evil science pods from the space station and have the rock and George travel around the world fighting monsters. or terrorist using the evil science gas to make monsters to sell on the black market.

    • bobelobalopalis
      bobelobalopalis Year ago

      Hell if it goes well enough create some new monsters and make another rampage game. Its a simple but fun concept.

    • Ian Greene
      Ian Greene Year ago +1

      Maybe that way we could introduce monsters like Ruby, Boris, and Kingston.

  • private last
    private last Year ago +3

    And here I thought it was a Curious George gritty Reboot.
    Still think the Rock would make an excelent man in the yellow hat...

  • Matthew Kushner
    Matthew Kushner Year ago

    Whenever you see anyone from the office in another movie, people are like, “Hey that’s ____ from the office!”

  • my site
    my site Year ago

    Movie was awesome. George was great, the Rock shined, and Jeffrey dean Morgan was a hit!

  • Cyril Moore
    Cyril Moore Year ago

    Cool review

  • Canadian_Marvel_37

    Dod you just call the Rock a goddes?!?

  • Belegur13
    Belegur13 Year ago

    Idea for future TNS - The Relic. A monster movie set in Chicago from 1997 that's basically Alien in a museum. Would be interesting to hear your take on it.

  • Stormy Dragon
    Stormy Dragon Year ago

    RPG is also the military acronym for Rocket Propelled Grenade, which is what bazookas are actually called.

  • Ar0474
    Ar0474 Year ago

    I just saw that movie last night with my girlfriend, we both honestly thought it was pretty good, rather entertained for the most part :)

  • mustard
    mustard Year ago

    Please don’t see solo. We want Kathleen Kennedy fired.

  • Todundmordschlag
    Todundmordschlag Year ago

    well you better watch uwe boll's rampage :P

  • brettseventytwo
    brettseventytwo Year ago

    Those lips

  • Remee Henriksen
    Remee Henriksen Year ago

    I love dis cannel

  • TheJoJoFanatic85
    TheJoJoFanatic85 Year ago

    Seriously is channel awesome and almost all of the people in the comment section retarded?

  • M15949
    M15949 Year ago

    Rampage is an odd choice for a film adaptation in 2018..... but, still. it's a cool premise, that Hollywood cant seem to pull off. We just don't ever seem to get GOOD Godzilla v king kong style movies. they're all dogshit. If the reviews are stellar, I'd consider it.

  • 33 86
    33 86 Year ago +5

    10:01 add revenue.

    • Bodyslambear
      Bodyslambear Year ago

      Charlie Willis making videos may not seem like work but it is

    • Charlie Willis
      Charlie Willis Year ago

      Lol "work"?

    • Bodyslambear
      Bodyslambear Year ago

      33 86 it’s almost like they want to make money from their work

  • Justin Parris
    Justin Parris Year ago

    Do the stars by your eyes, mean you killed 3 people? Welcome to the gang Tamara.

  • Star Cherry
    Star Cherry Year ago +1

    You’re right I wasn’t expecting this movie to be good, but I actually REALLY liked it!

  • Jigsaw407
    Jigsaw407 Year ago +1

    Watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon to see some serious (ridiculous, actually) Chicago destruction.

  • Stephen Malovski
    Stephen Malovski Year ago +5

    I don't hate I Feel Pretty, I just dislike Amy Schumer

  • Moontowhee
    Moontowhee Year ago

    Another game movie onto the pile of garbage :(

  • marco antino
    marco antino Year ago

    Basically a dumb fuck who is happy as long as there's any generic shit on the screen roger

  • MrWhitman
    MrWhitman Year ago

    I don't remember exactly what the original characters created the monsters in the first one but it's not necessarily scientists. Liz's origin is some woman caught in a radioactive lake. I don't remember the others though.

  • Sun Jara
    Sun Jara Year ago

    Ooooooh no. It's a _game_ movie? It's probably garbage. :(
    3:28 It's probably because the original videogame was 'run of the mill generic'.
    6:45 know *of

  • Dexter Denmark
    Dexter Denmark Year ago +2

    Has she changed hair color again? Or this video was before Tamara never seen Ed Wood?

    • DeathToTheDictators
      DeathToTheDictators Year ago

      She often wears wigs...go to her personal channel, and she goes through all her wigs (she's got a dozen or more).

  • Samantha Silverstein

    Please see Tully. I saw it last night and now I want everyone to go see it as well. Such great writing present in this film.

  • Cartoon King
    Cartoon King Year ago +1

    I love Rampage but is rampage even popular?

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson Year ago

    So tamara must be a star wars fan hmmm what did you think of tlj

  • mimseydemon
    mimseydemon Year ago

    Scientists that became monsters - Correct! I'm kinda disappointed they took out that the monsters were originally human. In the old games when you ran out of health you'd fall and revert back into a human and start walking to the side of the screen (had until you made it all the way to insert another quarter or continue). If you were playing with someone else they could eat you for a bit of health.

  • Aaron Yandell
    Aaron Yandell Year ago

    Am I seeing Link in front of Darth Vader?

    • Aaron Yandell
      Aaron Yandell Year ago

      quincy briley Ah... That makes sense.

    • quincy briley
      quincy briley Year ago +1

      Aaron Yandell pretty sure that's supposed to be boba fet

  • Brett The best
    Brett The best Year ago

    I don’t know what u watch but I saw the rock crying

  • Zakary Schikain
    Zakary Schikain Year ago +2

    The only thing that could have made it better would be if in the third act if the Rock got mutated and turned giant and he and George fought the monsters with his bare hands!! Haha

  • warriorfella
    warriorfella Year ago

    The dopey action in that game movie didn't irritate me. Tamara, go to Dave & Busters on Wednesdays for the half off arcade. You'll love it.

  • Dom Menace 226
    Dom Menace 226 Year ago

    A bar and arcade type of girl, eh?
    A Barcade, perhaps? 🤔😁💘

  • Horror_Hound
    Horror_Hound Year ago

    I loved this movie lmao it needs more love

  • Jeff Gibson
    Jeff Gibson Year ago

    Deadpool 2 is coming up!

  • KidKatastrophe2314
    KidKatastrophe2314 Year ago +11

    For a movie based on a game with basically no plot, this was pretty fun.

  • The Komičar
    The Komičar Year ago

    You review a film I’ve voted for you. I love you, Tamara.

  • Mellow Hero
    Mellow Hero Year ago

    I think you might be thinking of Primal Rage, where ancient sorcerers turn into giant monsters.

  • ArgoVaughn
    ArgoVaughn Year ago

    Dave and Busters is A bar arcade!

    SUPER MARIO DC Year ago +1

    best MOVIE ever made in my opinion this was more better than infinity war.

  • Jonas of Persia
    Jonas of Persia Year ago

    Funny, I saw it like three hours ago and when I turned on my tablet I got a notification. I thought it was enjoyable enough btw.

  • Lord Zephyros
    Lord Zephyros Year ago

    Wow glowing review! ... Most critics HATED it

  • 9TheMiddleMan9
    9TheMiddleMan9 Year ago +1

    I thought this movie was awful. I would rate it a 3/10 at most.... seem to be in the minority here...

    • Lane Neely
      Lane Neely Year ago

      9TheMiddleMan9 only thing that matters is an individual's opinion.

  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats Year ago

    Not sure if it counts as a monster movie but they destroyed Chicago in Transformers 3.

  • Teri Scallon
    Teri Scallon Year ago

    Maybe now he is

  • Trey Magathan
    Trey Magathan Year ago +2

    Dwayne Johnson is a great actor.

  • ingibingi2000
    ingibingi2000 Year ago +10

    Tamara, see blues brothers

    • Gary Smith
      Gary Smith Year ago +2

      And she will probably love Carrie Fisher in it.

    • Killing Time
      Killing Time Year ago +2

      First car chase movie I ever watched, possibly the only musical that doesn't annoy or bore me, and still one of my favorite movies of all time!

    • wermzer
      wermzer Year ago +1

      Its a must see for anyone from Chicago!

    • pvthitch
      pvthitch Year ago +1

      Yes please!

  • Happy place
    Happy place Year ago +17

    Everything The Rock touches turns to Velveeta.

    • quincy briley
      quincy briley Year ago +1

      Happy place liquid gold

    • just another black man
      just another black man Year ago

      Horse shit! Camel shit! Bullshit! This movie doesn't have enough video game lore to even be a movie, and Dwayne "I give him another year before people get tired of him" Johnson is only in this movie because they needed something interesting to see in this God damn movie!

    • Happy place
      Happy place Year ago +1

      Aaron Yandell I’m glad it made you smile.

    • Aaron Yandell
      Aaron Yandell Year ago +2

      This comment t is so rediculous, it made my day. Seriously, my day sucked. I was hungry all day and had a growing headache, but this silly comment ended the day at a good note.

  • Ian Herrick
    Ian Herrick Year ago +8

    Tamara’s Never Seen: Mortal Kombat

  • Legoking 616
    Legoking 616 Year ago

    Ask Doug to review Elf bowling the movie next please. Look it up, it's horrible!

  • EarthDragonPuke
    EarthDragonPuke Year ago +1

    Well its sounds very entertaining I'll have to go see it. Yes I agree Dwayne is cheesy gold in all of his movies. lol How did you do the little stars above your right eye Beautiful?

    • EarthDragonPuke
      EarthDragonPuke Year ago

      I live in another state, North Carolina in fact. lol

    • Charlie Willis
      Charlie Willis Year ago

      You should ask her when you're watching her from outside her house like the creepy fuck you are.

  • Robbert Nyhan
    Robbert Nyhan Year ago

    Wow Tamara. Most of the Micahel Bay Transformers movies are set in Chicago. Remember when they read signs that say "Remember Chicago"???

  • Flossy
    Flossy Year ago

    Aaah, that magic and consistent ten minutes mark.

  • taylor mc Knight
    taylor mc Knight Year ago

    I hate rampage

  • Mack Debruin
    Mack Debruin Year ago +9

    Sorry Tamara, but I just wasn't feeling this one.
    -The Rock was on autopilot.
    -The villains were cartoonish.
    -Naomi Harris was given nothing to do.
    -Characters from the beginning of the film disappear halfway through.
    -Joe Maganello is in the film for only a short amount of time and he does nothing.
    -Time to feel for or get to know George wasn't implemented properly.
    -The ASL was poorly executed.
    It did have some good action scenes and anytime Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on screen, he steals the show magnificently. 6/10. Only slightly above average.

    • Eric Spearman
      Eric Spearman 11 months ago

      Mark Debruin You make me happy smile sir! Thank you! Why can't more people online, and in life, be as cool as you with respecting other people's opinions as they respect yours. That is awesome.

    • TheGoldenDunsparce
      TheGoldenDunsparce Year ago +1

      It's the best video game film ever made though...

    • Alex Gómez Landeros
      Alex Gómez Landeros Year ago +1

      The movie was bad, but sometimes it is so bad is good

    • Mack Debruin
      Mack Debruin Year ago +3

      platnation [][][] while I didn't love it, I'm glad someone found more enjoyment in it than I. I respect your opinion.

      REST YOUR HEAD Year ago

      This in my opinion this was the best movie of 2018

  • Adiaha Alexander
    Adiaha Alexander Year ago

    I was going to be a giant douche and comment about how police ziptie cuffs are different than the kind you can buy at the store but I decided not to...wait

  • Martin Gasparini
    Martin Gasparini Year ago

    well is not rocks were semple from the space station weird experiment

  • Ninja StrongHeart

    Great as much as I hate dealing with angry Groupon customers. I wonder how worse movie pass ppl will be.

  • vintagetvandexciting
    vintagetvandexciting Year ago +16

    Next, "Deadpool 2"...right?

  • XTONytlok Zero
    XTONytlok Zero Year ago


  • ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ

    George was the star of the show.

  • just another black man

    I wonder who paid her to praise this movie. This movie is once again pure garbage and utterly pointless. This is just another pointless reason to put Dwayne Johnson in a movie just because he is who he is. And what makes it worse is this video game doesn't have enough lore to even make a movie. AND YET THEY STILL FUCK IT UP!

    • The_other_black_guy
      The_other_black_guy Year ago +1

      just another black man welp, I enjoyed it. Sorry you didn't

    • just another black man
      just another black man Year ago

      The_other_black_guy I refuse to believe anything good came out of a movie that shouldn't have existed in the first place.

    • The_other_black_guy
      The_other_black_guy Year ago +1

      just another black man or maybe she enjoyed it. it's almost like people have different tastes and opinions.

  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake Year ago

    Dwayne Johnson for president... Like right now, get him in office right now, remove red overly long tie Trump.

  • Doug Buckner
    Doug Buckner Year ago

    Been waiting a while for you to review this one! Thank you very much Tamara!