Testing Dumb Snapchat Nail Hacks and Correcting Them

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
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    Other videos of me Testing Dumb Nail hacks:
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    Animal Love Hour ago

    Me being someone with no social life I paint on nail at a time wait for it to dry and go on to the next...please hang with me

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    Gabriela Silva 5 hours ago

    ok, but is way cheaper to buy a shit ton of cotton and only one orange stick, instead of buying q-tips every month.
    But idk, everyone in my country uses orange sticks with cotton...

  • Makayla Ager
    Makayla Ager 9 hours ago

    Hey I'm Makayla and I've been watching your videos starting 5 years ago

  • xx_ItsYaGirlEmily_xx Gacha Youtuber

    ‘Start by wrapping a toothpick in cotton’
    ‘Should we tell them?’ *Pulls out a q-tip*

    FRIDA THEFREAK 23 hours ago

    1:39 my answer sounds no
    i subscribed to her tho
    and liked.

  • Miriah Anderson
    Miriah Anderson Day ago

    They have q-tips with sharp ends... I used to have them for exactly what they used the toothpick for

  • Jaelynn Mcloud
    Jaelynn Mcloud Day ago

    well i dont have no cutips so ill make cotton candy

  • Elias Bernstein
    Elias Bernstein Day ago +1

    sorry Christine, I don't speak broke

  • helena approves
    helena approves Day ago

    Christine: *is Canadian and most likely grew up around french people*
    Also her: **fangirls over french accent**

  • koluski
    koluski Day ago

    It’s not a problem 😂# troop troop

  • Shayla Astacio
    Shayla Astacio Day ago

    I think they used a tooth pixk beacusemit pointer so it can go deeper

  • Krass
    Krass Day ago

    Honestly I just watch Christine bc I luv her like idgaf about nails I never have she’s just so damn wholesome

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    Dianna Campbell 2 days ago

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    PringleDa _Panda 3 days ago

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    No hate though I love ya Cristine

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    What sort of sponge does she use?

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    With the gradient hack the snapchat video used both the orange and the pink to try and blend it


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    love yoer vides

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    New *ACTUAL* HACK!!!! Use the dip powder, do a couple coats, and then you’ll have the hard nails, and if u have a bitting nail addiction, this actually helps! *(Yes I did it and it worked, kinda but I still bite, but less)*

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    the things Cristine said about the dip powder is true as a daughter of a professional nail tech it does need a gel base coat activator and a gel taco

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      You spelled Cristine wrong.
      The cats names are Menchie and Zyler.

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    6:10 it worked because of science, and imma try to explain even tho I have not even graduated middle school;
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    Idk. Still haven’t gotten any closer to graduating during the typing of the comment.

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