X-Men: The Last Stand - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    One of the most hated X-Men movies might not actually be as bad as you think...I mean, it's still bad, but fun bad...maybe? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at X-Men: The Last Stand.
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    X-Men: The Last Stand is a 2006 superhero film based on the X-Men superhero team introduced in Marvel Comics. It is the sequel to 2003's X2, as well as the third installment in the X-Men film series, and was directed by Brett Ratner and written by Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn. It features an ensemble cast including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Anna Paquin, Kelsey Grammer, James Marsden, Rebecca Romijn, Shawn Ashmore, Aaron Stanford, Vinnie Jones, and Patrick Stewart.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  6 months ago +467

    Is X-Men: The Last Stand the worst X-Men movie in the franchise?
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    • Rockin’ Pixels
      Rockin’ Pixels Month ago

      Wolverine was my favorite character as a kid and maybe why I didn’t get into the live action films after the first one. His character just felt very... off somehow. The fact that you never see him in his x-men uniform Is part of what bothers me I guess. He’s less of a spotlight character and more of a... just some guy 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Rockin’ Pixels
      Rockin’ Pixels Month ago

      In Deadpool 2 Juggernaut was a lot less ridiculous. This guy looked like an idiot with an old smashed up cooking pot from his mom’s kitchen on his head by comparison. Why did he have a thick Australian accent... ? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Sander Nielsen
      Sander Nielsen Month ago

      What is it with Malcolm's buddah beads ?

    • Kunisake
      Kunisake 2 months ago

      Nope. Dark Phoenix is

    • Mugdha Mahdi Shams
      Mugdha Mahdi Shams 2 months ago

      Not anymore....

  • Jordan Potier
    Jordan Potier Hour ago

    Great first this and dark Phoenix (2019), I’m now think this film is underrated

  • Daniel The king
    Daniel The king 4 days ago

    If only one actor from the fox x-men could return in the mcu x-men it should be Kelsey Grammar as Beast

  • Silver Nightshade
    Silver Nightshade 5 days ago

    I’ll admit I love this movie solely because of Beast and Wolverine. They are my favorite parts of the entire 3rd movie and honestly the best part of it for me.

  • Ben
    Ben 5 days ago

    10:42 are those oven mitts on his ears?

  • Ben
    Ben 5 days ago

    I’m not gonna lie, I like this movie 🍿. I thought the 1st one was bad.

  • Stuart Thompson
    Stuart Thompson 7 days ago

    no hate on Beast but the his hair looks like an a lion main

  • Yeet the beat out
    Yeet the beat out 8 days ago

    Girl that practically kills whatever she touches: I can be cured? I can live a normal life? Get married? Have a family?
    Lady who makes f***ing clouds: YoU dOn'T nEeD iT cUz YoU r PeRfEcT aS yOu ArE

  • marcus24000
    marcus24000 8 days ago

    at 10:00 what triggers jeans dorment side is that with the water and protecting the x men she needed more power then her subconcious had so she had to go deeper and tap into the dorment side of her mind.
    if you didnt realize this then maybe these movies are to complicated for you :P

  • Lucas Mackey
    Lucas Mackey 10 days ago

    31:09 Apox on you!!! 31:23 aaaaaaah!

  • HelpfulVader99
    HelpfulVader99 10 days ago

    9:34, to be fair, it may have bloated the movie by adding aliens and such. And having the Phoenix be a dual personality seems....I dunno...more grounded in the reality we’ve come to know in these movies.
    As opposed to what triggered it.....was possible her use of cerebro....since her mind and powers were already starting to go a bit haywire last film.

  • Fantasy Realm
    Fantasy Realm 10 days ago

    That’s not my juggernaut, bitch

  • Cecilia Mayora
    Cecilia Mayora 14 days ago

    I actually enjoy this movie despite the many flaws it has it but there's one thing I will never accept and that is Magneto abandoning Mystique

  • edvaira6891
    edvaira6891 14 days ago

    “THE MOST HATED X-MEN movie”....until Apocalypse...and Dark Phoenix...

  • 10GaugeManiac
    10GaugeManiac 15 days ago

    17:38 the religions of the world thing is cracking me up. Knock knock "shit happens"

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 17 days ago

    All superhero movies are bad. It just comes with the territory. But this one I sort of liked. Still, cliches abound. Like shooting things in San Francisco. Movies are only ever set there is the director thinks he's come up with some new way of destroying th Golden Gate Bridge. So you know that you can expect that when you're in the bay area.
    Also: Famke Janssen is just perfect as Jean Grey. Pity they didn't give her a little more to work with, but she's still pretty amazing. In more ways thatn one...

  • Benubc
    Benubc 19 days ago

    Oh I got it, cast Halle Berry as Rogue and it's all fixed. Some of it at least. Have Kitty recast as a powerful mutant, Rogue gets jealous and steals all her powers.

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King 20 days ago

    Wolverine and Evil Dead crossover.

  • Antonio Alejandro
    Antonio Alejandro 21 day ago

    When I first saw this when I was a kid on public tv it was like "holy shit this is nice and sad of all the deaths"

  • Anthony Catallo
    Anthony Catallo 22 days ago

    In the mcu I hope they just start with her as Phoenix then address it down the line or just ignore it

  • Al Berto
    Al Berto 23 days ago

    Have you thought that maybe the reason why this movie is that hated is not that nothing good is in it, but the exact opposite? I hated this movie exactly because it has so many good things in it, and it blew them all.

  • Abrahim Javed
    Abrahim Javed 24 days ago +8

    Magneto- “They will draw first blood”
    Proceeds to murder 4 cars worth of people

  • Shadows Hope
    Shadows Hope 25 days ago

    Also, I love the look Beast gives after he injects Magneto, when he looks at his hand and the needle, it's almost like he's going "What have I just done..."

  • Sam Stealar
    Sam Stealar 26 days ago

    My "huge ackman"

  • darkstar100x
    darkstar100x 28 days ago

    So he nitpicks X2 based on false information about X-Men and because it's more of a drama and he wants it to be only and action movie. Then he likes Last Stand?!
    Lemmeguess, he's also going to be one of those people who claims Dark Phoenix is worse than Origins. Even though it's much better than Origins and this mess. In fact:
    That's to everyone who calls Dark Phoenix an insult to X-Men. Even the creators loved it.

  • Biggles
    Biggles 29 days ago


  • Donovan Whitehouse
    Donovan Whitehouse 29 days ago

    So... the final fight has some cool X Men moments for named or main characters but all the other mutants boil down to their abilities being leaping. All the random mutants have only 1 power jumping or teleporting and with such a colourful cast as x men you could've done more.

  • Donovan Whitehouse
    Donovan Whitehouse 29 days ago

    Umm actually, x3 is based on joss whedens astonishing X Men gifted arc where a woman creates a mutant antidote that you can take and be cured. The cartoon was an influence sure, see rogue but it more closely resembles gifted

  • metal maniac
    metal maniac Month ago

    Wait.....so if Gene getting wet unleashed the phoenix....does that mean she never bathed or showered?

  • Keep it Real
    Keep it Real Month ago

    worst xmen movie ever

  • eachcrayon84
    eachcrayon84 Month ago

    17:30 X-Men: The Last Stamp

  • Ellie Gray
    Ellie Gray Month ago

    These movies make Storm seem so unlikeable. Unemotional acting, bad dialogue. Especially her line to Rogue makes her really unsympathetic.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Month ago

    So water trigged Jean to become phoenix. So all these years those showers she took was waterless? :D

  • Felix H
    Felix H Month ago

    7/10 I kind of like it

  • Bruce Jedi Lee
    Bruce Jedi Lee Month ago

    That somebody like Rouge would want to change I get. I mean never being able to touch somebody? That is a curse worse than most others. However I can see why someone like Storm would not wanna change. Like being able to control the weather? That's fucking awesome! So someone whose powers brings more pain to their lives than anything else should probably take the "cure" since it would give them a better life. But if your powers don't cause you any harm then I say keeping them is only logical

  • Hugo Paez
    Hugo Paez Month ago


  • SKYRULE-49
    SKYRULE-49 Month ago

    Kelsey Grammer is the Robert Downey Jr of Beast!!

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Month ago


  • Sean Shogun
    Sean Shogun Month ago


    I’m THe JugGeRnaUGhT BitCH

  • Krystal Valentin
    Krystal Valentin Month ago

    WoWiE wOw WoW

  • Heroinedown
    Heroinedown Month ago

    A bad movie is just bad no matter if it has good elements left and right, there's a reason why they are put together. Judging the costumes, the colors or the jokes here and there and saying it's not that bad because of that is like lying to yourself after you bought the ticket full price in the theatre and convince yourself you didn't waste an hour and a half of your life along with 15 bucks. Sometimes you just have to see things for they are, a giant mess.

  • kid squid and super spider

    Hey Doug walker i watch nostalgia critic for movies and avgn for videogames

  • LppttL 0
    LppttL 0 Month ago

    The score is unforgettable

  • Ugo Supiot
    Ugo Supiot Month ago +1

    Thank to X-Men Days Of The Future Past for erasing that pile of shit. The only redeem are the action which is why is one of my guilty pleasure. By the way FUCK YOU RATEMERDE EVEN X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE IS BETTER THAN YOUR BIG SHIT. AND I HOPE THAT YOU'LL BE RAPE IN JAIL MOTHERFUCKER.

  • MildTabascofries
    MildTabascofries Month ago

    I never understood why people hated this one over the others. I've liked all of them and thought they were good and can understand why if you think they are bad movies but I don't understand why people think some are good and others are bad. They seem pretty similar to me.

  • Christian Chaney
    Christian Chaney Month ago

    Tell me then it would be up to the Moon to decide it's not like hey I should I'm going to take away my son's Powers against his free will

  • Theo Weber
    Theo Weber Month ago

    The angle boy is the kid from shark boy and lava girl lol

  • Isaiah Rucker
    Isaiah Rucker Month ago +1

    Ha! Jokes on you they're part of the MCU now!

  • Isaiah Rucker
    Isaiah Rucker Month ago +1

    This was movie was amazing you shut your mouth!

  • Marelfan 8677
    Marelfan 8677 Month ago

    31:09 Apox on you!!!!

  • Mr Giga Montoya
    Mr Giga Montoya Month ago

    I laughed at the sponsorship way too hard.

  • GrimSister
    GrimSister Month ago

    Wait, Mystic turns human, is naked as the day she was born but still has eye makeup?
    Why would she have that on if she can make her eyes and lashes look any way she’d like?

  • Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba

    in the remake there were aliens and firebirds, just that they were pointless unexplained alien with a timeline unexplained firebird

  • Kumbi
    Kumbi Month ago

    You ever have that moment when a word is said so many times it begins to sound different?

    Me neither Douglas.

  • Kumbi
    Kumbi Month ago

    I love how Logan acts like a father figure to Rogue throughout these movies.
    You’d kind of expect them to drop that half way through.

  • BatmanFan 76 Channel 2

    30:59 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Teaser

  • BigGuyZee
    BigGuyZee Month ago

    Dang-it, I admit I paused the video at 7:02 for a while. A pretty look!

  • Blitzgob
    Blitzgob Month ago

    I totally would watch a serie Jean-Luc and Gandalf

  • David Rosales
    David Rosales Month ago

    Again I.m 1 of the few that liked this movie 😂👍