Terence Crawford vs Egidijus Kavaliauskas PRE-FIGHT TALE

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Outstanding American professional boxer Terence "Bud" Crawford will put his WBO world welterweight title on the line against Egidijus Kavaliauskas.
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    Narrated by
    Aleksandar Jablanovic
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Comments • 69

  • dionrey usdok
    dionrey usdok 13 days ago

    Beat the beast man..

  • dionrey usdok
    dionrey usdok 13 days ago

    Fight the strong one..

  • dionrey usdok
    dionrey usdok 13 days ago

    Crawford,fight pacman.Then we will see

  • DirtyAssGoblin
    DirtyAssGoblin 26 days ago

    I can’t believe you took down your old videos. Man you don’t know how disappointing this is 😞 you had the best boxing highlights and videos on TheXvid. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. Is there any way you can reupload them??

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor Month ago

    The p4p king and the lion of the world. Bud baby

  • Nohj Teformon
    Nohj Teformon Month ago

    At 41 pac will still give him a good fight..
    Crawford will hit and run and will join mayweather and joshua the gay word..
    "Sweet science of boxing"
    Ist time in heavyweight watching running and afraid to face toe to toe to a smaller and fat guy from mexico

  • Armandito Chito152
    Armandito Chito152 Month ago

    Por favor Crawfor ya pelea con los mejores ya es momento que enfrentes a los mejores ya no le hagas al tonto.este ultimo te salio respondon a esos son los que debes enfrentar


    Poor crawford poor arum

  • darkeagle
    darkeagle Month ago

    Crawford got his ass beated, next time he should fight right handed

  • Nitz Amandy
    Nitz Amandy Month ago

    !! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@$M.

  • Camille Castanar
    Camille Castanar Month ago

    Mr. Terence If you're the real guy nor real fighter i challenge you to fight mr. Manny pacquiao and lets see what youve got?

    • dionrey usdok
      dionrey usdok 13 days ago

      I agree

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 Month ago

      He pummeled into the ground and TKOd the guy who Manny could not. That proves a lot. (Though I’m his fan too)

  • Twsuf1
    Twsuf1 Month ago

    Terrence " DUD " Crawford

  • Ammar Yasir
    Ammar Yasir Month ago +1

    You are the best

  • ummglick
    ummglick Month ago

    the african with the slave master name he sure ugly but great fighter

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 12 days ago

      ummglick You dumb. He is American, not African.

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 Month ago

      You have a very weird esthetic sense the man is prettier than Ali

    • MOOCHIE 2K
      MOOCHIE 2K Month ago

      You ugly pussy

    • First Last
      First Last Month ago

      White people are Africans from Tunisia

  • Renante Anglacer
    Renante Anglacer Month ago +2

    Hw I wish thorman and Crawford in the ring this 2020 so that we see
    The compareson of pacman with thorman

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 12 days ago

      aaron pryor Chill bro. Why so mad at the guy? Did he say something bad?

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor Month ago

      Learn how to spell.. go back to school you jackass "LOL"

  • Renante Anglacer
    Renante Anglacer Month ago

    50 50 fight with pacman

  • Alfin Pratama
    Alfin Pratama Month ago

    beat pacman😂😂

  • Ruperto Pondol
    Ruperto Pondol Month ago +2

    Pacman vs Crawford best fight

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor Month ago

      Pacroid don't want Bud he want the injured Spence lmao

  • Mike Lutta
    Mike Lutta Month ago

    bring Errol and all the noise WL stop...Sir Errol quiet BT stops all the lies and noise

  • Alexjandro Avetis
    Alexjandro Avetis Month ago

    Best Boxer fighter in World that is Our Brother ich mehr

  • Devon Wright
    Devon Wright Month ago +3


    • Nohj Teformon
      Nohj Teformon Month ago

      Fuck ...seems like u throw a bomb in the middle ..they are both afraid of toe to toe..
      Always fight in the distance..most boring fight that will happen

  • Blue Turtle
    Blue Turtle Month ago

    i like wodka

  • Tj Taylor
    Tj Taylor Month ago +2

    Spence that’s all I need to say

    • roundedges2
      roundedges2 Month ago

      You need to say “Healthy”...

  • sleepyholloable
    sleepyholloable Month ago

    Until he fights somebody from PBC he'll remain non valid

  • MS Graves
    MS Graves Month ago +3

    Crawford is a beast! Al Haymon better keep his guys behind the fence and keep them away from bud!

  • King L
    King L Month ago

    Lol crawford the best

  • Jerome Mariano
    Jerome Mariano Month ago +4

    beat elite fighter first bud. before you talk. best fighter in the world? really? hahaha you got the best gay promoter in the world. spongeBOB arum.

  • Danny lumbera
    Danny lumbera Month ago +2

    Terence vs Manny pacquiao next.

  • Jayjay Saavedra
    Jayjay Saavedra Month ago


  • VanJames Mangonon
    VanJames Mangonon Month ago

    Rise and fall of terrence "bud" crawford go! Mean machine for the win :)

    • John Cox
      John Cox Month ago +1

      Keep wishing it nearly impossible for dude to do anything let alone win

  • GarciaWISDOM GarciaWISDOM

    No way fucking crawford
    Youre not deserve to be Legendary

  • Brince Mayuga
    Brince Mayuga Month ago

    I love to see crawford in struggle.

    • Lost Wisdom
      Lost Wisdom Month ago

      @Jerome Mariano also the welterweight division sucks right now - manny should be on his way out and everybody else kinda mehhhh :(

    • Jerome Mariano
      Jerome Mariano Month ago +2

      how? if he is fighting amature boxers. commend spongeBOB arum.

  • Brince Mayuga
    Brince Mayuga Month ago +1

    I love to see crawford in struggle.

  • Michael Makridis
    Michael Makridis Month ago


  • niteowl boy
    niteowl boy Month ago +4

    Im sorry but bud hasn't beat nobody.so for me his not the best.

  • Solo Uzi
    Solo Uzi Month ago +1

    Bud by KO in 5

  • Glu Ouzze
    Glu Ouzze Month ago

    Bud win by night night ! 💤

    GYPSY KING FURY Month ago +3

    He'll of a break down brother. Love the work you put in on these videos Thanks!

  • Brince Mayuga
    Brince Mayuga Month ago

    what time the bout will start ??

    • Mafanedza Ndou
      Mafanedza Ndou Month ago

      Hi guys what time in SOUTH AFRICAN time? I do not want to miss the fight

    • Brince Mayuga
      Brince Mayuga Month ago

      @Akillian1 too long to wait, better make a sleep now.

    • Akillian1
      Akillian1 Month ago

      @Brince Mayuga not sure I am in central time but its in about 3 hours

    • Brince Mayuga
      Brince Mayuga Month ago

      @Akillian1 what time would it be in the Philippines ??

    • Akillian1
      Akillian1 Month ago

      Main event around 11:30pm E.T.