Zion Williamson is expected to be out for multiple weeks | Golic and Wingo

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Trey Wingo, Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. react to Adrian Wojnarowski’s report detailing New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson’s timeline to return from a right knee injury.
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Comments • 219

  • LIONLEO Remnant
    LIONLEO Remnant Month ago

    Without proving himself first getting injury first not looking good,

  • speedoflite1
    speedoflite1 Month ago

    "Time is telling" for season ticket 1st responders =/

  • El Comandante
    El Comandante Month ago

    Won't say I told u so but I told u so. Zion over weight,brittle,n injury prone. Out weeks for a sore knee. Poor fella it's over before it begins.

  • E Miles
    E Miles Month ago

    If you check his precollege AAU runs, he had a knee injury then as well. I remember him wearing a brace. Research it.

  • Jay George
    Jay George Month ago

    Get well soon Zion

  • Doctor Too-Much
    Doctor Too-Much Month ago

    watch his landing on the first scene. backwards movement one leg almost stretched. that SCREAMS "injury". he needs to get a disciplined movement, before losing weight

  • Xavier Morales
    Xavier Morales Month ago

    It seems like the media is trying to sugarcoat this injury as much as possible.

  • Rock Bone
    Rock Bone Month ago

    And yall make fun of old school ball. They had brains. The body is only as strong as the supporting structures. You can't strengthen your ligaments and cartilage.

    X DAFACTOR Month ago

    Time will tell

  • MsCamicam
    MsCamicam Month ago

    That’s what happens when you overhype somebody who hasn’t done nothing ZERO🤷🏽‍♀️!! Too much overplaying in preseason!!!

  • Joe Garcia
    Joe Garcia Month ago

    Torn Miniscus and loss of appetite.

  • Slim Slamma
    Slim Slamma Month ago

    Let’s Go Knick’s

  • Robert
    Robert Month ago

    Said it when he decided to turn pro..his "high energy, high flying" game is "not" conducive to longevity. He will sadly have frequent injuries like alot big men who jump high and play "hard."

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy Month ago +4

    He tore his meniscus not really minor

  • A Bigs
    A Bigs Month ago

    Over rated and over weight !

  • My name is Connor
    My name is Connor Month ago +1

    Zion aint gonna last in the NBA ill give him 3 years lol

  • Opinions Matter
    Opinions Matter Month ago

    It’s because he’s so heavy

  • Saucy The Great
    Saucy The Great Month ago


  • 49ers
    49ers Month ago

    This might turn out to be one of the most heartbreaking stories in NBA history. So much hype and excitement, and we're already looking at a torn meniscus for a kid who hasn't even played a regular season game. I really hope he can endure the constant grind of an NBA season as he gets older. I'm worried that he'll battle big injuries every year b/c of his BMI.

  • flanker22
    flanker22 Month ago

    There's a video on TheXvid explaining that his body structure is irregular and all that weight he put on during college is putting a ton of stress on his joints and knee ligaments. He may need to lose weight to prevent injury

  • Darren Damon
    Darren Damon Month ago

    the next greg oden?? remember the number one pick for blazers?

  • Terrance Williams
    Terrance Williams Month ago

    Injury prone. Zion is gonna be injured for most of his career, I can already see the handwriting on the wall. smh Bye-bye Pelicans you thought you were out of the woods by getting rid of injury prone AD, just to take on a bunch of other injury prone players but they bums unlike AD, at this rate the Pelicans should have just kept AD and try to make him happy.

    • agent 007
      agent 007 Month ago

      i see the pels shutting him down for the season. he is going the ben simmons or embiid route

  • P Manny
    P Manny Month ago

    He tore his meniscus

  • Mr Davs
    Mr Davs Month ago

    Lonzo Ball and Ingram are always hurt and now Zion is too. You got rid of AD who is injury prone but he's still a top 5 player in the league and you got ride of him for two other injury prone players in Ball and Ingram who are trash compared to AD. And now the Pelicans number 1 pick is gonna be injury prone his whole career as well. They gonna be screwed with those 3 injury prone guys in the long run who they are depending on for the future of their franchise in New Orleans.

    • Hanz C
      Hanz C Month ago

      well that sucks

  • Herro Stfu
    Herro Stfu Month ago

    Lol he’s not going to make it in the league if he keeps getting injured like this

    MAZINGER Z Month ago +2

    A torn meniscus is nothing to worry about for Zion. He is on the mount rushmore of GOATs in NBA history already.

    MAZINGER Z Month ago

    Lonzo will hold the fort while Zion is out. When Zion comes back the Pelicans should still be in playoff contention.

    • agent 007
      agent 007 Month ago

      @DTrey FloatGoat amazing how some ppl out there still see lonzo as someone who can carries a team. Ppl believe just anything when someone comes out and talks loud on TV

    • DTrey FloatGoat
      DTrey FloatGoat Month ago

      No way... they’ll be as bad as Lakers before Lebron was there

  • Montemex23
    Montemex23 Month ago

    Torn ACL

  • mohamed elsayed
    mohamed elsayed Month ago

    he has a torn meniscus

  • Cohen Kane
    Cohen Kane Month ago

    Another Sam Bowie. NBA too much.

  • David_e_03
    David_e_03 Month ago

    Zion just got surgery for a torn meniscus

  • Han Kang
    Han Kang Month ago +3

    Why did Zion even have to ball so hard for preseason bruh???

    • G G
      G G Month ago

      Yh them stupid games cost him and us even a few REAL regular season games at least before he might have had knee issues. Smh.

    • King Oscar
      King Oscar Month ago

      That's what I was saying, he prob was trying to put the league on notice or something. Like chill bro ik you want to kill but these buckets don't batter in preseason.

  • JaVaughn McGregor
    JaVaughn McGregor Month ago

    It doesn't come on tonight. It starts tomorrow night.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Month ago

    Zion is the Bo Jackson of the NBA but with a much shorter career than Jackson had in the NFL. . Zion going to be the NBA's biggest bust! Sad but true just like the Metallica song says!

  • 7jahson
    7jahson Month ago

    I just want to know was there any knee concerns prior to Shoe-Gate?
    Otherwise, there's 5 - 10 - 15 Seasons ahead of a Great Athlete.
    Not just Hype of what could be.

    MAGACOP Month ago

    Nga walk like Cedric the Entertainer

  • Mickey- Gz
    Mickey- Gz Month ago

    Zion play so hungry.

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago +2


    • Dev Vez
      Dev Vez Month ago

      Irrelevant to this....

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago


  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic Month ago +1


  • chri mar
    chri mar Month ago

    Pelicans management are more smarter than you think

  • Burning Ambition
    Burning Ambition Month ago

    Zion gonna be great until his knees give out

    • Burning Ambition
      Burning Ambition Month ago

      @Tod Wilkinson his*
      And i believe that because before going into the NBA he already had 2 bad injuries to his knees. Also his entire game relies on his hops. LeBron and KD both have more than just hops in their arsenal that's the main difference.
      Now if Zion can become a Swiss army knife like Luka and become a jack of all trades then his career will last alot longer.
      But as of right now that physical, dunking, hopping style of play doesn't last very long and I don't think those tools alone will be enough for him to sit on the throne for very long.
      Hope he proves me wrong tho!

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago

      Why do you think he's knees would give out? You could say that about Lebron James, Kevin Durant or anyone.

  • Edwin O
    Edwin O Month ago

    Why is Zion always out. He plays a game or two and the rest is injured.... come on

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +2

      Cause he's not happy with the pelicans. Anyone can see that. He hasn't smiled once since making the NBA. He wanted to be in New York. When you're not happy you won't have that good feeling Mojo and juice. That is why he's sitting out. He basically doesn't care about the season.

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +2

      He's playing his way into a trade. He doesn't want to be there.

  • CandyGrooves
    CandyGrooves Month ago +10

    He needs to get on LeBron million dollar nutrition plan taco Tuesdays would be lit

  • xgurl10
    xgurl10 Month ago

    He's a lifepath 7; 7s are prone to injuries

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago

      @DTrey FloatGoat Probably. Or the Jazz back cause the Jazz have not done anything the last 20 years.

    • DTrey FloatGoat
      DTrey FloatGoat Month ago

      Tod Wilkinson they should just get the name Hornets back

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +4

      name a pelican that wasn't always injured? Name one that was actually jazzed and pumped up with positivity to be there as a "pelican". what is a pelican a shitty long neck bird that easily dies.

  • GNB
    GNB Month ago

    is this the same knee he injured in aau college and summer league

    • GNB
      GNB Month ago

      Tod Wilkinson no player in nba history would ever get surgery just to prove they have an injury and leave a team......not 1

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +2

      No. He's pulling a Vince Carter. Vince faked injuries to get out of Toronto.

  • Robbie T
    Robbie T Month ago

    Yeah he must lose some fat...but also his build is just big...if he stays this weight he wont be long in the Nba maybe 10 years
    But he makes a lot of money he can retire at 29

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +2

      His vertical leap is 12 feet.... He's not fat. That is muscle you idiot.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    78rd comment 🚒🈵

  • Kamil Momin
    Kamil Momin Month ago +4

    Did this fool say “face of basketball” in reference to Zion? What a clown!

    • DTrey FloatGoat
      DTrey FloatGoat Month ago

      He meant like the future of nba, that’s because of all the hype like Lebron had.
      Face of nba basketball However should be Giannis Steph Kawhi Lebron

    • carter smith
      carter smith Month ago +1

      He was talked about more then LeBron this off season he is the face of basketball

  • grrrindz
    grrrindz Month ago +1

    greg oden ????

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +2

      Greg Oden played his entire rookie year 82 games and was pumped and jazzed up about being on the Blazers. This is a different situation.

  • Enrique
    Enrique Month ago +1

    Kid’s 19 but look 30

    • Central Lifestyle
      Central Lifestyle Month ago

      Enrique so was Lebron when he was 19. So was Shaq when he was 19.

  • Arthur Trommel
    Arthur Trommel Month ago +3

    No, he is not Greg Oden. He is Larry Johnson.

  • Jason Vegan
    Jason Vegan Month ago

    The biggest problem with Zion, his weight and wear and tear on his body which may cause injuries. Already injured before the season starts 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Bully
    Bully Month ago +1

    Stop comparing him to lebron.... he already had his first major injury and now he’s onto his second

    • XX_Sauceboy brand
      XX_Sauceboy brand Month ago

      @GNB still not an major injury as the OP alluded to. Could be a lingering one. But who knows we are just all guessing. The college one was freak incident. Anyone would get hurt if their bottom of their shoe blows out from under them.

    • GNB
      GNB Month ago

      @XX_Sauceboy brand this is the same knee he hurt in aau college summer league now pre season its not like 2 weeks off will make that better this has been an ongoing problem for years

    • XX_Sauceboy brand
      XX_Sauceboy brand Month ago

      Being out for 2 weeks or so hardly qualifies as a major injury

  • phenixfire89
    phenixfire89 Month ago

    Yes Zion needs to loose a little bit of weight but the thing is he’s thick, he can’t change that ,yes he can loose some weight but he’s a thick dude

  • Kso Draco
    Kso Draco Month ago +1

    He needs to cut down weight to 250 at least he be like a shorter version of Lebron💯💯

    • Hawkhunter07
      Hawkhunter07 Month ago

      @Tod Wilkinson lol you said he's smarter than LeBron?

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +1

      @Zakkary Andersen He's faster, He's quicker. He's more agile, He's more graceful. Lebron's dunks look awkward cause he's really not that smooth or agile. He's also not that creative.
      Zion is a great dunker in style. Lebron is not. Lebron has one dunk and any time he tries to go reverse or 360 if looks awkward and stiff like Paul George.
      Zion jumps way higher off two legs.

    • Zakkary Andersen
      Zakkary Andersen Month ago

      @Tod Wilkinson he's not faster then LeBron or stronger. Quicker first step definitely and jumps higher slightly

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson Month ago +2

      He jumps way higher than lebron and is a much smarter player. He's smoother in the open court and smoother in traffic. He's also more powerful. He's just on a cursed franchise that he doesn't want to be on. He's playing his way into a trade.

      Lebron would've sucked too with the Pelicans.

  • AC2
    AC2 Month ago +10

    Hurt in summer league , hurt in preseason...this kid ain't gonna last 82 games 🤷‍♂️. I've been saying 2 years max and he blows his knee , I dont even give this kid til the end of this season .

    • King Oscar
      King Oscar Month ago +1

      @Vol.2 don't nobody want him to fail. People are just stressing the fact that with his weight and the way he movies injuries are bound to happen. History speaks for its self. Maybe he can reach out to Bron next summer to teach him how to preserve his body.

    • Vol.2
      Vol.2 Month ago

      I find it weird that people will be genuinely upset if he has a successful career its almost like people want this kid to fail its lame af

    • Hanz C
      Hanz C Month ago +1

      @Jose Ortega thats because coaches rest players now even if they are not injured because of the back to back games.

    • Geo Rockmann
      Geo Rockmann Month ago

      @Jose Ortega My point was that he probably couldnt pull 10 players out of his head and that playing 82 games isnt a given

    • AC2
      AC2 Month ago +1

      @Geo Rockmann your not getting the point
      The point is that hes not gonna last through the season with out 1 or 2 injuries 🤷‍♂️

  • Trey Bens
    Trey Bens Month ago

    Zion is on a new nutrition & workout plan for the rest of 2019.
    2020 Zion WATCH OUT

  • Ronald Shiffman
    Ronald Shiffman Month ago

    I can't believe the Pelicans allow Zion to step on a basketball court without a knee brace. That is physical therapy malpractice.

  • Uli Peterson
    Uli Peterson Month ago +40

    "he is just a 19 year old kid."

    thats true, but for kid of his age, he is build like a tank.

    • Abdou Djam
      Abdou Djam Month ago

      never mind , he tore his lateral meniscus already

    • Space Alien
      Space Alien Month ago +1

      @Nya Mccoy, he was already getting injured in high school. got injured in college. dude cant even get out of preseason in the nba without getting injured.

    • Jordan Ofwono
      Jordan Ofwono Month ago

      Niko Gambino perfect

    • Jordan Ofwono
      Jordan Ofwono Month ago

      Nya Mccoy facts I’m actually scared for him

    • Niko Gambino
      Niko Gambino Month ago

      Uli Peterson he’s built like a glass tank