Instant Food Taste Test

  • Published on Dec 18, 2015
  • Can you tell the difference between real and instant-made food? GMM #826!
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Comments • 9 187

  • noah lollar
    noah lollar 4 days ago

    I like instant Snickers or instant Oreo cookies.

  • Lisa Walton
    Lisa Walton 10 days ago

    How did Rhett know Link was going to feel the potatoes?

  • maycee leblanc
    maycee leblanc 13 days ago

    2019 anyone?😂

  • Krista Simpson
    Krista Simpson 14 days ago +1

    I love instant noodles. I may be in my 30's but I still buy them from time to time haha

  • brittany leigh
    brittany leigh 17 days ago +1

    if i could pick one thing to watch for the rest of my life, itd be good mythical morning

  • Official Ice Cream
    Official Ice Cream 20 days ago

    the eggs are called Ova Easy but scrambled what!

  • Leon Aguilar
    Leon Aguilar 22 days ago

    “If I had a stepsister, I wouldn’t date her, but I would feeder deez ehgs.” *Link -2015*

  • Kale Iz yellow
    Kale Iz yellow 22 days ago

    7:08 iS tHIs SuppOsed tO BE a hOTDoG?

  • Isaac Picard
    Isaac Picard 22 days ago

    Instant chicken pot pie is amazing

  • Mărgescu Raluca
    Mărgescu Raluca 29 days ago

    Why does retth a wedding retth on his finger?

  • Dr Brown
    Dr Brown Month ago +1

    2:26 how did he know that he was gonna feel it?

  • Rykr Davidson
    Rykr Davidson Month ago

    I grew up drinking milk, but as I got older and my parents divorced, we changed to powdered milk. I honestly prefer it over regular milk; tastes better. 😗

  • Jose Andrew
    Jose Andrew Month ago

    Instant ramen all the way

  • Katie Villa
    Katie Villa Month ago

    i thought instant ramen was the only kind of ramen

  • Renate
    Renate Month ago

    Instant peanut butter? But that takes more effort than buying a jar of it... and instant scrambled eggs? Isn't that the easiest thing to make on earth? I'm so confused after watching this episode. Are these products normal in the USA?

    • bowl4two
      bowl4two Month ago

      *_soylent green is people._*

  • Lieke Zwier
    Lieke Zwier Month ago

    "If I'm thirsty I'd like you to squirt it in my mouth"
    I love this show 😂

  • Tiger Style
    Tiger Style Month ago

    "Half Percent"

  • Phantasm Art
    Phantasm Art Month ago

    Instant Vadge is my favorite thing to eat

  • Rohit surya
    Rohit surya Month ago +6

    'As you see, I can't.'
    Should be written on Link's tombstone.

  • Cameron Rose
    Cameron Rose Month ago +2

    I thought all coffee was instant 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Lee Vang
    Lee Vang Month ago

    Did you like the taste or process

  • Jake C.
    Jake C. Month ago +5

    "I don't like to have my mouth open the whole time."
    Cut to every other blind taste test and him doing exactly that in a childish manner.

  • Ashley James
    Ashley James Month ago

    Y’all need to try traditional ramen. It is so much better.

  • Gilbert Stonecipher
    Gilbert Stonecipher 2 months ago

    The look on Links face when he tasted lol

  • DPGamez Derek
    DPGamez Derek 2 months ago

    Also why would you need to make instant peanut butter? It’s already in a jar why would you want more work for it.

  • Alexander Miller
    Alexander Miller 2 months ago

    Isn’t all coffee instant coffee? Lol

  • Catcat77 T_T
    Catcat77 T_T 2 months ago

    I thought regular peanut butter was instant...

  • Charlie Mcguire
    Charlie Mcguire 2 months ago

    Instant ramen

  • yoongies
    yoongies 2 months ago

    Instant ramen noodles

  • TheGreenLing
    TheGreenLing 3 months ago

    eat eat eat!

  • Britney Scott
    Britney Scott 3 months ago +2

    I watch this specific video every now and then for 3:33

  • Emma Gardner
    Emma Gardner 3 months ago

    You guys do the craziest stuff, but what I'd really like to see is a Root Beer taste test. Buy all the Root Beers around the world or the most popular one and try to guess which one is which! PLEASE!!!

  • Icecatfire666
    Icecatfire666 3 months ago

    Instant ramen noodles

  • Brian Brink
    Brian Brink 3 months ago


  • GameWells
    GameWells 3 months ago


  • Japeth Barnett
    Japeth Barnett 3 months ago +13

    How did he know link was about to feel the taters?

    • David Elkins
      David Elkins Month ago +2

      YES! do they hav such a special connection that they can make word to action connections? or was rhett just peeking?

  • Anna Ratliff
    Anna Ratliff 4 months ago

    I didn't know anyone else said goozle besides my family lol

  • Light Daisy
    Light Daisy 4 months ago

    I'm hungry now!

  • Adam Powell
    Adam Powell 4 months ago

    what's on Link's shirt?!? 4:34

  • Kathryn Shaw
    Kathryn Shaw 4 months ago

    I thought all peanut butter was instant. 😂

  • Yusuf Gaming
    Yusuf Gaming 4 months ago +2

    "Everytime I'm thirsty you can spray it into my mouth." - Rhett 2019

  • hi my name is Retsuko
    hi my name is Retsuko 4 months ago

    Oh no his teeth

  • Kent Pomares
    Kent Pomares 4 months ago

    Rhett and his 20/20 hindsight "I threw you with my mind games." So full of it haha!

  • Jenna Koski
    Jenna Koski 4 months ago

    I really wonder if Rhett smokes

  • matthew martin
    matthew martin 4 months ago

    really disappointed they didn't do gravy.....

  • Haydn Creates
    Haydn Creates 4 months ago +3

    6:56 W H A T I S E V E N T H A T -Rhett 2015

    RICH notRICHARD 4 months ago

    Instant ramen. The green pack, the one that’s 10 dollars for a pack of 8

  • Terry Benz
    Terry Benz 4 months ago

    I'm from Buffalo ny

  • Shotgun Zombie
    Shotgun Zombie 4 months ago

    Half percent is a thing?

  • LexyLovesYew
    LexyLovesYew 4 months ago

    Theres instant pb?

  • Ithmiths
    Ithmiths 4 months ago

    Yeah my school serves instant eggs and they look and taste like plastic

  • Bobbie Daniel
    Bobbie Daniel 4 months ago

    Who eats ramen noodles with a spoon

  • ilovebergy2
    ilovebergy2 4 months ago

    I’m so happy your hair doesn’t look like this anymore

  • Matt McGovern
    Matt McGovern 4 months ago

    I need that chicken and waffles shirt!!!!

  • Sad Emoji TV
    Sad Emoji TV 4 months ago

    Who else has that blender?

  • Jahja IbrakovicMann
    Jahja IbrakovicMann 4 months ago

    Did anyone think that Rhett wiping his face with toilet paper was wired?

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia 4 months ago

    You bout severed my goozle

  • Bailey
    Bailey 4 months ago +1

    Ahh the days before Mythical Chef Josh

  • Joshua J. Bouw
    Joshua J. Bouw 4 months ago

    How did Rhett know that Link was going to feel the Mashed potatoes?!

  • Acapulco Gold Pablo
    Acapulco Gold Pablo 4 months ago

    Blonde chick reminds me of the waitress lol

  • Natalie Regling
    Natalie Regling 4 months ago

    Rep buffalo ‼️

    EPIC TV 4 months ago

    2019 :D link hair double u tea ehhf how times fly

  • 林白Vinu
    林白Vinu 4 months ago

    the girl feeding link is an angel..

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar 5 months ago +39

    Wouldn't regular peanut butter be faster than instant?

    • Emmary Artistry
      Emmary Artistry 13 days ago

      @Bree Wood Definately, lol.

    • K S
      K S 14 days ago

      Instant is good for camping

    • Krista Simpson
      Krista Simpson 14 days ago

      Yup for sure . I get the powdered stuff sometimes for baking or smoothies though. But if I just want to eat peanut butter I eat the real stuff

    • Bree Wood
      Bree Wood 15 days ago

      People probably buy it for the health values but yeah

  • erikdawg60
    erikdawg60 5 months ago

    This is funniest episode I’ve seen funny shit man

  • Mizzypayge
    Mizzypayge 5 months ago

    I can't explain in words just how much I want to be a part of the mythical crew...

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget 5 months ago

    Water you ad for more

  • That one Person
    That one Person 5 months ago

    Rhett 11:50 "when I'm thirsty here I would like you to spray into my mouth"
    Me: That's what she said!!!!!

  • XxAmayaKurosuxX
    XxAmayaKurosuxX 5 months ago

    What's funny is instant milk is actually closer to whole milk anyway xD

  • Kazuki TheCommander
    Kazuki TheCommander 5 months ago

    Is it seriously only 2 country that have instant fried noodle? (Indonesia and Malaysia)?