Clarence was Choking, but I Saved Him

  • Published on Nov 14, 2021

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  • Luke's Goldies

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  • Nine Wectawski

    The fact this man could tell his fish’s breathing was different shows just how much he cares and spends a lot of time around them.

  • Thy sepulcher of great sorrow

    Imagine taking a bite of your tree, then you start choking until this giant god who breathes this basically non existant thing, and that God is using special pointy fins with his special pointy fins on his special pointy fins

  • just some nobody in the middle of nowhere

    Most adorable fish I have ever seen. What a derpy looking lil guy. He’s lucky to have you for a dad!

  • Baddie
    Baddie 21 hour ago +173

    Luke: he was swimming around having a good time

  • Sessmaru Kusanagi Gaming
    Sessmaru Kusanagi Gaming 16 hours ago +63

    You're such a kind soul. Thank you for showing love to what most people would consider "lower, stupid creatures".

  • Kings Must Rise

    Mr. Clarence Must be protected at all costs

  • Panguk
    Panguk 7 hours ago +14

    it looks so cool and satisfying, seeing him pulling out that seaweed

  • Uatemydoodle
    Uatemydoodle Day ago +33

    "He was choking, so I took him outta the water..." lol

  • Kristen Hitchcock
    Kristen Hitchcock 14 days ago +23

    this is the most wholesome thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life

  • Forever Sus
    Forever Sus Day ago +20

    Suddenly it makes so much more sense on why there’s no decorations in the goldfish tanks

  • Jake Fry

    Mr.clarence: "I was dying and then literally god saved me, true story dude"

  • George Humphreys
    George Humphreys 21 day ago +43

    Clarence immediately after eating

  • RayRSD Alt
    RayRSD Alt 16 hours ago +2

    The fact that the fish has a head means he has a big brain

  • Cookie_monster
    Cookie_monster 21 day ago +2

    that was so sweet and sad but i’m so glad ur fish is okay!!

  • ~Blueberry•Cottoncandy~
    ~Blueberry•Cottoncandy~ 12 hours ago +1

    This shows you very much care about your fishes I’m so glad you check and spend time with them.

  • meow plvff

    the fact he knows when something is wrong or different with the fish’s breathing shows that he really cares im glad you didnt lose your clarence:)

  • Alexander389Gaming
    Alexander389Gaming 19 hours ago +6

    Your fishes are sooo cute tho let me admit it lookd kinda satisfying when you pulled the plant out.

  • ZeyTheFox
    ZeyTheFox 2 hours ago

    "My animal is choking... Let me go grab my camera and set it up in the perfect spot. This thing on? Okay, good, now I'm ready to finally help him."

  • Rosa
    Rosa 21 day ago +1

    Omfg this is the cutest fish ive ever seen 😍