• Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • It's Gmod TTT! This is the only time you'll ever see this weapon in Gmod TTT cos we're BANNING IT.
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    Ben: thexvid.com/channel/UCeiojUKAAGdwocc5ZjMqryA
    Gameplay Overview:
    Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is an online multiplayer gamemode included with Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of "terrorists" who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who's not a traitor.
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Comments • 589

  • CowBoy 177
    CowBoy 177 2 hours ago

    That Jawa scream at R2 scream at 19:15 😂😂😂

  • ciels table
    ciels table Day ago

    This idea was bad to begin with but amazing in practice

  • PredictedCyborg
    PredictedCyborg 3 days ago

    This episode should have been called "Blobby on the Mount" or "Halt!" xD

  • Lieutenant Lanky
    Lieutenant Lanky 4 days ago

    19:15 R2 scream

  • The Bigfatsoman
    The Bigfatsoman 5 days ago

    Large should get damage reduction or 300 hp, and micro gets 1

  • Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn 5 days ago

    Blobby has four square meters of health.

  • Prince
    Prince 6 days ago

    petition to only let zoey use the size manipulator....

  • Danel Kirtley
    Danel Kirtley 7 days ago

    Why havent I seen anyone king crimson to escape someone?

  • Luke Moppy
    Luke Moppy 8 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you use the size manipulator, and the minimizer...

  • Tim Bray
    Tim Bray 8 days ago

    It was bad enough when my maths teacher said that joke for Halloween!!!

  • Panda Ling
    Panda Ling 10 days ago

    I love How your animations and speed don’t change at all

  • PopeKurt
    PopeKurt 10 days ago

    lost my shit at zoey going halt

  • A Badger
    A Badger 10 days ago

    Spiffing Brit new video incoming. Yogscast TTT is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits

  • Jakub Tucholski
    Jakub Tucholski 12 days ago

    I like big cats and I cannot lie

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith 12 days ago

    Spiff is an excellent addition to TTT.

  • CaptainDub242
    CaptainDub242 12 days ago

    Is this foreshadowing the return of mini palp?

  • Maltek
    Maltek 12 days ago

    TTT stats: accuracy roughly 90%
    Detective rate All: Times detective:2979 Victories:1892 Losses: 1211 Success rate:64 %

    1. Bot001: Times detective:1 Victories:1 Losses: 0 Success rate:100 %
    2. Mikey: Times detective:1 Victories:1 Losses: 0 Success rate:100 %
    3. Dr simon: Times detective:9 Victories:7 Losses: 2 Success rate:78 %
    4. Caff: Times detective:4 Victories:3 Losses: 1 Success rate: 75%
    5. Hanna: Times detective:19 Victories:14 Losses: 5 Success rate:74 %
    6. Spiffing Brit: Times detective:22 Victories:16 Losses:6 Success rate: 73 %
    7. Tom: Times detective:266 Victories:191 Losses: 77 Success rate:72 %
    8. Dont know: Times detective:26 Victories:18 Losses: 8 Success rate:69 %
    9. Radders: Times detective:41 Victories:28 Losses: 13 Success rate:68 %
    10. Zozo: Times detective:74 Victories:49 Losses: 26 Success rate:66 %
    11. Zaylus: Times detective:306 Victories:200 Losses: 106 Success rate:65 %
    12. Rythian: Times detective:284 Victories:183 Losses: 101 Success rate:64 %
    13. Turps: Times detective:33 Victories:21 Losses: 12 Success rate:64 %
    14. Wilsonator: Times detective:25 Victories:16 Losses: 9 Success rate: 64%
    15. Sjin: Times detective:246 Victories:158 Losses: 87 Success rate:64 %
    16. Barry: Times detective:80 Victories:51 Losses: 29 Success rate:64 %
    17. Daltos: Times detective:14 Victories:9 Losses: 5 Success rate: 64 %
    18. Lewis: Times detective:460 Victories:290 Losses: 170 Success rate:63 %
    19. Pedguin: Times detective:8 Victories:5 Losses: 3 Success rate: 63%
    20. Duncan: Times detective:297 Victories:183 Losses: 118 Success rate:62 %
    21. Mousie: Times detective:13 Victories:8 Losses: 5 Success rate:62 %
    22. Ross: Times detective:63 Victories: 38 Losses: 25 Success rate:60 %
    23. Pyrienflaxs: Times detective:29 Victories:17 Losses: 12 Success rate:59 %
    24. Allsmffy: Times detective:54 Victories:32 Losses:22 Success rate:59 %
    25. Simon: Times detective:48 Victories:28 Losses: 20 Success rate:58 %
    26. Ben: Times detective:351 Victories:202 Losses: 155 Success rate:58 %
    27. RTGame: Times detective: 7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate: 57 %
    28. Checkpoint: Times detective:7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate:57 %
    29. Bouphe: Times detective:61 Victories:35 Losses: 26 Success rate: 57 %
    30. Sips: Times detective:32 Victories:18 Losses: 14 Success rate:56 %
    31. Lydia: Times detective:49 Victories:27 Losses: 22 Success rate: 55 %
    32. Alex: Times detective:13 Victories:7 Losses: 6 Success rate:54 %
    33. Ravs: Times detective:8 Victories:4 Losses: 4 Success rate:57 %
    34. Loic: Times detective:8 Victories:4 Losses: 4 Success rate: 50 %
    35. Peter: Times detective:4 Victories:2 Losses: 2 Success rate: 50%
    36. Trott: Times detective:60 Victories:29 Losses: 31 Success rate:48 %
    37. Kim: Times detective:13 Victories:6 Losses: 7 Success rate:46 %
    38. Tom B: Times detective:5 Victories:2 Losses: 3 Success rate: 40 %
    39. Geestaer: Times detective:4 Victories:1 Losses: 3 Success rate:25 %
    40. Neb: Times detective:1 Victories:0 Losses: 1 Success rate: 0 %

    Infected: round:323 Victories:108 Losses: 223 Success rate: 33 %
    (Note: Some of the numbers don't add up, but I do not have enough time to fixs the errors.)

  • shyguygamer turtle
    shyguygamer turtle 12 days ago

    the hault cult

  • NOJ
    NOJ 12 days ago


  • Drumxninja
    Drumxninja 12 days ago

    I love Ravs!!

  • Thomas Hardman
    Thomas Hardman 12 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the lewis in a bee costume?

  • ign vv
    ign vv 12 days ago +1

    Pleassss i want to see mini palp :D

  • Cyberpansy
    Cyberpansy 13 days ago +4

    “I’ve never had any trouble with jumping puzzles”
    “It’s a Freedom portal”
    “Blobby on the mount: Halt”
    “I haven’t got Rythian here to RDM!”
    Super solid lines this episode.

  • Sawyer AWR
    Sawyer AWR 13 days ago

    I feel like mega blobby is somehow even more terrifying

  • Zig
    Zig 13 days ago

    Zoey always cracks me up she is the best!

  • THEeggster
    THEeggster 13 days ago +6

    How to counter players that are small:
    Step 1 you can’t

  • Raymond Hu
    Raymond Hu 13 days ago

    TTT is Perfectly Balanced Game…… Excluding Size Changer!!!

  • soonlaypale
    soonlaypale 13 days ago


  • ? Alone
    ? Alone 13 days ago +1

    The thumbnail are my last brain cells

  • pikagammerplus pizza
    pikagammerplus pizza 13 days ago

    Should probably rework the size changer to either change up or give body armor

  • Matro
    Matro 13 days ago

    Just make it so that when you use the item your damage decreases or increases too. When you're big you do more and when you're small you do less.

  • null void
    null void 13 days ago +1

    i miss sjin

  • Chris Dowds
    Chris Dowds 13 days ago

    Don't ban, I'm a fan

  • troyangamers
    troyangamers 13 days ago

    I allways like zoey in ttt. i don't know what it is. but its just the way she reacts to everything.

  • Denny Rubin
    Denny Rubin 13 days ago

    3:26 - Basically a ten-year-old girl with chemotherpy xD

  • Best Source Of Unfinished Let's Plays

    Tiny spiff is finally what I feel like when zoey starts killing people but to all their dismay because she has a 1” hitbox

  • Captain Butterbeard
    Captain Butterbeard 13 days ago

    This was my favorite session of ttt ever

  • nexxoid
    nexxoid 13 days ago

    I have no Rythian here to RDM, that's like step one of my detective play.
    That made me spit out my beverage.

  • TheJournalistJim
    TheJournalistJim 13 days ago +2

    I love how everyone missed that Lewis was slightly bigger than usual lol

  • fishpop
    fishpop 13 days ago

    Shooting at a tiny traitor feels like trying to shoot a pilot in GBO2.
    At least a pilot can be stepped on.

  • fishpop
    fishpop 13 days ago

    1:30 Blargh!

  • Bhusta Phat Nhut
    Bhusta Phat Nhut 13 days ago +2

    i miss the old yogscast

  • ArrisarJ
    ArrisarJ 13 days ago

    Perfectly balanced

  • Ex Dee
    Ex Dee 13 days ago

    You could make it so that the damage u can do scales with your size, so u do like no damage when ur a teeny boy and being a big boy isn’t the worst thing ever

  • Schtoopit Nuhb
    Schtoopit Nuhb 13 days ago

    How about changing the damage % a player does when size changed? Mini people will do very little or no damage and big people will do a lot.

  • Daniel Pierson
    Daniel Pierson 13 days ago

    trending lol

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee 13 days ago

    where is pedguiiiin?!?

  • Pratalax
    Pratalax 13 days ago

    i love how when they're big they run around like old wow raidbosses moving short distances

  • J Broad
    J Broad 13 days ago +3

    This has to be one of the best episodes of TTT ever

  • bjorn0411582
    bjorn0411582 13 days ago

    itd be cool if the size manipulator was gun that could allow you to make innocents/detectives huge, aswell as yourself if you choose to, could be both an easy way to make your target... well, bigger, and also a decent bluff tactic

  • Ian Lardizabal
    Ian Lardizabal 13 days ago

    well that item lasted long lmao

  • Jack Cherry
    Jack Cherry 13 days ago +2

    The laugh reminded me of Sjin's Harley Quinn cosplay :(

  • KlaxonCow
    KlaxonCow 13 days ago +1

    "You looked normal size" - Bouphe, 2019
    Okay, Bouphe. You see this toy cow?
    This is small, Duncan was far away.
    Small. Far away. Small. Far away.

  • T Smart
    T Smart 13 days ago

    Jester buy menu - bs meme items only like that fucker

  • SomeRandomGuy101
    SomeRandomGuy101 13 days ago

    How to assert your dominance

  • Not Bubbles
    Not Bubbles 13 days ago

    If you guys want to keep the silly antics of giant people, you might consider making it a weapon that affects others, making them easier to kill later in the round.

    SAKARIAS 13 days ago

    Does Spiff have a thing for Bouphe?
    Taking bets now.

  • Funk God
    Funk God 13 days ago

    You know its gonna be a good episode when it starts off with some weird laughing from everyone

  • Takablike
    Takablike 13 days ago

    I can imagine Rythian wining to Lewis about Spiff

  • Jay Large
    Jay Large 13 days ago +1

    So nice to see Lewis Capaldi branching out