Meet the Hong Kong Families Caught Between the Police and the Protests | The Dispatch

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • What happens when families find themselves divided across police barricades? As protests continue in Hong Kong, and distrust between the public and the police grows, the tension continues at home.
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  • PsYcHo Gaming
    PsYcHo Gaming 5 days ago

    i see anime figures in 2:52

  • Scott Dinh
    Scott Dinh 12 days ago +2

    Sunny and the rest of the women are such beauty women. I wish more and more people can freely and independently think like them.

  • MJ Seg
    MJ Seg 16 days ago +2

    So many shills for a supposed website they don’t have access to 😒

    • MJ Seg
      MJ Seg 7 days ago

      Muhammad T yeh they’re either wumaos (50 cent army) or genuine people who are really feeling attacked right now basically.
      As they say this hurts the feelings of Chinese people, this is probably a meme now.

    • Muhammad T
      Muhammad T 7 days ago +1

      DUDE! I was thinking the same exact thing. These comments are littered with broken english and pro-Chinee rhetoric. Come to think of it, the two kind of go hand in hand...

  • cafemisto
    cafemisto 17 days ago

    Lol the NYT has a history of mis-translating Chinese documents/text to fit anti-China propaganda in many of their videos and feature stories, its all over the internet. Shameful.

  • Carmen Jose
    Carmen Jose 17 days ago +1

    Shame on you, don't put you face behind mask and claim freedom, don't push the kids on front and claim protest for freedom! Shame on you NYT!!!

  • Qingfang Yu
    Qingfang Yu 18 days ago

    Western media ic. NYT? O ic!

  • mr rocket
    mr rocket 18 days ago +1

    ahh yes NYT,...... explains why this video is biased....

    • Tam Le
      Tam Le 15 days ago +1

      GO watch CTGN channel and said the same thing please. LOL smartass

  • Translate This
    Translate This 18 days ago +6

    What about the petrol bombs, should the police do nothing?

  • Usksu -
    Usksu - 18 days ago +1

    Biased garbage

  • Daisy Liem
    Daisy Liem 18 days ago

    Poor husband, the wife said she sympathised with policemen who sometimes beaten by protesters but yet she supported the protesters and took part. What a crazy world, he is her family member.

    • MJ Seg
      MJ Seg 16 days ago

      Daisy Liem ye thats her right, and its good that she can think for herself. You all got rights to side with who you believe in more, let others be.

  • O.o Ssccq
    O.o Ssccq 19 days ago


  • Ken Luu
    Ken Luu 20 days ago

    "I dont know any one of them"= he is not Hong Kong= he is chinese from red china. "BE WARE"

  • Jsmes Conzo
    Jsmes Conzo 20 days ago

    How are the firefighters doing

  • Tonya Wyatt
    Tonya Wyatt 20 days ago

    What i see is Hong konger's again each other. Ppl in the government don't care if the police or the protesters get hurt or die. I feel that all (police &protesters) should take the protest to the GOVERNMENT'S Own house and business this will be the only why they can make them listen to what they want heard

  • StreetBreed North Borneo

    Chinese 😷😷

  • Angel Lee
    Angel Lee 20 days ago

    I was wondering how 100% sure u are report the truth, if u have no idea about Chinese history, about the truth, I doubt

  • 2004rhyy
    2004rhyy 21 day ago +1

    why youtube doesn't tag this channel as "funded by US government" ? ah, i forgot that youtube is also funded or controlled by US government.

  • j m
    j m 21 day ago

    America can take 1 million anti-Beijing protesters dissenting against Chinas totalitarian, anti-democracy ideology, whether young and in school or older business owners with senior family, specially in fear of their life from police persecution and from mainland China. This would be easy for America right now because right now we have the best president with the best economy and the most jobs ever, thanks to his tax cuts!

  • Brier Rose
    Brier Rose 21 day ago +1

    This is what New York is doing to the NYPD. The so called Democratic States ( Socialist) are making the Police the scapegoats for their evil plans.

  • Vincent Ngo
    Vincent Ngo 21 day ago

    The communist will listen to people ?
    Good luck. Look how they treat their people for year.
    1 great example is one child policy even the government don’t feed their family.

  • 花木Joyce
    花木Joyce 22 days ago

    Hey can you maybe also talk about the blatant racism and unaggravated assault toward mainland Chinese or people who hold a different opinion then Hing Kongers? Or are you guys just gonna continue to be biased.

  • lifeasLIYA
    lifeasLIYA 22 days ago

    Don’t believe the US media! this is what they don’t want you to see! Send love to the cops of HK

  • guge yan
    guge yan 22 days ago +2

    The police, they can't stop the protesters otherwise they'll be accused of "brutality", they need to stop the protesters because the citizens will complain about why they don't fix the broken streets. They can't defend themselves otherwise they're political tools, and if they defend themselves protesters will accuse that they're hiding the truth. The hardest job in the world: police.😥🥺

  • rina2012ful
    rina2012ful 23 days ago

    06:21 Why wait until your kids grow up, to divorce yr police-husband? Would not life be horrible for yr kids to live in?

  • a1 1
    a1 1 23 days ago +3

    New York Times reporting. Lol. Can it get anymorw biased?

  • 觉醒清净心
    觉醒清净心 24 days ago

    Only the stupid congressman and nation in USA and Europe will support the rioters and terrorist in Hong Kong! Stupid pig 🐖 I
    Support the HK police to fight the rioters terrorist!

  • 觉醒清净心
    觉醒清净心 24 days ago

    Only the stupid congressman and nation in USA and Europe will support the rioters and terrorist in Hong Kong! Stupid pig 🐖 I
    Support the HK police to fight the rioters terrorist!

  • AEVO Project
    AEVO Project 24 days ago +1

    2:53 HATSUNE MIKU detected

  • Allen Chen
    Allen Chen 24 days ago +4

    Lies are always lies no matter how nice masks westerns put on them. Young hk
    People live in peace too long.they never know how hard to save hk from western's hand. Don't forget you r not white.

  • Jackie Yeo
    Jackie Yeo 24 days ago

    You know when Hong Kong is destroyed nobody in the world will help you so don't be so stupid simply because some body sponsors you with some money. Freedom is not all you need. your Government already promise to built more public houses and improve education just for you. Why not go home and reunion with your family and study hard for your future, Freedom already destroyed IRAQ, LIBYA . SYRIA and VENEZUELA. Don't let Hong Kong be part of it.

  • markuc
    markuc 26 days ago +43

    I was wondering why this video is so biased, then I realized it's the NYT. When it comes to China or Russia, the NYT is still living in the cold war era.

    • cafemisto
      cafemisto 17 days ago +1

      Haha the NYT is shameful for sure

    • GJC n LRC
      GJC n LRC 17 days ago +2

      markuc I was thinking the same. I don’t even bother with their reports anymore. Extremely one-sided to suit their agendas

  • What Ever
    What Ever 27 days ago +32

    Citizens when HK police trys to protect them from rioters: Mafia!

    HK police stops protecting them from the rioters and their cars and windows got smashed by rioters

    Citizens: Suprised Pikachu face

    • cyle spy
      cyle spy 17 days ago

      @某玩家 Are you a hk protestor? Sure its right for you to fight for freedom with petrobombs. 你🐴死了,下一个就是你👨🏻

    • 某玩家
      某玩家 19 days ago

      Citizens when HK police trys to "protect" them with batons and tear gas:
      Suprise mtfk

    • MelX-X Cat
      MelX-X Cat 26 days ago


  • 香山旭
    香山旭 28 days ago


  • O_o
    O_o 29 days ago +3

    China is too powerful these protests don't work you're bound to become slave of ccp accept it

    • Spindle Fire
      Spindle Fire 26 days ago

      @Jeevan While that is a noble trait, this had and will cause damage to HK's economy and infrastructure. Eventually, despite "going down" and not achieving their wanted result, the ex-protestors have to pick up all that which had been severely damaged in the protests.

    • Jeevan
      Jeevan 28 days ago +4

      Then they'll go down fighting for what they believe in. Isn't that more important?

  • King Green
    King Green 29 days ago +2

    The ny times is trying to normalize rioting, this is trash and encouraging vandalism, if we protest in the US without a permit cops are gonna come out and arrest every one of us, i think the times want this type of drama so they can have a story.

  • Gazpacho Suave
    Gazpacho Suave Month ago +3

    I JUST DONT KNOW THEM !!! -- the police said coldly

  • Rene Dulnuan
    Rene Dulnuan Month ago

    Food technical foul

  • Kurome Rechigo
    Kurome Rechigo Month ago +1

    I see hatsune miku, I like

  • gracewong9999
    gracewong9999 Month ago

    The real China has gone when the communists took over China in 1949. Now China uses ‘Digital Leninism’ to manage economy and monitor citizens.
    Its online propaganda is more ‘Brave New World’ than ‘1984’ !! China is a totalitarian state !!

  • gracewong9999
    gracewong9999 Month ago

    The real China has gone when the communists took over China in 1949. Now China uses ‘Digital Leninism’ to manage economy and monitor citizens.
    Its online propaganda is more ‘Brave New World’ than ‘1984’ !! China is a totalitarian state !!

  • Zhao gang
    Zhao gang Month ago


  • Sonia Delly
    Sonia Delly Month ago

    espero que consigam serem ouvidos!! e simplesmente convencer china sobre as mudanças esperadas

  • Wise Observer
    Wise Observer Month ago +1

    Another foreign media propaganda.

  • Steve Wu
    Steve Wu Month ago

    Send all hk protests to us. If they think USA is great.

  • Ken Chow
    Ken Chow Month ago

    that's what evil communism does,e turn family against each other, child against mother and father, husband against wife, sister against brother, brother again sister, and turn people against each other. "death to Communism'

  • Uh Oh Society
    Uh Oh Society Month ago


  • Anthony Hui
    Anthony Hui Month ago +46

    The protesters lost support from Hong Kong citizens when they started to vandalize, destroy properties and violent toward others.

  • Taylor Re
    Taylor Re Month ago

    Stop damaging public property and hurting average residents. These protests are pathetic, get some lunch and rest in before you march like mindless zombies - you are hurting yourselves.

  • Nguyen Khoi
    Nguyen Khoi Month ago

    is there any China mainland-er here or you guys are blocked

  • Grace Chan
    Grace Chan Month ago

    The police are just doing what the police are telling them to do because it is their job to follow orders from china and if they don’t do their job they won’t get paid and can’t raise their children

  • we love Yoona
    we love Yoona Month ago

    The CCP is wicked. The more mess Hong kong is in, the happier they are, especially when hong kongers and fighting amongst hong kongers. Once the economy of hong kong goes down, hong kong will need to rely on china's economy. Vola - total re unification. No more one country 2 systems even before their agreed 50 years contract is up

  • Prequalify
    Prequalify Month ago

    The pollution people police & Hong Kongers

  • Nerium Oleander
    Nerium Oleander Month ago +1

    She look like the women in the airport that is blocking the pregnant lady in HK.

  • Nerium Oleander
    Nerium Oleander Month ago

    Excessive force against protestors? New York Times, you are a biased trash channel and you don't even bother to show the protesters throwing rocks and petrol bombs.

  • Slicky #Memsec
    Slicky #Memsec Month ago

    Australian news channel reports the calm situation
    Young teenagers playfully tackle without risk, laying down glowing liquid gently
    Passerby is kindly interrupted at a subway station, thankfully helped by kind woman
    Another angle from a British news agency
    Touchscreens are given a kind makeover with shiny rods
    Old lady has a thoughtful discussion with teenagers

  • Moonwatcher Mochi-lover

    It's not the polices' fault, they're just following orders and trying to control the situation and the protesters just want their freedom, the government needs to act!

  • Daniel Jeger
    Daniel Jeger Month ago

    good police only exist in movie

  • dzhang25642000
    dzhang25642000 Month ago

    If you're unhappy with the bill, protest outside the government legislation building stop them from functioning. Why destroy the whole city? Now, normal HK citizens are living with fear, have limited access to transportation, and many will lose jobs because of what these lunatics have done to the local economy. Because you wanted more freedom than what you already have, you don't have the right to make other people suffer.
    Protester: "When we're little our parents said police are just and only catch bad guys, now we can't tell the same to our kids anymore."
    Me:"The police are still just and only catch bad guys. YOU ARE THE BAD GUYS!"

  • Thought Kernel
    Thought Kernel Month ago +3

    voilent good for nothing youth ,Dont report biased news pls .

  • lee wee
    lee wee Month ago +1

    Haha I love the police reply
    They are paid to put up fake stories