Kitchen Nightmares US S02E03


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  • Brick Island
    Brick Island 23 hours ago

    Another arrogant Italian guy that can't cook and don't think he's wrong. There are a lot of these in Kitchen Nightmare.

  • ROY FR
    ROY FR Day ago

    Yet another attractive nice woman going out with a complete ass.............The placeclosed down one month 2018 the are still together and have 3 kids......what a waste of a good woman

  • sujaysukumar123
    sujaysukumar123 Day ago

    Guys, if your girl's parents are willing to invest in your dreams - don't accept it. (Especially if you aren't married). And here are the reasons why:
    1. It's too much involvement by people who can't take the place of your parents/siblings. So they'll want to know the progress, the status etc. And you'll feel like an employee instead of an owner.
    2. The relationship may turn sour, with her parents tone becoming patronizing.
    3. Your girl will be torn between your opinions and those of her parents who now have a stake in it.
    4. It'll stop being your dream project, it'll just be a mishmash of different dreams.

  • Darian Murcott-Istead

    Everytime.. They know Chef Ramsay is coming and the kitchens are disgusting.
    If anything, if all else is failing the one thing atleast is I'd have that kitchen absolutely spotless.

  • Kyle Ebrahim
    Kyle Ebrahim 3 days ago

    When you're drunk and convince yourself that you remember your unlock password 26:43

  • gandang anghel
    gandang anghel 4 days ago

    Wow I love this episode 😉 God bless to the family and big thanks to your hero Ramsey the great 😀

  • Neeraj Badlani
    Neeraj Badlani 7 days ago

    Girlfriend's Dad looks more Dapper than that egoistic chef!

  • Guinea Pig
    Guinea Pig 8 days ago

    I'm afraid to cook chicken. What if it's raw and Gordon finds out 🥺

  • Mark Bernard
    Mark Bernard 9 days ago

    What a spoilt brat

  • Valentina Camacho
    Valentina Camacho 11 days ago

    1 day you are having the most stressful service in your life and 1 minute later you get engaged and .5 secs later get married

  • anusha Iyer
    anusha Iyer 11 days ago +2

    EGO is one of the main reasons these restaurants fail...

  • Hurlanator
    Hurlanator 13 days ago

    Greedy old people with no sense of taste nor care for the people they are eating into the ground.

  • Bodo Art
    Bodo Art 16 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay had visited Trobiano’s in mid-2008, and the show was finally aired in September of that year, but just one month later the mounting financial problems that Anthony and his family had been experiencing finally came to a head. The restaurant was taken down by the IRS for failure to pay taxes due, and sadly the family business had been closed down for good just when there was finally some light at the end of the tunnel. In the months between filming taking place and the program being aired, reviews for Trobiano’s had been overwhelmingly positive and perhaps things could have been very different if the financial state of the business had not been so severe.
    Anthony has continued to work in the catering industry since then, he moved on to become the executive chef at another Italian restaurant which unfortunately also closed due to financial problems in 2011, and since then he has been employed as the executive chef at Cirella’s Restaurant and Bar in New York City. Gordon’s visit to Trobiano’s may not have been able to save the family restaurant that was already so heavily in debt, but it’s at least good to know that Anthony and Tiffany are still happily married, and now in 2018 have fulfilled at least one of their dreams and had three children together, which is at least a partial success for Gordon’s efforts at Trobiano’s.

  • Takitimu Maniapoto
    Takitimu Maniapoto 17 days ago

    Our Wharekai in Te Kuiti is cleaner than his kitchen 🤔 and we cook for hundreds

  • Hanh solo
    Hanh solo 17 days ago

    I only know tribbiani 🤣🤣🤣

  • Syahrul Ridzuan
    Syahrul Ridzuan 17 days ago +1

    Oh sh*t it for sale. Oh, not that's the menu.
    Gordon is fast😂

  • Exterminator V
    Exterminator V 18 days ago

    i like to spend time with golden girls; Speech 100

  • MiddayLady
    MiddayLady 18 days ago

    It's so sad but I don't think he wanted to marry her. If he did ,he would do it in those 6 years - 'too stressful' or 'no time' are just excuses tbh. People get married in worse circumstances all the time. He didn't want it, it was about the money her parents gave him. But in the program, he HAD to do it, he was pretty much pressured by the cameras and the role he decided to play. I feel sorry for her :(
    Almost makes me think Gordon knew that, 'cause he arrange for the wedding to be so fast after.. He literally had no way to back down after the camera crew left :D

  • Prince Hangula
    Prince Hangula 18 days ago

    My favorite episode.....

  • Monika
    Monika 19 days ago

    Came for Gordon, stayed for the father-in-law ;P Handsome guy and he has some David Gahan vibe going on there.

  • Martin Spång
    Martin Spång 20 days ago

    Tiffany's smile

  • Siriesti Chotkan
    Siriesti Chotkan 20 days ago

    This guy only cares about himself

  • Erin Hand
    Erin Hand 20 days ago

    I eat dinner at 4:30... I also go to sleep early... And I'm 21.

  • melanie m
    melanie m 21 day ago +1

    “it’s not ramsey”
    it’s not ramsey cause he already owns MULTIPLE thriving restaurant lmfao

  • Instagram wannabe_d7000
    Instagram wannabe_d7000 22 days ago +1

    This is so like Indian Movie!!! Come on Hollywood !!!

  • Number_9
    Number_9 23 days ago +1

    *Gordon buys a ring and arranges a wedding for Tiffany and Anthony
    Me: uwu

  • CanadianCharlie64
    CanadianCharlie64 25 days ago

    Another Italian restaurant

  • David Varnes
    David Varnes 25 days ago

    7:35... hey, it's dinner time at the old folks' home!

  • NOISEf7
    NOISEf7 25 days ago +1

    Your not there to judge the clientele the fact that he got a clientele that you did not hired is a good thing

  • Deborah Christine Grant
    Deborah Christine Grant 26 days ago +1

    I hate when they use animals for the show please respect, please ....I really like GR's show but hey pls don't ever use the animals

  • Kellah Macasling
    Kellah Macasling 26 days ago

    Keep it up Chef Ramsay... this is the best episode ever :-)

  • FreakyFred
    FreakyFred 26 days ago

    Shrimp inside chicken? Americans are weird

    • Guinea Pig
      Guinea Pig 8 days ago +1

      Well, at least it's better than a chicken stuffed inside a shrimp 😂

  • FreakyFred
    FreakyFred 26 days ago

    Editors : How much over dramatic music and sound effects do you want?
    Gordon : Yes

  • Markus Perl
    Markus Perl 27 days ago +1

    At the end of the day the sign outside the restaurant will say "FOR SALE".

  • Darren Pereira
    Darren Pereira 27 days ago

    Best kn episod ive watched

  • Logesh Murugesh
    Logesh Murugesh 29 days ago

    What a day man u r a Ramsay.....God bless u Ramsay...

  • Pachyderm3
    Pachyderm3 29 days ago

    he is a lucky man

  • Costa72 Sd
    Costa72 Sd Month ago +1

    Chef ramsey : Dont forget to taste her pussy.

  • Avivamae
    Avivamae Month ago +2

    Love Gordon but I'm feeling weird about the quicky suprise wedding. It seemed like their relationship was on the rocks and the way things happened didn't really give her the chance to think about things or to say no without her coming off as the "bad guy". Plus they might have really wanted something slightly more them for their wedding rather something so anonymous and made for TV. It just feels so rushed and cringy.
    Tiffany seemed like a really nice person, I hope she's happy whatever has happened with the restaurant and her relationship.

  • Ben Paul
    Ben Paul Month ago

    Ramsay doesn’t want to help these people.
    He wants to make tv shows that rate well so they are attractive to broadcasters, so the broadcasters can sell advertising.

  • hockeycox07
    hockeycox07 Month ago

    "Teets are not your strong point."

  • Konstantina Vlahos
    Konstantina Vlahos Month ago

    I love when Chef Ramsey bounces and jumps up and down like a little boy. At at 42:13, just when you think he couldn't be anymore adorable a human being, he's moved to tears.

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon Month ago

    Milking a cow is so simulair to wanking. You pull it and white stuff comes out.

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon Month ago

    These people are so stupid. The only time a camara for the world to see your business while in major debts.
    And you would better be on your best behaviour or your fucked.
    And these dumbass curse. Some even say they wanna kill ramsay or burn the place down on tv.

  • fred horsefeathers
    fred horsefeathers Month ago

    One more thing..... pay your taxes you donkeys

  • Drogo
    Drogo Month ago

    highest level degree of ignorance :P

  • Buzjevur
    Buzjevur Month ago

    Joey Trobiano's? Really? What's next, Russ & Raquel's? Channie Bing's?

  • theadam22
    theadam22 Month ago

    Tiffany is one damn pretty girl

  • Vitaliy Sorokin
    Vitaliy Sorokin Month ago

    26:43 lmfao. Absolutely made my day😂

  • _Depressed_ Tofu
    _Depressed_ Tofu Month ago

    Gucci gloves off 😂😂😂

  • End real
    End real Month ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is what anime used to be before going into Japan.

  • Harry Raj
    Harry Raj Month ago

    That's one beautiful family Guy is blessed with, every one gets in to right road thanks to Gordon saved the day

  • Mary Maunsell
    Mary Maunsell Month ago

    That's sick rats or mice dropping 🤮

  • stealth GOD GAMING
    stealth GOD GAMING Month ago

    The hotel was shut down after A month boss 🤣🤣🤣

  • DikkieDikism
    DikkieDikism Month ago

    Ofcourse these guys failed, not totally the fault of Anthony either, the 'father in law' tries to live like a mobster.. wife wearing Gucci gloves when they are 500k in debt.. yeh.
    No surprise taxes were never paid.

  • kyle1m
    kyle1m Month ago

    I often wonder if these people become homeless bums after these restaurants fail

  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 Month ago

    anyone's parents like this ???

    I want to borrow 500k ??????

  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 Month ago

    oh look its CLOSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Csaba
    Csaba Month ago

    This guy does not deserve this woman and her family. The idea of marrying her should have made by himself, what a shame that Gordon had to get even that damn ring as this asshole wasn't man enough to propose the woman who was always by his side despite of his arrogance. If I was a woman, I would say if you cannot get a bloody ring by yourself to propose me then screw yourself and go to hell...

  • zareen naqvi
    zareen naqvi Month ago

    I am curious to know if this guy and that girl are still married..