Living With A 90mph Sofa

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • This week on 'Living With A...' Alex visits former Wheeler Dealers mechanic Edd China to find out if you can live with a 90mph sofa!
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Comments • 9 004

  • Phil G
    Phil G Hour ago

    Great concept, if there will be a mach 2 it would have to be a recliner with apple/android doc with speaker and a cool box in the armrest, surely a motor bike engine would be dangerously sufficient :0. Introduce Edd to Colin Furze then something crazy could be created. Maybe an L shape sofa so you could even have a nap, lol.

  • Γιωργος Βαμιεδακης

    Jesus, you are insane!

  • thetrue chexmixer


    Edd: Hmm, can I make a Sofa and call it a car?

  • Laughlan Woolnough
    Laughlan Woolnough 3 hours ago

    How about some classics

  • John Triton
    John Triton 5 hours ago

    So what is the Nürburgring track record for furniture

  • J#cob Rate:/
    J#cob Rate:/ 6 hours ago

    Cracking video, living with a tractor

  • Thomas Nguyen
    Thomas Nguyen 6 hours ago

    So how did your partner die?
    He got hit by a 90mph sofa

  • Loui Rudy
    Loui Rudy 8 hours ago

    TÜV is crying right now

  • Kumichi58
    Kumichi58 9 hours ago

    How does it feel being overtaken by a sofa?

  • Andy M
    Andy M 10 hours ago

    GTA shit lmao

  • Gess Masi
    Gess Masi 10 hours ago

    whats next "living with a floating sofa"?

  • Kevin Tomkinson
    Kevin Tomkinson 10 hours ago

    Need bits of toast down the back of the MK2 sofa

  • ducks are cool
    ducks are cool 10 hours ago

    Hold on we still have some gas station theat they full the tank i though they was a thing of the past and in the USA not the uk

  • Mineshaft Animation
    Mineshaft Animation 12 hours ago

    Didn’t some guy get banned from a GTA server for doing this because it was “unrealistic”?

  • fire engie
    fire engie 13 hours ago

    no comments about battlefield hardline pitiful

  • Zach Gaming
    Zach Gaming 13 hours ago

    Try living with a smart car

  • Zach Gaming
    Zach Gaming 13 hours ago

    What happens when some one slams in to it. On gen2 it should have a back seat

  • taxman
    taxman 13 hours ago

    Next video: Living (?) with a coffin

  • Yoga Praneeth
    Yoga Praneeth 14 hours ago

    stole my sofa. Thankfully it was recovered.

  • Xander Nowlan
    Xander Nowlan 14 hours ago

    Edds book looks good

  • Trevor Cochrane
    Trevor Cochrane 14 hours ago

    This is amazing

  • 1973Washu
    1973Washu 15 hours ago

    Livin' la vida sofa

  • Awais Manzur
    Awais Manzur 15 hours ago +1

    This has to be the best living with video ever 😂😂😂 inspired me to work on more project cars

  • 〈NB〉Fish
    〈NB〉Fish 16 hours ago

    Rather have a bed car

  • Schmid TV
    Schmid TV 16 hours ago


  • bananasplitter
    bananasplitter 17 hours ago

    living with a volvo

  • Charles Washbourn
    Charles Washbourn 17 hours ago

    What great a truly inspiring engineering plus Amazing filming locations
    Hambleden shop
    Plates of Marlow
    McDonald's High Wycombe
    private road near Hurley

  • Jtowey123
    Jtowey123 17 hours ago

    Living with a anfibias car

  • Lynt Allwood
    Lynt Allwood 17 hours ago

    That's one sofa I'd glady sleep on if the wife kicked me out of bed. Although here's a question, what would happen if you were sitting on it drunk, would it be drunk and in charge of a sofa? Imagine turning up to court for that one.

  • Tyler Bees
    Tyler Bees 17 hours ago

    Living with a beach buggy

  • chad danylak
    chad danylak 17 hours ago

    I want to make a bed car now and drive it to work

  • L.J Turner
    L.J Turner 17 hours ago

    McDonalds employee isn't paid enough for this sh*

  • Sixten Thelin
    Sixten Thelin 18 hours ago


  • Arnold Stephen
    Arnold Stephen 18 hours ago +1

    Reminds me of Mr.Bean

  • Anže Košir
    Anže Košir 18 hours ago

    Seriously, you managed to register a sofa in the UK, and here in Slovenia e cant even do an EV conversion right now and make it legal

  • Dimitar Katsarov
    Dimitar Katsarov 18 hours ago

    Very cool, I wish my sofa could've been driveable... 😊

    FLYNN CONTRACTING 18 hours ago

    Hi you should do a living with a tractor

  • gijsomans
    gijsomans 18 hours ago

    Awesome sofa car i want one

  • thetrueterrier
    thetrueterrier 19 hours ago

    Hey. I love your vids, especially 2 guys 1 car. And when Edd restored the yellow Chevy from America’s after it caught fire was brilliant. I really wanna be a racing driver and am entering the ginetta junior scholarship this year.

  • JAC _MTB
    JAC _MTB 19 hours ago


  • dion dangerfield
    dion dangerfield 19 hours ago

    Living with a Prius: Ethan Edition

  • TTR Ron
    TTR Ron 19 hours ago

    Great video, you should do a living with a tank.

  • Arshawn kashani
    Arshawn kashani 19 hours ago

    Living with an amphibious vehicle?

  • Grasshopper K
    Grasshopper K 20 hours ago

    Anyone else expecting the William Tell overture?

  • The last waterbender
    The last waterbender 21 hour ago

    Living with a road legal drag car

  • hseo 6
    hseo 6 22 hours ago

    Living with a lamborghini aventador svj

  • Frier Vlogs
    Frier Vlogs 22 hours ago

    Sofa so good

    MP GAMING 23 hours ago

    Nice video, should do living with a Vauxhall vxr8

  • Jack Davidson
    Jack Davidson 23 hours ago

    Living with a peelp50 or bubble car? perhaps a reliant robin? Or a hearse?....

  • Pinder Productions

    That's an amazing sofa!

    DANIEL WARD Day ago

    Alex. Wow that's really stiff
    Edd. Thank you ;)

    DANIEL WARD Day ago

    I'm sofa king happy I'll watched this video...

  • David Grover
    David Grover Day ago

    All the action of sitting in the living room and you can go to the grocery store.

  • Bryan See Tho
    Bryan See Tho Day ago

    Was that an E31 at 2:15?

  • Leontii Zainchkovskyi

    Nice episode. I would suggest living with a pick-up truck. But it can't be Hilux or Ranger, it has to be really big one, like F-350 or Ram 3500. Would be fun to see have you ride around in big cars round tiny British Streets.

  • sk flyer
    sk flyer Day ago

    Seen this years ago in Guiness World Record book

  • Copker
    Copker Day ago

    This is proper couch surfing

  • Muhsin Kirandish
    Muhsin Kirandish Day ago +1

    Love you guys

  • Risto Zopp
    Risto Zopp Day ago

    Dear lord, this has been one of the best series 😀

  • flynn Watts
    flynn Watts Day ago

    That relaxing car is so sick

  • Minecraft King
    Minecraft King Day ago

    How much dos it cost?

  • Jotelaa
    Jotelaa Day ago

    i know its a car channel but could you do an episode of living with an honda goldwing

  • meifung liew
    meifung liew Day ago

    Making my way to the hood.. .

  • emil hristov
    emil hristov Day ago

    nice video, we love Edd

  • Kadir Kalaylar
    Kadir Kalaylar Day ago

    We missed you Edd China without you there is no meaning watching TV anymore come back to us....

  • enemy spotted
    enemy spotted Day ago

    now someone make a sofa boat

  • Adrien Astier
    Adrien Astier Day ago

    This is awesome :D

  • ryan watson
    ryan watson Day ago

    how can i get a sofa car? I need one

  • Colton J.
    Colton J. Day ago

    Being a nerd in cars I showed my girlfriend this video, after it finished I asked a big question, she shot down my dreams of driving our sofa real quick.

  • crosseyedone
    crosseyedone Day ago +1

    Will Mk2 have air bags? :-)

  • Trenton Pottruff

    Now I want to turn my bed into a car

  • Domman56
    Domman56 Day ago

    This is too amazing. Ed is a genius

  • SpartaGames
    SpartaGames Day ago

    this is netflix and chill on the next level

  • limited
    limited Day ago

    What the fuck

  • James Porter
    James Porter Day ago


  • Vilmar Moccelin
    Vilmar Moccelin Day ago

    Living with a old Alpha Romeo!

  • Alex Lopatenko
    Alex Lopatenko Day ago

    How about living with a bed. I love beds.

  • trazkey
    trazkey Day ago

    It's a really comfortable car

  • Waqar Parkar
    Waqar Parkar Day ago

    You should do living with an 18 Wheeler or living with a truck

  • Feelsbadman
    Feelsbadman Day ago

    Keep it up!

  • ropsujou
    ropsujou Day ago

    This is a lovely comment brothers

  • Nezam Asgharnia
    Nezam Asgharnia Day ago

    This is coolest car I’ve seen in a while. This idea can only come to the mind of a genius. I, an average college student, could never think of this.

    THENOOB22 Day ago

    This is simply awesome! Would love to check out this book.

  • Ivanasen Peturcezar

    Best episode ever!!!

  • Cam Cang
    Cam Cang Day ago

    This Sofa is crazy but ist even more crazyer because Edd made it .Its like OK ist a driving Sofa but Edd made it that cool guy from the tv that knows EVERYTHING About cars thats crazy.

  • Gonçalo Ribeiro

    I will read in my sofa!

  • Danny Hill
    Danny Hill Day ago +1

    Shout out to the miserable sour faced cow at the first drive thru window! People make me laugh, turning your nose up at an awesome sofa car, get over yourselffffff.

  • Artus Dreimalneun
    Artus Dreimalneun Day ago +2

    "How often do you see one of these"
    Well, not many people have a road-legal driving SOFA

  • Angel2034 Ñeh
    Angel2034 Ñeh Day ago

    This is some battlefield hardline type of shit

  • Douglas R. Andreani

    Living with a scooter?

  • ryan alam
    ryan alam Day ago

    That's sofa king cool

  • a7dfj8aerj
    a7dfj8aerj Day ago

    How does road legal work in UK US and russia i just wonder after i see any youtube video

  • Aiden Rowland
    Aiden Rowland Day ago

    This is one of your best series.

  • jakub drogosz
    jakub drogosz Day ago

    U use to drive those in The 1990

  • John Brooks
    John Brooks Day ago +1

    I dare you to take it through a car wash..

  • DarkBloodLP
    DarkBloodLP Day ago

    just imagine making your driver license on a sofa xD

  • CZ CZ
    CZ CZ Day ago

    What a truly lovely guy

  • Giorgio Zanier Brown

    Living with a backwards facing seat car!!

  • ShironTHPS
    ShironTHPS Day ago

    Genius 😂😂

  • Nero
    Nero Day ago

    The next sofa car should have zebra print