• Published on Jan 29, 2018
  • Last week the man they call The True Geordie shows his frustration about the whole clickbait situation. Hope you guys enjoy this short behind the scenes of the podcast next week I will be back with an exciting behind the scenes for a music video!
    Thank you to @LozTheLord for the new outro

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Comments • 70

  • alex mathew
    alex mathew Year ago

    "TRUE GEORDIE REACTS TO MY TheXvid" - you the very good english

  • Dan Needham
    Dan Needham Year ago

    Don't know if you'll see this on an older video mate but would you mind sharing which slider setup you're using to get the panning/turning motion automated?

    • Dan Needham
      Dan Needham Year ago

      Thank you mate, appreciate that!

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  Year ago +1

      It’s called the Rhino slider :)

  • XiXora
    XiXora Year ago

    I cried at the reaction. So funny. New sub… KSI video must have gotten you like 50k subs, I swear.

  • Josh Byrne
    Josh Byrne Year ago

    You Clickbaited me with Brian so I he should be even more annoyed 😂

  • Andres odar
    Andres odar Year ago

    David Dobrik is the best

  • Jacob Fuller
    Jacob Fuller Year ago +1

    Anyone know the name of Laurence’s trainer, they’re niceeee

  • DizzeeSpellz
    DizzeeSpellz Year ago +1

    you better not be the guy behind the close up views in the latest podcasts?

  • Nufctoon112
    Nufctoon112 Year ago


  • ricky .soehardy
    ricky .soehardy Year ago


  • Harvey Wright
    Harvey Wright Year ago +1


  • Cameron Hunt
    Cameron Hunt Year ago

    bournemouth ftw

  • Rico Cal
    Rico Cal Year ago

    Great Vlogs... but please stop censoring the cussing (especially with Brian in the video).... makes the video annoying


    Kon is Ksi doing music video next week

  • shootatsquare
    shootatsquare Year ago

    that was such a good watch! new to the channel and subbed kon

  • Tailor Fitted
    Tailor Fitted Year ago

    Laurence's swag is always on point.

  • Jake Visser
    Jake Visser Year ago

    i want to be laurence's mate

  • Shredda Vlogs
    Shredda Vlogs Year ago


  • Boris Joosten
    Boris Joosten Year ago

    What shoes is loz wearing 7:04 ?

    • Greg Nuttall
      Greg Nuttall Year ago

      Boris Joosten but they might not be on the site as there's alot of 97s around

    • Greg Nuttall
      Greg Nuttall Year ago

      Boris Joosten nikeid?

    • Boris Joosten
      Boris Joosten Year ago

      AarooooonM yeah i know that but the colour scheme isnt on the regular nike site

    • AarooooonM
      AarooooonM Year ago +1

      air max 97s

  • aysiaellaa
    aysiaellaa Year ago +1

    Why did I read the outro as thanks for timing

  • Curious Cat
    Curious Cat Year ago +3

    The end is epic... And you have the same problem as me, it takes me ages to grow a beard and if I shave, i look like i´m 15 or something. So I just left it, althougth I wish I could grow thicker hair, it´s so flimsy on the sides of my face. Meanwhile some friends of mine that are barelly 20 can grow a beard in less than 5 minutes. Not fair.

  • Olga White
    Olga White Year ago +5

    Started singing in the outro. Reflexes...

  • Tanja
    Tanja Year ago +3

    Wow the outro was surprising (for Russian me) Your channel is awesome btw!

  • Maiwand Ajan
    Maiwand Ajan Year ago +11

    I thought i clicked on behzingas channel

  • Internet User
    Internet User Year ago +3

    That outto tho😂

  • Lo2ai Melebari
    Lo2ai Melebari Year ago +1

    The fact that I laughed at that outro shows how sad my life is

  • Mine Digger
    Mine Digger Year ago


  • Sam Wain
    Sam Wain Year ago +6

    Worlds greatest outro for worlds greatest country!

  • Matt MG
    Matt MG Year ago +8

    Kon is a G

  • Joe Lewis
    Joe Lewis Year ago +60

    Brian is the type of guy to remind you every year of the rest of your life that he made you.
    Ha ha love you guys

  • The Breakfast Cub Power 105.1 FM

    Love Laurence can't get enough of the podcast squad! #squaddedup

  • NickAM
    NickAM Year ago +6

    on a real though.. what is Laurence's channel

    • JM
      JM Year ago

      lt's lozcast

  • Nesta M
    Nesta M Year ago

    Please bleeb instead of the music the music is anoying.

  • Edwin Jonathan
    Edwin Jonathan Year ago +4

    #TeamKon ❤️

  • Kaka M
    Kaka M Year ago +3

    420th like

  • C4llMeP4t
    C4llMeP4t Year ago +6

    Read the outro as ''Thanks for clocking''....

  • Eric Wass
    Eric Wass Year ago +5

    THAT OUTRO?!?!

  • Nookku
    Nookku Year ago +4

    Awesome outro!

  • Trinzeh
    Trinzeh Year ago +58

    Kon and Lawrence is the ultimate duo

    • Trinzeh
      Trinzeh Year ago

      DrJackCallaghan you're irrelevant

    • Trinzeh
      Trinzeh Year ago +1

      Kieran Walker Brian is just great by himself

    • Kieran Walker
      Kieran Walker Year ago +2

      Trinzeh how dare you not say Lawrence and bbrian

  • Blas Armelin
    Blas Armelin Year ago +21

    06:19 josh standing in the background

  • Luke De
    Luke De Year ago +127


    • Culbie
      Culbie Year ago +1

      You beat me to it fuck

  • KG Productions
    KG Productions Year ago +15

    True Geordie is a hater...Dab on him 😂

  • laur
    laur Year ago +2

    sick video kon :)

  • Kirsty Goodman
    Kirsty Goodman Year ago +1

    Begs you go SITC. Loved the video 💗

  • Abdul Wasay
    Abdul Wasay Year ago +9

    You deserve more than what your brother gets.

  • JebThePleb
    JebThePleb Year ago +2

    That end card tho

  • Dexter Humphreys
    Dexter Humphreys Year ago +1

    100 like

  • Iman Ahmed
    Iman Ahmed Year ago +2

    I went to upload and I met you so glad, saw Lawrence but I was waiting for chip 😂

  • Iman Ahmed
    Iman Ahmed Year ago +1

    Love your vids they're awesome ❤️

  • Wesam Darwish
    Wesam Darwish Year ago +3

    That outro😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Mighty Marouane Fellaini

    Kon is the most underrated TheXvidr

  • Wesam Darwish
    Wesam Darwish Year ago


  • unknown G
    unknown G Year ago +1

    If you read this your special

  • Leotronic Scales
    Leotronic Scales Year ago +1

    You do a great job with that camera man keep up the great work1

  • Amy Lord
    Amy Lord Year ago


  • unknown G
    unknown G Year ago


  • Viraj Pahwa
    Viraj Pahwa Year ago