100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft: The Most Dangerous Base

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • 100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft is a new series where the objective is to survive in Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore mode for 100 hours without dying as we only have one life.

    100HoursInMinecraftHardCore episode 1, we make a treehouse for our survival base. The tree will hang over a massive cliff with our house hanging from the tree over a river. The house has an amazing view of the incredible new 1.18 Minecraft terrain. But it's a very dangerous base.

    I hope you enjoy the new Minecraft series and lots of fun surprises to look forward to!

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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  19 hours ago +2

    Hope you enjoy the new series and have a wonderful day!

  • docm77
    docm77 19 hours ago +16

    Stop jumping around on things high up. It gives me anxiety!

  • MagmaFang Studios
    MagmaFang Studios 12 hours ago +1

    Scar not picking up the diamond felt like the most emotionally painful moment of my life.

  • BlackDawnYaoiLover
    BlackDawnYaoiLover 7 hours ago +270

    Scar starts a hardcore world and immediately almost dies

  • Karma Cifer
    Karma Cifer 7 hours ago +404

    Grian: "are they just visiting or will they make their own series here? I wasn't expecting people to just start playing on their own"

  • artemis furrson
    artemis furrson 12 hours ago +568

    I love how Scar tries to get leaves for custom trees before stone.

  • 888 Records
    888 Records 12 hours ago +278

    Grian “I want to do a hardcore series”

  • King
    King 19 hours ago +2

    Watching Scar do hardcore is the most stressful thing I’ve ever experienced

  • DodgeThatAttack
    DodgeThatAttack 12 hours ago +241

    "I just wanted to give him a hard time"

  • 青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi
    青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi 12 hours ago +189

    It is absolutely hilarious to me that you've taken over Grian's concept as your new series XD he only expected guests, not map-mates. I love it!

  • Ketsueki Kirā
    Ketsueki Kirā 12 hours ago +524

    Does anyone else instantly smile anytime they hear Scar's little giggle

  • Kura
    Kura 9 hours ago +270

    Scar "I just wanted to give him a hard time"

  • Midnight 504
    Midnight 504 9 hours ago +210

    This series emanates the same energy as that time Scar was helping Grian transport a charged Creeper. Gives me so much anxiety lol

  • Abigail Funk
    Abigail Funk 19 hours ago +2

    I like that grian started this world for himself and then scar and joel just log in and take it over lol

  • Lumi Nariel
    Lumi Nariel 9 hours ago +39

    You have a huge area, so how about an aqueduct that goes through the mountain and can be used as a water highway? Maybe some ancient aquatic ruins in the gorge with big overgrown trees? Hmm... how about building some custom waterfalls that are part of the aqueduct and are broken or worn away? Carving into the cliff faces could be interesting as well, especially if you do a "gardens of Babylon" type vibe with floating or hanging gardens that are suspended.

  • BluJman
    BluJman 9 hours ago +49

    I imagine Scar as a superhero would be “Terrain Turner” who has the power to move the earth itself. Imagine if his talent as a Minecraft landscaper was applied to the real world.

  • lavaovermoon
    lavaovermoon 12 hours ago +109

    I keep thinking that Scar is going to accidentally open the trap doors on the floor of his base and just fall through.

  • Danny Edwards
    Danny Edwards 12 hours ago +189

    No one:

  • Swidness
    Swidness 9 hours ago +34

    i feel like he is going to open the trapdoor he is standing on someday.

  • Christina Sieger
    Christina Sieger 19 hours ago +3

    Scar: “I’m gonna be super careful” Also Scar: